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October 28, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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October 28, 1938

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OCTOBER 28, 1938 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAG SEVl usive: Read Letters Of Nazi Network c uments Kept Secret By Dies Are Revealed (Continued from Page 1) it was given $25,000 of public funds to search out just such ac- lIore, the Committee deliberately refused to question three sus- ted spies working in the Brooklyn Navy Yard after they had been al-spies who kept blueprints of American warships over- and were questioned about them on mysterious trips to Germany Year. As has already been shown, the Congressional Committee sur- itself with a web of Nazi propagandists, stoolpigeons, strike- detectives and persons who have been working closely with secret agents in the United States. The Committee&apos;s chief investigator, Edward Francis Sullivan, of convicted thief and Nazi propagandist, cooperated and worked h Nazi agents in this country at the time one of these agents, whose the Committee has, was exposed as a Nazi spy and propagandist. The whole, almost incredible, set-up of a Congressional Commit- SUpposed to investigate Nazi propagandists, which surrounded With such propagandists and then deliberately suppressed mat- they are supposed to investigate, has not yet been explained Committee. Let me, briefly, tell the story of one of these agents whose letters Germany have been suppressed, from the time Sullivan was organizing Nazi groups in Boston and active in spreading pro- and anti-Semitic propaganda in New York. ['he propaganda and minor espionage division of the Nazi web in Bc States was in the hands of Carl Guenther Orgell, of Great S.I. :ell had been a Nazi spy during the World War and shortly after got into power was given the job of directing the smuggling of o: s and the sending of reports via Nazi ships entering New rk. Working with him was a choice collection of other spies and pro- !nUdists, most of them members of the Friends of the New Germany later changed its name to the German American Bund. 0rgell's identity was so closely guarded in those days that few even the high Nazi agents knew of his importance. At the time the Dies Committee's chief investigator was active as a i organizer, Orgell lived at 607 West l15th St., and was obstensibly for Raymond Roth & Co., 25 West 45th St., as an electrical He had a secret cache carefully hidden in Great Kills, Sta- :sland, where his records and reports were kept. ell as well as many other Nazi agents and spies operated through owned and controlled North German Lloyd ships. 0n March 16, 1934 as the "Europa" prepared to sail at midnight, was awaited on the boat by a steward heading the Nazi Gruppe vessel. The Gruppe is the political cell on a ship which has more power than the captain. 0n that night Orgell took four letters from his pocket, reports Nazi agents in the United States, and casually slipped them to gtoward who just as casually put them in his pocket for delivery Gestapo in Germany. aention Orgell's past activities as a secret Nazi agent because I )osed him four years ago. McCormick Congressional Committee which investigated sub- activities four years ago knew about him. chief investigator for the Dies Committee and convicted and Nazi propagandist was, strangely enough, put on the Dies through the intercession of Congressman McCormick, of s. with all these people knowing about Orgell, the documentary Bace tieing him up with un-American activities over a long period have been inexplicatly deliberately suppressed. 0rgell never ceased to work for the Nazi propaganda division direct- ropaganda in this country from Berlin and Stuttgart, though he quiet for about a year after his exposure. go into great detail of his activities during the intervening years only heaping coals upon a fire which has burned steadily with from Germany. a]ortant startling thing is that the Dies Committee knew of documentary evidence of it, evidence which led to other Nazi and covered the whole thing with what they apparently hoped a veil of impenetrable secrecy. hsther the appearance of the Orgell and Gissibl documents were because of SuUivan's connection with the Congressional or whether the Committee simply was not interested in Fascism and Nazism but only in smearing the Roosevelt ad- has not been explained. documents which the Dies Committee has carefully hidden in are letters from E. A. Vennekohl in charge of the foreign divi- "Volksbund fur das Deutschtum im Ausland" with headquarters 828 THIRD AVE. Tha pie that husbands CAN'T CIGARS t. _ ts One thing is certain--the pie that makes a hit has flaky, tender crust. The kind you make when your flour is FISHER'S BLEND. Selected wheats and an exclusive Fisher milling formula make Blend an every-purpose flour--as good for pies and cakes as for breads. Buy a sack today--five couvenient sizes. And remember, it's the blend that makes... ' I in Stuttgart, and from Orgell to Peter Gissibl, head of the Nazi Bund in Chicago, located at 3855 N. Western Ave. Gissibl, too, was in constant touch with Nazi propaganda head- quarters