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October 31, 1924     The Jewish Transcript
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October 31, 1924

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Page Two h ](tWlSl) :ranstrlpl .&apos;The,.pap.,..,..O, Pac,,o Oct. 31, 1924 Helen Ardelle Chocolates The Last Word on the Sweet Side of Life Helen Ardelle Chocolates Represent The Standard of Excellence 41st & University Way MElrose 8200 miiiiImiii at BAGDAD 3rd at Madison NOW SERVING fln Noon Lunches fln vv. 11A. M. TILL2 P. M. vvv SUPPER--DANCING 7 P. M. TILL 12:30 A. M. To the Whispered Harmony of RAY ROBINSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA "An Exceptional Orchestra" mmmmmmm mmm mmmm BEACON 1704 The INDEPENDENT DAIRY, Inc. WHOLESALE A.ND RETAIL Pasteurized Milk, Cream AND Fresh Creamery Butter 708 RAINIER AVE. SEATTLE, WASH. ELiot 0158 (3o,,,l,li,nenthlg Miss Gertrude Del- Edu ICe lar, whose engage,nent to Mr. lie,'- caliona nler bert Cheim, of Tacoma, was recently ...... announce(l, Mrs. Nathan Lefohn JUNIOR BOY SCOUTS entertained with a Mah Jongg lunch- coil ail(| linen shower at her heine) A g]ou]) tff ht)ys btd.wetm the aes Thursday, October 30. Covers were ()f S; and ll years ]rove forme(I under laid for forty. (he Ica(hwship of Miss llehm Snlyes, student of the S,)cit)logy l)(!l)art- Miss Lucille (]ewu'tz, of Portland ment at the lhdversity t)f Wnshing- is visiting her cousin, Miss N'ttalie ton. The grt)ul) will I)e (.rain('(l t() Cheim, of Tacoma, and Miss Ger- bc (mlere(l inh) the r(guhtr Bt)y trude ])ellar of this city. Sct)uis. Miss Rose l)a)gers is entertaining YOUNG HEBREW at her home S'tur(lay aftcrnt)on LITERARY CLUB Noveml)er l, with a M'dl Jongg and I)ridge. The Young I[el)rew ],iterary Chd) met last Sunday "d, the E(lu,.ation Coml)limenting Miss Alice MoLtel- C(mter for ih( I,Url)osc of reorganiza- sohn, whose engagement was recently titm. renounce(i, Miss Jeanette Tayh)r is entertaining with a Mah Jongg and bridge at her home, Saturday, No- vember 8. Mrs. R'mhel Sehoen left last week for Spokane, where she is the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. Litchenstein. Miss Millie I)avis left last. Satur- day for San Francisco. Mrs. (Jove St,me entertained with a dinner I)arty at her home, Saturday evening, Octot)er 25. Covers were placed for twenty. Due it) Ihe kindness t)f the Mcl,ro- l),)li('m The:fire (',,,ml):tny, 65 of our S,I)l)at.h S('ht)(,l chihlr(!n enj,)y(!