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November 25, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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November 25, 1938

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,----PAGE SIX THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE 3 ' Hate ; ;3'.' " : '? ' '" ""a'l world stands against a defenseless people" and el)pealed ,,tpinion to] lOon(In Noted Chri stians Raise Voices ToHitJew.Ha NEW Y()RK--hl the U. S., press and public joined a united cry of horri- fied outrage this week at iron-fisted Nazi moves to exterminale 700,000 Jews in Germany and to crush 30,000,000 Catholics. In strong language rarely expressed by lmblie persomdities in this coun- try, leading church and public figures condemned the persecution of the Jews in its an outrage to the conscience of the civilized worhl. Among those who issued protests were Herbert IIoover, Sinclair Lewis, Nobel Prize Winner; Bishoii William T. Manning of New York; Dr. llarry Emerson Fosdiek; Willi'tm Green, 1)resident of the A. F. of L.; Dr. Edgar De Witt Jones, president Federal Council of the Cinn'ches of Christ in America; Dr. Ilem'y Slone Coffin, president, Union Theologi(:al Seminary; Mrs. Eugene F. Intermann, chairman, New York State Branch, Women's International Leage for Peace and Freedom. The protests were made public by Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert, gcneral secretary of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, who warned that "the situation in Germany should stir all thoughtful people in America to a new alertness and determined opposition to every manifesta- tion of religious "tnd racial antipathy in our midst." Texts of the protest follow: Sinclair Lewis, novelist: "Nothing that Germany has ever' done has aroused such horror or opposition as her present treatment of Jews. We 'ill hope there will be enough protests to make her realize this." Harry Emerson Fosdiek, Riverside Church: "The appalling persecu- tion of tile Jews in Germany is an outrage to the conscience of the civilized world. It is a tragedy if nothing can be done to prevent this cold blooded brutal pogrom. Decent people of all faiths and races joint in protesting the cruel barbarities." Bishop William T. : "Such action its that which is now taking place in Germany is an open defiance of God aud it shame to humanity. It is an amazing and shocking thing that in this dlty in which we are living such crimes can bc permitted. They violate every l)rinciple not only of religion G Racial Issue Crops Up In N.Y. Campaig00n: Is Scotched NEW YORK (WNS)- Four warn- ings against the injection of racial and religious prejudices into New York State's l)olitical campaign, in- eluding one fronl President Roose- velt, were hefore the state's voters as they went to the polls to re-elect Gov. ]lerbert It. Lehnutn over his young opponent, Thomns ]:,. 1)ewey, ol)s,;rvers pointed out this week. In a r'tdio address from Hyde l'ark, the President urged the voters to pick their candidates "without re- gard to race, color or tree, d." Taking indirect cognizance (if a widespread whispering campaign di- rected against Governor Lehman, the President sltid some of the can- didtates "may have conle of the earliest co]oniM stock; sonic of t.hcnl may have been brought here as ehei]dren to escape the tyrannies of the ohl world. All of them are Am- erican citizens now. Remember that the fathers of the American Revolu- tion represented many religions aral came frem many foreign lands." Tl,e other warnings came from Mr. Dewey, Governor Lehman and May- or La Gnardia. ])ewcy condemned support based on racial or religious prejudice, de- clared that ' are some things more inlllor!ant titan being elected MASLAN & MASLAN - Railway Fit. BidE. IN THE sUPERIOR COURT OF THE , STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR KING COUNTY. CLOVA HOLDEN, Plaintiff, vs. C. M. HOLDEN, Defendant No. $10157, Summons by Publication. THE STATE OF WASHINGTON TO C M. HOLDEN, DEFENDANT: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to-wit, within sixty (60) days after the 4th day of November, 1938, and defend the above en- titled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, C]ova Holden, and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorneys for the plaintiff at their office below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint which ha been filed with the Clerk el said court. This action is one to procure a divorce on the grounds of non-support, cruelty and per- sonal indiginities. Maslan & Maslan, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Office and Posteffice addreu: 224-5-6-7 Railway Exchange Building, Seattle, King County, Washington. 