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October 23, 1961     The Jewish Transcript
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October 23, 1961

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4 .THE TRANSCRIPT Monday, October 23, 1961 . ................... i ....... 27C,;L:; .... ..L ,....: ,,. ,,,., . I/:>:.- ..-, Author of'Modern Jewish Meals" and II I/ the "Jewish Cook Book II II  (cOpyright' 1961' Jewish Telegraphic Agency' Inc') IJ FRESH BEEF TONGUE t Place the tongue in a four- ha traditional Jewish cooking!quart saucepan and cover with the virtues of fresh beef tongue i._1 .., .... z,_: ............ ....... . iuulu v', ctLl..oIIII tU t DOll) nen ::P;tlz 7 ;em:gniCersVve Remove the tongue from the trimmed the tongue is lean, solidi simmer, covered, for two hours. meat which is low in calories, liquid peel off the skin, and slices evenly, and has a delicate cut away the root Measure 2 taste which makes it a perfectlcups of the broth and return foil for highly flavored sauces[this to the saucepan, together and condinents, iwith the tongue and all remain- Like all organ meats, tongue'ing ingredients except the gin- which has not been smoked or ger snaps and almonds. Bring pickled deteriorates q u i c k 1 y to a boil, then simmer, covered, and mut be frozen or uset ifrm 1Vz to 2 hours, until very within twenty-four hours Beef, tender. Add the ginger snapsltongue, then ground for sand- since has made pictures with nearly every star including trends. "Louis Pasteur," which won an Oscar for Paul tongues weigh between. . two find .and mmonds, and .stir for o min- iwich filling Cover the roaster Audrey Hepburn, James Cagney, Be,re Davis, Errol Flynn, Muni, was one of Hollywood's earliest efforts at biographi- fixe ounds and reauire abouti, utes. Slice the tongue and serve and bake at 325 degrees F. about Alan Ladd, Fraflk Sinatra, Cary Grant, John Barrymore, cal pictures, made by Blanke almost against the will of one our of cooking time :for m the]auce. If used as a ma!nllV2 hours, until very tender. Jane Wyman, Frederic March, Doris Day, Olivia de Hart-his bosses. "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Max Rein- each pound. The usual method dish, t s amount xllI serve . 1x I Discard the bay leaf, slice the land, Paul Muni, Joseph Schildkraut, June Allyson, Ed- hardt's star-studded spectacle, was a daring but "box- of preparing them is the same to eight. The root may be sim-I tongue, and serve in the gravy, ward G. Robinson, Rex Harrison, Mario Lanza and the late office wise" unsuccessful pass at Shakespeare. "The Mal- as for soup stock, by adding:meted in the remaining brothlThis amount serves 6 to 8. John Garfield. tese Falcon" had a fresh slant on a murder mystery, estab- water to cover, vegetables, and seasonings, and then simmering Despite his long association with one studio, B]anke has lishing Humphrey Bogart as a star, John Huston as a until the meat i, very tender. Between You and ,,&'' not lost his enthusiasm for screen stories, scenes or per-director of stature, and teamed Peter Lorre and Sidney The tongue is then placed on a formances, nor his zest'for movie making. His experience, Greenstreet as a sinister duo of heavies. platter and the skin removed by: ............. at the helm enables him to make quick decisions and issue I Blanke's production of "The Life of Emile Zola," won y JIUI%I; ;IVIULAK carefully slitting it at the thick l instructions in snort, precise terms, i the best picture Academy Award for 1937 and an Oscar eno'_ ann: pumng .... ann peeung zo-" ' (Cpvright' , 1961. , Jev, ish Telegraphic..genc,., Inc). I n^- expert- " i--'n ul*-e pnysical" pruaucuon" oz lnm." a. _ --_ J for Jose_ ph Schildkraut for his" unforgettable Capt. Drey- warn me np ny parts wnicn - " ' ius O er a eri tick can be easet off with the ! THE U.N. FRONT: Both Israel and the Arab delega- works more c!osely than most colleagues with the tures ith PettedF:v: Yeaan-Ht ry,?2anke, made}3P: ^ ...... - - .