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December 9, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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December 9, 1938

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9, 1938 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE ORGANIZAT] ()NS Zadik Aleph Calendar Mrs. Rose Elkan, Pr. 2121, Ea. 2813 Dec. 12--l&apos;;(hu.ational Center Bo:u'd Meeting, 10:15 a. m. Dec. 12--:l'ahnud Torah Auxili'u'y, 2 1 ). m. Dec. 12---Avis Shulnrul Study Group !l'e.t at 1). A. R. lhmse benefit .low- ish National l"und, 3 to 5 1/. m. Dec. 13--F, dueational Center, 10:15 a. hi. Dec. 13--Pioneer Workers of PMcs- tine, 2 1/. m. Dec. 14---L.Mics' Auxiliary to J. C. R.S., 2p.m. Dec. 14--Jewisti Welfare So(;iel.y Board Meeting, 10:30 11. m. Dec. 14--l,]mnm Lazarus (B'nni B'rith) Auxiliary's Donor's Lun- cheon Itt l:re(lerick & Nelson's Tea l{oom, 12:30 1). m. Dec. 14- ,hmior lladassah, S p. m. Dee. 14-Septrtrdic Sewing Groul). Dec. 14--Workmcn's Circle Liulies' Branch, 8:30 1). m. Dec. 15--Workmcn's Circle I,:ulies' lraneh E.eeutive Bolu'd Meeting, 8:30 I). m. Dec. 19 Seattle Challter lladassah, Teml)le Center, 2 p. m. Sons Of Israel The F. O. S. I. had their annual ele(;tion of officers and the. folh)wing were selccl,ed to le.ul them for the ensuing year: Morris Sidell, presi- dent; Ralph llerzman, vice I)resi- dent; llarry Rusack, treasurer; Mor- ris Kuttoff, secretary; lhu'ry [lollish- ar, (dmphdn; Jaines lhmderson, in- ner guard; llarry Morris, conduc- tor; and for l.he one, year trustee, S. Gohlberg. Showing it fe, w new munes anti faces those ejected :dl cxp,'cssed themselve, s for a better and I)igger h)dge. The meml)ershil) drive in also show- ing results. Four new brotlmrs were initiated, M. Stainlager, W. Katz, A. liorenstein, and J. Kreimsky. A brisk (lemand for l, ickets for our New Year's l,'ve dinner and dance to be hehl at, l.he, Talmud Torah is manifested by the fact that tickets are, going f'tst, and we ag.tin want to iml)ress that only a limited sup- ply will 1)e soht, so make your reser- vations by calling Morris Sidell a( Pros. 3772, or ] Ierman Mosler at Pros. 2752. Histadruth Mrs. A. Nelson, (Shall'man of the Chanuk:lh hmehemL being give, n I)y the ltistadruth on Tuesday at 1 p. m. ill the vestry of the Bikur Cho- lure Synagogue, announced today that l)lans for this gala affai,' "tre all coml)leted. A very entertaining l)rograllt lilts been arranged by Mrs. I1. Mesher, CO-(Jllti,'ln,tIL Eleel.ion of offieers will be held after the luncheon and Mrs. Nelson will give a report h)r the year. All members and their friends are urged to attend. BAR USE OF RADIO FOR PERSECUTION WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, Va. (W.N.S.)--"Should there ever be an attempt here by any one so to debase radio as to use it as an instrument of racial or reli- gious persecution, the Federal Communications Commission would employ every resource it has to prevent any such shocking offense" and "President Roose- velt would, of course support us to the limit in such a stand," Frank R. McNinch, chairman of the commission, declared this week in a speech before the Na- tional Association of Broadcas- ter's convention. "Presideut" is mentioned in tile lHble Daniel 6:3, English transla- tion). By Max Katz Chal)ter hns turned its to the RegionM Conclave hel(l montli anti is ah'e'tdy