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December 2, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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December 2, 1938

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:': ':,... ...., ,  . " ",r File tGr l=ic,ing 5ff00U. of W. Professors Plead For Jews! By NATHAN KREMS, Associate Editor, The Jewish Transcript is the story-of-the-weekI couldn't happen in Germany. story of the bright side to news--an answer to persccu- of helpless Jews given by 50 of Washington professors. a a story th't'll warm your heart. are the facts: a letter is slleeding to Presi- loosevelt at the White House. signed by 50 University of ton faculty members--in- Dean Judson F. Falknor of Law School; Dean Edward H. head of University College; "lrc(lerick M. Padelford, dean of Graduate School; Dr. William head of the philosophy de- and many another I)romi- campus figure. letter was written by Dr. A. Mander, the University's I expert on international affairs Professor of Imlitical science. idea was born in the mind of Solomon P. Wohlgelernter, Only Jewish Paper in the State of Washington spiritual leader of the state's largest Orthodox house of worship, Bikur Cholum Synagogue, who suggested that the "brain men" at the Univcr- sity, who teach 11,000 students, might want to raise their voice against the dictatorships that throt- tle free teaching and free thought. Enthusiastically, Dr. Mander greeted the rabbi's suggestion. He wrote the letter to President Roosevelt, signed it, passed it around to faculty friends. Rabbi Wohlge- lernter took it to still other profes- sors, found them eager to endorse it. Yesterday, the letter of protest at persecution of the Jews, written by a professor and signed by his colleagues --the first time in the University's 77-year history such an incident has occurred--was sent to the White House. President Roosevelt will read: "Dear Mr. President: "Tile world owes you a deep debt of gratitude for your action in calling the Evian conference for the, InU'l)ose of devising measures to assist in solv- ing the problem of the refugees, which had, indeed, become a matter of concern to the whole worhl. "Your decision at that time was in h.u'mony with tile practice of previ- ous presidents of the United States; moreover, it constituted a call to tile observance of certain basic prin- ciples which must 1)e observed if the spirit of freedom and popular govern- m(mt is to survive. "We have reason to believe that one great section of 1)Col)lc affected by racial and t)olitic'fl intolerance, the Jews, may have to face still more disastrous circuinst'mces by reason of lack of immigration opportunities at a time when governmental policies in certain llarts of Europe .re threat- ening hundreds of thousands of inno- cent people with expulsion. First Baptist Church Members Volunteer Friendship For Jews IIow Christian worshippers at First Bat)tist Chm'ch decided to extend (;lie hand of fellowship to Seattle Jewry in condolence for dark hours facing the Jewish people, was re- vealed today hy Rabbi Philip A. L'mgh, sifiritual leader of Herzl Synagogue. To him wrote Rev. Harold V. Jen- sen, telling how it was unanimously w)ted a midweek I)rayer services to send a message to "ill the synagogues of the city. The message said: "In the name of God whom wc all worship and seek to serve, we extelld to you our sincere syml)athy ill this dark hem'. We, the members of tile First Baptist Church of Seattle, are deeply grieved by the terrible l)ersecution to which Jews in Germany have been subjected. "We assure you that we unquali- fiedly condemn such action and earn- estly desire to promote genuine brother]lo,)d "unl COOl)eration among (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 6) "We have no intention of reviewing the difficulties in P:destine, or of pas- sing opinion upon the Peel Commis- sion's prot)osal to partition the area. Such are matters to be decided "filer careful expert inquiry. "We do affirm, however, that the govcrmnent and people of this coun- try have a deep interest in Palestine, on grounds of hulnanity and by rea- son of the agreement between Great Britain and the United Stat;s that modifications in the Palestine Man- date which affect Americ'm rights shall not I)e made without consulting the United States. "We are justified in urging upon Great Britain the desirability of making a supreme effort to utilize to the fullest extent the immigration opportunities which exist in Pales- tine. "If these Opl)ortunities will best be served by partition or by any other policy, by all means let the appropri- ate action be taken. For the world cannot witness the expulsion of hun- dreds of thousands of Jews from their present htnds and their threatened Cb 3wish Cranscript Combined With THE JEWISH CHRONICLE transfornuttion into home, less refu- gees with "mything but feelings of deep disal)pointment and alarm. "Surely it is not .sking too much of the govermnents of the worhl to lind room on tiffs c'u'th for two, three or four million people where they may work out their destiny, frec from the perpetual fear of the tylle of per- seeution which they have hitherto endured .ts a minority l)eople. "We should like to add, ME Presi- (lent, that to take out' stand on behalf of the Jewish peoph; at this time is a reaffirmation of the fundamental principles of Anmrican life. "Democracy c, alnlot endure if people arc to suffer discrimination