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December 28, 1942     The Jewish Transcript
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December 28, 1942

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SEA&apos;t-L, j - .i.',;. Lig G',I< Mass Executions Shock World Not Under Nazi Rule United Nations to Avenge Terrible Slaughter In Europe From ]PS And ]TA Dispatches From all corners of the civilized world not dominated by Hitler's madmen came word of shocked protest against the murder and per- secution of millions of Jews in Europe. In the United States, President Roosevelt assured a delegation of Jewish leaders that he is consider- ing the establishment of a commis- sion, in which the United States and the United Nations will be repre- sented, to assess the personal responsibility of the Nazis guilty of ordering and executing the slaughter. Outrages Revolt President Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress, who headed the delegation, which also comprised Maurice Wertheim, president of American Jewish com- mittee; Henry Monsky, president of B'nai B'rith; Adolph Held, president of Jewish Labor Com- mittee; Dr. I s r a e 1 Goldstein, president of the Synagogue Coun- cil, and Rabbi Israel Rosenberg, head of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, told reporters after he emerged from the interview that President Roosevelt was "revolted" by the outrages committed against the Jews. Dr. Wise and the rest of the dele- gation had presented to the presi- dent a lengthy memorandum largely based on documents in the possession of the State Department showing how a plan of extermina- tion approved by Hitler had taken a ghastly toll of millions of Jews (Continued on Page 6, Col. 1) ite. for bindin DECEMBER 28, 1942 SEAFrLE, WASHINGTON Vol. XIX, No. 23 Plot Fight on Zionism at Secret Meetings Rabbis, Influential Laymen Join Forces Two secret meetings held in Philadelphia last month which resulted in the formation of an innocuously named "front" organization, Council for American Judaism, was in effect the first step in a carefully drawn plan to wage all- out war on "Zionism and on all persons and institutions sympathetic to the program" the Independent Jewish Press Service declared in a copyrighted story released to member papers. The sensational article headed, "Minority Rabbis con- spire with handful wealthy Jews to fight Zionism in U. S. A. and Palestine" went on to say that the group led by Rabbis Louis Wolsey and Morris S. Lazaron, outspoken foes of Zion- ism, boasted the backing of some of the most powerful and wealthy men in America "who have the power of persuasion over the State Department and ready access to present those anti-Zionist views to other members of the United States RABBI LOUIS WOLSEY Cabinet." Presided at Secret Meeting The group threatened "smashing of the American Jewish RABBI MORRIS LAZARON Committee if an outright anti-Zionist platform is rejected by ,'i, kea Practical Questions Refugee Ransom that organization," according to the J.P.S. story. Participat- Many Receive Aid ing in the secret meeting, the article stated, .was Sidney Wallach, former educational director of the American Jewish Out Uncle Sam Committee, who recently retired from that body under Oul Uncle Sam -- circumstances which so far have not been explained. -- Other names which figure in the "conspiracy," accord- WASHINGTON, (JTA) -- The ing to the article, are those of Morris Wolf, prominent Phila- NEW YORK (JPS)--Appropriat- State Department warned that at- delphia lawyer, associated with, ing $7,250,000, of which $5,448,000 tempts to ransom refugees out of Lessing Rosenwald of that city; ,,,00loval-:an Clubs has already been spent, for the Nazi-occupied countries result only Henry Ittelson, wealthy head of calendar year 1942 for relief, eel- in additional persecution and the Commercial Investment Trust; Ar- Bar J Tews In U S gration assistance, education and acquiring by the Germans of much- thur Hays Sulzberger, publisher of reconstructive aid, the Joint Dis- needed foreign exchange, the New York Times; Samuel Let- " " tribution Committee reported to its V aus Liberated The warning denounced the pur-desdorf, prominent New York ac- annual meeting here that despite chase and sale of exit permits as countant; Paul Baerwald, honorary NEW YORK (JTA)--The Slovak- war and its disruptions the work an organized business and reminded chairman of the Joint Distribution inn press here carried a report dis- of the agency had been continued. Must .