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November 25, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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November 25, 1938

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PAGE EIGHT THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE NOVEMBER 25, 1931 = Cyhanksp, ivin00, If nothing more were at stake than whether we could eat in certain inns, hold certain offices, and enjoy certain privileges, perhaps they would be right. But the task which has devolved on us is not one of saving ourselves; it is one of saving civilization. We have to perform for our generation the same office which our prophets performed for theirs. No one knows these truths better than we, whose prophetic kinsmen were the first to enunciate them to the world. We are not children forgetful of the inevitability of death, nor cowards, afraid to face it. We, like all other Americans, in 1917-1918, thought that through the risk of our lives freedom might come to the world; and for 2,000 years have suffered willing martyrdom that the Idea of God and human brotherhood might be preserved in the world. We stand opposed to Hitler not merely for what he has done to the Jew, b,t for what he has done to GermJny. The m);t terrible spectacle in Berlin is not the broken shop windows, nor the smouldering synagogues; but the brutalized men and women who have suf- ficiently lost their sense of human dignity to engage in such wanton, pitiless destruction. Hitler is a threat to the Jews' life; but he is an even graver threat to man's mind. He threatens to reduce the Jew to nothing; but certainly that is far less terrifying than what he has done to HIS FOLLOWERS, of whom he has made depraved savages. There is one fortress which Hitler must never take, as it has never been taken by any conqueror before him; and that is the Jew- ish heart. Neither Alexander nor Vespasian could destroy our spiritual aplomb. Should Hitler succeed in that effort, he will have won a victory greater than that of Munich. He will have ended not only all phys- ical opposition to him, but even the opposition of the spirit. We have no time today to indulge in bitter excoriations of our enemies. We have no desire to invoke imprecations on them. We have a greater task than any of these. We have the task which was Jeremiah's when the Temple was about to be destroyed; the task of saving the Ark of the Covenant. We must train ourselves to understand just what are the issues between the Jew and his enemies; why it is that in each generation the foes of enlightenment are the foes of our faith; why it is that whenever there is a rising wave of anti-Semitism in the world, there goes with it a rising wave of misogyny and a new attempt is made to reduce women to drudgery and chatteldom. You must study the meaning of anti-Semitism, learn to understand the meaning of Judaism, learn more about the correlation of the struggle to preserve Judaism and the.struggle to preserve civilization in the world. YOU ARE A SOLDIER IN THE FRONT-LINE TRENCHES! 10,000 U. 8. Jews In Holy Land Ask Rights Archbishop Pleads For Jewish Zion BALTIMORE (WNS)--Hopo that Great Britain would not take any action "which would, by stopping further immigration into Pales- tine, make the lot of Jews more difficult," was expressed this week by Archbishop Michael Curley of Baltimore in a letter to Dr. Harry Friedenwald, former president of the Zionist Organization of Am- erica, written by Rev. Joseph M. Nelligan, chancellor of the arch- diocese of Baltimore. The Reverend Nelligan said the Archbishop felt that "Palestine would appear to be the sole place of refuge for those Jews who are being so frightfully persecuted in Europe." Swiss Clamp Down On Victims Of Nazis BI,:RNE (WNS)--In a move de- signed to halt illegal entry of Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria, the Swiss Federal Council this week issued a decree providing that refu- gees entering Switzerl'md must now have Swiss visas on their passports. The decree also fortrade refugees already resident in Switzerland from engltging in "all lucrative activity," emphasizing that "Switzerland can only be a transit country for them." Citizen! LUISE RAINER, doe-eyed lead- ing lady of the screen for the past two years she was rated the "best performer" in Filmdom-- was a happy maiden today. Rea- son: (1) She became an American citizen; (2) She was reconciled with her husband, Playwright Clifford Odets. Cupid in the marital peace pact was Attorney Louis Nizer, pictured on Page 7. JERUSALEM (WNS)--l)eclaring they have invested nearly $50,000,000 in industrial, commercial and agri- cultural enterprises in Palestine, the 10,000 Jews in Palestine who arc Am- erican citizens this week prepared to make a direct appeal to the British Government against any change in the Mandate or a nullification of the Balfour Declaration. Jabotinsky Warns Britain WARSAW (WNS)--Warning tlmt "if an Arab government is formed in Palestine it may be sure that every Jewish colony and every street in the Jewish quarters will have to be con- quered by the military," Vladmir