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December 9, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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December 9, 1938

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)ECEMBER 9, 1938 Talks Militantly Oppressed Brethren {('.,mL. from Page 1) lha{ nothing ln'acticnl will be L)lished thereby." "Will Premier Ch:unbcrhlin sac- Palvstinc as nn abiding home Jews?" III Hn) not p('e])a('{!d to slty that is on lhe part of the cabinet a liberate imrl)ose to sacrifice Jew- inlerests in tim lloly Land, but proves lhat Great Britain always vassilaled. It is quite thai. the present program de- 1o establish temporary peace Jews and Arabs will some- quiet the disturl)ance, l)ut will l)e internfinable (lelay and diphmmtic negotiations. A now, [ predict that the pre- status will i)racticalty I)e un- :(I." t'W]ntt is tim attitude of world on Jewish I)ersecution?" "Unaller,flfle OlH)osition to , man. of no labor group l.hroughout umverse that does not join in detestation of German an(l alrocities and which is not morally and financial- l to the (.ause of justice and tole- "Slmuhl .lews meeldy submit or "I know of no answer to this but fight, fight, with every weapon reach. It is l)etter to (tie as men iu honor than to exist I lleace as cowards." "While I am ou the subject of Ger- persecutions, let me observe I am astounded that so little synlpathy is being extended to Jews. In that country, which recently visited in person, tlmre 3,5(X),000 Jews who are daily Against Bigotry YORK (W. N. S.)--A l'ro- Council Against anti-Semi- w'ts formed here this week by W. Warren Barbour New Jersey, William Allen White, editor, and George Gordon New York attorney. The hoped to fulfill its function factual analysis of anti-Semitism giving publicity to its findings educational and religious itutions, forums, on the radio through the press. Shirts ere Dispersed (W.N.S.)--A meeting the Silver Shirt Legion of Amer- Was raided iu an effort to dis- the gatlmring. Two were in- and nine arrested after a shout- mass of about 100 men charged the Irving Park Boulevtn'(1 hall a similar number were listen- to Roy Zachary, described as a m'trshal" of the Silver Shirts. league's main tenet is anti-Semi- and it is said to favor Nazism. police were informed that an of about 1,000 young el)crating as vigilantes, had formed to Ol)l)OSe the Silver and tim German Bund in this A REAL ITALIAN 75c $1.00 'lothlng Like It In Town" Make Reservations for Banquets and Parties VILLAGE 1413 FIFTH AVENUS Phone SE. 9775 Pike Place PUBLIC MARKET FIRST AND PIwrB FRESHER FOODS LOWER PRICES II/[EET THE PRODUCER" OUT TONIGHT Iosher Style Food As You Like It-- (]haage of Menu Each Day -6-COURSE DINNER-- HARRY'S BOHEMIAN CAFE I. LUXENBERG Ave. SE. 9269 undergoing torture and humiliation equal to those being inflicted on their Gernnul brethren, but the Po- lish .Jew is militant 'm(l though we hear little of ii, ]m is lighting every inch of the way against ol)pressiolt anti ])(!('secution. ' The lecture w'ts l)recedcd by the rendition of a grou 1) of four vocal numbers, rendered by the choir of Ezra. Bessaroth, under the direction of Samuel Goldfarl). The members of th(; singing groul) were: 1)ave R. Alha(leff, l)ave J. Alhadeff, Jack A. Allmdeff, I)ave M. Alh'deff, Morris A. Alhadeff, Joe l'eha, Leon Peha, Leon Israel, Joe Touriel, Joe A. llasson, All)err Benezra, .lack Bene- zra, Fred Mutal, Henry Mural, Max israel, l,eon France and Jack lelntr. The choir (lid a wonderful job. The songs were highly inspirational and gave unqualified enjoyment to those in attendance. The toastmaster of the occasion was Ben Levine. lie paid a lfigh tribute to the guest spe.dcer for his splendid work, m)t only in the cause of Jewish workmen but for Judaism in general. Jury Halts Bund In N. Y. NEW YORK--A grand jury in- vestigation of the activities of the German-American Bund in Queens will be held shortly, it was :tnnounc- ed this week 1)y Charles P. Sullivan, District Attorney of Queens County. The action is to be taken as a re- sult of a meeting hehl in the Astoria Turnhalle on Friday, November 18, at which Fritz Kuhn, Fuehrer of the Bund, cried: "The treatment of Jews in Ger- many is only the beginning of a move- men) to eradicate from the entire world the Jewish vermin. We must rid this country, too, of these vermin. "We must exterminate them and their property. Every Jew has