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December 12, 1960     The Jewish Transcript
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December 12, 1960
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Public Invited to Sacred Service Next Edition |n Temple De Hirsch Sanctuary December 26, 1960 Deadline Dec. 19 Next Sunday, December 18th Ernest Bloch's "Sacred Service" will be presented for the first time in the Northwest area in the new sanctuary MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1960 -- KISLEV 23 SEATTLE, ASHINGTON VOLUME XXIV, NUMBER 6 of Temple De Hirsch at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 18. Directed by Milton Katims, members of the Seattle Sym- 'Priority Status' for Three Jewish Press and ,Radio Fr0m. Community Center Capital Campaign J.W,B, Women Lay Mishel,Phny Orchestra,soloist, willtheperformLenardthisMrecompositionChrale' whichand BoriShas i Problems Advocated by B'nai Many Lands to Cover Resumed December 12 Thru February 28 Plans for Future Work been hailed by critics as "one of the truly great oratories 'of our century." 1 B'rith ll7th Annual Meet in N.Y. Adolf Eichmann Trial At a meeting of the Women's Organizations Division, JWB, His|adrut Adopts This program is open to the public and admission is free. I NEW.YORK, Nov. 27.--(JTA)The American Jewish JERUSALEM (JTA)--A total Community was called on in late November to strengthen of 324 foreign newspapers and held recently at the home of $ 00 0 oa] for There will be no reserved seats. its program of Jewish education, prod the free world to other news dissemination agen- Mrs. Max Stusser, chairman, Y  In 1930, Ernest Bloch had be- jg come a famous composer be-. "affirmative recognition" of USSR discrimination against cies have registered to cover the plans were made for the com- 96 U$. 0apa n cause of his outstanding suc- Soviet Jews and develop a "more mature understanding" trial of Nazi extermination spe- ::::::::::::::::::: ing season. Gifts were contrib- cialist Adolf Eichmann, the Gov- uted to be sent to Jewish mill- NEW YORK (JTA) -- The cesses with "Schelomo," the "Is- between itself and Israel to clarify "the somewhat dis- ernment press office announced tary personnel in Alaska for the the National Committee for La- works. In this year, he was ap- totted image each has of the other, recently. The trim will sl, art on Chanukah program. More than four-day annual convention of rael S y m p h o ny" and other bor Israel closed Sunday, No- proached by Cantor Ruben Label A. Katz of New Orleans, president of B'nai B'rith, March 6. They include seven in- 120 gifts were- gathered, which vember 27 with the adoption of Rindler of Temple Emanuel in advocated "priority status" for these problems, saying ternational and 27 national news were sent to Chaplain Herbert a $5,000,000 goal for the 1961 San Francisco, who asked him [ they represent "the major challenge to a creative Jewish agencies, 170 dailies, 34 radio Richtman in Anchorage, Alaska, Israel Histadrut campaign. The m compose a musical setting for I survival in the decade ahead." Addressing the opening and television networks and by way of Military ' Air Trans- session of B'nai B'rith's 17th annual meeting at the Wal- stations and 48 Jewish dailies the Saturday morning worship budget approved by tie conven- service. Bloch a c c e p t e d this portation Service from McChord tion included a nine-point pro- and weekhes fom 35 countrms dorf Astoria Mr Katz stressed the complexities surround- " " " Air Force Base, through at- . .... commission, but only after in- " ' "' " " "livin The press office issued a d6., lug these three 1ssues but said Amerzcan Jewry g ....... - t h . gram covermg nemm care, eco- rangemen s by t e USO-Natmn ............ ,_, tensive study of te Hebrew I al Jewish Weifare Board h nomm renaomtauon, socm  - - ......  - - '- J- "-- *^ explore wa,,s that Ianea mrcmar aawsing all reg- in azree soemy has the moral uuy u p  istered corres . t; ap- fare o a "' ...... or- language anct Jewish nturgy, ...... ,, , '  pondents on tech- lain Richtman will distribute . , v c .uonm wamng, ao p- was he able to announce the can leact to solutions nical arran e . .... ...... I g cents,, cable rates uon oz Immigrants eaucauon these gifts to Jewish solders . .. ' .... comnletion of the "Avodath Reviewing the relationships young sabras WhO nna t turn- and facilities press room ar s ..... h ..... anu curare, erviee to rengmus .. _. . ,, .. ,, . " , " :;i::;::% :!i;i:i:::::::i::.;}iii auonen  rougnou lasKa ..........  - .......... -"t' na:octesn, tim aerea erv- . ' workers, nousln in a nlau. between American and Israel cult to comprehend the exist- rangements and security limita- Each gift was mdlwdually I n "  " ' dllce"  - , s u z clearance project an " Jews, Mr. Katz warned that ence of a flourishing Jewish life tions for coverage of the trial, iiiiiii rapped m Chanukah paper andlvouth and nhvsical training I Of all his ttebraic works, this "beyond the good intentions in free lands where Jews are a Correspondents will have cod- _ portion of the lobby which is a part of the remodeling program contained a greeting with the " " " - } was th  -r ^ "mbitious and they have toward one another, minority people." he added, eru communications equipment for the Seattle Jewish Community Center. name and address of th ......... I The conventmn" celebrated the " ....  ''' '1 .... = -um=,,l.^.. " "" " a-"tln]OSl" successlully reallzecl "lne there is a widening gap in their Discrimination Against Jews tn at their disposal in the press- The Seattle Jewish Commun- the first phase of the remodel- who wra,,,,ed it Cr--;-';^--- um anmversary oz /-nsauru , realistic understanding of each The Soviet Union Emphasized room which will be in the court '" ' "-"  ...... '' -- ^ ..... ^ .... :^ -,,,r,,t composition, divided into five others cultural mores and aspir: Foreseeing the "likelihood of building here. Simultaneous ity Center Board of Directors ling program would provide m'partcipating" HadassahWererouns'the follOW-so,,h 't becomeUa"e u,,moremCc,,fully acqua=--" intl"""*"- ,. .......... , :- uuu - "" un- -m"- eurU . ... ations." He emphasized that the another try at stabilizing East- translations of court proceedings approval to, complete its Capital many of the needed facilities on o.  - ---- . ........... oft ex as it is zounu in me a- Fund Campaign makes it pos-lthe first four floors. As soon as End, Henrietta Szold, North ea wm me auns ann meaL  Ibath morning prayerbook ac His taad; u: ,c 11: lh: : - common bonds of religion, his- West co-existence," Mr. Katz will be provided throughout the sible tO begin remodeling oflthe funds az:e available contrae- End. and Suburbm,CouncH .of }seY. y e tory and heritage make each asked that the free world take trial in English, French, German i  cording to Reform worship. In community "a partner in Jewish "affirmative recognition of the and Hebrew. Special connections the present building  ithin Ihet tors would begin modernizing SisterhoodOewsn women,AvivahKKurMimtnOnmachi estamsnment ............... anct mamtenm,c=,l composing this worK, mcn in- enterprise and creativity." Soviet Union's effort to make for tape recorders and screens next 90 days. To initiate thelthe.lobby and exterior into an , " ........ ,,, ltended to blend the Hebrew T or me lstaen uemocac3 The B'nai B'rith leader de- cultural cripples of 3,000,000 So- for news reel photographers will building program $350,000 will attractive lounge and meetingl emple De Hirseh Sisterhood, " " " , song of faith with that of hu- " -  d mammy Though menseiy ew- cried the fact that too many vieL Jews." He said the destruc- be provided by the Government have to be raised between De- place. As proposed, the second Hebrew Ladies Free Loan So The convention expressed ............ American Jews "find a viearmus tion of Jewish community life in press office. Journali'sts will be cember 12 and February 28, the/floor would provide offices for ciety, Pioneer Women and the gratitude to the American e - ish i " _ ,, . V . ,,.. "" .... Of n roots, ne remarked, me outlet for their Jewishness" in the Soviet Union ida "calculated required to have special permits Campaign period. The second/seven major Jewish agencies Seattle Sephardic Sisterhood erauon oz aoor-ongress rues " " . . . . .... . ,,. . sage seems to me alone, a mausumt tggamzauons zo the existence of Israel. At the Kremlin policy" accomplished to enter the courtroom, phase of the Campaign will be lthus providing central housing Plans are under way for a "  ! - ' 1 gift of Israel to the whole of I " r " same time,='he-said, they "dis- by secret administrative decrees Among tle correspondents conducted on the same barns of/for eommumt' servmes. I Purim party to be held at the ;ananntf z ct?:: }:a:le:bar embodies a phil- tort the genuine personality of that violate the constitutional covering the trial will be the 5 year pledges, and the oppor-  The third and fourth floor Jewish Community Center for .... "a .... t is osophy acceptable to all men." .... . movelnen, a relationship tna Israel by asking that it con- equality of ethnic groups and famous French author Francois tunity of creating memorial oh' would include lounges for our military personnel m tlns azea. ,_..:,,.. ^, ......... .