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December 9, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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December 9, 1938

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PAGE SIX THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE Will Chamberlain Sacrifice The Holy Land On The Altar Of Politics (Cont. from page I) whole thing is but a newspaper arti- of the Jews as a solution of the Jew- vious and more famous article sug- gesting the dismemberment of Cze- choslovakia) came the concrete pro- posal of how to meet the &apos;just' de- mands of the Arab terrorists. These were put forward by the For- eign Minister of lraq, Seyyid Taufiq es Suwaidi. This gentleman's proposals are very simple, as simple as Hitler's proposals at Godesberg: An Arab state is to be established in Pales- tine; a constituent assembly is to be established; the Arab and the Jew- ish communities are to be granted autonomy subject to regulations by the assembly. But most important of all, No further Jewish immigration into Palestine should be permitted. Only this! With the Jewish situation in Ger- many and Austria I)eing what it is, with the new calamitous situation in Czecho-slovakia, where at least 200,0(0) more Jews have been reduced to the l)osition of refugees who will be fereed to seek places of immigra- tion; with the intensifieatinn of anti- Semitism in ])oland, Hungary, italy and in all other countries in Central Eastern and South-l!'mstcrn ]m'ope which have now crone under the aegis of Nazism; with all these nfillions ef ohl "tnd new .Jewish refugees uproot- ed from their h,)nms and forced to look for some l)lace of refuge, the doors of Palesline, too, are to be lightly closed. This is the solution of The Times as put forward throngh the mouth of the h'ak Foreign Min- ister. Now it; may be protested lhat lhe At Your Service -k Twenty-four Hours a Day MAIn 6500 YELLOW CAB COMPANY That Friendly Blend l TOWN t HALL I Extra Value! Popular Prlcei 25% straight, 2]-year - old Whiskey - 75% neutral grain splritsi Pints 75e Quarts $1.40 OLD MONASTERY CO. Seattle clc and a scheme of a tenth-rate l)oli- tician; that the British government as such wouhl never consent to deal so treacherous a blow to a l)cople whom is has pul)licly promised a place of refuge in the form of a home, I)ar- ticularly at a time of tragedy such as has now befallen the Jews. Until so short a time as a fortnight ago the writer of these lines wouhl himself have been among those who would raise such a protest, I)eing firmly convinced that no govern- ment in England, no matter how Conservative and even reactionary, would dare so cruelly and shamefully to deceive a people in direst need. Before Godesberg and Munich, I, too, was one of those who had too much faith in the kindliness and hu- manitarianism of the English govern- ment to believe such a thing possi- ble. But since then the dismeml)ermcnt of Czechoslovakia has occurred. The spirit of Nazi Germany rules now not only in the Third Reich, in Czecho- slovalda, Poland, thmgary and Italy, but also in l';ngland, at least among the ruling classes of England, and with that slJirit al)road everything is possible, even another betrayal of the weak and of the down-troddcn, such as the Times-Taufig proposal forecasts. For it must not be forgotten that The Times, now more than ever voices the views of the Chamberlain administration. lts pro-Nazi policy has been vin- dicated; its forecast of the dismem- Ierrncnt of Czechoslevalda c, ame rile. As for the lraq minister, his views would never re,ich The Times, or any other newsllal)er in Enghtnd if the British government did not wtmt it. Signs of this ldnd, coming as they (lo so soon before the rel)ort of the Woodhead C(mmdssion, wou](1 h've been mnin,)us :it any time, but they are a (lefinit(, (htnger sigwd at this nH)nlell|.. lror the spirit of G((lesberg is abroad, the, slfirit of brute, force of yiehling to threat, and of l)etrayal of the weak; the sl)irit which sacri- tices princil)[e to exl)edieney ' jus- tice, right, hunmnitarianism, even ordinary