sto- len whatever he possesses. Jews can be dealt with only by force." Former Magistrate Joseph Gold- stein was present at the Bund meet- ing. Ite had previously arranged with the police del)artment to have several officers attend. All the policemen who were pre- sent at the meeting will be subpoe- naed to appear as witnesses at the Grand Jury investigation. None Above The Moral Law In a recent sermon before the Wilshire Boulevard Temple at Los Angeles, Rabbi Magnin, among other things said: "A noted churchman recently said that one of the dictators acknow- ledges belief in a Supreme Being. I doubt this very much. One who be- lieves in God does not make himself SUl)reme and place his own will above the Moral Law. The very nature of dictatorship is its vielatiop of every- thing for which religion stands. "And the way to destroy dictator- shil) is to create a revival of a real religious spirit in the world. Liber- ty and democracy were born in the sl)irit of religion and can only be re- tained and preserved by the same spirit, if America is to preserve her traditional institutions and prin- ciples which were estal)lished by the founding fathers, it will be necessary to bring the l)eople closer to God and nmke llim the guiding spirit in their individual lives and national policy." Jews Suffer From Arab Wrath JEFUSALEM (W.N.S.)--A bomb thrown in the market place of Ha- dar 7Iaoarmel, Jewish residential quarter of Itaifa, this week caused the wounding of nine Jews, three of them I)eing seriously injured. This brought to a climax disorders of the ltast two weeks in Haifa; during this period seven Jews have been wounded on Haifa streets in indivi- dual attacks. Quebec Zionist Leader Elected To Parliament MONTREAL (WNS)--Louis K. Fitch, prominent Jewish communal worker and Zionist leader, this week was elected to the Quebec Provincial Legislature as a member of the Liberal Party. Rabbi Eleazer said, "He who pro- fanes things sacred and despises tlm festivals, and puts his fellow-man to shame in public and makes void the covenant of Abraham, our father, and makes the Torah bear a meaning other than the right, such a man even though knowledge of the Torah and good deeds be his, has no share in the future of the world." THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAGE SEVEN r, IARK OF TIlE BEAST By IH(I,:SSI,I{R Penniless Hungarian Jew Becomes M-G.M Producer By DICK CHASE Transcript Special Writer. HOLLYWOOD.--Gabriel Pascal is in New York for the opening this week of "Pygmalion." And therein lies a story known only to a small handful of people. A year or so ago, if anyone had opined that by Thanksgiving of 1938 Gabriel Pascal would be a favored M-G-M producer, and by way of be- coming a wealthy man to boot, the only person who would have believed it wmfld have 1)men Gabruel Pascal himself--a penniless Hungarian Jew in Hollywood. Pascal would have believed it be- cause of his astounding conceit, his everweening nerve. In filmville, only four friends knew of these qualities, and at odd times they fed or lodged him, tried to help him along. Through hungry for success, Pascal was fed up with Hollywood's seem- ingly impenetrable doors. Grubstaked by his loyal pal Geza Herczog, another Hungarian who achieved fame here with his screen- play of "The Life of Emile Zola," Gabriel beat his way to New York, wangled transportation to London. The shil) safely clocked, he strode down the gangplank with an idea. He would make a picture of George Bernard Shaw's famous play "Pyg- malion." To the great playwright's estate in a London suburb rode Pascal with his nerve for company, spending his last shillings on train fare. Arrived at the Shaw menage, he gained ad- mittance to tim bearded genius of tim theatre with a fabulous story of high einelna connections. With superb self-confidence he talkedof potent financial bac king, of his burning desire to make a l)icture l)ased on "Pygmalion." The astute vegetarian wqs not de- ceive(l, somehow. Pointblanlc he told Pascal so. IIe said he didn't believe Pascal had either money or prospects. "But," he said, "I admire your nerve. IIere's what I'll do fro' you" tad he stepped to a writing desk in a corner of the room. IIastily he scribbled a note, handed it to his visitor. Pascal scanned it and gasped. It wts an unconditional release giving to Pascal all rights for motion-picture production ()f Shaw's great epic. Shaw had given Pascal the