^ ,o},or The"Sacred Service" was first form to an abstract image far nationalities under Soviet law. Maurtac,,who will represent the honorial units withe the Cen- senior citizens, library, music Mrs. Stusser appointed Mrs. u,u, ,, m: ur , .... removed from reality." He said "The discriminations directed Paris Express. Another promi- ter. room, art and craft shops, pho- Bertha Jones as chairman of movements of both countries performed at, a concert of the American Jews need to "replace against Soviet Jews are two- nent writer who applied for The need to begin the remod- tography room, pullman kitchen, this event, but for all humanity. The 2,000 Schola Cantorum in New York easy sentiment with hard real- pronged, denying them the right accreditation was Lord Russel cling program has' been demon- meeting rooms and an organiza- The Women's Organizations' supportdelegaeSgivenn0tedbyparticularlYGeorge Meany,the ofin April,the composer1934' underhimself.the batonsince ity" and become aware of Israel to live as Jews in their home- of Liverpool, British prosecutor strated this past year by the tional workroom With these Ia- Division, through its affiliated AFt- CIO president, and his that initial debut the "Sacred life "as it actually is and not as ]and and to leave voluntarily at the Nuremberg war crimes increase in Center activity and Cilities available the Center organization, has served the Se- associates for the newly formed Service" has been presented we tend to romanticize it." for lands more hospitable to the demand for new Center pro- could begin to provide many of attle Veterans' Hospital for Afro-Asian Institute for Labor many times, including perform- The Israeli, Mr. Katz contin- Jewish life," Mr. Katz said. "A trials. : grams. Many of the new serv- the services and activities pres- many years. New services have Studies in Tel Aviv ances given at the large Reform ued, "misreads American Jewish nation's treatment of its minor- ices requested depend largelY.ently lacking in the community, been instituted at the hospital The convention officially ap- Synagogues t h r o u g h o u t the life" by refuing to accept it "as itygroups is a barometer of its Esther Levy Guild on the proposed facilities. At the "This is all at our reach," corn- for which additional volunteers proved the launching of the country. By virtue of this mag- a permanent and creative force." political character and civiliza- Annual Chanukah present the Center is unable to merited Harold Glass, Center are needed. Organizations will American Histadrut Develop- nificently inspiring composition, , ] Instead, he regards t as on y tion. For its treatment of Jews, meet the need for meeting space president. "All we have to do is shortly be notified of the serv- merit Foundation, which will the synagogue of today has been an interlude" in Jewish life. the Soviet Union stands indicted Party December 20 for both teens and adults With bring our campaign to a suc- ices available, so that vohm- mobilize millions of dollars in encouraged to review its heri- "This is particularly so among (Continued on Page 3) The Esther Levy Guild of the an average attendance of 4,000 cessful conclusion and we can teers may make their choice of the form of wills and bequests, tage of old when in the ancient Kline Galland Home will hold persons monthly using Center, begin work." the field in which they would . msurance policies and other Temple in Jerusalem instrmnent its annual Chanukah party at a great deal of the service has Volunteers interested in help- like to work. Anyone interested long-term commitments. At a and voice were blended together President of Federated Fund Gives the Home at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, been on an improvised basis, ing the campaign are urged to in this program should contact luncheon of the founders of the in the worship of God. - December 20. The architect's drawing sub- contact the Center Campaign the JWB representative of her Development Foundation held Acknowledgment is made to Report at Recent Annual Meeting