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October 28, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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October 28, 1938

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11>i! j'c :' /:7 In The News Of The Week "jl.% 2. r : : t,, ad Mrs. Nai;Ean Ld'it,4ng- heads of Seattle's two Miz- units and l)illars of the Or- Jewish community, today an "adopted son." He in L. Wigodsky, who five languages, holds a D. degree and who met his and aunt for the first tinm years ago when they visited home in Warsaw on a trip the worhl. Two weeks tile bright-eyed young Polistt set foot (m Amerie:ln soil for the first time, today is attend- ing day school to learn the langu- age of the country which is to be his new hi)me, lie is one of fern' chihh'cn. The Lcvitts :rrc chihl- less. Jake Kline, rose,-raising, deel)-voiccd veterau of the hectic Khmdike gold rush days, who came to Seattle 54 years ago and was 't nlelnber of Seattle's v(ihmteer fire department that stood helplessly by when the ('ity Imroed to the ground in the grc'd; tire of '89, was busy today putting last-minute touches on the ti,'st .muual ball of the Pioneer Association of WasMngton, to be held Friday, Nov. 18, at Masonic Temple. Pioneer Kline is chair- man of the ball, which will cele- [)rate the 50th .mniversary of Washington as q. state. James A. Wood, Scattlc Times associate editor, is Association i)resident. $ $ $ Miss Ethel Farber, young, I)rown- eyed former slate chamllion typist, sister-in-law of Tacoma's Rabbi Baruch Treiger and secretary to Presi(tent Lee Paul Sieg at the University of Wastfington, decked herself in black sequins, with a short veil hanging intriguingly from a tiny sequin headdress last Thursday, stood in a receiving line with President and Mrs. Sieg as 700 visitors met 120 faculty mem- I)crs at the l)residcnt's annuRl re- ception, honoring new faculty mem- bers. Regent Alfred Shcmanski (.Continued on Pge $) Eb ]wish Cranscripl Combined With THE JEWISH CHRONICLE XV, No. 35 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, OCTOBER 28, 1938 $2 a year; 5c, single copy Is Urged Eckstein Rickles Will Rift At Torah eeoc and harmon 3 ...... hat keynote, a tense 3!./2-hour meeting at tit(,, Seattle Tal- Torah Monday night, which 150 persons who packed the room, hulnched a m(ivcment up difficulties between fac- of tile daily Hebrew school's rifted since the dismissal principal and : teacher Max Levin, dentist, who is of the Tahnud Torah, was by tile meeting to name committee" of six to iron ;differences among Tahnud Torah chair, lie named to head M. Gcnaucr, bearded whom he described to the as "a friend of many of the who are our critics," but Dr. Levin said, "we can rely fairness." Oenauer, however, declined ((]ont. on Page 5, Col. 5) Mayor Langlie [xges Open Talk At Special Sessi, m Door In Zion By JOE PARKER P. Allen Ricldes and Nathan Eck- stein, two of tile hlcal community's top-ranking leaders, will share the sl)eaker's rostrl,m at a meeting of Seattle L()dge B'nai B'rith, Wednes- day at 8:15 p. m. at Teml)le Center-- a meeting which contains an clement of mystery because officers of the organization requested 't minimum of lmlllicity l)e given it. Tlm Transcript learned from a re- liable source to(t'ly that Mr. Rickles, past l)resident of District No. 4 and head of the h)cal anti-defamation committee, who returned yesterday from New York, where he attended a sl)ecial meeting of B'nai B'rith leaders from all districts in the na- lion, will report the proceedings. Mr. Eckstein, once voted "Seattle's leading citizen" and head of the city's oldest mereantile firm, will speak on a subject which Max Silver, Seattle Lodge lu'esident, only would nay, "concerns the welfare of every Jew in this community." Letters marked "confidential' omen To Be Honored At Herd Sabbath Services to Jewish womanhood, year of.late Friday night at Hcrzl Congregation--an that brought the largest synagogue attendance in the resume Friday, at 8:15 p. m. in Seattle's relive house of worship, Phili I) A. Langh announced he honored by the opening ces will be Mrs. Sol Millet, president of Herzl Sis- and ex-president of Neigh- Playground Activities fro' P. T. A. Sisterhood officers who will introduced are Mrs. Julius first vice president; Mrs. Lewis, second vice president; Louis Blackfield, third vice Mrs. David Kronfield, re- secretary; Mrs. Philip Two- corresponding secretary; Mrs. Ambrose, financial secretary; PLAIN TALK Ry ALFRED SEGAL about New York on my recent vacation I dis- covered Riverside Church. I a towering edifice I had in the distance and came to Church which is on River- around tile corner from University. it had already been there when I found it, for I am a country boy who doesn't get around much. I stood breathless in the vast majesty of Riverside Church and felt that I couht ahnost become a Christian there. Riverside Church is like an old Gothic cathedral