- Bin battle which i. eneetd tn H@voln f fh= lIifc,q Al. ]men, camera crews, emmrs, ann musicians) as Well as witn T'. .... o- -you . ..... .t ......... oo, s =ru,s a.u, _9 me ln.c ena sa poruonlT.-%Z_eneral.sseml-lv-fLi2- 5 ,\\;':2f=_L'.'h _r ....... -Ihis writers, directors and players He usually handles he,ping nis sar to ,,:in the best actress award in 1938 for oz mea  mcn resemmes Deer, u, ,J # auunu n zrau rezugee Issue  - - -- " . . , , hot h,,-fnrmnnnp a Tkl " a-; is kno- -- q ..... * .u: ^* *u ..... q .......... .  A=_: .... ,_ .... loramas, navlng maae ms name as a proctucer oI .womens ..  .............. o wc. Ilia , rI lb L , l'OOt. &Ills X'kb bllt: bdlllC L tAlC t uup ul 1 ximcan tates are prepar- _,_ _.__, A M+. ] ;. is cut away, any grmtle and ]ng a joint proposat camng or mrect sraet-Arao negotm-', .... + .......... More than 1,000,000 con The Israel Government su bone removed, and the meat tions on the refuaee roblem w^.. 4-.... ,u_ ;^ I lanKe is a Jewish Doy, born in enin on J3ecemDer 6u , . . - P- o   y .... -.= ,,,u,a=u ,,x uc- . . ' trioumrs support oewish federa- ports more than 250 schools or used f r he same purposes as l 1901, the son of amter Wilhelm Blanke Alread at h h ' - - termination to submit this proposal in rivate talks which P Y g , soup meat. The tongue broth!they had with Golda Meir Israel's Forei-n Minister n,'io," school, he spemahzed m hterature and, after graduatm .... + +.^ .,. ............ ..^P^P .. ' P ..... tmns and welfare finds through- the country s A'ab o ulation is strained and an,, of it ', " , " b l ' r .... , ......... 1_ , ........ = .  ,.. -..., ,,= ,, ....  oaes, wnlcn WnlCn serve some 6au,uuu pupns. "Sesd /:;'!acCeouk':: t;J!i :fhr:etsr ts:Sr:evle; Octberll7 sZhe:taieoA:ab lh:ni{sUciIaffw:!ilehdt:::i:beciS d o:i]d! undttsth:aC:i,tbe; nv290 hA::endan:et 9th;f;:?n;Ch a r 1 e-" ba:  ',,oh ,the United Nations .... They have been informed by the .. ........ Y g " percent of America s five and a Arab boys and more than 50 ' ' "  IVI ' " " ') ": " ince .... me tasteT "of "::me \\;tongue ........... is l/Carneai e' Endowment, for International Peace that ev,,_.y ary rzczora s Romta for Umted Arhsts m 1922, he half mflhon Jews. (JTA) percent of Arab g'rls. (JTA) bland, the preferred method of day, about 100 children are born in Palestine refugee faro,- serving it is in a sauce, but it lies .... Can these children totaling 36,500 a year--be con- is also delicious hot or cold tsidered Palestine refugees, when they were not even born with horseradish, mustard, cats-!in Palestine? . . . Even John t-I. Davis, the,director of the up, ol ch)h sauce For hot serv ' l ' " : - - iUnited Nations Relief and Works Agency for the Palestine . ce shce the tongue one quarter I " .i. , . ,. - " ,refugees who io considered as'being biased against Israel Inch InICK, Ior cola snce very . " " " . . ' " .. ]in his reports to the United Nations admits that moe hm's [gt tgh%  toa ge' attra2v; ithan half of the present number of the Palestine refugees ,) c,'n .t ', * ' ...... lare under 21 years of age Veteran observers at the gives more slices, but smaller ,uA. consmer ,nat me 2rao refugee msue has reached the ones. i point of ultimate impasse, because of the lack of will by There are some recipes, such the Arab rulers to have the issue settled .... The Arab as those given today, in which delegates at the U.N. are under instructions from their the tongue is parboiled, the skin!governments to insist that repatriation of the refugees to and root removed, and. the prep- i Israel is the only solution possible .... They will also insist aration completed in a savorylthat until the refugees are re-admitted to Israel, their sauce, either in tbe oven or on property there should -be placed under international ad- the stove. This method permits ministration which should set aside the income from this the flavor of the sauce to per- property .... Israel, although willing to negotiate the set- meate the meat as it cooks, tlement of