The Temple De Hirsch Sister- mitted this month reveals that office for assignments. own organization, or call the during the convention, $600,000 the musicians provided by the President Leo Weisfield of the Federated Jewish Fund hood Choral Group, directed by JWB office at Ms. 2-8045. and Council gave his report at the annual meeting of the Samuel Goldfarb, will entertain Cha uk andin commitmentSindications ofWerean additionalreprted formanceRecrding TrustIndustrieSFunds,MUSiCbyPer'co- with songs appropriate to the n ah: ATime for Heroism Chief Rabbi of $600,000 were made by dele- operation of Seattle Local 76, organization held on November 29. The full text follows: occasion. A.F.M., and to the patrons of 1960 was not a "crisis" year> Assisting at the tea table will By tIAROLD U. RIBALOW Turkey Dies at 83 gates. as we have known them to be be Mesdames Rose Alhadeff, (Copyright, 1960, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.} Temple De Hirsch. for making in the past several years, yet it Sisterhood of this venture possible. Morris Rosen and Alfred She- Between last Chanukah and this one, I spent three in Istanbul TO HOLD COLLEGE .was indeed a "crucial" year as Bikur Cholim To manski, weeks in the State of Israel, and somehow, that visit has ISTANBUL (JTA) -- Rabbi 1 the continued flow into Israel this ye ar will approximate Have Hobby Show made a deep impression on my thinking about the festival Raphael David Saban, chief I NIGHT SERVICES Chanukah Party rabbi of Turkey, died here No- AT HERZL DEC. 23 To Be Held at 30,000 immigrants who have A Hobby Show will highlight Program for Camp of Chanukah. A year ago this:time I was composing an vember 28, after a long illness. Herzl Conservative Congrega- essay on the meaning of Chanukah and I found myself, come from all countries where the meeting of the Bikur Cholim Benb0w lnn0ned more or less naturally, turning tothe past, to tradition, to He was 83. tion invites, all college students Temple Beth Am our co-religionists have found it Sisterhood on Wednesday, De- lifficult to remain. Two prob- cember 21, at 1:00 p.m. The history, to source books. This time I am ttirning to thoughts Rabbi Saban was born here, to attend College Night Services Chanukah "latkes" will be the and educat:L ..the Istanbul which will" be' held- Friday, De; feature r Of " the annual Temple- lees faced Israel in 1960:. the event will be.held in the Ves- that have welled within mysalf as a result of having Seen Rabbinical  Academy. Prior to cember 23, at 8:00 p.m. in the Beth Am Chanukah party to be problem of completing . the ab- t*:Y 0f. the synagogue, 104 17th exposed toIsrael, his election to the chief rab- Herzl Synagogue. held S und ay, Dec. 18, Mrs. sorption of 1,000,O00 immigrants Avenue South. And, it is obvious to me, the Maccabean spirit is more binate, in 1953, he was president College students will partici- Charles Kaplan, the Temple's and to prepare for the projected Paintings, ceramics, mosaics, clearly seen and understood by the people of Israel than of the Jewish Rabbinical Court pate in the service and Rabbi social committee chairman an- needs of those who would arrive needlecraft and collections will by most of us. And the ancient retelling of the revolt of Turkey for 23 years. He was Abba Abrams wili lead a dis- nounced this week. To be held in the 1960s. In preparing to be exhibited by members of the of the Maccabees, their military heroism, their achieve- also a member of the Istanbul cussion on "Preparation for To- in the Temple's social hall a help solve these problems, Is- Sisterhood. Deadline for regis- ', rael's leaders are praying for merits in welding a nation--all these fade and falter when Municipal Council from 1908 to morrow An open forum and 6556 35th N.E., the party will tration of exhibitors is Decem- you consider Jewish life of the immediate past and the 1925. Oneg Shabbat will follow, have special entertainment for an unspectacular decade, ber 14. exciting future, every member of "the family. The Campaign The guest speaker for the Festivities begin at 5 p.m. and The Past Presidents, under afternoon will be Mrs. E. Led- I am especially reminded of the vividness of Chanukah Four Headliners Announced For will continue into the evening. the leadership of Sol Esfeld, met cher. to an Israeli boy of less than nine years of age. At the Other social events scheduled several times preceding the same time, I think of the meaning of Chanukah