on " account of religion or |'ace. We have too many peoph; of (livers(; origins within oar I)(irders to escalle the con- sequences of violence aim intolerance abroad. "The triu|nph of a racialism which, incidentally, cannot stand the test of scientific analysis, will encourage a small, intolerant minority within the United States to adopt similar me|h- (Cont. on P'lge 8, Col. 2) Serving Every Jewish Home in The Northwest XV, No. 40 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, DECEMBER 2, 1938 $2 a year; 5c, single copy Justice Preside Synagogue second inter-f'dth youth con- of Jews, C'ltholics and Prot- to be hehl in a Seattle syna- sponsored 1)y Herzl Junior will be held tonight at 8:15 !. in Herzl Synagogue. Solie Ring- Young attorney, is chairman. will trot adult society on because of its faihn'e to provide for employment and of its failure to provide for marriage and home ?' Mr. Ringold explained. William J. Steinert, chief of the Supreme Court of will preside. speakers will prosecute and defend while a jury of twelve and Jews will deliberate BELIE RINGOLD ". host to Christian youth l tender a decision. W. Johnson, Jr., young representing Plymouth Church, will defend SOciety on its first charge and Nelson of the }Ierzl Guild I)rosecute. from the Newman (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 1) To Transcript Readers B'naiB'rith Head Will Today, I announce the appointment of Melvin G. Winstock as associate editor of The Jewish Transcript. He is a lawyer of fine standing at the Bar of this state. He has been Deputy Prosecuting Attorney of King County for several years and has served a term as City Attorney of Seattle. He has been on the editorial staffs of the Portland Oregonian and Seattle Post- Intelligencer. He is the author of "Making A Nation" and other books; a dramatist, has been successful as radio broadcaster and is uni- versally recognized as one of the ablest orators of the Pacific Coast. Mr. Winstock is a man of winning personality. In his continuous community service he has established and maintained valuable contacts with the men of 11 races and creeds who do big things for this commonwealth. Mr. Winstock delivered the address in dedication of the first synagogue in this state, and though of late years he has participated to no great extent in Jewish activities, he has always been on call for any public service demanded of him. Rich in colorful experience, tolerant in attitudes, saturated with a spirit of militant courage to fight the battles of his persecuted brethren throughout the world, The Transcript seems fortunate to have secure d the consent of this man t o devote the remainder of his life to the sacred cause. Men and women of Jewry, I give you Melvin G. Winstock. PLAIN TALK By ALFRED SEGAL OW I HEAR it said that among the Nazi pogromists who had their way in Berlin (on ac- count of the little Jewish boy's shoot- ing the German secretary of the en- bassy) was one Oskar Schweinfuss. Things hadn't been going so well for Herr Schweinfuss, despite that the Fuehrer had just added the greater part of Czechoslovakia to the Reich, despite that money taken from the Jews had been totalitarian- ized for the glory of Germany. Herr Schweinfuss hadn't enough underwear (and winter coming on, too). Soon the snow would fill the Ber- lin streets and Herr Schweinfuss' worn shoes would be none to stout against the elements. Frau Schweinfuss often complained against her winter coat which she had been wearing even from before the time AI. Segal of Hitler. Her cur- tains had become like rags that flapped horribly in the summer breezes. She, ignorant of the discretion that (Cont. on Page 2, Col. 3) Wins Lion's Share Of At A. Z. A. Conclave convention in the 10- of Aleph Zadik Aleph, B'rith youth organiza- Seattle, ended Sunday with )orothy Lemberg crowned as of A. Z. A.," Seattle's team fighting its way to %thwest A. Z. A. championship, debate team of Irwin Cap- erch triumphing and Saul Kleinman, son of Philip Kleimnan, winning the first prize, with Seattle's second place. Cohn, A. Z. A. head here, elected Aleph Godol of the region. A1 Hanan of A Vital Message! In accepting the proposal of Mr. Herman A. Horowitz to become the Associate Editor of The Jewish Transcript, with its obligations and responsibilities, I feel it is no sacrifice to abandon other engrossing and congenial work. When I plunge into the great work, ahead not alone for my people but for the human race, it is an opportunity and a great and profound service to which I am compelled to respond. To this, I dedicate myself. The modern tyrant attires his degrading schemes beneath the , veneer of modern mechanisms, but his cruel purposes cannot be ; hidden. It shall be our purpose to fight for the truth politically, intellectually, economically with every weapon at command. We shall make them fear us, because in the Jew has remained the guardianship of the truth, and in that shall be found the seeds of bigotry's destruction. We are in the center of a great crisis. It is not wholly Jewish. It involves the life or death of universal jus- tice. In this piping age of peace, we are called upon to banish bar- baric cruelty, crush tyranny, wherever it pokes its hideous head and save our, and all other sacred altars from desecration and destruction. We must shatter hate and crown tolerance among the enduring royalties. We must cement the ties between the Jew and all other men, including public