screeu rights gratis! "Thanks," s'dd Gabriel. "Now if you will please lend lnea I)ound note, I'll be able to get back to London and start work ou this." Hc got the money, In London bankers were skeptical of the stranger within their gates who wanted to borrow money with- out conventional security. They wanted proof of his transaction with Shaw. Unabashed, Pascal sought out the Irish dramatist again, secured a re- ceipt in Shaw's handwriting stating that for a consideration (we'll call it 50,000 pounds, cash) lie had sold screen rights to "Pygmalion" to Gabriel Pascal. Back in the city, Pascal triumph- antly showed the receipt to the men of money, found little difficulty in negotiating the loan. In London he interested Actor Leslie Howard in the undertaking, lined up a produc- tion unit. Autumn, 1938, Pascal is 1)ack in Strictly Confidential By PHINEAS BIRON, Transcript Special Writer ON THE BENCH Statistics al)out railway accidents of The c(,hmutists are having "t good various sorts, ttarticuhtrly train col- t.line debating l.he future of .Justice lissions, in Nazil:tnd lU'ove that the louis 1). lran(leis . One couph talk about German efficiency under has anlu)unced that while Justice tim llithu" regilne is Italoney . . . More Brandeis is going to resign before such ca)as)rot)hies have been tak- the next term of the Sul)reme Court ing place there in the last few years ol)ens he is not planning to I)eeome than in any other country. the ln'esidcut of the Zionist Organi- ganization...Then there is the lady YOU SHOULD KNOW gossiper who has it all dol)ed out There is a lflan to use German that Brandeis will resign early in refugees as American business rep- rese.ntatives in Latin America, on 1939 and that the President will ap- point Judge Juliam W. Mack as his the theory that they will prove to succcssor . . . Which, incidentally, is be the mos rclial)le fighters against a lot of nonsense .... Iudge Mack, the Nazi penetration into those whose health is n(me too good, feels lands... The research director of the like retiring from active bench work newly formed--and most iml)ressive himself, lh'ovisional Council ag:dnst anti- Semitism, of which Senator Barl)our * * is the clndrman, is none other than James Waterman Wise . . . Is it true NAZI STUFF that steel magnate lI. 1t. Robinson While the Fuehrer shrieks that is ready to contribute 5()0,000 for Nazism will surviw for the next the bringing of refugees from Ger- several thousand years, his adju- many to this country?... Kurt Weill, tants are preparing for the inevita- one of Ititler's victims, who is ac- ble day of reckoning... And, realis- cumulating successes as a composer tieally, they're hoarding funds in in this country, still is one of the fm'cign banks . . . Goering, for exam- best-sellers in German music stores pie, has two l)riwlte ace(rants in It in the U. S... His Germau music I,,mdon bank . . . Goebbels has a sheets are exported from N.tziland I)riwtt.e safe at Lloyd's Bank in Lon- to swell Hitler's treasury . . . Bttt don... Hess keeps his treasure chest don't buy any of thmn . . . For, as in Riga . . . And the sinister yon Pa- you would expect, Weill doesn't get l)er believes that his fortune is safe- any royalties on these sales . . . The est. in the Bank of France, in Paris .. best comment on Lindbergh's in- tention to live in Germany was made by Wolcott Gibbs, who wrote: "If he wants to experiinent further with Find True ho artificial heart, his surroundings in Naziland shouhl be ideal." Hollywood, his movie of "Pyg- malion" in theean. Ills loyal friend Way Of Life ABOUT PEOPLE Geza IIcrczog arranges a private screening for Frank Orsatti, im- Mischa Elman, the famed violin port'tnt Hollywood agent. By MAX F. BAER virtuoso, is goinR to make the front Sold instantly on the screenology, Eddie Cantor tells of his father's pages with an important aimounce- ment before long.. Baroness Eugene Orsatti interested Lmfis B. Mayer, early insistence that he make his de Rothschild, Anmrican-born wife Metro boss. With Mayer highly en- future iu the haberdashery lntsiness, of the Viennese I)aron, is making a thusiastic, Pasta wins a contract to What a loss it would have been to the hit in Aryan social circles in New produce four pictures for the Culver entertainment world if Eddie had York... She's basking in the reflect- City cinema mill. conformed to the paternal injunction ed glory of royalty, her castle near