in Germany, receiving instructions and reporting not only on general propaganda activities, but, especially, upon the opening, by the Nazis here, of schools for children in which Nazi propaganda could be disseminated. i The letters follow: The first is dated October 29, 1937 and was sent by Orgell from his home at Great Kills, S. I., to which he had retired after he had been exposed as a spy. "Dear Mr. Gissibl: "Many thanks for your prompt reply. My complaint that one cannot get an answer from Chicago refers to the time prior to May, 1937. "I assume from your writing that it is not opportune any more to deliver further books to the Arbeitsgomeinschaft, etc. "The material which Mr. Balderman received came from the V. D. A. (Nazi propaganda center in Germany ..... Editor.). It has boon sent to our Central Book distributing place (Mirbt). If he wishes he can get more any time ; that is, if you recommend it. "The 30 books for your Theodor Koerner School, which arrived this summer (via the German Consulate General in Chicago) also came Europe's 6,000,000 Jews Tremble After Munich "Peace" (Continued from P.tge 1) the so-called 'l)eaee' of Munich. If this is true of the wurhl 'it large, how milch more reason is there for such a feeling to prev'dl among Jews? For if there is anyone, mxt to the Czechs themselves, who have suf- fered from the settlement of the Czech erisis, it is certainly the Jews. As yet it is diffi(.ult to see all the con- seqttences of the event for them, but enough is ah'eady visible to make every Jewish heart heavy with fore- boding. The immediate prol)lem which the so-called 'peacC of Mmfieh has crea- ted for the Jews is a new Jewish question in Czechoslovakia itself. That euuntry had before l)etween 380,000 and 400,000 Jews who formed about 4 per cent of the population. Czechoslovakian Jews have never known anti-Semitism; they have al- ways enjoyed equal political and cultural rights with the other na- tionalities in the country. Economically, certain sections of Czechuslowfldan Jewry, particular- ly those who lived in the Sudeten German l)art of the (.ountry, were very well off. They controlled some of the big- gest industries of the country (such as the glass industry fur which Sude- ten Germany is famous). They were numerous in (.ommerce and strongly represented in the l)refes- sions. The country has now undergone a terrible operation. Its most indus- trial part, Sudetenland, has been cut off. Most of the big industries and commercial cities have gone to Germany. The Sudeten Jews, the richest sec- tion of Czeehoslowkian Jewry, have all already evacuated their homes never again to return. All, without exception have run for their lives into Czechoslovakia. So have also the Jews of the district of Tesehen now occupied by the Poles. The new, amlmtated, much small- er and much poorer Czechosh)vakia will now have a much bigger Jewish population than it had before. With the thousands of refugees from practically every country in Central Europe pouring into that little remnant of a dcmoeratie state, the new Czechoslovakia may soon have I)etween eight and ten per cent of its l)olmlation Jewish. Will the small, impoverished coun- try be able to SUl)port such a I)OpU- lation which is 1)rimarily engaged in cummeree and in the professions? This is not a remote theoretical question, lint one which is facing Czeehosh)valdan Jewry ahnost im- me(liaiely. There are certain ahu'ming indi- e.tions that the small, I)etrayed and embitlered Czechoslovakia is it- self in a mood to dessert the prin- eil)le of democracy and to turn to Nazi Germany. ()he wants to hol)e that this will not I)e the case and that the Czeeho- slowtkian ])eople will not pour out their bitterness on the Jews. But even if no violent anti-Semitic movement springs up in Czechosio- wdda, the country will not 1)e al)le to SUl)l)ort eeonomieslly so big a elass of eommerci:d an(I professional peol)le. Soon thousands Ul)on thou- Pike Place PUBLIC MARKET FroST and PIKm FRESHIR FOODS LOWER PRICES "MEET THE PRODUCER" s.tnds ,)f .Jewish families will have to seek lmmes overseas. The next l)laee of a big Jewish emigration will cer- tainly I)e Czechosh)wtkia. This will be the very first effect of the. Munich "peace". The rush may not be so wihl as from Austria and it: may not be ac- (:oml)anied I)y the same scenes of cruelty and inhumanity, but it will be no less urgent eeononfiea[ly. The question whether the Czecho- slowddan state as a whole will be able to stan<l the cruel amlnltation which it is now undergoing is a ques- tion of grave doul)t to many. The question whether Czechoslovakian Jewry will be al)le to withstan<l the operation is still more doubtful. I3ismarek has said that 'lie who will rule 13ohemia, will rule Europe.' Hitler rules Bohemia now and he will certainly rule every country ar<nmd it. and this me'ms "t terri- tory which contains the great bulk of European Jewry. The full effec.t of this eahunity eannot as yet I)e envis.tged. It will doul)tless occupy many tragic pages in future Jewish history. At the moment only a single in- cident can serve to illustrate the trend of events in that part uf Eu- r o pc. Before the Czechoslowtkian crisis reached its highest l)oint, Poland was on the verge