to my own Lecture Series To e Heard |n by the Temple for the next few Opening ofthe 1960 campaidn, For further information con- and not only did they set the tact Mrs. Jack Richlin, LA. children. Start first with the Americans. It is a holiday p] months include a theatre party which takes place at about the same time that Christmas New Tern e De Hirsch Sanctuary on the University campus on Feb. 7 and a dinner dance on Pace for giving, but their assist- 5-8509, or Mrs. Jack Genauer, does, so that they are equated, after a, fashion. The adver- Four national personalities will appear in person in March 11. ance was of tremendous value EA..4-8557. . tisers, the merchants, the school teachers, the newspapers Seattle to headline the 1961 Forum Lecture Series sport- to our Campaign Committee, , v-e---e i- and, alas, even the synagogues and temples, mention headed by Albert M. Franco, Hera Chanukah and Christmas in the same breath. "Chanukah soredjointlybYbyCongregatiOnRobert L. Blocl},TemDlechairman,De ttirsch,Adultit is announcedEducation TI]rkJsh ews Worry eneral Chairman,- and John M.  8 Friedlander, Vice-Chairman. A For e{ember is your Christmas, isn't it, dear?" is a phrase I long heird Committee, and Charles Horowitz, chairman, Temple Over isson|ion of number of suggestions that came addressed to my own youngster. Chanukah here in the Education Foundation. from these meetings were in- The Herzl Conservative Con- United States, is a major holiday not so much because it U.S. Senator Paul It. Douglas, Illinois, opens the series CommunJ|y Col]ni]s stituted during the campaign, gregation Hanukkah dinner will SOL FRANKEL is of enormous significance on the Jewish calendar (there Feb. 16 with his topic, "What Is Our Military and Economic You will hear of our results be held at the synagogue on from Mr. Franco's report this Sunday, December 18, at 6:00 In a joint statement, Harold are, as we all know, major holidays like Rosh Hashanah p.m. Following cocktails and Glass, Center President, and and You Kippur which take precedence over Chanukah) Position Today?" communalANKARA1 e(JTA)'a d e r s expressedJewish evening. On March 8 Ernest K. Lind-I ;i% concern here today over a new Budget Committee hors d'oeuvres, a full course Eugene Berlatsky, Center Ex- but because it,offers American Jews an opportunity to ley, national columnist and Di- government regulation ordering Our Budget Committee was turkey dinner with all the trim- ecutive Director, announced that demonstrate pride in the accomplishments of an heroic rector of the Washington Bu- the dissolution of all communal again under the chairmanship mings will be served at 'the, Sol Frankel, Assistant Director band of men at a time when the entire country is swept reau of Newsweek Magazine, councils in Istanbul. According of Sam Rubinstein, and this nominal price of $2.50 for adults of the Seattle Jewish Commu- with a Christmas spirit, will address the audience on to the ruling, each synagogue, committee isto be complimented and $1.25 for children, nity Center, will direct Camp To the Israeli children it is totally different. The young "Foreign Policy: Drifting Or Benbow's first co-ed camping ,lad I mentioned a paragraph ago, had "asked me if my Steering" Jewish social and charitable in- for the efficient m a nn e r in Prior to the dinner, at 5:30 season this ummer. Mr Frankel, stitution and cemetery will have Which they performed, p.m., Cantor Norman Migdal graduate of the Illinois School children got any long vacations from school. "I," he in- Dr. Max terrier, former Dean to have an independent admin- It was necessary for the Budget will chant the Hanukkah Maariv of Social Work, has had many formed me happily, "get a very long Chanukah holiday." of the Graduate School of Bran- istrative council. Committee to begin its delibera- service in the Sanctuary. The years Of camping experience in And he then proceeded to tell me how Judah Maccabee deis University, author and ha- Before the introduction of the tions in January, to conduct Hanukkah candles will be kin- mid-west camps and most re- conquered the foes of the Jews, and added, "like us in tionally-syndicated columnist, new ruling, Jewish religious hearings for our local benefi- dled and a "Herzl" plaque, de- cently directed the Denver Jew- Israel. We also beat the Arabs.'' . speaks March 16 on "Is Our and social activities were direct- 9" eiary agencies. This was neces- signed by Leo Meltzer will be ish Center ranch camp. His un- When I replied to him and said that American children Education System Sound. 