brought 1, SiVa I over and scrubbed to look fresh. My of spiritual kinship was re- by Riverside Church it- 41ng the carvings of Christian ((]ont. on Page 6, Col. 3) NATHAN ECKSTEIN .. he'll air his vlewsl were mailed this week to 700 B'nai B'rith melnbers, it was learned, as well as to scores of men not affiliatc(l with the Order urging them to at- t e]l d. An audience of nearly 500 men and women heard l)r. J. Brett Kenna, minister of University Temple M.F, Church, give his observations of the European political situation at the last meeting of Seattle Lodge. The tall, personable preacher, pre- dicted that the expansion of Gel'- many will go on, much of it with the assent of England, France and Italy "You are going to witness in the coming years a growing accord in western Europe because of the fear RABBI PHILIP A. LANGH and Mrs. Max Tobias, treasurer. Past presidents of the Herzl Sister- hood--Mrs, lIarry Cohen, Mrs. Max Tobias and Mrs. Philip Tworogcr-- and former chairmen of the Herzl lecture course--Mrs. Abe Freeman, Mrs. Michael Berch and Mrs. Albert J. Rosier--will be toasted. Guest speaker in the synagogue will be Mrs. E. G. Waldron, former i)resident of tile Colffcrence of Wo- men's Organizations, one of the state's leading women. Serviees will bc lead lly Mrs. Michael Berth, former prcsident of ttle Ha(lass'd and fornmr chairman of tile Herzl leeturc course. Kiddush will be chanted by Mrs. P. Allen Rickles, wife of thc presi- dent of the congregation and former Gr.tnd President of the B'nai B'rith. Bible selections will be read by Mrs. Abe Freeman. Greetings will bc brought by repre- sentatives of Jewish women's or- ganizations. Women of the Sister- hood will act as hostesses at tim Sab- bath tea following services. Rabbi Langh Speaks In Vancouver, B. C. Ral)bi Philil) A. Langh spoke Tues- day in Vancouver, B. C. before tile Society of the League of Nations, coral)rising distringuislmd leaders of Vancouver's citizenry. Subjeet of Rabbi Langh's address was "Jewish Contributions to Civilization." The 38-ye:u'-ohl attorney who is St,attic's No. 1 (..ii izen, Mayl)r Arthur B. Langlic, (>his week wired President Franklin D. Roosevelt, asking the nation's Chief Executive to urge Great Britain to keep Palestine's doors Ol)en to 1)ersccuted Jews. Wired Mayor Langlie: Dear Mr. l)residcnt--"M,ly 1 CXl)ress to you my personal sentinlents anti those of my felh)w citizens in Seattle, who, filled with compassion over the ill- justices and l)ersccutions inflicted upon members of the Jewish race in ]ur()l)ean lands, nrge y()u to convey to Great Britain our sincere hope that the doors of l)alcstine will lie kel)t ol)en for the Jewish refugees "and that the Jewish National Home i)olicy ill Palestine be maintained. ARTHUR B. LANGLIE, May,)r of Seattle." Meanwhile, lishot) S. Arthur lfus- Ion of Olympia also sent a lelegram to the White House, urging 1)resident (Continued on Page 8, Col. 1) t::ita for bin di,lg -BUT THE BIG ONES GET AWAYI , By BRESSLER EXCLUSIVE! Reader Letters Of Hitler Agents In U. S. By JOHN L. SPIVAK NEW YORK--The Dies Congressional Committee, which is supposed to investigate un-American activities, has deliberately suppressed documentary evidence of Nazi propaganda in this country. Letters from Nazi propaganda headquarters in Berlin and Stutt- gart, Germany, to agents in the United States and from one agent to another in this country which discuss the shipment of propaganda, including the notorious Primer for school children, are in the posses- sion of the Committee, but have been locked up in their files and kept secret. The letters in the Committee's possession disclose propaganda shipments from Germany by way of the Nazi diplomatic service, and a close tie-up with Fritz Kuhn, head of the German American Bund. This tie-up, generally known now, has continued to grow upon this country like a cancer since Hitler first got into power, and kept on growing the moment the X-ray light of exposure was turned off. The Congressional Committee turned this light off deliberately (Continued on Page 7) Citle.s HeM Mass Meetings To face the cameras in January, i was revealed today. The famed comedian, who rose from London's ghetto to I)ecome a millionaire movie artist, will play two charactcrs---a defenseless little Jew who is mislaken for a I)Owm'ful dictator, and thc di('tator, himself. Featured in the I)urlesque on (lie- taters will be Mrs. Charles Chaplin-- the beauteous, young, dark-haired l)aulettc Goddard (nee l,cvy). Opposed; SENATOR WILLIAM BORAH, Republican, Idaho, ranking min- ority member of the senate for- eign relations committee, warned Jewish leaders Wednesday that mass meetings protesting British policies in Palestine would harm rather than help the Jewish cause. He said such tactics might pre- cipitate foreign entanglements for the United States. sylvania and New Jersey this week unanimously adopted reso- lutions calling upon President Roosevelt to use his best influence