(l the l)()l'f(}rllHlll(R) of the 'I'r(!l! (A)Inll)Itnd= ments" l,tst SM,ur(l'Ly aft(wnoon. Ice crea)n was SUl)l)lic(l by (he Se- al,tie Ice (h'(!am Coml):my. Tim chihlr(m ,)f l.h( l';(lu(':tl.itmal (',,mter as well as tim l,)ard exl)ress their thanks to the M((r,)l)olitnn 'rh,,ttre and the SeaIJl( Ice Cr(uun (',,)ml)any. NEIGHBORHOOD DRAMATIC CLUB ()ur Neighl)orhoo(1 l)ramatie Clul) Mr. Jay Elr,,ff, ,)f this ciiy, return- un(le)' the h,uhrship of Miss Yhma ed last Sa(.ur(l'ty from an exten(h:d Marin)(,wa h.ts rehe'u's'ds on visit in eastern cities. While ttway (he l)]ay, "M.ulame Butterfly." The Mr. IrAreff was tim guest ,)f relatives music for the I)lay will bc furnished in Buffah) an,l Chicago. by the lkhma(imml C(mtcr Music School under the dir(:(d.ion of l)rof. Mrs. Jacob Kalina and small E. Friedland. daughter are leaving Sal,urday, No- Visitors are wel(onLe on M,)n(lay vember 1, for New York Cit.y) to be evenings during r(:hcarsals. gone three monlhs. ()n Tuesday (wening, ()ctober '.)8, Mrs. Sqmuel Waiters entertained a very int(w(sting talk w:Ls given t() with a bridge hmcheon at her home ,,ur Senior Boys and (lids Clubs I)y l'st Tucs(l'ty f()r Mrs. Jacol)Kalina, l)r. Chief l[orse Grey Eagle on who is h:aving shortly for an extend- "indian Law." led visit, in the East. To advertise in the Jewish Trans- cript is to produce results. EL tot 0942 ACME CARTAGE CO., Inc. TRANSFER AND STORAGE FURNITURE MOVING 315 Occidental Ave. Take Home Some of BOLDT'S Coffee Cake and Bread Also--when hungry --Think of Boldt's Places For Banquets call Jim Boldt Elliott 2064 VOTE FOR MALCOLM DOUGLAS For Judge of the Superior C,o-00t, ((}l)l)osing Judge B,)yd J. Tallman) Douglas says: "When e.leet- ed, I shall work for more justice anti fewer technicalities, more sl)ecd in handling the business of the courts, and the l)lacing of men above dollars." MALCOLM DOUGLAS IS BROAD-MINDED, WELL TRAINED, CAPABLE, INDEPENDENT AND UNBIASED HE WILL MAKE A GOOD JUDGE Vote for him. (Paid Advertising) ReistrdAt)n for the ](hlcalion'd Center Must(' S,.h,),,l in n,)t yet (u)m- :,hd.r(l aim :tny,me wishing to r('gi ter may ,Io st) tit the C(mt.e.r's ollic( or see Pr(,fessor E. Fric(lhmd) (lir(c- tor. An invitation l.o .all ,Icwish c()lhgc graduates has l)(:en issuc,l I)y the Zel.a l))el. Tau Irraternity (,o its ammal hom( ctm)in night, whivh will tal<e l)hw, l,'riday (w(iling, N,)- vember 7, at the (Huq)t(r house, 5021 171h Avenu( Nortlmast. Mr. and Mrs. lmtis Sadick enter- t.:dned with a (hinting imrty 'tt their hi)me last Sal.ur(hLy evening, ('Oml)li- mcnting their cousin, Miss Edith Segel, t)f l>,osh)n, who is their house- guest. About 25gucsl.sw()rel)resenl. Tim Schaso Club will h,)hl its an- nual .'ffternt)on Bri(le and Mah .longg, Tuesday, November 4, at the Teml)le ()enter. 