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Seattle, Washington
August 26, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 26, 1938
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0F XV, No. 26 1 Forms Unite U. S. Groups YORK (\\;VNS)--A new ha- Jewish agency intended to ahout unity among America&apos;s Jews (m all matters affect- equal rights of Jews here art(1 came into being this week yes of the An)eri(.an Committee, the American Congress, the B'nai Writh Jewish Labor Comnfittee, ag in 'dl-day session under of del)'u'tment store Edgar ,l. l( of concluded their deliber- With an "umeuncement (if the ii0n of the Gcner.fl Council for Roghts to eoeMinatc the ac- of these four organizations heat. sl)ecific.dly on the safe- of the e(lu.d rights for cation of the Council is in ,to- nee with the decision reached at on June 13 at the first con- (Coat. on Page 8, Col. 1) 17, Wins Prize EW Y()RI( (WNS)--First prize ational essay contest (m "The I" Sl)Onsored l)y Am- azine went this weel< t() Lcnkoff, 17-y(;ar ohl Louis- 'Udent, who worked his way school selling ncwsl)al)ers. reeeivcd a prizc of $2,500. PLAIN TALK By ALFRED SEGAL Just re'td "t letter liy the father (,f the violinis(D Yehudi. Mr. is I)rotesting Ititterly the criticisnb nay, even re- .t, which has been heaped Menuhins because Yehudi 11 arl] e nleaals "Jew ), ) has non-Jewish gM. tie sltys 1 "who curses anti a fellow-Jew for daring to as- . or marry 'm individual sym- Gentile, is not a lilt less and than the gangsters now ruling poor v'," In what way, asks Mr. Menuhin, dues such a Jew differ from Nazis "who 1)reach, through os- tn/cism, the whip and the col)ccntra- lion carol), the mad theories of racial superiority . . . be- hind which they torture vnr poor ttl. al hell)less and de- fenscless l)eople? sighs Mr. Mcnuhin, "we also I)lagued with sonm of (Qoat. on Page S, Col. 1) for isb Cranscripi Synagogue On Palestine Trip lie r'tced a tr.fin in a wild laxi ride Combined With THE JEWISH CHRONICLE i,, Roun)ania ...... $2 a year; 5c, single COl SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, AUGUST 26, 1938 Trouble Is 14/orse In Zion; Seattle Man's Nine Jews Are Massacred Property Is Nabbed IlA1FA (WNS)---A 1)and of 70 Arab brigands ela(l in khald lhis week an)bushed a (ruckload of Jew- ish sctth:rs .tnd gh.tflirs il nfile from Yan.roth Ifacarmel, and mowed d(iwn nine (if its passengers. At. (,lle first news of the attack a de- la(.,hnlent of tr(tops froth the West Kent R(:gimemt rushed to the,scene and eng.tged the brigands in '1 fierce batth: in which nine of the bandits were shtin. Stunned l)y the tragedy, the ,Jew- ish eonlmtniity paid its final resl)ecls 1,o the victims in coml)lete silence. There were no sl)eeches or cerc- moilies at the funeral at II,dfa. The 1)odies were (h'al)ed in flags I)ut n(/ eulogies were deliv:wed. The list of dead are Moshe Bl,t(.t, Dov lIcnsehrek, Asher Keh:me, Mendel Glickl)erg, lhw, hl)in(ler, Ziggy Kehane, Leon Osterman, Abr.thain Wollhen(hr .rod Judith Mirnmls(.ein. (if lh'itish (.roops engaged the bri- gands (his week in a 1)itchc(1 /),title that l)roved (.o lie ame (if the fiercest clashes since the beginning of the dis- orders. At le.tst 50 of the (.crrorists were killed in the encounter in which the sohliers were .ti(le(I I)3' Royal Air Force I)l'mes. Forty of the bandits were shot down in strafing from the :tit'. The British causalty list included two sohliers ldlled, one (,filter ,rod seven sohliers wounded. In another mililary (!tlgage.ment with Arab terrorisis south of Kil- ldlieh ten I)rig:mds were kilh:(1. The cl:tsh began when the Arabs ambushed .t l)atrol of h'ish Guards ,rod a motor h)rry carrying