to keep open the doors of Pales- rain her traditional Jewish Na- tional Home policy in Palestine. President Walter Dill Scott of Northwestern University and 23 (Cont. on Pqge 8, Col. 1) Pennsylvania, New Jersey Solons Vote On Zion Policy BY WILLIAM ZUKERMAN Transcript Special Writer LONDON--Europe has heaved a sigh of relief. The much dreaded world war whose hot breath one emfld almost feel on one's back a few days ago, has been averted. Peace by negotiation instead of forcc has been obtained. The terrible tension nnder which Europe lived during the last few weeks of tile Czechoslovakian crisis hqs been relieved. People have ceased to dig trench- es, fit gas nmsks, evacuate children, enlist for Air Raid Precaution ser- vice, pore over newspapers and hang over the radio. Only those who lived through the terrible anxiety and ever-growing fear of the last few weeks will under- stand the great feeling of relief which has swept over European peo- ple like a tm'rential stream over- flowing its banks, and has made them forget reason and even good taste in the expression of their emotimm. But gradually this feeling of re- lief is subsiding, and some people at least, are beginning to look at the last events without the overmaster- ing emotions of fear and anxiety which obscured reason and even ordinary comnlon Sense. In many quarters questions are being asked aml doubts are being raised about the greatness of the famous negotiated peace of Munich. What sort of peace is it? What is the price which has been paid for it? How long will it last? And what will it bring in its wake? After tile first moments of'(lrunkml- hess which Mr. Chamber[ain's visit to Munich Ires brought, now comes the sobering up, and it is a l)ainful sol)ering indeed. The time for a complete summiug up of the events has, of course, not yet come. This will prob.tbly be the task of future historians. The contemporary observer can only record that the first outburst of joy over the Munich 'peace' has been greatly, if not hysterically, exaggerated. The feeling among liberal-minded people everywhere now is one like that of tile "morning after" a great debauch: a splitting headache and a bad taste in the mouth. New fears are rising of anxieties and terrors even greater than the allegedly averted world war. Eu- rope, at least liberal Europe, is not at all at ease about the outcome of (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 3) Girl, 25, Is Boxer; Wants To Be Cop By DIANA KLOTTS Transcript Special Writer. NEW YORK.--A girl who may be a New York l)()liceman! That's Regina El)stein, who today is among 315 women who passed the written test fro' l)olicewonmn in New York City. Miss El)stein, 25 years old, is :t lean, well-built, bhm-cyed brunette, who stands 5 feet 2 inches high and weighs 116 pounds. She will add beauty and personal- ity to the l)rofession ef patroling the Empire State if she's one of the final 27 to be chosen after physical ex- aminations. Regina's a boxer--a female boxer. Or at least that's what appeared on her application. She'll tell you: "I studied boxing in a gym. I never was knocked out mysdf, no]' did I (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 4) Man Marks 113th Birthday In N. Y. NEW YORK. -- Pointing with pride to 108 descendants, Benja- min Kotlowitz celebrated his 113th birthday Sunday. Kotlowitz was born in Russia and came to this country in 1905. He attributes his longevity to moderate living and moderate drinking. He does not smoke. "Thou Shalt Not Steal"; But-- SAN FRANCISCO.- A silver plate engraved with the ten com- mandments was reported stolen this week from the Anshe Sford Synagogue. NEW YORK (WNS)--Nation-wide mass meetings to urge Great Britain to keep the gates of Palestine open to Jewish immigration were held Sunday in 450 communities in response to a call issued by the Emerg- ency Committee on Palestine, representing every phase of organized American Jewish life. The meetings were addressed by prominent Jews and non-Jews. Decision to call the nation-wide meetings was reached ate conference of the Committee at which the following organizations were represented by their leaders: American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, B'nai B'rith, Jewish Labor Committee, Hadassah, Zionist Organization of America, Palestine Foundation Fund, Jewish National Fund, Palestine Economic Corporation, Peele Zion, Mizrachi and the Council of the Jewish Agency. The mass meetings were sponsored jointly by these organizations. of Communism. Germany's exl)an- (Cont. on Page, s Col. 6) Charlie Chapiin Wi,' Europe's 6,000,000 Jews ltOLLYWOO1.)--('ha,'Iic (:*,,,,",,, Tremble At Mumch "Peace" hailed as the worhl s greatest panto- mime genius, will take a slap at of the W K III dictators in WASHINGTON, D. C.--The leg- tine for Jewish refugees and to his brag-awaited comedy, which will islatures of the states of Penn- urge upon Great Britain to main- Demand Britain Live Up To Promhe