+no neutral intermediaries of the black- Committee, and Dr. Maurice Hex-closing that a decision to bar Jews and in some instances intensified, list. Would-be ransomers here face ter, executive vice-president of the from membership in a League of in Western Europe, Latin America, fines of $10,000 and 10-year jail New York Jewish Federation. Slovak Clubs in New York was North Africa, Turkey, Persia and sentences under the trading with "To achieve its purpose," the adopted at a meeting of represen- Asiatic Russia. WASHINGTON (JPS) -- In his the enemy act. J.P.S. tory continued, "the tatives of thirteen Slovak organiza- Edward M. M. Warburg, now a report to congress on lend-lease Describing the system of exor- Council for American Judaism, tions held in St. Nepomuk Hall Lieutenant in the Army, was re- operations during the past three tion used by the Nazis, the State a name proposed by Rabbi La- here, under the chairmanship of elected Chairman of the J. D. C., months, P r e s id e n t Roosevelt Department quoted a report from zaron, has launched a campaign Msgr. Stephen Krasula. with Mrs. Felix M. Warburg and stressed the growing importance of one of the U. S. missions abroad, for $25,000 in the first month. After deciding to found the Paul Baerwald as Honorary Chair- . feeding and rehabilitating the peo- saying: It was assured, however, by League of Slovak Clubs, the gath- men. James H. Becker was re- ples liberated from Nazi slavery. Morris Wolf that 'far more' was ering is reported to have passed a named Chairman of the National This task, he said, "will grow in "The ransom system as practiced magnitude as our striking power at present seems to be an exten in sight as soon as the program resolution stating that "any Slovak council. The Vice-Chairmen are grows and as new territories are sion of the practice instituted by got started. On the advice of organization may become a mere- George Backer, David M. Bressler, liberated from the enemy's crushing the Nazi Government whereunder a 'public relations council' that ber of the League, regardless of Alexander Kahn, Lt. Com. Harold grip." emigrants were permitted to leave it would be 'nicer' to have a political, religious or other affilia- F. Linder, Rabbi Jonah Wise, Wil- Without mentioning the Jews by Germany if the state were com- Rabbi instead of a layman as tions, but non-Christian groups are liam Rosenwald, William J. Shro- name, the President condemned pensated on their departure by all the executive director of the not to be admitted." der and M. C. Sloss. I. Edwin Nazi atrocities, declaring that "the of their visible wealth, with the organization, youthful Rabbi Goldwasser and Alexander A. Lan- Nazis and Japanese have butchered exception of a small percentage, Elmer Berger, of Flint, Mich., Brazilian Yiddish were re-elected treasurers. innocent men and women in a cam- usually reduced in effect to 10 or was persuaded by Rabbi WoN In a report on the activities of Paign of organized terror." 121 per cent. sey to take the post." the J. D. C. during the year, Mr. Following is a summary of the Bag twl- I Il iillenlored Becker said that over 7,700 President Roosevelt pledged that "It is very apparently designed 2 meeting as reported had been helped to leave persOnSEurope "every aid possible will be given to provide foreign exchange for by J.P.S.: to the western hemisphere and to restore each of the liberated the furtherance of the German war The story is best told as it un- NEW YORK (JPS)---Jewish lead- Palestine since January 1, 1942. countries to soundness and strength, effort--though there may be rea- folded itself at two intimate and ers in the United States should in- Apart from emigration, Mr. Beck- so that each may make its full con- son for suspicion that individual private meetings at Rabbi Wolsey's tervene in order to secure the lift- er said, "the J. D. C. has had to tribution to United Nations victory members of the Nazi party may Rodeph Sholom Synagogue in this ing of the ban placed by the Bra- give substantial and ever increas- and to the peace which follows." personally profit by it." City of Brotherly Love. Rabbi WoN zilian government on all forms of ing help to refugees in unoccupied sey was in the chair. Others pres- Yiddish, whether written or spoken, France, in Spain. in Portugal, in WIRE ArEWS BULLETINY o* were venerable Rabbi Samuel Maurice Schwartz, veteran actor, Switzerland and in North