11-4-12-9-6t MASLAN & MASLAN Railway Ex. Bldg. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR KING COUNTY No. $09917, Summons by Publication THOMAS P. BAILEY, Plaintiff, vs. MARIE PAULINE BAILEY, Defendant. THE STATE OF WASHINGTON TO MA- RIE PAULINE BAILEY, Defendant: You ira hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to-wit, within sixty (60) days after the 28th day of October, 1938, and defend the above entitled action io the above entitled court, and an- swer the complaint of the plaintiff, Thomas P. Bailey, and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorneys lot the plain- tiff at their office below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be ren- dered against you according to the demand of the complaint which has been filed with the Clerk of said court. This action is one to procure a divorce on the grounds of delertion and abandonment. MASLAN & MASLAN, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Office and Post Office Address: 224-5-6-7 Railway Exchange Bldg. Seattle, King County, Washington. 10-28-38-6t 12-2-88. "-"Courtesy Star THOMAS E. DEWEY .. he denounced prejudice l governol', and olie iS the sl)irit of re- ligions and racial good will. 1 wonhl r'tthcr go down to (lefeut t,tlllii lie elected l)y any vote based on r:lce or religion." Dewey admitted that a whispe, ring camp.fign on racial and religious grounds had heon injected into the campaign and asserted that "the, nlan or woman who votes for it catl- didate because of his race or religion, or votes against him for such a rea- SOil, is a disgrace tolAmerican citi- zenship." Gov. Lehman acknowledged the sincerity and courage of Dewey's statement but charged that l)ewey "does not know the nature of the campaign that has been carried on by his Rel)ublican leaders." Mayor I/t Guardia said he resented "with all the bitterness that I can muster any attempt -- whispering, posters, letters or innuendos in this campaign, as in any other, against a candidate's religion, belief or au- cestI'y. "God help this country when cau- didates will be selected on the pho. uetics of their name instead of their private character and petency." (Continued from Page 1) of all the current events, wits dis- tressed at the way things had gone in tim world. Iie and his countrymen had, in fact, come down to the earth on it be/,eiicient mission, as it turned out. "Your radio,', he said, "has mis- interpreted us." But before proceeding with the conversation I insisted he must come to our spare bedroom and wash up and rest awhile; for he hmked travel-worn. He washed up aml shortly he was returning to my living room. "You sho'uld have rested awMle," I said. The Marti/uts, he answered, never rest. They have learned how to get. rid (if fatigue quickly (by extrac- tion) arid to ilarness it for use in running machinery... "You," lie said, "let fatigue be'tr you down and drive you to tied We emph)y its power usefully." I tohl him that the Martians were missing a lot. There's nothing, I s/lid, like just lying in bed late on 8undlly morning. , We engaged thus iu small talk till- til he suddenly asked: "Do you I)ut of eolnnion ]l/tlnanit;y and decency and wile stand condemned 1)y every rei)utable governlnent and Ily the whole civilized worhL Sltch barbarous arid inhumlln acts cannot long continue. Ally government guilty of such acts will fall through its ()wit wickedness." William Green, president, American Federation of Labor: "i cannot express the deep sense of horror 1 experienced over the treatnlent accorded Jewish people in Germany. It is shocking to one's scnse of justice, it seems inconccivahle that at this l)eriod in the development of modern civilization the Jewish peel)Is should be subjected to such inhuman treatment its press rel)orts indicate, hi the name and in behalf of the millions of membcrs of the American Federation of Lallor, I register my vigorous protest against the barl)arous and brutal treatment accor(ted tile Jewish 1)eolllc in Germtmy. '' Henry Sloane Coffin, presidenl,, Union Theological Seminary: '"]?hose apl)alling outbreaks against innoce/lt Jews in Germany evoke sympathy with them in every Christian heart and flaming indignation at the (:onscienceless 1)rutality of a Government so uncivilized as to permit such lawless cruelty to go unrebuked." Edgar DeWitt Jones, I)resident, Feder.fl Council of the Churches of Christ in Amcric.t: "The outrageous and inhuman treatment of the Jews in Germany anti tile rising tide of anti-Senfitisna in other palts of the world is heart-rending. It is such its to move hivers (if justice everywhere to register a solemn and imlmssione d protest." Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert, general secretary, Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. "The shocking assaults upon defenseless arid innocent ,Jews in Germany is a revelation of the unl)elievabh; extremes to which anti-Semitism may go when "u:tificially stimulated by deliberate prol)aganda. The situation in Germany shouhl stir all thoughtful lleolile in America to it new alertness and determined oilposition to every manifesta- tion (if racial and religious antil)athy in our nlidst. The seeds of bitterness have been sown; it is for us to see that they "u'e not 'dhlwcd to conm to a harvest which would shame our country." , Roy. Ralph W. Sockman, I)astor, Christ Church: "Christianity must alive the Jews if it is to save. itself." Herbert Hoover, ex-President of the United States: "I ant glad '(gain to evidence my own indignation an(1 to join in an expression of public pro- test at the tretttment of the Jews in Germany. It is not the German people at large who are to be blamed for this action. The blame is squarely up to the political agencies in power. These individuals are taking Germany back four hundred arid fifty years in civilization to Torquemada's expulsion of the Jews from Spain. "They are bringing to Germany not ahme the condemnation of the pul)lie opinion of tim world. These men are building their own condem- nation by mankind for centuries to come. They are destroying every effort of the friends of the German people who have sought to be of aid to them. And I believe I have more than usual right of protest. "I have held unalterably to believe in the great contributions the Ger- man peel)Is have made to civilization in the l)ast and to the necessity for civilization that they be giveu opportunity to t'tke again their 1)lace in the forward march of the worhl. "With these views I labored to reduce the injustices of the tre,ties both before and 'ffter they were signed. I insisted upou saving their people from famine after the arnfistice I have participated over the ye'trs in many official actions in aid to their recovery from war. I had hope(l that recent events might lie the end of the actions by the party in power which endangers the whole world. "It is still my belief that the Germ'ul l)eOllle , if they could express them- selves, would not approve these acts against the Jews. But its they cannot so express themselves, it is the duty of nmn everywhere to express our indig- nation not ahme at the suffering these men are imposing upon all innocent people, but at the blow they are striking at civilization itself." Alfred E. Smith and Thomas E. Dewey, in radio talks, call0d for vigor- ous protests. Smith declared the events in Germany were "it desperate ehlfl- ]c, nge" to the worhl I)ecause it is a question "which goes to |he very founda- tion (lit w]lich we have erected America." Radio Station To Be Probed Over Anti-Jewish Broadcast WASItINGTON, 1). C. (WNS)-- Pending investigation of a program containing anti-Semitic utterances, the Federal Communications Com- mission this week granted only a temllorary renewal license of 90 days to Station WHOM of Jersey, instead of thc customary six months' license. This action wits taken to allow the Jew, Part Owner Of WHOM Answers "What" JERSEY CITY, N. J. (WNS)-- Joseph Lang, part OW/ler and manat- ing director of the Station WHOM, who is a Jew, this week admitted that "on a certain program an Italian commission to decide whether "u) anti-Semitic speech delivered on Septembcr 18 in a program sponsored by the Italian magazine I1 Grids Dell Stripe wan'anted further action under the commission's authority. During the broadcast, Domenico Tr0mbetta, editor of the magazine, said that "Jewish anti-Fascism in these last years overstepped its bounds and Italy has run to the reseue-4o a just and duty-bound rese ue. ' ' BELIEVE IT OR N OTI As it result of confusing the Hebrew word more (fear) with the word Imko a dietatorshil I gone mad." lie alll)e:ded to Christi-uls "everywhere to recognize that this strUg I is our struggle. Melt of good will everywhere must st'unl together lest ' forces of darkuess overcome "all of us." Archbishop Michael J. Cm'lcy of Baltimore, speaking before the 0 gregation of IIoly Comforter Church in Washington, called Hitler % rl man" lind Goebbels "cripl)le-minded" whose actions "no de, cent per (N'L 1 t (on(loue." The Arehl)ishop al)l)ealed to all Americans, Catholic or not, to. S ()tit in ln'(itest against the "now depths of savagery" being 1)hHnbcd la Inany. Simihu' statenlents were also received from Alfred M. Landon an d Csr Chalnnan