troops wits (l'un'tgcd l)y a land n)ine ex- I)h)sion. Smnmoning the ai(l of aircraft, the tr()ol)s relmlse(l the :ti.l.ltclers. Two British airmen were killed (Con(. on Page 8, Col. 3) Arabs Kidnap Family Of 4 ,II';ltUSAIA"AI (WNS) A (..olnplcte Imttalion, munl)ering more than 1,000 sohliers, this week was en- gaged in the mest ehd)ora(.e ]nitn 1 hunt ever un(lea't:tken in P.destine in aat t'['f()t't 1o tracl (h)wn tlm Ar'd) })rigand gang which on Angust 17 raided 1,he IMson camp "it Athlith and Iddnapl)ed a Jewish llolice in- sl)ector spamed David L(dserowitz, his wife, her mother and tw() chihh'en before they were driven off 1)y trool)s rushed to the scene. The entire area .m)und Athlith, ineluding Arab villages, is l)eing in- tensively searched fol tracesof th,, kidnal)l)ers. M'my arrests have ah'e:My /)ecn nmde in that vicinity and many weft: detained for questioning in the are,t ef "l'ulkarenb which has also been in- eluded in the wide dragnet set Ul) (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 3) 2 Women Wounded, 6 Men Shot In Attack JERUSAI,EIVI.--Six Jewish men were shot and killed and (,we Jewish women were wounded this week when Aral) terrorists opened fire fr()m :nnl)ush on a Jewish Itus along a road in the Mount (.trmel district, Itell a' t l'dfa. ]h'iiish trool)S rushed I() the scene and killc(I seven of the Arab gumnen in a l)h)ody l/attle. Two land mine exlatosions during the night killed one Jew .rod w(mn(led l wo British sa)hliers and '1 Jew. Rabbi Solomon Gehlnmn of Chi- cago, l)resi(lcnt of the Zionist, nr- ganizalion of Americ'h arrived last wc(!k fron) l)ohmd for 't 1)rief visit. ()no British officer wqs killed .rod two I)rivales womnh:d in a new in- cident when :t military truck wits Mown Ul / by a mine hidden in tit(: foothills east nf Acre. 50 Killed In Battle Between Troops, Arabs JERUSAI,EM (W N S)--Making contact with 't l.u'ge "tnd well-armed Ar'tb gang netlr Acre, three cohamns Nazi Not Active On Pacific Coast, Declares Investigator WASIIINGTON, D. C. (W N S)-- There is little evide, nce of Nazi ac- tivities on the Pacific Coast, Edward F. Sullivan, sl)ecial investigator for the llouse Committee investigating un-Americ'm activities, asserted this week in a rel)ort tiled with the coln- mittcc. Sullivan declared that "the only evidence presented regarding Nazi activities was the picketing of a Jew- ish meeting :it the Aml)assador lIotel (Los Angeles) by menfl)ers ef the Ger- man-Ame)'ican Bund and the circula, tion of a very vicious circular at- (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 5) Congressman Resigns From Dies Committee; Legion Official Linked To Anti=Semite (For picture of Gerald Winrod, See Page 7) WASIllNGTON, D. C. (W N S)-- Resignation of Representative Ar- thur llealey of Massachusetts from the Sl)ecial House Committee In- vestigating Subversive Activities lie- cause 'of the committee's red-baiting policies and its f.dlure to prol)e Nazi and Fascist activities this week re- vealed a deell-seated cleawtge in tit<: committee. Coincidentally with Representa- tive Healey's resignation, the com- mittee el)rained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation its bulky files on the Garman-American Bund. (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 5) Menuhin Calls Rabbi Newman "Thirsty Publicity," Hits Back At Critics Irked by criticism, Papa Moshe Menuhin, parent of the marrying, musical Menuhins, sat down battered portable typewriter that he has carried'round the world, to write a blistering attack critics to the editor of The Transcript. Here is what Papa Menuhin says: The Jewish Transcript of Seattle, among ether Jewish weeklies and