Africa Goldenson of New York's Temple pleaded on his arrival in New York during the past year. Our monthly Emanu-El, William Rosenau, Mor- from a lengthy tour of South appropriations have risen in each ris Lazaron, A. D. Shaw and Abra- American countries, case." The flight of 6,000 refugees ham Shusterman, the last four of Because Yiddish is a vital ele- from France to Switzerland and FISH WANTS AID FOR PERSECUTED JEWS Baltimore, William Fineshriber of ment in the Jewish cultural life of several thousand more into Spain WASHINGTON (JPS)--The Secretary of State is in re- this city, H. J. Schachtel, Isaac that country, its stringent prohibi- "necessitated substantial monthly ceipt of a letter from Congressman Hamilton Fish asking Landman of New York, Norman tion is rapidly undermining the increases for emergency aid on the whether there is not "some action that may be taken by the Gerstenfeld of Washington, emer- whole Jewish structure, Schwartz part of the J. . C., in addition United States Congress and the administration that will stop itus David Philipson of Cincinnati, declared, to the regular program of these these pogroms of Jews in Poland and eastern Europe? Would emeritus Solomon Foster of New- The famous producer-director two countries." He pointed out that it be possible to enlist the support of such neutrals as Sweden, ark and C. A. Rubenstein of Balti- said that special permission had the J. D. C.'s program in Russia Switzerland, Spain and Turkey?" more. been given to him by the Brazilian consists of cooperation with the The aged Rabbi Goldenson in- government to permit him to pre- Polish Government-in-Exile in a troduced Sidney Wallach, until re- sent several of his plays, non-sectarian effort on behalf of NAZIS HAND SLOVAKIA FAT BILL cently with the American Jewish 2,000,000 Polish nationals of whom LONDON--(Special)- A bill amounting to more than Committee but now a "free lance" approximately 600,000 are Jews. $20,000,000 has been handed to Slovakia by Germany for in public relations. Wallach, once New Year's Cabaret I'teference was also made by him ,'ridding the country of Jews," according to reports received the editor of the official Zionist to the grant during the summer Dy the Czech government here. The bill, which included organ, told the group that non- By Sons of Israel of +00,000 for extraordinary war expenses for deporting some 65,000 persons, is expected to be Zionism was the most important relief purposes in Palestine at the request of the Jewish Agency over met through the confiscation and sale of the victims' property. ssue in American Jewish life and One of the community's out- and above grants customarily made that the failure of this cause would standing social events of the year for cultural-religious purposes and be harmful to everything Amer- will be held at Seattle Talmud for transportation of refugees to REQUEST FOR PROBE OF MASSACRES REJECTED ican Jewry values. This opposition Torah Thursday evening when Sons Palestine. LONDON (JTA)--A request by the Vatican that it be movement is the last stand of the of Israel stages its New Year's Eve allowed to send representatives to occupied Poland for the anti-Zionist forces, he stressed, and Cabaret Dance. PUrpose of investigating the reports of mass-killing of Poles to achieve its objective an or- Those wishing to reserve tables .1. jjle-ort 2600 Slain ganized group must be fought with for parties are asked to call Ed and Jews by the Nazi occupation authorities was rejected by organization. tlitler, the London press reported. Sadick, chairman, at 00Ast 7949 The In Ukraine Areas The Zionists, he charged, have menu for the evening will feature captured the organs and media of a turkey dinner. Music will be fur- KUIBYSHEV (JPS)--Two thou- JEWS VOLUNTEER FOR CHRISTMAS DUTY public opinion. In his view the nished by a seven-piece orchestra sand six hundred Jews were killed LONDON--(Special)--Every Jewish enlisted man in one number of Zionists is very small, and vocalist, Sadick said. by the Nazis in the districts of of the largest Yankee units in England volunteered for duty Most of them had been "taken in" The doors will open at 9:30 p. m. Knidsi, Korsun, Korum, Mendelev- ori Christmas Day so that hundreds of their Christian buddies and were, in reality, o.nly philan- for an evening of entertainment ka, Golubovka and Pasad in the Could get time off. (Continued on Page 7) t will last until the small hours. Ukraine, it is reported here.