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December 9, 1971     The Jewish Transcript
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December 9, 1971

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PAGE 2 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT DECEMBER 9, 1971 Senator JaCkson Urges Jet Delive , Other Military Shipments to Israel (Continued from Page 1} Mr. President, the principal element of this Administration's policy in the Middle East has been a pledge to maintain the military balance in a condition of rough parity. Measuring such a balarice is extremely difficult -- especially, as in the present case, when superior equipment on the Arab (and Soviet) side is said to be offset by superior training and skill on the part of the Israeli Defense Forces. necessary to provide aircratt and other equipment essential to maintain the balance in the Middle East. Just a few days ago 78 Sena- tors joined in co-sponsoring Senate Resolution 177 calling upon the President to make Phantom aircraft available to Israel. The President has the au- thority he needs. He has a mandate from the Senate to 'exercise that authority by mak- ing Phantoms available, and making them available now. All that is required is an appropria- tion, and my amendment today is nothing more than the neces- sary appropriation. It would make available $500 million in military credits, half of which (or more) could be used to pro- vide the planes that 87 Senators: authorized and that 78 Senators urged be made available at once. Mr. President, I wish to point out that the Senate ver- sion of the Foreign Assistance Act contains the authority for an appropriation of $300 million for military credits for Israel. In my view that authority is superfluous since the authority contained in Section 501 of the Defense Procurement Act of I will not go into detail about the state of the Israeli economy and Israel's obvious inability to provide for an adequate defense without credit assistance. Suf- fice it to say that fully 30 per cent of Israel's Gross National Product goes to defense. And let me add that the annual cost of servicin the foreign debt in- curred by Israel, largely as a result of necessary defense out- lays, is alone $500 million. Mr. President, I have long believed that we have failed in our Middle East policy to pay sufficient attention to the cyni- cal role of the Soviet Union in exploiting the tragic conflict between Arabs and Jews. The policy of purposeful instability that the Soviets practice is a menace to international order. And it imposes extraordinary burdens on the innocent victims who must work doubly hard to achieve even minimal security for their precious freedom and independence. All that I am proposing is that we extend the credits nec- essary to permit a brave ally to purchase the means with which to defend itself while we look to a better day in a more peaceful world where weapons and cred- its are no longer needed. Golda Meir Confers With Jewish Leaders NEW YORK, Dec. (JTA)- Premier Golda Meir of Israel i conferred with American Jew- ish leadership on Monday after- noon, Dec. 6, at a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of I Major American Jewish Organi- zations, the Conference an- nounced today. "This followed her meeting with President Nixon on Thurs- day, Dec. 2," the announcement continued. Aside from her ap- pearance at the United Jewish Appeal on Saturday evening, Dec. 11 and at the Israel Bond Organization dinner Sunday, Dec. 12, this is the only meeting scheduled with Jewish leaders for the Israeli Prime Minister. Festival Due NEW YORK (JTA) -- The Jewish National Fund will hold its Macaboan Festival Salute to major Orthodox religious organ- izations on Dee. 16. The festival, which will be dedicated to the 70th anniversa- ry of the JNF, will pay tribute to the Orthodox religious com- munity for its contribution to the rebuilding of the land of Israel. 1970 is all that is required. Sec- itd i St d d lion 501, by agreement in a Un e Rac sm an Urge House-Senate conference, is still Senator Henry M. Jackson that, no matter what happens in the Middle East, they will keep their combat aircraft and their pilots grounded and their fleet at a distance from the conflict? I emphasize these uncertain- ties, Mr. President, because they suggest how fragile is a military balance with so many elements (and I have mentioned only three) about which it is impossible to be precise. Moreo- ver, the balance in the Middle East is "subject to rapid change" to use the words of Secretary of Defense Laird. The conditions prevailing today can be dramatically different tomor- row. And in all of this the cru- cial and decisive factor is the balance in the air; and that balance depends, in large mea- sure, on the available supply of first-line aircraft. Mr. President, our most ur- gent immediate task in the Middle East is to acknowledge that the unrestrained flow of sophisticated weapons to Egypt from the Soviet Union has jeop- ardized the balance of power in a most dangerous way. We can preserve the peace in the Mid- die East but only if we recog- nize that it is today threatened by the narrow margin of Is- rael's air defense capability. With so few planes at her dis- posal we invite a miscalculation on the part of the Egyptian and Soviet forces leading them to believe that they could elimi- nate the Israeli Air Force as a factor in Israel's defense and thereby reverse the events of June, 1967. It is against this background, Mr. President, that I wish to introduce my amendment to the pending appropriations bill. It is a simple amendment that mere- ly gives effect to a policy clear- !y laid down by an overwhelm- mg majority of the Senate in upholding, by a vote of 87 to 7, the necessary authority under which this appropriation is here offered. Mr. President, last Septem- ber we voted to provide the authority to enable the Presi- dent to supply credits to Israel in such amounts as may be in force and remains in force until September, 1972. But more important is the fact that we do not as yet have a Foreign Assistance Program. We may not get one for weeks or even months. It is .subject to uncertainties and delays. None of its several provisions is se- curely a part of the public law. Section 501, on the other hand, is the law of the land. I am merely proposing that we make the necessary appropria- tion to give effect to the policy we have legislated and so re- cently reaffirmed. Even