dailies, have recently lmblicized an article l)y one Zirelson of New York, the headline of which screams across the full l)age "Menuhins Blamed 'Is Bad Parents," "Fame Ruined In- tense Jewislmess of Prodigy's Fami- ly," and "Why Didn't Yehudi Play in Palestine? Is Question)" Not to miss a chance of fishing in dirty and murky waters, a certain rabbi, I. Louis Newman, joins the gaatg of blackmailers, and in a na- tional release, "Tells in Gatll" sonic of his own sly and "original" re- suits, of his own "witch hunting" and crime-findings. The ex-rabbi of San Francisco's (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 4) BHUAN (W N S)--One of Ger- many's htrges(, chains of retail shops passed into "Ary.m" control when the Jewish-owned Shocken ])el/ar - ment Stores Trust was sold this week to l|eW ()vcalers. Salman Shocken, founder of the chain, now lives in Palestine, whmv he is chairnmn of the ltebrew Uni- versity's executive council. Two other Shoclen firms in Ger- Shocken Vel'lag and the Shoeken Estatc-will continue un(ler their ohl ()wnershil). NEWSFACT: I[ea'm.ln Sh<)clu:n, cousin of B'nai B'ri(h Secretary Irv- ing Lewis, is a I)art-owner of his brother's chain stm'es, lives in l)res- (h:n, is a U. S. citizen. "Sarah" or "Israel" To Be Added As Names BERLIN (WNS)--All Jews in Germany must have Jewish first names after January 1, 1939 and if they now have given names re- garded as non-Jewish they must adopt as an additional first name "Israel" if male and "Sarah" if female, a new government decree announced this week. A large majority of German Jews will be affected by the decree since such names as Fritz, Kurt, Max, Julius, Friederich and Leo- pold, which are common first names in Germany, are also com- mon among Jews. But Court Orders Husband To Halt Nazi Teachings CHICAGO (WNS) --In a tempo- rary injunction against Harry Doherty, a bell captain at a Chi- cago hotel, Judge Peter H. Schwa- ba of the Chicago Superior Court this week ordered him to stop teaching Nazi doctrines and the "Heft Hitler" salute to his two small sons." The injunction was issued on a motion of Mrs. Doherty, who has filed a bill of divorce. Suicide Is Tragic End To Victims Of Hitler NEW YORK.--The Nazis com- pleted their work this week on the Hechts. In a Fiatbush rooming house, Ludwig Hecht, 25, killed himself by gas after writing a note ending "everything is wrong." In King's County Hospital lay Ludwig's younger brother, Mein- hard, driven insane by Nazi per- secutions against the Jews. And in Berlin, Ludwig's elderly parents are suffering dire need and poverty because their dry goods business has been taken away and "Aryanized" and they do not have the means to emi- grate. That made a perfect score of 4 to 0--favor of the Nazis. Ludwig came here a year ago and Meinhard followed shortly after. They lived with an aged uncle, Gustave Sterns. Christian Maid Joins Whole Family In Death LONDON (W.N.S.)--Seven mem- bers of a Jewish family in Vienna committed suicide en masse when the father lost his job, the Ex- change Telegraph Agency's Vien- na correspondent reported this week. According to the dispatch, the suicides were M. Hase, a railway employe, his wife, son, three daughters, a daughter-in-law and the family maid, a Christian. 