the Arab" refugee problem, can hardly agree to Should all the tongue not be their full repatriation.. . Nor can Israel agree to place used at once, the remainder their property under international administration, since may be frozen with its sauce in portions of suitable size. his would affect Israel's sovereignty .... Israel is handling Arab refugee property in complete accordance with exist- TONGUE WITH SWEET ing international laws by having it placed under the ad- AND SOUR SAUCE m]mstratmn of the ofhce t estabhshed as custodian of 1 fresh beef tongue, 3 lo 4'enemy alien property .... An attempt by the Arab delega- lbs. buns to have the U.N. pass a resolutmn recommending water to cover means of safeguarding the property rights of the Arab 1 large onion, diced refugees failed to receive the necessary two-thirds ma- / cup tomato catsup jority of the U.N. Assembly last year .... The Arab dele- / cup seedless raisins ]gations will, no doubt, renew this attempt at the current 1 medium apple, peeled and  Assembly" diced juice of 1 lemon, strained * * *" 1 stalk celery, diced AMERICAN ECHOES: The pelancholy task of wihdin 1 carrot, diced up the United States Technical Assistance Program in Is : A cup dark brown sugar rael has now fallen upon Henry ChaKant, the amiable 8 ginger snaps director of the United States Operations Mission in Jeru- 1 teaspoon salt salem .... He has also the-unpleasant task of explaining I / cup whole blanched to many Israelis that they are under a false impression[ almonds when they think that by discontinuing its technical aid, the U.S. Government is stopping all aid to Israel .... The I Kalonymus, the father of a total contribution of the U.S. Government to Israel's econ-I prominent Jewish family who omy to date is more than $80000,000 of which only about I resided in Mayence in the Mid- $15',000,000 came through the Technical Assistande Pro- d!e Ages, is credited with hav- ing saved the life oft Emperor gram .... Most of the Technical Assistance money was Otto II after the battle of Co- invested in personnel who are no longer needed, because trone in 982. (JTA) lsrael is well able to get along without American experts. ... In fact, Israel is now in a position to send its experts to India's J e wi-s h population other countries.... ThUs; while all other forms of U.S. aid today numbers some 20,000 and ito Israel will continue, the aid of providing Israel with consists of three distinct com- foreign exerts which was started ten ,ears a o. will no h I - P  g, w munities--the Oriental Sep ar-l cease.... . During these ten years, the United States first dm, v, ho came dmmg the past I rovld ] , " ' " ] . 'p ' ed Israel w'th experts and adxisers on agriculture century from Baghd=d, Persmland _, "  ' irrigation .... Later the emphasis was shifted to indus- and Afshanistan; the Bene Is- r - ., ........ trs, educatmn and management .... The laest experts reel nanvo jews WhO oeneve wer " F n F -" " ........ ,. . - ..... e actxlsers o na\\;lgatlon lor alElelds and quality con- melr ancestors came ,o[la . ' . . -- , ...... +o , +,,mi.  o .o rol in manulacmrlng.... Mr. Chalfan himself served in Temple, and Cochin Jews who he American Air Force as a Lt.-Colone] and has 'also had record their settlement back to considerable commercial experience .... He came to Israel the fourth century. (JTA) about two years ago and found that the Technical Assist- ance Program made a great impact not only on the Israelis There are25dailynewspapersbutalsntheAmericansengagedinit' KEEP THEM COMING in Israel, 23 of them morning * * * papers, two afternoon papers.' RELIGIOUS TRENDS: A new and very friendly tone Twelve of the morning papers are published in Hebrew, with toward Jews is advanced in a volume on Judaism pub- the remainder appearing inEng- lished as part of "The 20th Century Encyclopedia of Ca- lish, German. Arabic, Hungar- tholicism" . . The author of this volume, entitled"Ju- TO 00SRAEL WIT00 CASH00 tan, French, Polish, Yiddish, Ru- daism," is