1 ed by- communal councils in sary so as not to impair the dedicated and inserted in the der graduate work in the field also obtain a long holiday in mid-winter, the Christmas Famed foreign correspondent each quarter and coordinated by . William L. Shircr, whose cur- the lay council .of the Grand financial needs of the Jewish Shield of David above the Ark. of physical education helps him vacation period, he asked me, with complete innocence, rent book, "Rise And Fall" Of Rabbinate. The Jewish hospital, Community Center, Jewish Faro- Sol Stalin is chairman of the bring to camp many outdoor "What is Christmas?" I realized, upon hearing the ques- The Third Reich" leads the ily and Child Service, The Tran- dinner committee which con- skills and activities of interest orphanage, home for the aged tion, that the "world outlook" of the American Jewish country's non-fiction best-seller and similar welfare institutions script and the B'nai B'rith HilleI sists of a number of women to children. loundation at the University of from the congregation. A pro- Dr. Peter Fisher, chairman of child', and the Israeli sabra, is startlingly different. Quite lists, closes out the series April were grouped under a single co- Washirigton. gram of entertainment will fol- the Camp Benbow Operating obviously-there is no Christmas competition for the sabra, 12 with his lecture, "Secrets Of ordinating committee which After the campaign, the corn- low. Reservations may be made Committee, stated that "with an while it may be the major factor for the "success" of The Third Reich." handled all fund-raising activi- mittee continued their hearings by calling CA. 4-1580 or send experienced camp director it is Chanukahhere. Block and Horowitz said the ties. The new order dissolves With beneficiary agencies and your check to Herzl Congrega- now possible to conduct a co- Nevertheless, it is, I think, the concept of heroism that purpose of the entire program both the lay council and the co- after many meetings allocated tion, 172 20th Avenue. educational camp that would makes Chanukah the appealing holiday it is. Not only is to heighten the cultural and ordinating committee and de- the funds raised this year: Edcery be in keeping with Center ob- heroism of the ancient Jews of Modin and the followers educational activities of the Senator Paul II. Douglas centralizes all religious, social, congregation and to p.rovide a He is the atithor of "Americ charitable and cultural activi- agency's request was carefully American Medical jectives." The new co-ed pro- (Continued on Page 4) platform for the expressmn of As A Cvflzatm, a book deal- considered and 'the funds al- gram provides a n.ore natural ..... ,, ties in the community. lotted indicate this considera- Center Auxiliary getting for both boys'and gii'ls, significant viewpoints by out- ing fully with contemporary Jewish communal leaders fear tion. To every member of our Will Meet Dec. 14 and brothers and sisters, to at- standing authorities. American life, which took 12 that the new regulation might Budget Committee goes our sin- lead to the dissolution of many cere thahks for a job well done. The Seattle Ladies Auxiliary tend camp at the same time. Senator Paul II. Douglas years to write. The Jewish Community Center of the American Medical Center Camp Benbow, already recog- Sen. Douglas is a member of William L. Shirer whichf the cannotnecessarYexistinstitutinSindepen. Our Board of Directors'-ap- at Denver will observe its for- nized for its group program- the U. S. Senate Committees on Shirer lived for two decades dently. The same order has been Proved a Capital Building Fund tieth anniversary on Wednesday ruing, will now'be able to fur- Finance and on Banking and in Europe and became famous applied by the Ministry of In- Campaign which was held ear- afternoon, December 14, at noon, ther enrich its camp activities Currency. Formerly on the fac- as the "Voice From Berlin" to terior to the Greek and Armen- at the usual meeting place, the The establishment of a co-ed ulty of the University of Chi- millions of radio listeners dur- tan communities in Turkey program will assure more quali- cago, he was one of the earliest ing World War Two. He Iirst lier in the year and pledges Eastside "Y," 28th and East fled counsellors for Camp,Ben- advocates of old age pensions reached the best-seller