Jabotinsky, Zionist-Revisionist lead- er, this week qssailed the reportcd British plan to convert PMestine into an Arab st'tie as a "l)etrayal of the Jews by l;;nghmd" wtfich will be resisted forcibly. "England is trying to swindle her way out of her obligations," Jabot- insky said. "The Jews will never allow realiz- ation of this plan. Zionists of all or- ganizations are in complete agree- ment that a war in Palestine will re- sult from the attempt to effectuate this pain. "Palestinian Jews will now have to militarize themselves and reserves will be formed by Jewish youth in all the countries where there are Jews. Rich Jcws throughout the world will have to donate money for the arma- ment of Jewish youth. "The smuggling of Jewish youth into Palestine must become a na- tional sport of Jewish youth. The English plan for the liquidation of Zionism will bc defeated by the Jews just as was the first plan for the par- tition of Palestinc." 74,000 Wires Sent To White House In Crisis WASHINGTON, D. C. (WNS)-- How deeply American Jewry feels over the reported possibility that England will close Palestine to Jew- /sh immigration was indicated by the fact that up to Saturday evening, October 15, more ttmn 74,000 tele- grams urging the United States to intervene with the British Govern- ment had been received at the White House and State Department Officials of the Postal and Western Union telegraph companies who re- vealed the figure said thousands more were arriving daily. Peak of protest wires was reached on October 13, the day a Jewish del- egation called at the British Embassy, when over 25,000 telegrams were handled Among the latest messages re- ceived was a memorial unanimous- ly voted by the New York City Council asking the President and Secretary Hull to use their in- fluence toward upholding the Bal- four Declaration and keeping the doors of Palestine open to Jewish immigration. United States Senator Wagner of New York made a personal ap- peal to the President via telephone from New York. Senator Wagner $100,000 "Self-Fine" Urged By Rabbi Israel (Continued from Page 1) 65 Athmti(. Sealoard cities by tim United l'alestine Apl)eal , urged Presi- dent Roosevelt to ask Great Britain to throw open l'alestine to German .lews I The I)resent immigration quota w,mhl admit only 4,870 in tire next six months whereas, the group was tohl, Palestine couhl accommodate 400,000 additional. O0 to your bridge dub.., do your gardening'"" take the children down town--the meal will be on time, without a hitch. For your dinner, ReddY Kilowatt and your modern electric range will be on the job, making dlnner.getting simple as ^.', 'he modern housewife simply prepares the fo places it in the oven, adjusts the Automatic Controland the rest of the day emperature or social affairs. is free for leisure, recreation brings The low cost of electric cookery the convenience and cleanliness of this tervlce within the reach of the most modest family budget. See your dealer or the nearest office of puget power for full details. 5 By NA Asset The Jew ds is the } couldn't a story o ish news-- [of hell)le  Versity of V lOday, alett, ! Roosevelt s signed ington f ing Dean , Law Scho, er, head o: "Frederick 1 Graduate ery, head ( ttlent; and ! ampus fit 'ae letter ' dea A Mar 1 expert o Professor , he idea wa 'hi Solomo Only Jew in the I WashJ La or, Churchgoers In Seattle Unite . .  .l XV, In Slappm00 dt Hitter s Mass - - o o 'lhief. (Continued from Page 1) dent Roosevelt this week, commend- s tor-lmblisher of the Northwest En- terprise, Negro weekly here. To Mr. ]torowitz wrote Editor Lewis: "As the editor of the local Negro weekly, I feel it my duty to convey to your fine publication the many manifestations of sympathy by our people for the suffering Jews of Gcrnnmy. As a persecuted race, we deeply feel for your people and the atrocities that thcy have been made to suffer at tlm Iron(Is of Eur- ope's 'Mad Dog.' "Whenever an effort is made to send relief to those l)oor, unfortunate German Jews, don't fail to call upon us. We will consider it an honor to contril)utc, though our contribution may be small." Rabbi Koch Speaks At First Christian Church A telegram of l)rotest "tt "ltitlcr's hearl, less pcrsecution of 500,000 Jews in Germany" was sent by Rev. ])r. E. C. Nancc of First Christian Chm'cll this week to President Roosevelt after a mass meeting at the church Sunday night. On Sunday, Rabl)i S'unucl Koch of Temple de Ilirsch spoke in First Christian Chm'ch. sage to President Roosevelt 00' dcmning Nazi persecution. ., German consul for two he . 