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November 10, 1933     The Jewish Transcript
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November 10, 1933

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NOV. t0, 1933 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAGE SEVEN 7 Soviet Grants First Patent To U. S. Jew MOSCC&apos;\\;V ,WNS)--The first pat- ent es-:- c:,utcd h the Soviet Unlon to ap .", :<nican in the construction industr. :rid one of the very few ever :-._cei ed bv Americans here, todD- v.-a isstted to Zara Witkln, Ame:ica::-Jewlsh engineer from Calif- ornia -c:- a device which practicalh" elindng,-e use of mortar and ,viii make :rca economies possible. \\;\'ilk[t:. f(,:merlv of Los Angeles, has b,:cn}cre ayear. Heis now chief consuhxn: zo Soyuzstroi, largest Russian construction trust. -;" SPEEDY SERVICE NO WAITING . :i  WHOLESALE AIgD RETAIL :. STEVENS FUEL Co. ;:. Seattle's Cleanest Fuel Yard *  KE 2485 or 7580 30thN.N.&N.P. Ry. _ Bonney-Watson .Co. 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WARBURG, world famous Jewish philanthropist and prominent banker: "I understand that Herzl Congregation is commemo- rating the seventieth birthday of our beloved friend, Cyrus Adler, and I think it is appropriate and timely that people should express their appre- elation to the man who has given the major part of his life unselfishly to fght for the improvement of the living conditions of his co-rellgionists. "Cyrus Adler's philosophy of life is as broad and deep as his know- ledge is profound, and he has made friends in all the many fields in which he has searched for historical docu- ments of human development and relationship. As a student, long High praise from nationally-known Jewish leaders for Rabbi Philip A. Langh and Herzl Congregation, Seattle's only Conservative house of worship, for sponsoring the first celebration in the West of the seventieth birthday of Dr. Cyrus Adler, distinguished scholar, educator and world-famous leader in Israel, came today following observance of "Cyrus Adler Night" at Herzl Synagogue Friday. More than 500 worshippers heard Rabbi Langh extoll Dr. Adler as "an upbuilder of the greatest Jewish community since the days of the Spanish Inquisition." Dr. Adler, Rabbi Langh declared, "belongs with the Jewish immortals for his work in behalf of his brethren in pro- moting Jewish civil and religious rights, in advancing the cause of Jewish education and in devoting his giant's intellect to meeting the prob- lems of Jewry. No man has done more than he--and he has done all this without sensationalism or theatricalism." A highlight of the celebration wag the reading of a resolution by the congregation, congratulating Dr. Adler on having passed his sev- entieth milestone. At conclusion of the reading of the resolution, the entire congregation arose in tribute to Dr. Adler. The services honor- ing Dr. Adler were the third of a series of late Friday night services conducted this season by Rabbi Langh, whose inauguration of Conser- vative services here last year was the signal for a "back-to-the-synagogue" movement. Messages from Jewish leaders follow in part: LOUIS J. MOSS, president, United Synagogue of America, Con- servative congregation governing body: "I am happy to testify" to the esteem in which Dr. Cyrus Adler is held generally by all who know him. His services in behalf of humanity and of Jewry particularly are so well known that a restatement of them becomes necessary. In fact, I sometimes think that Jewry in America leans too heavily upon the shoulders of Dr. Ad-  let, for there seems to be hardly a cause of prominence which does not beat- ::!:: the im rint of his erson'ditv iiiiiiiiiiiiiii{ii::iiiii::{iii .................................................... P P " . .::iiiiiii ji!i!i!ilili!iiii! j jiliii ji!ii??:!:?- -- "The seventy years vouchsaved him iiiiiiiii{--iiiiiiiii}iii!i)}ii!ii!iiiiiiiii!ii!ii!iiiill have been spent n an unselfish devotion ===================== ========== ==========::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: to others and he has succeeded beyond iii!{%iii[!!!i{i!iii!iiiiii:i!iii!:ii!iiT#%i!i!ili?ix" - description. I am very glad to learn  4i=i that Jewry out West recognizes the in-  before anybody thought of Zionism, i valuable contributions made by him to 1 :::::::::St:h::::::::::::: =.====:====??=:====?==========h = he acqualntedhimselfwlththeOrient, American Jewish life and is giving i especially with Palestine, and he fittmg expressmntothem.  was appreciated as a savant in those " " " ::%::::::::::::::::::::::::m::{ fields by his academic colleagues. "Will you kindly convey for me to  "I think even todav he looks back to our friends on the coast my saluta- -- upon the very interesting position tations and greetings on the occasion ::iii!i!  .... which he occupied under Professor of thls celebratlon. Ijoinwlthyou and ii: LangleY,smithsonianln Institute, connection as with one the of all other Jews in America in a prayer i that Dr. Adler be granted continued i!: the high spots in his intellectual life. There he watched the first health and strength for the fulfilhnent mmmm::.:.____ airplane, built on the right principle of his manifold labors in the service Louis J Moss though with wrong details, make o " " " ...... its flight, and there he felt the many f Israel and of all mankmd. leJlX IVI warDurg promises that the natural sciences JUDGE IRVING LEHMAN, Justice of the New York Court of Ap- were holding out for the next decades. The sciences have kept their pro- peals, prominent in American Jewish affairs and brother of Gov. Herbert Lehman of New York: "In celebrating the seventieth birthday raises and so has he. "He evidently preferred to become the servant of his co-religionists of Dr. CvrusAdlervou are honoring a Jewish leader who is deserving of every rather than lead a life of more or less leisure and scientific research, and honor. I wish that I could be with you to testifv in person to the great set- he stands today a beautiful example of devotion to hls rellgin, t his friends vices he has rendered. and to his brethren. His health might be bette, his favorite sport, his game "I has been my privilege to be associated with l)r. Adler for many ),ears. of golf, more successful, if he had not spent days and nights brooding and In 1901 tie took the lead in reorganizing the Jewish Theological Seminary planning for relief work for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Corn- of America and though at that time I was avervvoungman he did me the mittee, American Jewish Committee, Jewish Theological Seminary and the honor to invite me to become a member of the new Board of Trustees. I Jewish Publication Society. have served in that capacity for39years and I know how much he has done "If we had a few thousand Cyrus Adlers, there would be no anti-Semi- to preserve in this country the great idelas and traditions of Israel. Gene- tism and there would be an understanding created between the best in social service, in science and in religion, which would knit the different parts of the community together in warm friendship, such as he has awakened in, so many people and certamly n me. SOi, M. STROOCK, director, Jewish Theological Seminary and noted Jewish leader: "I am very happy at the celebration which is being held in honor of the seventieth birthday anniversary of Dr. Cyrus Adler, president of this seminary. Dr. Adler's eminent services to American Juda- ism and indeed to Jews throughout the world have been such that he needs nofurtherencomium. In every field of Jewish life, philanthropic, cultural scholarly and reiigious--he has been in the forefront. His varied interests have brought him to the leadership of the American Jewish Committee and to positions of great influence in the Joint Distribution Committee and the Fewish Agency for Palestine. "The Board of Directors of the Seminary have ahvays felt it a great pri- Alege to have him as president of this Seminary where he is able to impress his personality on the present and future religious teachers of our people. I am happy to hear that you on the Pacific Coast as well as we in the East appreciate his gifts, his energy and his devotion to our people." rations yet to come will bless his memory for that work. "When the Jewish Agency was formed, Dr. Adler's intense love for the Holy Land and his desire to cooperate in its upbuilding impelled him again to take the leadership of the Agency here. He has never swerved from his devotion to that cause. Perhaps his deepest interest in the institutions of Palestine has been in the Hebrew Jewish University of Jerusalem. As amem- ber of the Agency and also of the Advisory Board of the University I can again testify that there has been no call which Dr. Adler was not ready to answer. "Perhaps his 1hOSt conspicuous activity has been with the American Jewish Committee. His time, his thought, his energies and his wise counsel have aiways been freely given to that cause. In the tragic situation of the German-Jews, he has rendered services which are more valuable because Mrs. Warburg Gives $100,000 To Hebrew U. NEW YOP, K (\\;V.N.S.) -The sum of $100,000 as a contribution toward the gencral budget o the Ilebrew University was voted this week at the annual meeting of the executive committee of the American Friends of lhe tlebrew Unixersity, of which Dr. A. S. \\;V. Rosenbach is president. Individuals and communities throughout the country have pledged themselves to cooperate in raisine that sum. A joint committee of the American Jewish Physicians Com- mittee and Hadassah will also under- take to raise $200,000 for a Univer- sity hospital. Among the gifts announced at the meeting were 8100,000 by Mrs. Felix M. Warburg, $2,000 by l)rs. Nathan Ratnoff, Dr. Israel S. 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