of m'ddng a change in its interred politics. The more democratic forces seem- ed to have asserted themselves; the tendency to flirt with Germany was discouraged; the Sejm was dissolved, and the new Parliament promised to I)e more rel)resentative of the peo- ple and of the democratic, elements in the country. The anti-Jewish boycott and phy- sical att'teks upon Jews which had disgraced Poland during the last two years, diminished somewhat and it looked as if the country was tak- ing a new CoIIrse. The Czechoslowtkian crisis came ah)ng with the failure of the demo- cratic states and with the vietory of l,'ascism and reaction. The Polish Nationalists put up a demand for Tesehen (on the prin- cil)le of 'National Minorities'. th)w the Devil must have laughed when the l'oles invoked that l)rineiple). it was SUl)l)orte(I by Nazi Germany (.mother ul)holder of that sacred i)rineip]e), an(I Poland has gained her l)oint. The natural result is that Poland has now detlnitely tin'ned from France and the democratic cmmtries and has thrown herself entirely into the arms of Nazi Ger- lllally. The Pelish Nationalists are onee more in the ascendancy, and once more a wave of physical l)ogroms of the Jews is sweeping 1)oland. It is no mere accident that the l)al- riotic Polish demonstrations for Tes- cheu were everywhere aceontl)allie(I l>y demonstrations against and t)eat- ing of the Jews. It is a logical se- quence of the "l)eaee" of Munich. This is an illustration of the gen- eral trend now in Central .tnd East- ern l,;urol)e. That vast l)art of Eu- rope is rapidly drifting under Nazi influence and control, and this means t strengthening uf general reaction and l)artieuhu'ly of anti-Semitism. The first signs now come from Po- land a few days after the Mmfich set- tlement. What will that "peace" bring for the Jews? ((h)pyright, 1938). WHAT'S IN A NAME? Synagogue Strect is the mmw of a street in Ansonville, Ont. It derives its name froln the ,Jewish syaagoglle whieh is situated on it. Nazi Spies In America Operate On German Boats from the V. D.A. If you need more first readers or study books, please, write directly to me. Your request then goes immediately--without the official way via the Consulate and Foreign Office--to our Central Book distributing place. Please say how many you need and what else beside the first readers and primers you need. I will take care that it will be promptly attended to. Fritz Kuhn, of course, had to be inform- ed of your request and has to give his okay. "With German greetings, Orgell." Five days earlier Orgell had written to Gissibl: "You, may, perhaps, remember that I am in charge of the work for the 'Volksbund fur day tum im Ausland' (People's Bund for Germans Living Abroad) for the U. S. A." On March 18, 1938, Gissibl, who has been taking instruction from Orgell, received the following letter from Stuttgart: "Dear Peter: "From your office manager, Comrade Moiler, I received a letter dat- ed Feb. 15. He informed me among other things that an interchange of youth is out of the question for this year. I regret this very much. I would have liked to see, in the interest of our common efforts, if we would have had youth all ready this year, especially also from your dis- trict. Perhaps it is still possible with your support. The time of course which is still at our disposal is very limited. This I can see clearly. "I will write to you again in greater detail soon. In the meantime you can perhaps transfter to me more detailed information about the development of your school during the past weeks; I recommended again the fulfillment of your justified wishes wholeheartedly. Lot us hope that the result might be achieved very soon towards which we in common strive. "Hearty greetings from house to house, "In loyal Comradeship, "Yours, DNIO G. MOSHACK." On May 20, 1938, E. A. Venneckohl (of the People's Bund for Ger- mans Living Abroad) wrote to Gissibl as follows : "Dear Comrade Gissibl: "We wrote you yesterday that the 3,000 badges for the singing fes- tival would be sent to you via Orgell; for various reasons we have now divided the badges in ten single packages of which two each went to the following addresses : Frederich Schlenz, Karl Moeller, Karl Kraenzh, Orgell and two to you. "Please inform your coworkers respectively and take care that if duties have to be paid they should be laid out; please see to it that Or- gell refunds the money to you later; this was the simplest and the only way by which the badges could be sent in order to arrive in time. "With the German people's greetings, "E. A. VENNEKOHL." These documents in the possession of the Dies Committee, show definite tie-ups between German propaganda divisions and agents in the United States, some of the propaganda being received through the Nazi diplomatic corps, yet these documents were suppressed l NEXT WEEK: Further revelations of the far flung Nazi web with which the Dies Committee has surrounded itself! ODIN THORSTENSON PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS MEDICINES, SICK-ROOM SUPPLIES 614 OUve Way SE 2722 Seattle Since 1885 SEATTLE TRkNSFER COMPANY Pool Car Dimtribtaion. Packin and 8hipping. Cr,rd Hauling. 24 W. Conn. 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