if the $300 million authorization con- tained in the. Senate version of the Foreign Assistance Act emerges from conference and is enacted into law, we will have nothing that we do not already have in Section 501 of the De- fense Procurement Act. The dif: ference is that the $500 million I am now proposing can be made available immediately. And in view of the rapid deterioration of the military balance in the Middle East, especially in the last few days, it is urgent that we act at once. Moreover, Mr. President, the $300 million in requested author- ity is inadequate for both Phan- tom aircraft and other essential equipment. The aircraft alone will cost at least $250 million, perhaps more, and considerably more than $50 million has al- ready been committed to sup- porting equipment. Thus we would face an eventual deficien- cy appropriation if we were to wait and appropriate funds to carry out the Senate's policy in a piecemeal fashion. If the $500 million requested in my amend- ment is appropriated here today I would expect the Administra- tion to adjust its $300 million request accordingly. And I need not point out that the Adminis- tration has hardly been over- eager to make available the planes it is my intention to fund with this amendment. ii i Pat}onize merchants who advertise in the Jewish Tran- script Newspaper. Tell them you saw the ad in the Tran- script. It helps the merchant and also the Transcript. (Continued from Page 1} In his opening address, Na- tional ADL Chairman Seymour Graubard declared that one of the key factors in present-day anti-Semitism is "insensitivity to attacks on Jews and the Jew- ish identity from respectable sources." Stating that domestic social issues and the Mideast conflict have triggered "new assults on Jews," Graubard said that "the American Jewish community is becoming increas- ingly concerned by the lack of Mede D. Cohn public outcry." He said that in addition to Arab propaganda here and abroad and American extremists both of the left and right, "anti-Semitism is being disseminated or ignored in oth- erwise respectable quarters." He cited as evidence the re- cent use of vicious anti-Semitic slurs on Israel and Jews by So- viet delegate Yakov A. Malik at a United Nations General As- sembly session; a federal grant from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare for a Washington, D.C. drug program run by "a man with a long his- tory of blatant anti-Semitic ac- tivity," who calls himself Col. Hassan Jeru Ahmed, the head of a black para-military group. Graubard insisted that de- spite ADL documentation of its charge against Hassan, and "the use of public money to fund a bigot," the HEW grant is currently being held up "not because of Hassan's record of bigotry, but Pendin federal examination of his projects fi- nancial books." Graubard also reported that the record industry is "dabbling in anti-Semitism," particularly in poplar recordings directed to the ounger generation. He cited an album by a group called "The Last Poets" which, he said "describes Jews in vul- gar terms and prints the terms on the back of the album jack- et;" a record called "S. S. Ti- tanic" by folksinger Jamie Brocket in which "Jewish pas- sengers are described in classi- cal anti-Semitism," and "Jesus Christ Superstar" which is rem- iniscent of pre-Vatican II dei- cide charges against Jews. Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jeru- salem who also addressed the ADL National Commission, in- vited the ADL to send " a pri- vate mission of highly respected American leaders, representing the three faiths, to study and report objectively on the physi- cal and spiritual development of Jerusalem as a unified city." He said "Jerusalem is open for all to come and see what we have done .to safeguard the reli- gious rights of Christians and Moslems, their holy places and the aesthetic, spiritual and his- torical character of the Holy City." The ADL National Commis- :sion, among its resolutions, went on record in opposition to an appointment to the U.S. Su- preme Court: "WHEREAS, the record of Wil- liam H. Rehnquist's past actions shows a lack of sensitivity and understanding for the rights and needs of minorities; and "WHEREAS, he has shown a lack of commitment to the Bill of Rights, "THEREFORE, BE IT RE- SOLVED that the Anti-Defama- tion League affirms its opposi- tion to William Rhenquist's con- firmation as a member of the United States Supreme Court." Merle D. Cohn and Sam W. Tarshis attended the ADL 58th annual meeting as delegates from this community. Cohn was re-elected to membership in the ADL National Commission. Tar. shis is a life member of the Commission. \\; Presidents Will Discuss Middle East PARIS, Dec. (JTA) -- The Presidents of France and the United States are scheduled to discuss the Middle East crisis when they meet Dec. 13-14 in the Azores, according to French political soflrces. They told the Jewish Tele- graphic Agency that the Arab- Israeli issue will be high on the list of international matters which President Richard M. Nixon and President Georges Pompidou will review at their forthcoming meeting. These sources said that the need to examine this problem has been agreed upon by Ameri- can and French diplomats dur- ing their preceeding contacts. It is generally believed here that Pompidou will press once again for entrusting the entire issue to the Big Four powers and will ask for the resumption of their concentration at a high level. The French say that their contact.s in Washington now agree that the resumption of the Four Power concentration is necessary in view of the failure of diplomatic methods such as those undertaken by US Secre- tary of State William P. Rogers and US Assistant Secretary of State Joseph J. Sisco. A number of French Middle East experts are expected to be included in the French official party which will be headed by Foreign Min- ister Maurice Schumann. Bill i Pizzello Sells quality cars with integrity at fair 1)rices1 II EE HIM AT 4242 ROOSEVELT WY. N.E. Goodfellow CflRYSLER-PLYMOUTH See the new sub-compact Plymouth Cricket Prices start at s1975 For the Fairest Deal ME 2-6180 or ME 2-7203 Office Residence Happy Chanukah We've lotsof goodies for your Holiday entertaining, featuring the finest Sinai & Oscherwitz Kosher cold meats & the best breads in the worldl RENNER ROTHERS AKERY:DELI. 2800 E. Cherry Seattle EA 5-2900 120th N.E. & N.E. Bellevue-Redmond Rd. 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