Father Paul Demann, an eminent authority on man,an and Bulgarian. (JTA). theological history... He believes that the break between Jews and Christians during the early days of Christianity ..... : .... . ) until tender and used as a boiled i[ . took his !young assistant with him across the ocean. The - mea: " ': " :TbNGUE:ROASTEB " i [  I[ T " ' 1[ T  '  T ' following year, Blanke went with Lubitsch over to Warner ""ITH TnMAT '-*a*''l'! |'" l :   &   $"  a'w' jp.  1J A]k , Bros. WIere he remained a ]ifetime, quickly graduating .'; ., ' ")* !1 By HERBERT G LUFT from mehial chores to producing top features A zresn oeef tongue, 3 to 4 tbs.!/ . " .. " . .. ' .  . " .... . . PORTRAITS water to cover !/ (Copyright, 1961. Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) warners senz tD_e young man m urope in J_ZD ann in 1 teaspoon salt it. .... 1928 to organize productions for the studio When sound 8 *cson $. Y4 teaspoonblack pepper r r P ' e ... ... - ..... ^.-_!was added to the silent image, Blanke became indispens- SEATTLE I HOLL V OOD-- roduc r Henr  ......  ,,-,-,wm .................  teaspoon garlic power I,, ........ " ,, ................ ;aoe m seung up Ioregn-ianguage vermons a ms ony- l 8-oz. can tomato sauce nell s or heroes, a worm war  re:area wm bevelwoo d home lot, in 1930 alone making 18 multi-language 1 l-lb. can tomatoes IMcQueen, Bobby Darin Fess Parker, Nick Adams Harrylpictures 1 bay leaf 'r " : " " I ,- Iledio,s Lake Oily "mecuum' ...... omons, peelea ann , Guardmou and mghtclub, entertmner. Bob.. Newhart headmgj It was. Blanke who m hm subsequent 30 years, as a ma- ,, ....... p the battle-xeary GI cast, as hm hst entry at Para- ture mowe maker produced such well-known pmtures as Service sncea mm ...... l '" " " ,.,,=na, mount Pmtures unoer hzs recently Sl ned contract- A Mdsu me " ' " " " PI "' he + ...... " a sau ..... ' " - g I m r Nght s Dream, The Story of Lores Pas-,: pan, .... cover wlmt"'s"''"com" " ana: switching over ..... from Warner Bros. where he has been on!teur,"i "The .... Petrified Forest,. .... Anthom Adverse," "Greenl' AAA Emerge";y bring to a boil. Cover the sauce-I thepayrl] whout interruption since 1923. I Pastures, JezebM," "The Life of Emile Zola," "The Ad-!! pan lower the heat and simmer Sixty-year-old B]anke truly is a veteran of the cinemal ventures of Robin Hood," "Juarez and Max,mill,an," "Thel Road Service for 2 hours. Drain and remove  having completed a 37-year association with WarnersiOld Maid," "We Are Not Alone," "The Sea Hawk," "Thei[ Mechanical Work he o  }3 "" " ' '  i ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, I the skin and root. Place t n-w ere he guided some of that studio s most honored pro- Great L e, Four Daughters Sea Wolf Maltese Fal- I une'Up& Brake Servic ions m the bottom of a oa. tmg,ductlons, icon, . The Constant Nymph, Fountainhead, June I pan, cover with the tongue, and I Blanke came to this countr" from German- with the lB. ride,'' and the thought-provoking, "The Treasure of the] 7 a.m. to ] ] p.m. Daily sprmkle.wth (;he salt, pepper, liar e Ernst Lubitsch as a lad of 21 to start within a year at[ Smrra Mad,re." Last year, he concluded his Warner con-',] .E. 125th EM 2mg;rtcLw::ne2t:n:to2:iWarner Bros. assisting the famed cinema director'on the ': tract with The Nun,Story," starring Audrey Hepburn un-J ..... !filmin of the first of his soqcte .... "; .... m]der ]red Zinnemanns direction and bay leaf. Pour over the  .s . ;, . . p,,o  u ,mu,, -'=i _ .., tongue The root meat may a so vmrnage lrcle starring Marie Prevost, Florence Vidor, I These nms not only are evidence of Blanke's versa- be roasted in the pan wi{h the Monte Blue, Adolph Menjou and Creighton Hale. Blanke'.tility, but also vouch for his desire always to poineer new Greetings From TAKANO PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO WEDDINGS BAR MITZVAHS MA. 2-8186 Tune-Up& Brake Service 3300 N.E. 125th EM4-0391 Cascade: Metropolitan Photo Company Complete Black & White 8, Color