decency to the delnands of force and reaction. l,'ascism now rules l,]urol) e not only l,]ast ef the Rhine, but also West of it. After the destruction of a state so well estal)lished as Czechoslova- kia, what iv the wiping out of a mere little helle of a Jewish national Ih)me which has never 1)ten prol)e.r- ly estal)lished? With honor gone, what are 'l few more l)romises and declarations, t)ut a few more scraps of paper? With the spirit of Hitler hovering over ]!]urope what is more natural but that another 1)low t)e dealt to the Jews and another road cut off their escape? lIitler's "Mein Kampf" (which is now being prominently reprinted in a most widely-read London news- paper) proposes the extermination ish l)rol)lenL The "third Reich itself and till its satelite states faithfully follow this l)rogram. Will England follow suit? Hun- gary passed anti-Jewish laws to please Hitler; 1)oland has revived its i)ogroms for the same purpose; Mussolini has introduced racialism to find favor in the Fuehrer's eyes. Will Mr. Chamberlain now show his apprcciatiml of his new great friend in some such similar manner? Can this be the secret I)ehind the new contemplated Palestine settle- ment? One hates to believe this even of a reactionary government in England, but the signs of the times point dangerously in that direction. (Copyright, 1938.) Jews Serve College NEW YORK--Prof. Felix Frank- furter of the Harvard Law School is one of the 14 new members elected to the Board of Directors of the Am- erican Friends of the Hebrew Uni- versity at its annual meeting inNew York yesterday. Announcement of the elections was made by Dr. Z. S. W. Rosenbach, who was re-elected to the presidency of the organiza- tion, cst'd)lished in 1925 to aid the University of Jerusalem. The other new members are Rabbi Abba ]litM Silver, Cleveland; Dr. Julian Morgenstern, preside, nt of liebrew Uni(m College, Cincinnati; Mrs. Moses l'. El)stein, national 1)re- sident of lI.ulassah, New York; Rab- bi Solomon Goldnrin, Chicago; Dr. All)ert A. Epstein, l)hysieian, New York; Ral)t)i Norman Gerstenfehl, Wttshington, l). C.; l)r, ]lerman Schw'trz, l)hysician, New York; l)r. Ben M. Seleknmn, executive direc- t(,r, Ass(,ci:d.ed Jewish l'hihmthro- pies, Boston; Ju(lge Marcus C. Slosss, former associate justice, Sullreme Court of Californi:b S'm l!'rancisco; 1)r. Ferdinand Sonneborn, industrial chemist., New York; Rabbi Milton Steinl,erg, New Y,irk; Edgar B. SLerll, 1,'nlcer and col,ton lnercllant, New ()rleans; lIenry, mer- chant, l)etreit' Mrs. 1,'rieda Schiff Warburg, wife of the late Felix M. Varburg, who I)hy(d a le'uling role in tim foun(ling of the lh!l)rew lJniversity, was elec- ted honor.iry president of the, Amer- ican l,'riends, and Edward M. M. Warburg, sea ()f Mr. Warburg, was elected clrtirman of the executive committee. Dr. Nathan Ratnoff, medical direc- tor of Beth Israel Hospit:d, New York, associate cilairman of the exe- entire committee, and Arthur M. Lamport, I)roker, New York, vice I)resident, are other new officers. PAR1S (W. N. S.)--Japan will bar German Jews after the signature o r the German-Japanese cultural pact tiffs week, it was reported this week. Jewish 1)rofessors now teaching at Jap'mese universities will be retired when their contracts expire. KLOPFENSTEIN'S O buy with c nhdenee and give with pride For Streamlined Lounging , FLANNEL ROBES t $7.95 to 820 After all, the man who pays the bills deserves careful con- sideration. What better gift than one of these soft, warm, luxurious robes . . . plain colors or pattern. Or choose from a large selection of beautiful silks, as low as $15. All purchases wrapped in attractive gift boxes at no extra charge. KLOPFENSTEIN'S 1308 SECOND AVENUE 1310 Harrassed At Polish Border By Enemies WARSAW (W.N.S.)