This story ends on a rather sad instead of following his natural in- note, however, clinations. Viemm having been the one occupied by the Duke of Windsor right after Y oumight think that the penniless We may not all agree as to the his adbicatiou from the British Itungarian who achieved wealth and place of entertaimnent in the life of throne .... Shalom Asch, we hear, fame, who is now in New York for the man, but think of the many other is again most disappointed because premier of his own production ef fields of human endeavor that have he didn't get the Nobel Prize . . . "Pygmalion," would be able to speud been immeasurably enriched because Ito ought to be told that it's futile some of the change he picked up. men of genius have "found them- to try for it, for it comes to the lau- But no-- selves" in their work. reate as unext)ectedly as a sweep- His four friends, worried lest Pas- What if the late Justice Cardozo stakes prize to the lucky winner . . . cal find himself broke again some- had decided to become an account- Orchids to ])avid Sarnoff for his time, descended upon him in full ant rather than a lawyer, if Albert swell help in the building of the Pal- force, prevailed upon him to approve Einstein had entered the clothing estine Pavilion at the World's Fair. a tight little financial arrangement busiuess rather than the field of Ditto to Thorothy Thompson for whereby the bulk of his salary goes physics, if Lillian Wald had trained her courageous appeal in belmld directly to his banker, herself to become a librarian instead of IIerschel Grynszpan . . .Congra- So if Pascal looks at the balance in of a social worker, tulations to Maurieo Levin, coura- his bankbook these days, the only geous philanthropist and leader, thrill he can get from the inspection Who knows but that there are whose son is engaged to marry Bar- is the knowledge that as soon as the young people among us today who bat' Bh)om, gifted pianist... Which figure passes the $100,000 mark, he'll are endowed with the potentialities remiuds us that Frank Glazer, young be able to spend his money as he sees of becoming as eminent jurists as was piano virtuoso, was the only import- fit--but not before then. Cardozo, as creative scientists as ant concert artist who vohmteered Hm. Some friends. Einstein, as accomplished social his services to the Night of Stars, workers as Wald. Society, unfortu- which netted ovcr 100,000 for the nately, is destined to be deprived of United Palestine. Al)peal . . . One of Scholar Refuses much of this genius. For latent the best bridge players in Palestine Italian Honor talents often remain undiscovered, is Vera Weizmann, wife of Chaim... Until such time as educational, in- Reuben Fine, who fiuished first in the LONDON (W N S) -- Dr. Cecil dustrial and social agencies recognize intern.d;ion.d master's chess tour- Re)h, president of the Jewish the indispens:dfility of adequate re- nament at Amsterdam, is married to Historical Society of England and cati(mal guidance, we shall continue the daughter of a Belgiau Jewish a leading Italian scholar, this to I)'W heavy 1)enalties. If we no diamond dealer, whose greatest am- week informed the RoyalHistovic- longer desire to suffer irreparabh; bition is is to see Reul)en become al Society of Venice and the Ac- h)sses in genius that is not found .unl the otlicial ,:]tess (.hampion of the ademia Colombaria of Florence (liscovered, in industrial and fami!y worhl. that he is resigning his honorary frictiou resulting from vocational and corresponding memberships maladjustment and in au aggrava- in those societies because of It- lion of the bane of criminality, we O D I N aly's anti-Semitic policy, will marshaU our resources and exert T H O R S T E N S O N The memberships wore accor- our efforts towartls a solution of the PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS ded Dr. Roth in recognition of his llnderlying problem. MEDICINES, SICK-ROOM SUPPLIES historical studies, including "A History of the Jews in Venice" (Col)yright , 193S). 514 OHve Way SE2722 Seattle and "The Last Florentine Re- public." 40C, 85C, 1.10 (Tax Ind,,ded) II BONNEY-WATSON NEW PRICE POLICY 1 COMPkNY In 711 when Guadalaja]':t in Cas- PAUL B O E S C H FUNERAL DIRECTORS tille was taken by the Moors, the presents large Jewish l)Ol)ulation garrisoned W R ES T L I N G EAsT 0013 the city. Civic Aud.--Each Friday Nite 1702 BROADWAY SEAqI'LE ;EDFUEDAND-STOVE OIL