'rh( a(hnissitm will be tifty cents. Stuff.lie IIel)rew l,enevohm(. So(d- t(y will hohl its regular monthly meeting, Wednesday, Novemb(!r 5, al. the T(m)l,le (hmtcr. A st)cial hour will folb)w. Women's Clubs The Nat)rot groul) llad- 'tssah (]hal)ter is starting a member- shi 11 drive with lots of I)el) after a hmg summer vacation. ()ur first en- deavor will be a hmcheon .tt; the Elks Ch,b, Novend)cr 1, at one o ch)ek. Mrs. Rall)h Lewis, (,al)H,ol 1611, chairman of the entertainment committee, is in charge of tiffs affair and yotl may I)e sure of a delicious hlncheon and sl)len(lid l)rogram. We want every Jewish woman to come to this hlllcheon and get ac- quainted with us and with the work we are doing. We feel sure you will want to join us when you realize the important work Hadassah is doing in l'alestine. Council Standing Committees Named The Seal.l.le Section ,)f the Nation.d Commil of Jewish Women hehl its first regul,tr meeting of the year Thurs(hty, ()(d,ober 16, in the Teml)le Cenl.(w. A large numl)er of meml)ers attcnd(,d. Standing (:ommitt(:es ft)r the year al)l)ointed by the l)r(si(lent were as folh)ws: The iirst named in Clmirnum. Progr:un--Mrs. Sol (L Spring, Mrs. Carl S(:hermer, Mrs. Louis It. l'lcch- ner, Miss ( Selig. lLeligi(m and E(hwation--Mrs. Sam Blum, Mrs. Carl S(dmrmel', Mrs. A. Dinkelsl)icl. l'hihmthrt)l)y--Mrs. M. S. Bernstein Mrs. A. Dinkelsl)icl, Mrs. Emil Mayer, Mrs. Emile Marx, Mrs. Al= I)ert Schuhaeh, Mrs. Itall)h A. Scho(:nfehl, Mrs. A. Seitzick, Mrs. S. Ostrow, Mrs. J. R. l[ohnes, Mrs. Julius Sh'ffcr, Mrs. Samuel Stone Mrs. L. It. Plechn(r. Immigrant Aid--Mrs. Ihmry Gerst- man, Mrs. A. lreid(d, Mrs. ]). Schloisberg, Mrs. A. Axelrod, Mrs. S. AdaLLo, Mrs. ]Hmon Wicnir Mrs. Alfons Schwarz. Auto Corl)s of almve--Mrs. O. S. (h'unl)aum, Mrs. J. ]erkman, Mrs. L. K. Brin, Mrs. A. M. ]ri(.k. L('gis]ation--Mrs. B. Flohr, Mrs. C. Col)lin , Mrs. Leo M. Stern, Mrs. Arthur G. Cohen. M(mfl)crshil)--Mrs. Stanh:y llumen- thal, Mrs. A. Axelrt)d, Mrs. S. S. Adatto, Mrs. William Mitt(d- berger, Mrs. Sigismund Aronson Mrs. Sam Brown. Temple Aid--Mrs. I. Seitzicl% Mrs. Max Mar(His. Civic 'rod Communal Affairs--Mrs. Max A. Silver, Mrs. L. M. Stern Mrs. ](]mile Marx. J)omestic ILelations (ourt--Miss Fan- hie ])egginer, Mrs. Emil Bories. ]),lind .rod Deaf--Mrs. John l)anz Mrs. S. ][. Berch. Sick Visiting--Mrs. Charh:s Hoch- I)erg, Mrs. Willium Mi(,telberg(w. l'hone MAin 9996 1337 3rd Avenue Res. ME lrsc 5449 Opp. Post Office DR. JAMES SENDER Oplometrlst and Eyesilht Specialist Itours 9 A. M. to (i P. M. In Larnc's Jewelry Storc SEATTIA,; for COSTUMES of all kinde eee LUEBEN COSTUMING CO. Estmblished 1889 1928 Third Ave., SEATTLE Main 7041 WE4R ,i,,,,.,,0 .... RPENCER [ individnal need, " ' "/  I 409 R ejuveno Arcade Building ['/") ]-'rl.  Next toElevator. I 1 I['C I/CI CLASSIFIED FOR RENT--Lower Duplex, five rooms, sleeping porch, fire place, beautiful view of Lake. $50.00 per month. Phone East 7112 or Beacon 3246. l)eace "rod Art)itrati,m--Mrs. M. ]). ]mrash, Mrs. J. V. L. Grunb'mm, Mrs. M. (crber, Miss ]L Waxm'm. ])isabh:d Veterans--Mrs. S. Chtusner, Mrs. ]L. Boog, Mrs. L. K. Brin, Mrs. A. Axelrod, Mrs. J. ]h;rnb'dun, Mrs. Ben ]LoLhenl)erg, Miss Jo.mna lckstein 'rod Miss