officials, who still believe in righteous- ness. By our courage and fortitude, we must stay the march of the mis- guided camp followers, who would turn the tide of time, into the agon- ies of thc dark ages. Above, all, we must so conduct ourselves, as citizens of this great republic, as to give no justification for the injection of the poison of intolerance on American soil. Here is the focal point from which the Jew can make his steadfast stand. I beg for comfort, support, sympathy, cooperation and advice. There is no man on top of the earth, so exalted to whom I dare not speak, and none so humble to whom I will not listen. May God, by the light of his countenance, illumine our common path. Melvin G. Winstock. HERMAN A. HOROWITZ, Editor, The Jewish Transcript. CoUghlin TaH Slanders Jews; Is Refused Air NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--A radio station took public issue with a speaker on its commercial program for the first time this week when Sta- tion WMCA followed up a broadcast by Father Coughlin with an announ- cement that "unfortunately Father Coughlin has uttered certain mis- takes of fact." The station did not specify the "mistakes" in the radio priest's broadcast which was made on a national hookup from Detroit but the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League called WMCA's attention to "incor- rect and deliberately misleading" statements by Father Coughlin. The radio priest devoted his speech to rehash of the familiar allegation that Jews play a leading part in Russian Communism. Portland was named Aleph Mazkir, secretary. More than 600 persons attended the A. Z. A. services at Herzl Synagogue last Friday and heard oratory finals. At a banquet Sunday night winding up the three-day conclave in the Mayflower Hotel, master of cere- monies was 19-year-old Bob Fried- man, who introduced his father, Jacob Friedman, founder of A. Z. A.'s predecessor organization  Junior B'nai B'rith--20 years ago and ad- visor to the youth group for the past two decades. Father Friedman saw his own son (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 6) Al Solomon Tells Graphic Story Of 167 Wandering Jews By ALBERT SOLOMON BUFFALO, Wyoming--I have seen the modern Wandering Jew--and there's a lump in my throat at the courage of an uprooted, homeless people. I witnessed the arrival last Wed- nesday at Vancouver, B. C., of a trainload of Jews fleeing the wrath of the shrieking madman of Europe-- 167 helpless humans, ranging from infants 4 and 7 months of age, to an aged couple over 70, who have become only a small fragment of the seem- ingly eternal wanderings of a scorned people. This is the third or fourth cargo of human driftwood, refugees coming from Germany, Austria and Czecho- slovakia, across the Atlantic, across Canada, U. S., and boarding the (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 3) Talk Wed'sday The official visit of 1)avid Robin- son, president of District Grand Lodge No. 4, will hold the spotlight at the B'ntd B'rith meeting, Wed- nesday at 8:15 II.m. "d; Temple Cen- tel' To compliment the slight. 4year 7 old, leader of nearly 10.000 B'nai B'rith members in 9 Western states, a (;lass of 250 candidates, named in Mr. Rol)inson's ho||or, will be in- ducted into the local lodge. The colorful, uniformed, crsck (Iogree team from Samuel Lodge, Vancouver, B. C., will travel 149 miles .lcross the border to Seattle especially to take part in the ceremonies. Ezra Bessaroth Scphardic Congre- gation's famed choir, directed by Samuel E. Goldfarll, will chant IIe- brew music. Nomination of lodge officers for DAVID ROBINSON . rose fancier, arbiter, president I BUT-- Catholic Priest Exposes "Protocol" As Lie BOSTON--The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a "plagiarism and a fraud" declared Father Michael J. Ahern, S. J., of Weston College, in his weekly broadcast this week over the Catholic Truth Hour here. The Pilot, semi-officiM organ of the Boston Archdiocese, republished Fat- (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 1) 1939 will also take lflace during the evening. Mr. Rohinson, prominent Port- land attorney and civic and co,nmu- nal leader, who will deliver the ln'in- cipal address of tile evening has been in charge of anti-defamation work in Oregon for 14 of the 17 years lie has been a member of B'nai B'rith. He is past president of Portland's B'nai B'rith lodge. Modest, soft-spoken, energetic, Oregon-born Mr. Robinson has been for years chairman of Portland's Rose show and is secretary and one (Coat. on Page 8, Col. 6) California Boy Is Picked On All-American Football Team By IRV KUPCINET CIIICAGO--Here it is--the annual all - Jewish all - American football team, with flashy Marshall Goldberg FIRST TEAM leading the list and Harry Aronson of St. Mary's, a Catholic college in California--tie that onel--earning the right halft)a(;k role. The lineul)s: Position Name College Year L.E. Bill Luftman Drake Senior L.T. Phil Swiadon New York U. Senior L.G. Herman Specter Navy Senior C. Morris Katz Temple Senior R.G. Sid Roth Cornell Senior R.T. Alex Schoenbaum Ohio State . Senior R.E. Joseph Finkelstein Brown Junior Q.B. Al Litwak West. Reserve Senior L.H. Sid Luekman Columbia Senior R.H. Harry Aronson St.Marys(Cal.) Snior F.B. Marshall Goldberg Pittsburgh Senior (Cont. on Page 7, Col. 2) Location Des Moines New York Annapolis Philadelphia Ithaca, N. Y. Columbus Providence Cleveland New York St. Marys, Cal. Pittsburgh