1,000 Refugees Will Settle In Philippines MANILA, P. I. (WNS)--Insti'ue- tions to admit 1,000 Austrian and German Jews to the Philil)pine Is- lands were sent this week to Ameri= can Higl) Commissioner Paul V. Me- Nutt by President Roosevelt. The refugees will lie selected by the Itilfsverein der Juden in Deutsch- (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 3) nity, when they permit their public column (o al)y interested columnist atnd slanderer! I have therefore again decided to make an exit out of our solitude and reticence, and have another "say," if I may bc permitted, to expose the som'ce and motive of the new "witch hunters" and In'ofessional fault-fiml- ers! Perhaps afterwards, innocent Jew- ish writers and editors, with a little more coral)unction and with a sense of responsibility in the interests of honor and truth, will think twice be- fore turning over their magazines to mischevious individuals who have no honor or self-respect, in prostitut- ing their talents of writing false- hoods for a fee! ly IIOSHE MENUHIN was called to a series .CUrrilous aspersions on the family, this time in the magazines. replied openly and boldly and Itebrcw press or- eampaigii ef villificatiam, by interested parties and "I)atroncsses" well known {enuhins, that avalanche of lies stopped. l)terested l)arties however, It their hired scribes to the editors of the English Jew- May I still exl)ress my lie- depressed feelings, at many Jewish writers and in any sense of re- lty, self-respect, and dig- That was (he most thrilling exl)ea'i- elite (if his 20,000-nfile, (.hree month (rip. Ile wore a l)ei'et, and took the [irst :drl)Inne )light of his life in a 31 hour dash from I)r'Igue to Brussels---- 'Fhat was a sign that he was on Va- ration from the usuidly so[chin du- ties of a synagogue l)resi(lent and quilt m,tnufaetlarer. And Saturday, Sel)tcml)er 3, at 8:15 1). m., Charles Millet', likur Cholum Syn.lgogue head, who re- turned last week from a trip which took him I,() l'alestine and through Euroite , will bc formally welcomed I)ack t() Seattle at 't celebration Sl)onsored I)y the synagogue's auxil- i'u'y and el)on to Sealtle Jewry. The lr'ulition:d M'I,ava Malka will lie hehl in the synagogu2 vestry. l'erry R. Gershon, young attorney, will be chairman, lie s:ti/I that Mr. Miller will im what lie saw in a three-week visit tit l'alestinc and will also (liscuss other highlights of his trip. lie will show pictures he CHARLES MILLER . .. he raced a train! took oat his travels. Mr. Miller will I)c the only sl)eaker on the l)rograln. Refreshm,.,))ts will lie serve(]) ll'S. Alllla lz'B)w, in charge) announccd. Mrs. N.Ohan LeviLt, Mizrachi president, will make an announcement on (}re Gh'[s' Techni(.al tIome in Tel Aviv. There will be no charge, Mr. Gershon said. Leo Meltzer Sells Invention, Concocted On Sleepless Night Because it took him 4 hours and 15 ntintltes to sce It two-holn' m'ttion picture it year ago, l,eo A. Mel(,zer, 47-year-ohl ex-B'nai B'rith presi- dent, llerzl Religiams Sch(tol chair- man and wholesale dry goods (leah:r, may make it fortune! lh: came back from Chicago this week with the glad tidings that his invention of a theatre chair which I)anishes getting Ill) in your seat wh(:n :t movie Itatron edges throaagh the aish: to his seat down the Msle h'ts been accepted for l)roducti(m by the nationally-known R.oyal Metal Miumfacturing Co., title of (.lle three theatre (:])'tit' makers in the country. The cOral)any will !nvest $I00,000 in manufacturing and marketing (he clever invention that was inspired by it 15-cent se'tt in " Bellinghanl theatre, where Mr. Meltzer, for the past 13 .ve.trs It friend and advisor to Jewish l)risoners It(, McNeil [slant1 penitentiary, drol)ped in to see it prison l)icture, Paul Muni's "Fugi- tivo From a Chain Gang." Inventm' Meltzer's 'qnagic chair," he explained, is like any the-tre seat, excel)t that it is fitted on it slide, so that :t fOOt of clearance is provided in front of the seat, when a theatre - goer imsses through the aish:. J LEO A. MELTZER .. his invention clicke ! The idoa fer the seat