1 ner-bearers included State leP: Sever Relations With Reich--Longshoremen "If Germany continues to lrursuc her present anti-Semitic policy, no alternative is left to democratic n'L- tions but to sever their prcsent diph)mati(, relations with that coun- try, to show that the world will not permit outrages of this kind to con- tinue." This was the message sent to Prcsi- ing Iris stand against Nazi persecu- tion, by Matt Meehan, secretary- treasurer of the International Long- Sll()F(!nr(Hl'S an(1 WarcllouserNen's Union, q (',. I. O. affiliate. Rev. Fifield Hits Teachings To Children lh)rrors of life under littler and the clash of "the pag.Ln German stal,e" with Christian and Jewish re- ligion were explaitaM to several hundred lnrsons last week 1)y Rev. ])r. L. Wendell Fifiehl, I)aS- tor of Plymouth (hmgreg'tional Church, in , review of "The Nazi Prinlcr." The l),)ok, tr.mslal,ed from the German, is studied in Germany's schools, l[ te'u:lms chihlren that Jews are ]IrOIIS{AH'S At the weekly-hmcheon of Lira Re- ligious Educ'tional Workers :t Mcves' Cafeteria, r.cial i)ersecuLion in Naziland wns denounced by Jo- seph L. Greenwell, insm',tnee l)roker, and A A. Booth, 't|.torney Costigan Followers Picket Nazi Consul Radio-sl)ealdng Ilow'u'd G Costi- gan, young exe(.utive secret:cry of the Washington (?ommouwealth l,'eder'- lion, this week devoted a daily broadc'st ovcr I(1RO to " descrip- tion of mob action ag.finst the Jews in Germany. The Comm(mwel,th Fedcration, which has 'dliliated with it 150 labor unions and central labor councils, 160 l)ension groul) locals numl)ering 35,000 members and attiliatcd or- ganiz,tions with mcml)ership of 450,- 000, Mr. Costigan s:dd, sent t rues- sentatives Katherine Foogg  William .I. Pennock, and State Se tor N. P. Atkinson. Elks' Organ DenounCeS Policies Of Hatred "Does der 'Gobl)hn"--llitlcr' Gocl)ells--forget l,hat :my AmOr c m lnt the l)o('kelbook of Gcr when an American selected w. buys in America?" To 2,100 F, lks in Sctrttle wcnta query this week in the Seattle !.,o gr tin, edit(,d by laylnond W" S(.} I Commenting on the Germ, ; tmn Ldtor Seelye wrote: . el'fi,ll a,,y intent of being Pr.fa.[i ) ere "; bu G to be emphM, ic and P .,4 clear, we say to hell mitder ,GobO' el;. al," Prl 00Syn e second i ee of Jew ts, to 1)e l I% Sponso] ld, will be l. in Herzl Young att 'Outh will because el *rtunity f Use of it, aration re: I/' Mr. Rinl ]dge Willie Itiee of th( hlington, w ,0 speaker defend w] Itietians and City Council Tables Ordinance On Nazis Personally dc(.hu'ing they Germany's treatment of Seattle's city councihnen this voted to table a resolutioI by Councilman Hugh De LacY, monwcalth Fcder'tion j censuring Germany. Ground of the "motion to was that the council should action to city affairs. Council dcnt David Lcvine, only JeW council, did not vote because acting mayor, while Mayor was out of town. Norman Thomas, Foe Of Nazis, Denounces Stoning Of Fritz Kuhn, Hitlerite Leader In lJ. NEW YORK (WNS)--In a letter to Mayor Frank IIaguc of Jersey City, Norman Thomas, Socialist leader, this week protested against the stoning of Fritz Kuhn, Nazi leader, by a Union City mob which forced him to cancel a scheduled speech. "Mr. Kuhn, his Bund and his Nazi associates in Germany--wbo eulogize you for your treatment of me and the others in Jersey City-- stand for principles which I bate," the ex-clergyman said. "Public opposition to those win- cipes is good. Peaceful picketing of meetings expressing those principles is legitimate. "But when any sort of mob takes tile law into its own hands and stones a speaker, tbat mob is doing more to promote Fascism than Fritz Kulm ever can. "The Jersey mobs, which, directly or indirectly you have incited, are getting out of hand. What arc you going to do about it? Tire Kuhn case cannot be ignored." At the same time Roger Baldwin, director of the American Civil Lib- erties Union, of which Morris Erost, a Jew, is consul, protested the failure of Union City officials to let Kuhn speak. Boston Consul For Italy, Fired Because He Is Jew, Linked With Anti-Jewish Activity 0f: WASItINGTON, D. C. (WNS)-- Italian descent with the :f0r Guido Scgre, who was dismissed re- gaining more power and preSt i cently as Italian corrsul-general in Boston because hc is a Jew, was one of five Italian consuls in the United States named this week by Girolamo Valenti, chairman of the Italian Anti-Fascist Committee, as spread- ing Fascist propaganda among the Italian-American societies. Testifying 1)efore the IIouse Com- mittee ou Un-American Activities, Valenti charged that the consuls, to- gether with agents of the OVRA, t]m Italinan secret police, are terrorizing Italian-Americans to compel them to carry out the wishes of the Italian Fascist regime. Valenti named, in addition to Segre, Consuls Vecchiotti of New York, P. Pcravan of Philadell)hia, P. Decicco of New IIaven and Yannelli of Johnstown, Pc., as "exerting in- fluence over Americ.m citizens of their native government." "o 00' The witness testified that tiri suls threatened Italian Ague. tied with punishment for their re:it in Italy unless they obeY  demands. "Lost Tribe" Finder Returns To Palest ie NEW YORK (WNS)Dr" Fischel, research professor ot lfistory at the Hebrew returning to Palestine an absence of over a year which he lectured in the States and toured Central and South America where tured at various universities' Dr. Fischel recently dis Kurdistan a community claim to be descendants tribes of Israel. i MONTLAKE R ICHARD TA UBER in the Al 24thN. & E. Lynn screen version of "'PAGL] Montlake Car *10 " , -'s S/ Phone EAst 1912 Coming, Moishe Oysher in "The Ca ender a tics W. teY rep tire gationa tt SOciety ( Y Nelso: Prosecute. Prcsentati (ont. or