--Thc plight of thousands of bewildered Polish Jews stranded at the I)order of Zbas- zyn continues its they enter the se- cond month of their miserable exist- ence unable to return to Germany and unaccepted for entrance into Poland. Since the rounding Ul) of of 14,000 Polish Jews by the Nazi government over a month ago, these people have been awaiting negotia- tions between Pohmd and Germany. It is expected that eventually the Polish government will admit the 5,000 now stranded at Zbaszyn into the interior of Poland on a temporary basis. In the meantime they are be- ing clothed, fed and sheltered--some in llarracks, stal)les, al)andoned fac- tories-by the .Jewish relief com- mittee here. The Worhl Society of Polish Jews have already sent 25< 000 to aid homeless Polish Jews thrown out of Nazi Germany and who wander about the Polish-German bm'der. College Against Hitler Award NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--A peti- tion sut)mittcd this week by the Am- erican Student Union to four univer- sity professors awarded the merit cross by Adolf Hitler asked that the Americans reject the award. The letter was sent l)y the National Sec- ret'try of the American Students Union, Joseph P. Lash, wire maid, "The accel)t'mce of such an award would bc to sanction an(1 lend ap- l)roval to the dcl)asement of German science an(1 culture un(ler the l)rc- sent regime. To reject such an award wouhl 1)e to admit oneself into the coral)any ef l,h(, genuine rel)resenta- lives of the Germ:m people and Gin'- man culture--Thonms Mann, All,ert Einstein, l:[erman Wey], ()tt{, Neu- rath, Rudolph Carnap and others. Judge Favors Jew In Deportation CHICAGO (W. N. S.)--Solomon Weinl)erg, 31-year-eld ]mtive of Czechoslov'dda, in the [Inited States illeg'tlly, this week was saved from del)ortation when Federal Judge l'hili 1) L. Sullivan granted him a writ of h.d,eas C,WlmS and freed him from cusl.,My. To deliort a Jew to Central l,]uropc aL the present time, the judge said, "would be cruel ,'rod tmusu'd l)unishment." Mr. Wein- berg was I)orn in a part of Austri't- lIungary that later became Czecho- slovakia, lie entered this country in August, 1927, while emph)yed on the liner Berlin. After missing the ship tie rein'tined here, and was ar- rested by immigration authorities htst June. Heavy Demand For Visas BERLIN (W. N. S.)--160,000 Ger- mans have already registered at the American Consulate here for visas to the lJnited States. At the rate of nearly 500 a day they come pour- ing in to Berlin alone, bringing the total registration here to 60,000. Since the American annual quota for Germany is 27,370, even after elimi- nating from the 160 those whose ap- plications do not meet the strict qualifications of the. United States immigration law, all those registered now cannot hope to emigrate before a minimum wait of three years. In addition to handling the pro- blems of those who throng the offices of the consulates, thous'mds of let- ters and telegrams desiring infm'ma- lion and '.rid must be answered. Mimeographed form circulars have been devised so that replies to writ- ten inquiries nmy be sent out to speed up the handling of actual visas. Free Courses In Citizenship Foreign-born persons are offered the opportunity to study for citizen- ship through the Americanization group of adult education classes. The course consists of twenty-one lessons which include Beginners English, Adwmeed English and Na- turalization. Free instruction and textbooks are made possible to adults 16 years of age or over by the Seattle Public Schools, assisted by the WorksPro- gress Administration. Further information concerning activities may be obtained by call- ing or writing the Adult Education Department, 810 Dexter Avenue, Alder 0900, Local 70. The Latin word in turn (.crees from the Hebrew "parat" (akin to "parad") which denotes the act of brcaMng up, separating, dividing; hence a political group divided from the others in policy and in outlook. Anthony Eden Here On A Lecture Tour Mr. Anthony Eden is about to land on American soil for the purl)ose. of delivering a series of public ad- dresses, it is not likely that he will utter any words that would tend to reflect upon the foreign policy of the Chamberlain regime. In the opinion of many thoughtful persons here. and al)road the view is hehl that if Eden had been in the saddle when the great emergency arose, there wouhl have been no surrender to the Hitler program of force. The Jewish