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December 25, 1969     The Jewish Transcript
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December 25, 1969

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PAGE 12 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT DECEMBER 25, 1969 Tokyo&apos;s JCC and Jewish Restaurant Prepare For Expo 70"s Jewish Trade By Basil Jackson The Financial Post, Toronto Katsuko daintily popped an- other piece of gefillte fish into her mouth with chopsticks. "This Jewish cooking is like Javanese," she exclaimed. I had taken my Japanese friend to what is probably Tok- yo's only Kosher-style restaur- ant, where you can buy Made-in- Japan bagels, cheese blintzes, lox, matzo pancakes and all the rest of Jewish cuisine. "The gefillte fish is like sush- i," Katsuko said. "I'm sure one of the Lost Tribes must have ended up in Japan!" (Editor's Note: This is a familiar conjec- ture revived from time to time.) Sushi consists of bite-size pieces of raw fish rolled in neat rice cakes wrapped in paper-thin seaweed. It is a favorite Japa- nese dish. Katsuko Mort, a travel guide whom I'd met in Japan four years earlier, enjoyed her meal at Anne Dinken's kosher-style restaurant so much that I prom- ised to take her there again when I re-visit Japan. Anne Dinken, formerly from the Bronx, New York, says she's. ready for the. influx of Jewish visitors who will be in Tokyo during EXPO '70 year. It is a small intimate place, with only three or four tables. But there's a bar to while away the time and watch the many film producers and theatrical personalities who frequent her place. Jewish visitors to Tokyo who want to attend synagogue to pray or meet an interesting group of co-religionists will find their wants easily satisified at the Jewish Community Center of Japan at 8-8, Hiroo 3-chrome, Shibuya Ku, Tokyo. If you get into trouble, do as I did. My taxi driver became lost and I told. him to stop at a po- lice box. I asked the policeman where the "Yehudo Temple'" was, a smile of recognition flashed across his face, and we were on our way. The Jewish Community Cen- ter had been in existence since 1948. It has about 150 member- families, representingabout 400 people, and is open to all Jewish .residents of Japan. (Editors Note: The climate is soothing there, Leo) The manager, Mr. Y. Imahashi, ia a charming man who will be glad to make you a temporary member, or provide a seat in the sanctuary if you happen to be in Tokyo during the Jewish New Year holy days in 1970. To quote from the PamPhiet published by the center: "As the Jewish Community Center constitutes the only syna- gogue in eastern Japan, it can be -- cup'" and save i Shop Well:Buy From Israel rated with the birds of Israel. By Grace Rubin SEATTLE, Dee. -- Few peo- ple are aware of the abundanCe and variety of Israeli home ac- cessories and religious objects available in our synagogue and temple gift shops. If each of us would make it a regular practice to patronize them, we would help Israel in a small way while pleasing ourselves. When you need "something special" for your home, or for a family member or friend, think "Jewish" and think "Israeli." Would any of the following suit the occasion? The choice is wide. Almost all the shops have several kinds of yarmulkas, prayer books and shawls. Many stock attractive candlesticks, kiddush cups, menorahs, challah knives, bookends and the like. A few have a large assortment of distinctive gifts. Because it is impossible to do justice to all the merchandise in a single article, we urge you to visit the shops. yourself. For easy reference, I will list their names below with telephone numbers of synagogue secretary or gift shop chairman. In each case, I will describe one or two articles that MAY be unique to that shop. This list is NOT exhaustive, and I hope it contains a minimum of errors. At Congregation Bikur Chop im (EA 3-3424) one can buy tiny saccharin containers made of the popular metal Patina-ware. Prayer shawls in washable dacron-wool combinations can be bought from Congregation Beth Shalom (Mrs. Louis Weiss- man, EM 2-4739). TWo kinds of wood-mounted reproductions of the famous Chagall windows in Jerusalem are available at Congregation Ner Tamid (Mrs. Sheldon Beckelman, SH 6-1615). Although its new gift shop is not yet open, Herzl still sells some Israeli things (Mrs. Gerson Goldman, PA 3-9957). At Temple Beth Am (LA 5- 7157) you can buy many metal and olivewood items. They also sell correspondence notes, deco- Temple Beth E1 in Tacoma (Mrs. Roy Slotnick, JU 4-2468) features elegant handblown. glassware and handmade ba- tikes. Collectors of all ages will be delighted by the charming: Israeli character dolls at Temple' Bnai Torah (Mrs. Ted Rosenb- lume, AD 2-2714). They also sell colorful towels decorated with the current Jewish holiday cal- endar and a map of Jerusalem. At Temple De Hirsch (Mrs. Milton Roumm, GL 4-6653) you can buy prayer books and Bibles with elegant silver and jeweled covers, as well as art albums which reproduce the work of some of Israel's fine artists. Temple Sinai (Mrs. Louis Stern, SH 6-6758) carries several things made of Israeli olivewood, as well as a reproduction, with English translation, of Israel's declaration of independence. Many gift shops will be happy to order items they do not stock. Few carry the more costly, but beautiful sterling silver objects that are available to both stores and individual purchasers from Bergman Imports (WE 5-3919). They have candlesticks, spice boxes and kiddush cups in differ- ent sizes and designs, some with Eilat stones, others with fine fili- gree work. ' At present, no gift shops are run by members of Temple Beth Judea, Congregation Emanuel or the Sephardic Bikur Cholim Synagogue. Ezra Bessaroth (Mrs. Joseph Touriel PA 3-7234) hopes to ex- pand its small stock of religious articles in the future. In a previous article, I failed to mention two Seattle syna- gogues which sell Carmel wines and spirits. Both Herzl (AD 2- 8555) and Congregation Ezra Bessaroth (PA 5-3770). have a complete line of these "fruit of the vine" products. This was an oversight, for which I apologize. All additions and corrections to this and any future lists are wel- come. Keep your comments coming please, and do buy from Israel ! neither orthodox, conservative nor reform, but serves members of all shades of belief. The actual ritual followed may be called conservative." Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, for- merly chaplain of the U.S. mili- tary forces on Kyushu, has been in charge of religiocs affairs. Other Jewish chaplains assist him. People ask me. ?Are they Japanese Jews? The answer, as far as I know, is no: But, as with many answers to questions posed by Jews, the answer may also be yes. Mr. Imahashi told me that the congregation is made up of Jews from all over the world. About 40 percent are American citizens -- businessmen working Between, two Chinese restaur- ants, Anne Dinken's small Ko- sher restaurant. in Japan -- 25 percent Israelis, and the remainder of various nationalities, including some Japanese. Some came from Mr. pan's JCC. Jewish visitors Tokyo are welcome as "tern rary" members. Russia, India, and Germany. have one thing in common, 1 are Jews and want to be idl fied as such. Egypt Creates JERUSALEM, (JTA) -- Is- raeli sources said that the Egyp- tian Government had apparently embarked on a program of claiming "papyrus victories" in order to bolster Arab morale'in advance of the summit meeting at Rabat this month and on the eve of the departure of an Egyp- tain delegation to Moscow. The greatest of the "papyrus victories" claimed by the Egyp- tians was a so-called "company strength" attack on an Israeli strong point on t be Suez Canal which the Egyptians said they captured and held for 24 hours beating off Israeli counter-at- "Papyrus Victories" tacks and attempts to lower the Egyptian flag which flew over the strongpoint. Any connection between the Egyptian claims, Israeli sources-said and the facts of the situation are entirely non-existent. Israeli sources insist that the big Egyptian attack never took place, not a single position was attacked nor were Israeli tanks darged or soldiers killed in any such incident. Nor, they said, was an Israeli plane shot down as the Egyptians claimed. During the past year, the Egyptians have claimed to have shot down at least 110 Israeli # [ fl',',',',',',',',' non to be under Moslem rule. It _ /.  was his intention to put the Arab $/'/guerrillas on Lebanese soil, but f/'fl" Lelanon doesn't want anything U,/ to tie with the Arabs as long as ]'" they leave Lebanon alone. I CANNOT sit back and let uneducated and backward coun- tries like Syria and Iraq destroy Lebanese everything we had built for Blames Arabs many generations. Of course, ,both of these countries have been nothing but trouble to our country. When I was living in Leba- non, before I came to the United States as a student, we used to live right on the border between Lebanon, Syria and Israel. We didn't have any trouble This summer I was in Leba- non. I saw some odd things that Mr. Rashid Karami did there. I heard him on the Lebanese TV stations. Rashid Karami wanted Leba- planes, 58 of them in the four months, seven in the m( of November alone. Actual I es, according to official Is sources, were four Israeli pll shot down in the last: months. During November, rael lost no planes at all. DU the four-month period, Egyp losses were 20 planes altha Cairo officially admitted the ] of only six. The terrorist organizat have also adopted the EgyP system of claiming "pap victories, The Arab terro claimed they had carried out actions but 64 per cent of t never took place. .< 1 from Israel at all. The only ble we had was from the S 4 ans, who took my father threw him in prison for no son at all. ISRAEL and Lebanon v doing fine along their border<  til the Syrians started to sen{ guerrilas during the night Lebanese soil OF COURSE, the one res sible for supplying these guel las is Nasser of Egypt. I hope things will settle di soon so that people of Leb can live in peace and harmon[ their homes without interferd from the Arabs. M. HASB, UJA CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Rabbi Herbert A. Friedman, executive chairman of the Unit- ed Jewi:,h Appeal, told the an- nual conference. Rabbi Friedman said that for the Israelis, the "path ahead is clear -- war along the Suez Ca- nal, terrorism along the Jordan River, danger of economic col- lapse -- and superhuman effort to absorb new immigrants into the fabric of Israeli society at the same time." He also called strong world sympathy for Russian Jewry "a part of that totalityof concern which unites all Jews in one tightly-linked brotherhood." He noted that in 1970, the Joint Dis- tribution Committee, a UJA con- stituent, would spend $24 million on aid to needy Jews outside the United States and Israel. He said that money would assist more than 300,900 people in such areas of life as care of the aged and the sick, children's homes and feedingprograms. JOIN JCC Come to our NewYear's Eve party. It's only $15. We're celebrating in our beautiful Grand Ballroom with a delicious filet mignon dinner, dancing to Morie Simon and his 10-piece orches- tra, a floor show, favors, all for $15 a person. Festivities start at 9:00 p.m. And if you don't want to face the freeway after the party, you can have one of our deluxe twin or double rooms for an additional $15. A qreat idea. Call MU 2-7700 for reservations. The 01 =y00,,,pic FOURTH AND I[NECA , @ WESTERN INTEI,,.N,KTIONA[ 'ffOTEIS Fe ing" into Hat Recent U.: U.S. NEW YOE national em of Jewish lei East peace t Jan. 25-26 in Conference Major Ameri zations. Rabl ter, Conferer that particil representativ constituent o Presidents C invitations w to major 1 communities The tw conference the backgrou: in the Ameri nity over w scribed as a' State Deparl Middle East suing the ca Rabbi Schac' meeting beh delegation State Willia which Rabbi i to Mr. Roge: munity's "c apprehension !ed States pro East settlem, After the Roger Gunbc 00Very j WASHIN( of State Willi |fully followeq |five Israeli |bourg to H :|'found the et iing. '' He disc the incident sation at a party given I ment Corre tion. A num Department that they, to, the unusual i