mak- Plans f(ir the Annual Convention be ]mhl in Los Angeles later this h'win Cal)lan and h'win are eagerly eyeiug the, l)ebal.e The e(/ast ehanll)ionshill ad is eonlidently awaiting meet- the highly toul.ed southern ag- and are expecting to keep in the h)cal ehal)ter. of delegates are to 1)e SOon to choose Seattle's repre- in the I)usincss meetings south. to make the tri l) are Merle l)ave Allrams, l]ugen(; A'tron, Friednutn, h'win ]breh, Ju- L Iereh. new Alel)h S'gan the Nor(.hwest region is not AI an 1)u( Milt lhtsson of 1)ortlan(l. ion memories--Waiti,g the l'o,'thtnd train at six in the @ng ,tnd cursing seine one who them meet an earlier tr',in--- tie Cohn loaded down with tro- l)8 (olni,lg ho,ne frolll the COl,Ve,i- bltn(luet . . . Mrs. Tillie A(lel- of Oaldan(I strengtlmning :hdm (o "Mother of A. Z. A." . . . Chal)ter unanimously (le- h'win (>ll)htn (o be. the"most Alel)h of the. Northwest" . . Jerry Leshgohl losing his 't l)orthtn(l charmer.., llan- Perkel of l'()rtlan(l, hmving n  l)roken hearts behind . . . to Mrs. Sam August and Alice, for opening their to early .m'iving Alcl)hs for a party .... I'tek Davis of Van- with his sunny smile winning of friends... Martin Berger, chairnuul in charge of could not stan(l the str'tin Was force(I to bed with a 104 who will bid 105 . . 1)orthmd's tcam will I)c the team in tim next convention . . . up from 1)ortland to root for ehal)ter was Miss Fern Rosen- hostess of the l)orlJan(l .... foe Rubens of Sl)okane insl)irational leade," . . . The banquet, 'i scene hmg to lie re- with the fiery 1)ortlaud led by Aleph S'gan Harry mstein, r.fising the roof . . . IIer- l(leiner nf T.eoina, althn in the less than a year 1)roves to be lcader . . . Tacoma's delc- tile newest chal)ter in tile giving a good account of them- in all events . Irv Sternoff rising all with his singing at the banquet . . . Dorothy Lemberg Drove to l)e a l)o])ular queen . . . Chal)ter getting region'd for next March and I)ro- to overshll(low OU,' C onve,,I- A. Z. A. Mothers' Club e A. Z. A. Mothers' Club is l,heir first meeting .filer the week-cnd ()f the Northwest in which they l)layed so a l)art. The meeting will at Mrs. Phil Adler's home, 2gth Ave., ne.xt Tuesday at 1.00 This nleeting tile third of the Will I)e a dessert hmcheon. s. Lou Cohn will give a resume convention 'rod the Mothers' l)art in it. Plans will I)e m:tde year's I)rograms anti will eh)ser eool)er'ttion with tile club. T.woma, Sl)okane an([ a,'e ]laving unliSllal sue- in fornfing' chtbs in respective cities. Mothers' Club is starting 'tn membership drive, to in- every mother of an A. Z. A. Every mother who has lrt the order is urged to attend tile organizatrion. Icor News By Louis Bernstein Rel)ort on the Sl)anish v%r fibns was ina(le to the executive conunit- tee on Monday by l,lm committee in (Jutrge :tn(l We It,'o ll()w rea(ly to swing into action in lml)Hcizing the exclusive showing of this fihn l)y the h:or in Seattle. The, name of tile film is "l{etm'n To Life," a sound moving l)icture llroducti(m on the w'u' in S1)ain. This reel has never before I/een shown ill Seattle and is eon- sidcre, d by critics to I)e the best of its ldnd of all the l)ictures ever taken of action in la)yMist Spain. it dc'tls with the al.roeities perpetrated lly the fascists on the poor civi]i'm l)op- uhttion. It sln)ws also where tlm m(mey anti SUl)l)lies go, and how