list with Were received, netting $410,000. Cherry Street. The goal of this campaign was bow, as all staff members will and unemployment insurance, his "Berlin Diary".in 1941. Now Seattle Hebrew School set at $750,000, and this sum To commemorate this special remain for th'e e'ntire season. In 1947 he was President of the his "Rise And Fall Of The Third P.T,I, Plans Party Was considered necessary to pur- event the program chairman, In keeping with the advanced American Economic Association. Reich," a comprehensive history chase and remodel the present Mrs. Lawrence Wets, has ar- progi-am, the Camp Operating Ernest K. Ltndley distilled from hundreds of tons For New Year's Eve Jewish C'ommunity Center ranged a musical number, which Committee also announced that Lindley, a Rhodes Scholar, of secret official German docu- The Seattle Hebrew School building and the payment for will feature Gus Spirapulos, 12- camp periods will extend to has covered every national po- cents, plus his own expert- P-TA is sponsoring a New Overlake property, as well as year-old accordion virtuoso of three three-week periods. The litical campaign begmning with ences, has brought him new lit- Year's Eve Dinner Party at the to meet the mortgage for Camp the Carbonatte Guitar and Ac- new policy stems from the re- 1928. He has been reporting in- erary honors, home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph enbow, the summer camp. A cordion Conservatory. cent Camp Benbow survey indi- ternational news from Washing- All lectures will be at 8:30 P. M. Russak, 5199 Spencer Street, drive to complete this project In a brief but fitting cere- cating that parents and campers ton since the New York Herald- M.,irithe Temple De Hirsch new as announced by Mrs. Sheldon Will be undertaken this month cony, tribute will be paid to the desired a longer period for a Tribune assigned him there in sanctuary, 16th and East Pike. P. Steinberg, president. so that remodeling of the build- original active charter mere- more enriching camping experi- 1933. In 1937 he joined News- Block and Horowitz said ap- Games, music, favors, atmos- ing may begin within 90 days. bers, arid the longest-time mem- ence. week and now writes a weekly plications for season tickets will phere, and fun for everyone is It is important that sufficient bers. Mr. Frankel is losing no time column, "Washington Tides" for be accepted at Temple Center, the "agenda" for this once-a- funds be raised to make the nec- Only business for the day will in setting up Camp Benbow for the magazine as well as beading 1424 15th Ave. from congrega- year event. T h e committee, essary improvements so that all be the annual nomination and the 1961 season. He has already its operations in the nation's tion members and the public headed by Mrs. Harold Dwor- ages can utilize the building election of officers for the forth- publicized counsellor openings, capital. Regular Series prices a r e kin, includes Mmes. Jack Green- and its services and our Corn- coming fiscal year. Otherwise Persons interested in a position Dr. Max Lerner adults $6 and students $3, but berg, Seb Jerusalmi, Samuel raunity's Cehter will be one that the afternoon will be purely a on the Camp Benbow staff Dr. Lerner, who formerly advance sales tickets for charter Graudenz, Joseph Russak, Sam- Will be a 'credit to the Jewish social one with time for visiting should make contact with the taught at-Sarah Lawrence Col- subscribers who order belore uel Steinberg, Jack Genauer, Community. and cards. The usual noon time Center program office as soon lege, Williams and Harvard, January 15 will be $5 for adults and Harry Salzberg. Admission The Transcript snack luncheon will be served, as possible, spent the academic year of 1959- and $250 for students, is $10 per couple, and reserva- During the past "year, the President Mrs. Samuel Kotkins Other details pertaining to 1960 in New Delhi, India, on the Booking for the series was tions are limited. Transcript, although under the lasks all members to attend, Camp Benbow will be an- faculty of the Indian School of through George Carlsolz and As- To assure your immediate COntrol of ou Fund and Council, bring guests and' help celebrate nounced by the OperatingCorn- International Studies under a sociates Western Lecture Bu- reservation, call SH 6.3599, PA (Continued on Page 2) this momentous occasion. mittee December 15 Ford Foundation professorship, reau. 13-8816, or GL 4-1083 mday. ,3