Transcript prints in another cohHnn, a story by our win ued special correspondent William Zukerman. Its title is, "Is Pales- tine to I)e another Czccho-Sh)vakia?" In this he points to the l)ossibi- lily that the Chanfl)erlain govern- Merchants Favor Boycott The Independent Merchants' As- sociation of Montana Saturday de- cl're(l a general hoycott of German- produced goods, in a statement is- sued by B. R. Albin of Billings, pre- sident of the association. Mr. Albin's statement asked co- operation of the "peopla of the Uni- ted States" and urged complete iso- lation of Germany. The majority of the state merchants are members of the asseeiation. He said that German "barbarism" should not be tolerated any longer hy civilization and th't the mer- chants of Montana are of the opin- ion that any nation that indulges in such "barbarous proce(lure should be socialIy, economically and com- mercbdly ostracized. "Therefore we shall refrain from purchasing nmrchan(lise of any and :ill lin(ls manufact,m'e(l in and under the German regime and ]dn(lly :tsk the i)eolfle of the Unite([ 1,,) join with us in a general lloyeott of all merch'mdise pro(hnmd in Ger- many and its affiliated territories," his statement s'dd. Celebration O! Anniversary NEW YORK (W.N.S.)--The 2851h anniversary of the Spanish and Por- tllgUese Congregation was celebrat- ed here this week at the Waldorf- Astoria. Among those present were ])r. Alhert Einstein, Gov. Lehman, Mayor LaGuardia, Captain N. Tay- h)r Phillips, president of the congre- gation, of which the Rev. ])r. l)avid De Sola Pool is r'fl)bi. ment amy l)e led to alrtndon il policy of l)rotection to the ,Jew s the lIo]y Land. The Tr'mscript indulges in t tremhling hope that no such see0n internatiomd crime will be comri ted, not only for the sake of Je I)ut for the sake of England. Whi] Britain obstructed war with its c0sl ly aftermath, there was a loss of pro tige to her and an enhancemcn tt the power of Germany. If England yiehls .tgain for son, and al)andons the taken, it will be final notice to world, that she no hmger is controlling nations of the She will become a small and her ships will gradually be from the Seven Seas. Mr. Chaml)erlain ought to see even from It eonlmerclal |)OlIIt view she must nmintain her orig D position on the Palestine Je 1 question. In st)ite of the very interesti presentation of fa(;ts 1)y Mr. Zuke man on this question, we shall 1, dulge in the hope, that Mr. Ch berlain will not suffer lhe "tng er the Jews of his own country as .e as Jewry throughout the world. Veterans Launch Patriotic Drive NEW YORK (W.N.S.)--Spcki to 300 persons at a "Thanl G0dll America" meeting hehl under ausl)ices of the Jewish War Ve, ter at Mount Neboh Temple here, t P. Mowtha.n, cll'tirman of the All  canism Cmnnfittee of the 1)isab The word "nation" is derived from the Latin "natio" which denotes the begimfing of growth, inception, birth, hence an aggregate of persons of kindred birth. Since 1885 SEATTLE TRANSFER COMPANY Pool Car Distr&taion. Packin# and 8hipping. Osnal Haulir. 24 W. Conn. St. MAin 2428 00aski00 tor 0 ((!on(,. tr lha( 1H)th 0mplish((I t: "Will ['remi ice Pah,st in(! Jews?" tcI :lln not I l'c ix on lhe liberal o i)ur I int (q'ess il |)roves always wt th:lt 1.11, to estal Jews: quiet t will be ir dil)h)m ]lOW 1 status wi [tl|ge(I. ' ' lIW]lal, is tl lbor on Jewisl "Ullal ter'd)le know of no la I luiiverse t t0rollgh (letes talim al rocit: tril)uting ir t(i the (-tus, lilt (!. ' ' "Shnuhl ,h,u lilt?" "I know of ] ght, fight, figl ithin reaeh. rve men in I I)eace as CO "While I am % pcrsecuti, I-t I qm ast( rld synipath' War Veterans ef America, St 01ish Jews. I' "There is such .t thing as rev0C ecently visi citizenshil)," and urged that cereaL3,50(),000 i)ersons "Ira l)Ul on prol)a(ion t0' , tT if they heh'we like An,eric,ms. J:)uncil AI Mon'drul,. ....... lt'ls b,,n 'wlive it .tlcilal BI'IZ In'osec.t]o, of tl,e G,.',na,,-A,r,c'!]}: w YORK Bu (, wh('l 's 1)eel 'w' sel'.i. ' , ........ i ftlltlllal ounc subversive and un-An (ri(.  ac, % w ts from( t: 3' in the United SIMas. 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