terril)le, is the need of the Sl)anish l)Ol)uhttion for ,'resistance and the al)l)l'e(iation that they feel to (he democratic l)eOl)le of this country for the help that has t)een re, ndered tlmm in medi('al assistance. All in all it is tile most effective and stirring pro- duetion ever shown on Sl)'fin. The fihn will be shown (m the even- ing of the 22nd of l)eeenJ)er. I'lace of showillg will be a,lllOlllleCd Soo,l. A(monll)allying the nlovie, l/rese,,t- ration will l)c gllOSt sl)eid(ers) two of the WOUlule(l vohmteers from Settl.tle, wit() have rctm'ned from tile S1)anish War. This 'td(lition should ee, rtldnly make the 1)rogram a first han(I informative source of the Sl)anish War front. The Jewish I)Col)le in inu'tieul'tr will we fe:J sure, I)e alipreciative of the efl'orts of the leer in getting this fihn in Seattle, sin('e the realiz.ttion must sure, ly I)e with us now th'tt the (H)InlnOll ellelny in Germany and ill Spain is the fascist mons(er. Ore' fight to drive ltitler's trool)s out of the war ravaged aud I)erseeuted Sl)ain by assisting the Loyalist gnvcrn- ment will l)e one w'ty of crushing l[it]er an(l stOl)lling the llcrsecution of the Jews. ]t's one and the sltme thing, and .tll Jewry must see this. The Jewish l)robhm is a fight against fas(,isnl all over the worhl and by this .q)l)roaeh is tlm solution to the Jewish l)robleln to 1)e solved. I)rocceds from this fihn will go to our l)ledge to hell) the returned Am- erican sohliers. Our next meeting will takc phtce on Tuesd'w, 1)ce. 13 at 810 24th St. the home of L. ]Sernstein. This meeting will have for its lmrl)ose the inaugur'ttion of the (Mve to pul)li- cize our fihn. A htrgc meeting is expected. Mr. Jim Corbin, one of the buys from SImin will llc I)resent to the meml)ers .rod give the sen(1-/ff. Everyone is invited. Refreshme.nts will be served. rm 825 THIRD AVE, MEN'S CLUB Temple de Hirsch presents Lecture Serios at Temple Center Dr. A. L. Sachar, Clfieago National Director B. B, Hillel Foundations Tuesday, Dec. 13, 193S, 8:30 P. M. Louis K. Anspacher, New York I)ramatist--Poet --Philosopher--Authr Sunday, February 5, 1939, 8:30 P. M. Marvin Lowenthal, New York Author--Editor--Foreign Correspondent World Traveler Thursday, March 30, 1939, 8:30 P. M. ADMISSION Entire Series .......... $1.75 plus tax Single tickets ........... 75 plus tax Students ............... 50 plus tax Tickets on Sale at Temple Center or Sherman & Clay DRY CLERnlnG that returns .. your garments [&a  thoroughly dirt t1 / free)absolutely |J i odorless and |  pressed to fit   perfectly. Th ' zo00,c /' .-] as operated by us, ts more than an :I ordlna c.leanlng process. It leave. "['i'."Yl no oil firm to catch more mr -::.-.,.'1 hence clothes cleaned this way 1 ,tat clean longer. ^rid, sldes '.'i.,#J cleantng thoroughly, we take care .:'] of such detatls as butt .... buckles ,.d ml ..... pat.. i i.. s "r Call SEneca 0711 Herzl Junior Guild By Jack Neff Climnxing a fierce (mml)aign, (lur- inT, which no s(.one wns ]efl unturned in the qu('st for vot(,s, Solie Ringohl, l)rilliant young atl, or,H:y and sue- eessful I)roducer of inter-faith (.on- ferenees, (lefeated l,y(lilt l'e:u'l, 1o I)eeome the sixtli President of lh, rzl Junior Guihl. lle sue(:eeds the or- ganization's gre'ttest hinder to date, George S. Silver, who has stel)l)e(l down from (he, eh.dr to asstlnle his l)osition Its Region'd President of (.lm