Cart. The Gener.d Council for Jewish Rights, speaking for the American Je Con)hi)tree, the ]/'nai B'rith, the Anierican Jewish Clngress and the Je Labor Conunitl(e, issm s t statement decl urn that ' the worhl is ag hs the latest news which has come from Germany. In the hour (if their pression we offer oiir felh)w Jews in Germany the, iissurance of our dee] sympathy and understanding. midst of our grief we derive a me'tsure of solace from the f:' 'In tile that the world has colno to )'ealizo that this barbarisln directed agaiaSt Jews is violence against the whoh; of humanity. "This reaction of the entire world is a recognition thal we are h ere( fronted with an issue which goes far beyond the persecution and torture' Inu'tlcular minority, and that today it is civilization itself which is ur attark. "All Americans--Protestants, Catholics and Jews alike--have reaO to these hideous accounts from abroad as to 't national calamity." Woodrow Wilson's Secretary Recalls Historic Occasion WASHINGTON, D. C. (WNS)-- Recalling that President Woodrow Wilson, under whose administration Franklin D. Roosevelt served as as- sistant Secretary of the Navy, helped draft the Balfour Declaration, Joseph P. Tumulty, former secretary to President Wilson, (Ms week tele- graphed President Roosevelt an ap- peal to stand hy the Wilsonian policy with regard to Palestine. ])eclaring I, hltt the United States Governnielit share(1 in the responsi- hility for cstal)lishiog the Jewish Na- tiered [Iome in Palestine, Mr. Tu- multy urged the President to use his good offices to prevent any change in Britain's policy that would halt Jewish immigration. In his al)lleal Tumulty sit)d: "For several months in 1[,)17 there was all exchange of correspolidonee between President Wilson and the British War Cabinet with regard to the language to be used iu the Bal- four Declaration. "The president continuously em- phasized the need of making Jewish rights in the country as broad as Exiles Banned By Mexico Find Haven In Cuba ,, MEXICO CITY (WNS)--Twenty- one German and Austrian Jewish ref- ugees, six of whom had escaped from concentration camps, and deported to Germany last week by Mexican authorities despite last-minute un- official iuterventiou by U. S. Am- bassador Josephus ])aniels and a pledge by Jewish leaders in New York to guarantee their maintenance in Mexico, were this week granted a last minute temporary adlnission to Cuba. Meanwhile, Mexico adopted a now inmfigration policy when Secretary !of Interior Tellez decreed that for- eiguers who have lost their nation- ality will lie admitted to Mexico possible in order to facilitate reconstruction program. "It was on October 17, 1011}t President Wilson cabled to British Government Ms aPP r a revised text of the Balfour Dec alien that was I)ublished on N o ber 2 to assure the establishre: Palestine of , national home re: 180 bi str( [0ravia wh IU Gernial] Upietl, if I seite nlolil l)01aud nil, happy cou huge slice ich at leas it also part 'e pre(lonfin The IIung 0Miug for 1 ltesult of La been th: families I be tranz lddenly fol it want to l (estapo, Leir homes letimes h .Ninety-one 18 which ) lsfetu'ed la a affected Ugces from ly swclh;d 00zech tear 11 IRAGUE ( .0zech 1)rel Premier Jn r Czechos erant attit adopt me Jews who e 1918 thi Jewish people, ie fish quarte: "Ahnost a year later in tl* wMch he addresscd to Dr. StelLIa the even S. Wise, and in March 1919 wl#[l)ted, tho Sl)oke to a delegation which vllanian J( upon ]iinl at the WMte HouSe, l tl after 191 dent Wilson reaflirme(l his eov.i' ePorts of that an historic wrong to the Je.lthe newly-e peel)Is couhl lie repaired bY gl'[ernment of them the opportunity once agali, t Germany recreate their culture in the a of all Gel from which so many contribUltenland, had been made in the past to Te d to the and order of our universe' f lawI recall those well-kno (WRF&C at this time to enlphasizo theft at is showi American Government is l)ttll Ied regardi lated to the modern history of r l land refu till(; and that if we express an iil i I attitude in the fulfillment of a pledge  ,.France re] we helped to nmhl, it is not 0l lily to resis of admiration for the i(tcalisP' UDtothe  President Wilson but in aee0rdV ees with our. rights. "But even more imperfect tl teanwhile'has cc these rights, it seems to me, Ierty ahan right of every lover (If dece  filleted hoh human relations to plead the  fled the S and wonlon wile are znade to I 0,000,000 fl l)ersecutiou for religiou arid tl '1000). shall be giveu a chance sore 11 to find sanctuary aud tO be fr, oppressiou. "Itistorically, Palestine h# ways beeu a haven of sanctar) the Jewish people. ' ,# here's