vame t) him at 5 it. ln. ltftor it sl,',;el)less nihl, Mr. Meltzer s:tid. "Aftor I left the show," lie recalled, "l ask:,(] laiysolf why someone eotaldai't (l.,;vis,, a elutir whose seat slid I)aek s() (h'tt a filln fall, Colnfortal)[y soatecl, wc, llldn't have to rise every tim'.' a l)erson l)asscd. That bothered m>--until I figured out how at, 5 a. m." Production on the chairs will be- gin September 1. ltead (}f (hc' an:tattl- facturing coml)any is Irving Sol- man, who, like Mr. Mellzer. is active in synagl)guo affairs in Chie:tg,). In Week's News: Jerry Tipp Announces Troth At Midnight Plfiladell/hia (m Thursday I);,eause tie is the No. 1 new insurance sales- man in the nation for his com- pany) the big, 91-year-aid Penn Mutual Life. The trip to Phila- delphia, and it banquet in his honor at which (.he campany's president, financier William Kings- ley, will present him with a trollhy, werc won I)y Salesnmn B.:rnbaum, who once wanted to I):: a doctor, when lie sohl 57 policies valu-,d at $183,143 during the l)qst the highest volum fin' w_,w sides- men in the entire company. Seattle I)orn Salesman Bornl)aunl is aal ex-president of Lionoers, gradual/.; of Temple de. tth'seh, Pi Tau Pi and Zeta Bet.t Tau fraternities, Junior Chamber of C)mntere., only Jewish memb.r of the corn- (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 5) Mr. and Mrs. Morris Tipp were a bit startled when their telel/hone rang at midnight Wednesday. But their surprise changed to joy at the news they heard. It was their son, Gerald A. "Jerry" Tipp, sleek-haired, fast-talking young jeweler, speaking from Wenatchee, telling his family that he-had just become engaged to Shirley Aleen Weinstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius B. Weinstein of Wenatchce. Miss Weinstein tit- tended Anne Wright Seminary and the University of Washington. The wedding date has not yet been set. $ $ $ Sanford M. "Sandy" Bernbaum, l)lue-eyed, dark-complexioned, soft- spoken) gee't-looking 23-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernbaum, will beaM it train for Mother Saves Son, 6, From Hanging In Children's Game NEW YORK--All Mrs. Frances LicberInan couhl see was the i)icture of her son, Paul, 6, swinging I)y his neck from a fence post, his face pur- ple, while five screaming boys piled wood at his feet, and prepared to start a fire under him. All she could remember wits rush- ing out from her ground-floor al)art- ment in Brooklyn, and cutting the I)oy down, as lie swung scmi-con- seious and limp with a thin red mark around his neck. "He wits so close to death," she said this week. "I thought he was (lead when I held him. "The doctors worked on him and they didn't say anything, but all the time I tllought they were fooling me and that lie wits dead." Paul and his friends, she exphfined, started a game of cowboys and In- dians in the yard in back of the house. Panl was one of the slnallest of the b)ys and he finally was Cal)tur{d by the "Indians." It was decreed that lie lie i)urned at the stake. So the I):)ys rigged it clothesline around his nvck and hauled hint upward along the fence post, and while his fac,: darkened and lie dangled to h)osen the rope, they gathered small w().)ll an:l stacked it under his feet. At first Paul was yelling in fun, just to keel) the game realistic, but then he starte:l to choke an'.t when lie tried to scream lie couldn't make any sound. It was just then that Mrs. Liebcr- man leaned from her window to call lfim in for dinner. She sltw the "htdians" doing their "death dance" aud then she saw her boy dangling. An ambulance doctor from Coney Islaud Hospital worked on Paul. Soon afterward, Mrs. Lieberman collal)sed.