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December 4, 1961     The Jewish Transcript
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December 4, 1961

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Oils LEONARD COTES--FRANK MARIER LA. 3-4500 e.,HIEF PARTS REPAIRIIkS RES AND 4 THE IRANSCkiPr Monday, December 4, 196i Between You and Me By BORIS SMOLAR (Copyright, 1961, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) THE AMERICAN SCENE: American Jewish organi- zations interested in protecting civil rights are now watch- lug very closely the unprecedented growth of extreme right wing organizations in this country . . . Within the last 18 months the number of such organizations has mushroomed from 18 to 95 . . . In the first six months of 1961, more extreme right-wing groups have emerged than in any other single year of the past two decades . . Not all of them are anti-Semitic . . . Some of them go out of their way not to permit the injection of any anti- Jewish utterances in their propaganda and activities . . . Others are making it a point to declare that they are against religious prejudice . . . Only a very small number of the 95 organizations are outspokenly anti-Jewish . . . Most of the extreme right-wing groups concentrate their] activities basically on combatting Communism in this country... Some of them are simultaneously against the United Nations, against liberal policies of the Washington administration, against integration, against foreign aid, and against social welfare legislation . . . Leading among these organizations are the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade and the John Birch Society . . . The Christian Anti-Communism League, despite calling itself "Chris- tian" is definitely not anti-Jewish... It claims more than 70,000 followers and is conducting a very intensive cam- paign against Communism . . . It exists on donations and will probably go over the $1,000,000 mark this year . . . The John Birch Society, which has about 100,000 members, disclaims religious bigotry, and even claims to have Jews among its members . . . However, it is feared that the group's arch-conservative program makes it a target for infiltration by religious and racial hate-mongers . . . Especially, because the organization is run on the basis of "cells" consisting of no more than 20 members eachJ and members of one "cell" may not know who the mem- bers of other cells are... The John Birch Society, which is only three years old, is known to be growing and is said to have among its members very influential people • . It is led by Robert H. W. Welch, a 61-year-old retired candy manufacturer of Belmont, Mass., and is operating in 34 states . . . Jewish leaders foresee that the influence of extreme right-wing groups may increase ffs Khrushchev continues to antagonize Americans by his blunt anti- American tactics . . . At any rate, they believe that the surge of right-wing activity will not abate significantly in the next three or four years . . . The Jewish organiza- tions are determined to stand behind the liberal policies of the American Government which keeps an eye on the activities of the extreme right wing groups but does not undertake anything to check them . . . U. N. ACTION: The United Nations is now trying to establish what the value of the property of the Arab refugees from Palestine was in 1947, the year before Israel was established . . . Approximately 450,000 parcels of land are involved . . . The Arab states contend that the property left by the refugees in Israel, together with accumulated interest, would come to about $12,000,000,000"... This figure is regarded as "fantastic," because in 1951 the U. N. Palestine Conciliation Com- mission reported that the value of the Arab refugee property in Israel was estimated at a total of $300,000,000 • . . This estimate coincides with reports from other sources which assert that after making full allowance for all sales as well as for urban building plots, the total vMue of abandoned Arab property in Israel ior compen- sation purposes is probably below $280,000,000 . . . Land and buildings abandoned by the Arab refugees in Israel are now administered by a government office on the same basis an enemy alien property is administered in the United States . . . In Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv- Jaffa, refugee property is under the administration of the Development Authority, which is part of the Ministry of Finance... This office has administered 8,930 buildings in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, about 5,000 in Haifa and 1,740 in Jerusalem . . . The total amount of rent to be collected for the current year has officially been estimated at about $3,- 000,000... The full market value of these buildings would appear at the highest to be $60,000,000... Arab houses in other places administered by the Development Autho, r- ity are estimated to have a market value of $25,000,000 at the highest . . . As regards agricultural land and land suitable for cultivationthese reached in 1961 a little over 1,000,000 dunams, most of which is in the Negev and a part of which is leased to Arabs and to Negev Bedouins . . . The amount of rent to be collected for this year from all the million dunams will reach about $500,000 • . . In addition, about 2,770,000 dunams have been sold to the Jewish National Fund for a sum of about $55,000,000 gives an approximate picture of the