Photo FinisMng Cameras aid Photo Supplies ' 1520 summit EA. 2-7338 ..... SEATTLE Irene McKnigh.t Placement Serwce Owned & Opera!ed by IRENE' LARSEN ' SECRETAmAL HOUSKEEPmO RESTAURANTS FACTORY, etc. " : MU.:249S " 305 Orpheum Bldg. Seattle LINSTEAD RICE O'CONNOR will some day be mended... And he calls upon Catholics to consider the Jews as their "elder brothers",, and to "un- Thousands of Jews are coming into Israel. They SILVERSMITHS, INC. derstand the life and tradition of Judaism ... He reminds ota, sii,,, ,,, o. Co., the Catholic world that the Jews are still truly members are arriving in far greater numbers and at a m.uch .ii., Pl, ti., 'oi,],i. of Israel, of tha Israel of the Bible, which is "the root Lacqum'ing 3 Tir o.--. .S38--S.o,h from which Christianity springs"... He goes into analy- faster rate than in previous years. sis of the question: What is a Jew--,whether the Jews are a race, a people, or followers of a certain religion... And he comes to the conclusion that there are several ways of Once again Israel's ability to absorb newcomers is Emilio A, Bonsilau being a Jew, but this does not prevent the Jews from forming an entity whose cohesion, permanence and "per- ill serious danger. Transportation, welcoming TEACHER sonality" stand out with extraordinary vigor... He calls upon Christians to look with sincerity, understanding and services, initial absorption, housing, medical care, Classical Guitar respect upon the Jew as "the elder brother who has suf- fered so much and, in spite of everything, has been faith- training, education - all these cost CASH. Specializing i. ful to his share of the heritage"... He outlines the history South American of Jewish-Christian relations, and gives a brief and sym- pathetic review of the history of Judaism... Father De- Fisher Studio Bldg. mann finds that Judaism has become stronger because of 1519 3rd Ave. the Nazi massacres and he establishment of Israel . . . " ..... ' ....... ..... LA. 2-8373 SEATTLE Each of the two events, he points out brought about a re-awakening of Judaism consciousness among Jews. which reinforced the feeling of solidarity between all If you were oerloolaed...If you still owe money Jews, forcing modern Jewry to reconsider its position on yeur Pledge send your cbeclas to RAINIER a its future... This, the Catholic theologic,an empha- sizes, is especially true of American Jewry, now con- FEDERATED JEWISH FUND AND COUNCIL  L scious of the leadership and responsibilities devolved uponl anes because of its numerical and economic strength... 725 Seaboard Bldg., Seattle I, Wash. He touches upon the relations between Israel and the United Jewish Appeal Is Major,B6neficiary Agency Complete Line of Jews in the Diaspora . . . He also presents the main line BOWLING EQUIPMENT of the Jewish doctrine, worship and prayer, so as to make the essence of Judaism more understandable to Chris[ians. F)'ea Bowli.g ltsl.ruclio.s .... Published by Hawthorn Books, the VO]llme "Judaism' .............. s .......... 1 ................ SOUTH. OF BAtL FARK iS the seventy-second volume of the Eneyc!opedia of Ca- 2901 27th Ave. Sou.*h tholicism o . . The author says that he dedicated his. book PA. 2-0900 SEATTLE .to those Christians "of our day" who are ready to seek a .... , better uaderstamtig of th life andltraditionLof Judaism- The United Jewish Appeal needs $39;212,000 by December in order to keep saving Jewish lives now. Act now -- give now -- pay your pledge now to keep immigrants coming in ,-to keep aving and building Jewish lives. PAY YOUR PLEDGE TODAY TO OUR. COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN. I I I I I I I ! I I I ! I I I I have read your advertheraent explaining the need]or cozh to sustai prcgrams o[ aid in Irael and 26 other lands, and am happy to enclose my check ]or $ ..................... /ulfilling (all) (part)of my pledge to our local campaign in behal] o] ihe United Jewish Appeal and other causes, NAME ADDRESS_ ake chk payable to |LOCAt CAMPAIGN AND ADDRESS)