S "Today more thau ever the tl C the generous compassion o al - t. e  Chris(flus that they may u ft Let Us with their own labor without h i W any other to enter Palestine ,a,i UARAN  need of the refugees demands' speaker made statements in viola- mereh (rain), Renaninhis "History "only in exceptional cases of no- ;i EASTLA lion of principles" hut explained of Israel" has it: "Let the rain of torions beuefit for the country" and Waiter Winchell fotnid a r oa,f that the station employs resllonsible heaven be upon you" instead of then only if "they are prepared to to sit-down strikes in lsaiaf)[ii, 1 EAS'I their corn- "Their strength is to sit s has been suspended and the program "Let the feat" of heaven he upon form Mexicau meztizo families" by llZ series cancelled, you." marrying Indians. (fling James vrsion). PLAIN TALK S,0000AL know, sir, why the Martians have men(, "you have heard about via sure there's no rishus in Mars? It ruu away from the worhl." tltl I dolorosa." Yes, he replied, the Martians (who know everything) knew all about via dolorosa, knew all about Jesus who had trod this path to crucifixion. "It is most curious," he said, "that while mankind grieves (finely enough) for this one Jew on the via dolorosa 2,000 years ago, it has little mind or heart for the multitude of Jews ou the same road to crucifixion today." "PreciselyI" I said. 'The Martian mind seems clearer on this than the minds of most people on the earth." He Slicks sadly: To think that there are few places ]eft on the earth for Jews! To think there are so few voices to sd)eak against a savagery so unspeakable." All this had be0n discussed in tim Martian counsels aud it had been agreed that Mars must intervene: "In short, if there wits no place for Jews on the car(h, it was the moral duty of the phu)et Mars to take them in. We have come to take the Jews to Mars and give them stumtuary. This is our beneficient purpose." I replied it was beatltiful of the Martians to do this... "But are you come to the earth?" "Well," I replied, "it seems that Orsnn Wells brought you down to destroy this earth. But I wasn't afraid. I felt you couldn't (lo any worse with the earth than we are doing with it. I am really a cour- ageous person." "We have come dowu to do some- thing about the Jews," tie said. "()It?" "Are you, perhaps, acquainted with any Jews?" he asked. "Yes, some of my best friends are Jews," I answered. lie went on to exphdu that the Martians were not at all unfamiliar with the plight of the Jews in the world; they had heard their lameo- tations even at their far distance; their transcosmic te]escol)e had seen Jews huddled in the [)leak no man's land lletween Czechoshivakia and Sndeten; they had seen the multi- tude of Jews driven out of Germany to the borders of Poland. "We distinctly saw the dead anlong them (they had died on the way) be- ing buried beside this via dolorosa. as I may call it." "Oh," I exclaimed in astonish- seems everywhere." No, he said, hate and prejudice were among the ignorances the Mar- tians overcame on their upward climb... "We conquered ourselves even heforo we conquered the air waves by radio. To conquer our- selves seemed more important." "We Jews," I said, "should feel very grateful to the Martians . . to think of finding a friend in the uni- versel But . . " "Oh, sir, you, too, are a Jew?" "Yes. But, my dear friend . . " I explained tibet, after all, Jews had hopes for the world. Something always turned up in the nick of time. Besides, Jews have felt a mission in the world. Their Torah, their prophetsl Justice, loving-kindness, cent pass)oil, peace .... Somel)ody has got to keel) oa car- rying these lights in the world, sir. "It is so dark and somebody must carry these lights. If we carry these lights f'fithfully something may kin- dle sometime aud it may he bright again iu the world for everybody. "Dou't you think, sit', it will he finer of us to keep on bravely carrying our lights? I don't tMnk we should "Perhaps," I added by ., suggestion, "now that you might do sometMng abO ler and Mussolini, Goob Goering. Why not put ono of your capsules and along to Mars?" The Martian regarded this gestion as fat" from hapllY ' must guard civilization i he protested. "We dare any deleterious influeueeS to it." We discussed the whole through the night. IIe was out to see any Jew loath to lel earth... "Oh, I sill(l, wc so long and have a thousaud years things better for us. So I g here." Nevertheless, the next read ill t}lO newsPallerS thttt (fans hadn't really Uuited States. But yotl lieve everything you see in 1)apers. (Copyright, 193S). )  '. The earliest reference to a blth'/ razor is in Ezekml 5:1.