total value of thThi;roperty which the Arab refugees left behind in Israel . . The U. N. Palestine Conciliation Commission, which i: :;.:pected to submit a report to the U N. General Assembly, has established that continuing progress is being 'made in the job of identifying and evaluating the proper- ties of Arab refugees for which compensation might be claimed . . . The Israel Government is willing to pay compensation to the Arab refugees under certain arrange- ments, but the Arab states, anxious to keep the refugee issue alive, are so far not permitting the refugees to accept any compensation... BETWEEN COVERS: Jews who are pessimistic about the future of Judaism in this country should take a lesson from American publishing firms . . . Not a week passes nowadays without a few Judaica books appearing on the American book market... Almost all of them are intended for the American Jewish reader who wants to know more on Judaism and subjects of interest to Jews ... Take, for instance, the books published this week . . . In One single week I received nine books of Jewish con- tent published by various publishers . . . Some of these books are very good, some of them not good and not bad, and some are of no importance . . . To the .last category belongs "The Jew in a Gentile World" published by Mac- millan ... It is an "anthology" of anti Semitic and philo- Semitic statements about Jews by non-Jewish writers. philosophers, church leaders and rulers, edited by Arnold A. Rogow . . . Who needs such a book? Why collect and perpetuate long forgotten anti-Semitic statements of cen- turies ago? . . . And what motivated the editor to presen statements made by some and not include statements made by others of the same period?... Why, for instance quote some U. S. Presidents on Jews and omit others? . . . Or why bring the views of Nikita Khrushchev on Jews and omit the views of Lenin or Karl Marx on Jews? . . . And who does not and would not know for many genera- tions to come Hitler's .views on Jews that they must be "immortalized" by Mr. Rogow in anthology? . . . Much more useful are two other books published this week by the same Macmillan firm ... They are "Common Sense About Religion" by John Hadham, and "Common Sense About Race" by Philip Mason . . . The first brings out the idea that in countries where Jews enjoy equal rights they have made great scientific, medical, educational and • political contributions to their lands . . . The second deals scientifically with the question whether there is such a thing as a "pure" race and presents very interesting wews on the Jews . . . The author also offers suggestions for easing racial tensions in the world of today . . . Amgng the other books which appeared this week is "The Rest EWISH MEALS By MILDKED GROSBERG BELLIN Author of "Modern Jewish Meals" and the "Jewish Cook Book" (Copyright, 1961, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.} i During these busy days, when : cup dairy sour cream friends drop in for an ira- 2 eggs, separated promptu visit, it is comforting % cup jam (about) to know that there is a batch or Vz cup finely ground blanched two of homemade cookies in the almonds freezer. Coo kies thaw so % teaspoon ground cinnamon quickly that within fifteen Sift together the flour and 2 minutes of the time they are tablespoons of the sugar. Cut in taken out, they are ready to the butter or margarine until serve, the mixture resembles meal. Most cookies adapt them- Add the sour cream and slightly selves to several weeks below beaten egg yolks• Mix to a zero with no loss of texture or smooth dough and chill for a flavor. As soon as they are i few hours. Roll out on a lightly baked and cooled, they can be! tucked away. Any metal or Ifloured board until a/4 inch thick• Fold into thirds, then in heavy cardboard box makes a half. Roll out and fold three suitable container. First line it more times, then wrap in waxed with foil or freezer paper. Ar- paper and chill for 2 hours. Roll range the cookies in layers with out into a rectangle 1/4 inch a sheet of the foil or freezer thick, and cut into 2-inch paper between each layer, and squares• Place Y4 teaspoon of over the top. Cover the box jam in the center of each and tightly and freeze at once. Cook- fold into triangles. Press the ies which have a soft topping edges firmly together. Brush such as 3am or butter frosting the tops with slightly beaten are better if frozen uncovered egg white• Combine the al- until firm. Arrange one layer monds, cinnamon, and remain- at the bottom of the container, ing sugar, and sprinkle evenly Freeze uncovered for an hour, over the tops. Bake on greased then put the sheet of foil or cookie tins at 400 ° F. until a paper over it, and arrange delicate brown, about 10 to 12 another layer of cookies. Freeze minutes• This makes about 100 again, and repeat until the box dainty cookies. is filled. Now cover tightly to FLORENTINE SANDWICHES store. This type cookie should also be removed from the con-  cup candied cherries tainer as soon as it is taken 3 cup slivered, blanched from the freezer and spread in almonds a single layer on platters to V4 cup soft butter or margarine thaw. Other cookies may be /n cup firmly packed dark thawed either in the box or on the serving plates. Many people ask if the ]n- eaten cookies can be re-frozen. Ideally the answer is "no," but practically cookies which have been out of the freezer for only a short time may be. The