Young l)coliles League. Mr. Ringoht will carry (m (lm purp(ises and 'dins origin't(ed by his prede- cessor, which have made (.lie Guihl the, city's htrgest Jewish young men Itn(1 volnen's gro,ll). Other officers eleete(l or re-elccted are: Lydia Pearl. firs( vice l)resi(hmt; 7;>:::% >: :i':" " SOLIE RINGOLD . . he was elected l II.trry I)ruzan, seco,d vice l)resident; h'vin Pruzan, treasllrer, I,ily Gold- llerg, eorresllonding secretary; Ma- rion Margolis, recording secretary; Morris Elkans, sergea,lt at a,'lns, and Dorothy Margolis, Max Gure- vich, Michael Green, Robert S. Sil- vm', an(l Betty Aronin, as members of the l)oard of dire(:tors. Aft(:,' presenting George Silver with 'm electric razor, the organiza- tion rose as if one, and (;heered their gratitude into a delinite voice of confidence and esteenl for the fine work hc did in the p'tst yea,', which has been tim Guihl's greatest. Congratulated at the meeting were Jack Steinberg and l,'rieda R'tsh- I)aum, the club's httest betrothed. The next book review will be de- livered by AI)e Greenl)erg, I)ee. 15, at Fay Stones home, 2015 Washing- ton. The I)ook will I)e., "Mort'd Storm," by l"hyllis 13ottomc and should Im very interesting. Thoughts while selling linolemn-- Wonder if there is anything to the talk al)nut Lydia Pearl, Max Gure- vich romanee? That wouhl leave Michael Green in a cold corner! . . . Wonder how I(latzker and Mary Brown are getting along? And AI Miller anti Betty Aronin--thcy've got that look ill their eye. So has Bess I(osher. Sister Rosalie lms nothing but icy ghn'es f()r friend Silver--t(io liad. Tacoma A. Z. A. By Gerald Meier The ehapter was well rel)resented at the recent Nort]mrn Region Con- venti(m when 14 Alel)hs made the tril) to Seattle. A (lebate team, an orator, and a b,lsketball tmun were the effieial rel)resentatives. Also m.tking the trip was the new A. Z. A. Sweetheart, llmna Novikoff. The religious committee hehl a meeting this week anti it was dccide, d to form a choir, and to p,trticil)ate in immediate Friday evening services. The social committee has an- nounced the 1)iggcst social event so far of the h)cal chapter, will I)e hehl Saturday, January 21. At this time a eoronati(m lnotif will Im carried out and the new officers aml A. Z. A. Sweetheart: will 1)e installed. Many out-of-town Alel)hs, cspecially frmn Seattle, are 1)htnning to attend, and a well-known orchestra is I)eing ob- tained. The official chapter delegate to the District Convention to I)e held in Lns Angeles, Dec. 27, 28 and 29, is Gerahl Meier. The /)asketball team has entered the h)cal Church League and has 1)laycd two gaines to data, wimfing both of thein. Thanksgiving baskets were g;ven to the needy by the ehal)ter, and a similar l)rojeet will be undertaken for Chanukah. Watch for: A. Z. A. Coronation Ball... Next basketball game, Tues- day.. Next meeting.. An open meeting... Presentati(m of official charter in middle of December... Forming of an A. Z. A. Choir.. First A. Z. A. Sabbath... Scout work by local chapter... Forming of a Moth- er's Chd). :[,;.  . . .,ft.  .... " PAGE FIVE Sophomore Ha0000issati ......... Junior Sephardic By Bette Young Leaquo Sophonmre lla(htsslth meml)ers and their (ht(.es will sl)end Saturday ,light l)ecember 17, from 9:30 on (huming to the music of Al Sidelsky's orches- tra. This will be the night, of Sopho- more lladassah's most outstanding (went of the year, (,he (]h.muk'th Toh), to take l)lace at; the Ghmdale Golf and C, ountry Club. All toh) going members are ag'tin reniin(led of the sl)eeial mecting to 1)e hehl on Sund'ty, l)e.ceml/er 11, at the home of Sem.t Pass. Dues must be payed 't this meeting or prior (lirectly to tre.tsurer, Sema Pass. 1)on't forget.--All l)aid Ul / Junior lI.tdassah meml)ers may attend the T(ihl---The blind (l.te committee is still on the job. 13lind dates may be obtained at the sl)ecial meeting. Workmen's Circle Women's Branch By Mrs. R. Caplan ]h)th 1)ranches [)f tlw, Worknmn's Circh will have "t ll:t,'l:y on l)ec. 17 in celebration of Chanul{ah, at W()rk- men's Circle lIal[, 8 p. m. Reh'esh- ments will 1)e served and car<Is will 1)e I)laye(l. A good time will be had liy MI, so friends and meml)ers, l)lease try to l)e there. Iunior Hadassah By Margy Pass Menll) of Junior I Iadassah are reminded to I)ring their l)arents to the ol)en meeting to I)c held at Teml/lc Center, next wednesday evening. Mr. l'. Alh!n Riekles wll be the featured slleaker at this nmeting. All meml)ers of Sol)homore .tnd Se- ni(w lhMassah are also invited. Through the assistance of Mr. R'dl)h Gohlberg of "Weisfiehl and Gohlberg, Jmfior lfadassah has ob- t:dned a 32 piece sot of dishes to bc raffled dm'ing the next two in(mths. The ehancc's sold will 1)e use, d for the fullilllnent of our Youth Aleyah fund. Alsn the gMs have a chance to raise their donor's quota by means of this raffle. (](nne, to the. meeting Wed- nesday, get your book of tickets and using the Kay l(eyser vernacular, "Y'es G,)V' Slips that come to pass--Jerry Lestigohl wishes t]mt the inaihnan eouhl come quicker with those let- ters h'om Porthtnd. . . It seems Eve, lyn only writes two sl)e.cial de- live.ries a day... Fre(la Rashl)un sure l)ut one over 011 tlS . . . Collgrat8 . . . By Victor Scharhon ChMrman AI Altal"ts rel)orls t]utt the I)rogr:ml for (.he ,hmior Sel)har- (lic League's annual l,'ather and Son Banquet has been conu) George N. Porter, Garfiehl lIigh School prineipltl will be tbc main spe'tker of the evening. Mr. Slun Barueh, well-known Sephardic lead- er, will sl/eak on behalf of (.lie fathers. Gabriel Bensussen, hardworking Ju- nior Sel)h'trdic League lnember, will represent the sons. A large, variety of entert'dnment will round out tim evening's l)rogram. All those plan- ning to attend are urged (t() make their rese, rvations :ts soon Its [)ossi- I)le. The Nmninating Comnfittee was ehwted at the last regular meeting hehl at tile l!]znt Bessar(/th Vestry. The purl)osc of the committee, which consists of Annie Alhndeff, Al Cor- dova, Sally Nahnfias, Dixie Alha- dell, Max Israel, Rall)h Funis and I)uke France, is to nomimttc mem- l)ers worthy of the various offices. l,]h;etion of otticers will lie hehl in the lleltr f ut;llr(,L Emma Lazarus Auxiliary By Mrs. Florence Myers A grant1 surl)rise was in store for all nmml)ers that attended the semi- monthly meeting, hehl Wcdnesday, l)eecml)cr 7, when Grand President Mrs. Bessie Copehmd, a(hlressed the meeting, l[er sl)ee(:h, esliecially stressed the urge for all meml)ers to attend the (hmor's hmchcon, itnd the ,lee(t for inoney to carry on the ue- tivities of the grand h)dge. Members, the d(nmr's hmeheon is near, Wcdnes(lay afterno(m, 1)e(:em- I)er 14, at Frederick anti Nelson's tea room, with P. 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