Dora Zeevc. Miss lte]en BornsLein and Miss Clara Lurie. Travelh, rs Aid--Mrs. A. Dinkehq)iel. War Orl)hans--Mrs. Robert Lurie, Mrs. J. ]).mz, Mrs. l[. Schneider. lLeligious Schools--Mrs. M. (erbcr. Greeters--Mrs. Jos. lh,rnl)'mm, Mrs. Ben 1Lothenbcrg. Social--Mrs. Garde, Mrs. B. Lin(hml)(rger, Mrs. L. S. Schwabachcr, Mrs. J. Shafcr, Mrs. H. A. Sclmcnfehl, Mrs. Victor Sta.Meck(.r, Mrs. M. Ahxander, Mrs. EnHle Marx. Motor Corps--Mrs. Emile Marx, Mrs. A. Sehuba(.,h, Mrs. L. Barde, S. Ostrow, Mrs. F. - ......................... MATTRESSES Made to Order, Rebuilt and Recovered. We call for and deliver. PACIFIC MATTRESB & UPHOLSTERING C0, 6101 E. Margin'd Way GLendale 0241 Mmo, Hess' Day and Boarding School 431 HARVARD AVENUE NORTH For Girls tMld Small Boys. ](in(lorgarton, all Grades and ]]igh School department. Sports, Music, Dancizlg, F()reign I,alzguagos. Opens Sept. 10. Send for Catalog. Phone We Manufacture BEacon 0641 Window Shades R. K. JOHN Upholsterer Overstuffed Parlor Furniture 2713-2715 Jackson St. Seattle, Wash. CORRECT FORMS FOR WEDDING INVITATIONS, ANNOUNCE- MENTS AND SOCIAL STATIONERY 1515 Fifth Avenue Society Stationery Shop MAin 9248 PANTORIUM DYE WORKS, INC. CLEANERS AND l)YERS OF GARMENTS, RUGS AN]) ttOUSEHOLD FURNISIIINGS Phone MAin 7680 for Driver. Call OtIicc 1419 Fourth Avenue or l)rivc to 1)lant (170 l)cnny Way, near Wcsllakc. NEW AND USED STORE FIXTURES AT TIIE RIGIIT PRICE /icme Store Fixture Co. R. W. DEAI,IORN, Prop. Phone MA in 6608 Weslake & 6th Ave., at 1906 Near Farmers' & Wcstlake Markets King County's Fine Suburban Cafe WILLARDS, INC. Located on the Bothell Highway Adjoining Seattle City Limits DINNERS DANCES BANQUETS BREAKFASTS AND LUNCHEONS Is Your Silverware il As Complete As It Should be? m Ill r)H.IIAI'S you arc jusl starting out upon your carcer m . as 11 hostess. Then you have the opportunity of Ill sclccling ),our silverware from an almost unlimited Ill wtrielv of beautiful designs. In addition to the nlany tll exquisite slyles we always carry, wc have llOW oi1 display Ill ncw designs of unusual inlcrcst and charm. Ill Ill FRANI( J. VICTOR, Inc., JEWELERS Ill 1202 SI'C()NI) AVENUI' Phone MAin 4320 Defeat Seattle's Grab for Power Vote Ag a i nst Initiative and Hold Down Your Taxes Citizens' Committee Against Initiative No. 52 0ct. 31, ,ata 0 $3 FilleSt tic l"al) M,(le 11 sold 1) 10 to 3 yo 1. eco Univ TWEN FI:()M Argentin Is Buenos Ai Immigratior creased gre figures of t] Uent of tl Pul)lish(,d h( The total ] sellgers of COuntry in these, 281,5' 63,138 'ere The number eOlllltry WaS Were foreig Argeutinian, The immit and, Russia. l.ll(!re) se(t. llhllligran ts from Russia IJkrain!:!: The Finan( ish eommuni eontril)ution the Karen 1 the Jerusalen tie who st' 0ae well-time the loquaeior Lavater. Ma Demand Mayf 1982 Nin Absence c All Modet HYdraulic C Willi