theory is that once the cookies (or • other foods, for that matter) have thawed, they immediately begin to lose some of their freshness and quality, and the ones returned are not so fine. But if the cookies are still very fresh, they may be frozen once more. Here are two dainty cookies which are rich enough for teas or the unexpected visitor. The light and flaky Kipfel are made from an old Jewish recipe. The brown sugar 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 4 tablespoons light cream 1 cup sifted cake flour 1/4 teaspoon salt Ye cup semi-sweet chocolate bits Chop the cherries rather fine. Grind a half cup of the al- monds, Cream the shortening and sugar until light. Blend in the honey, syrup, cream, cher- ries and both ground and sliv- ered almonds. Sift together the flour and salt, and add. Drop by level teaspoonsful on greased cookie tins, a little apart, and flatten slightly. Bake about 10 minutes at 350 ° F. until the bottoms of the cookies are lightly browned. Cool on racks Florentine sandwiches, which Melt the chocolate bits over ha are Viennese despite their Ira- not boiling water, and stir un- lian name, are firm and crunchy til smooth. Spread over the flat with almonds, candied fruit, side of half the cookies, and top and chocolate, with the remaining cookies, flat SOUR CREAM KIPFEL sides together. Chill until firm 4cups sifted all-purpose flour and store in tins, or freeze. This 4 tablespoons sugar makes about 30 sandwich cook- i cup firm butter or margarine ies. Our Israel Newsletter By JOSHUA JUSTMAN (Copyright, 1961, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) BEHIND THE STATEMENT Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion's statement in the Knesset on Israel's stand with regard to the isue of the Arab refugees may have surprised some with its sharp- ness and the unequivocal rejection of any notion about israel's duty to make any "gesture" and concessions except that of being ready to sit down and discuss the problem within the wider framework of an Arab Israel settlement. It did not surprise those here who watched closely the development in recent months around this sore subject. Several months ago, following his meeting with Presi- dent Kennedy in New York, Premier Ben-Gurion, in a statement to the press on the eve of his departure from the United States, emphasized the "large measure oi understanding" reached between him and the President on the subject of the refugees. This statement evoked a sharp reaction in Israel's Opposition quarters who accused the Prime Minister of having agreed to a solution that would involve the return of a substantial number of refugees to Israel. No full details regarding Mr. Ben Gurion's discussion with President Kennedy have been revealed. However it is known that during the meeting Mr. Ben-Gurion had expressed Israel's readiness to con- tribute towards the settlement of the problem provided the Arab States would display a similar readiness to coop- erate in moving it from the dead end in which it has been lingering over the years because of their intransigence. The impression gained was that the effort to achieve that would be directed towards both sides. What followed however, was an intensified pressure on Israel--and on Israel only. This pressure found expression in public satements made by officials of the State Department and last week in the report submitted to the 16th General Assembly of the U.N. by the Director of UNRWA, Dr. John Davis, which unlike the reports of past years completely ab- solved the Arab tates from any responsibility for the solution of the refugee problem and accepted the Arab claim for the "freedom of choice" of the refugees between repatriation or compensation as a prerequisite for any solution. In simpler terms, it fully accepted the Arab view- point that the opening of Israel's gates to all the refugees • was the only road open. Moreover. besides these public manifestations of pres- sure there were area others, less public and less outspoken in their formulation, but not less disquieting• We under- stand that Dr. Johnson, the special emissary of the Pales- ine Conciliation Commission to the Middle East, during his meetings in Jerusalem "could not understand" why Israel should so strongly object to the return of a sub- stantial number of the refugees. Thus Israel was confronted with the danger of having her readiness to cooperate in the solution of the problem utilized as a sprin!board for further and intensified pres- sures not as part of a concerted effort but as part of a policy of appeasement towards the Arabs. There was also the danger that the idea of solving the refugee problem through repatriation would be revived and presented as a feasible solution, thus creating an illu- sion that could achieve nothing but a further aggravation of the problem moving it even further away from the line of reality and constructive approach. Is Commentary," a source book of Judaic antiquity, edited by Nahum Glatzer and published by Beacon Press • . . Also "Judaism," a selection from Jewish spiritual literature showing the integrity of the Jewish spirit through the ages. The book is edited by Arthur Hertz- berg and published by George Braziller, Inc. Greetil00 gs for Claa n u ka h Hanulah Greetzngs Complments of George Lister Inc. REALTOR For Eastside Properties 305 104th N.E.--Bellevue GL. 4-8121 2807 78th S.E.--Mercer Is. 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