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October 17, 1924     The Jewish Transcript
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October 17, 1924

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?, 1924 dn 9248 a0 0942 Oct. 17, 1924 anal lnstittlon  wm Cht ta Coasl; gmmnin!t00n00,@. Established 102 Years Mens&apos; Sweaters Slipon Style. Sair Isle Patterns. Same Front and Back. .lust In Very Special 003.85 Second Avenue at University Street TWENTY=THREE STORES FROM COAST q'O COAST We MAIL BREAD To Surrounding Cities --OP, DER BY MA1L-- LIPPMAN'S BAKERY 115 23rd Avenuc BEacon 0043 H. A. ZIEBARTH Full line of HARDWARE, PAINT, GLASS and PLUMBING p. fBEacon 0863 nones/Rcs. Beacsn 1697 1713 Ycsler Way We keep open till 8 p. m. A Service to Meet Every Need GArfield 0044 RIMBOLD LAUNDRY WET WASII I/.()IJGII ])RY SEMI-FINISIIE]) BUSINESS FIRMS ADVERTISING IN .00Wish [ranscript invite Your Friendsllip end Pnlron- egr--they give Volue, Courtesy und Service, i;: 2;21 .......................... ;;Z2 ....... 0.lcvard af cattle s latest and most up-to-date Care ET:I00:ZZ: ......... F T; ....... J. W. Edmunds Oph. D. and Dr. Ethel A. K. gdmunds Doctors of Opllthvlmology and Graduate Optometrists We specialize in Eye Examinations, Muscular Eye Defects and Fitting of Glasses Optical I)epar|nmnt FRASER-PATERSON CO. Second at lhiiversity St., Seattle. Oflice Piames: Main 2174; Elliolt 8600, I,oca133 lrlllrllllllllrlllrlurlllflllrlllrlllllllrrllrllllflllrlllflllflllrll[l LANTATION on the Bothsll Highway IN Chicken Dinners [ Steak Dinners [ a la Cart Service J ricing Every Evening IN ilI[IINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII[II[[IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi) Mayflower "Just Honest Milk" Demand it of your grocer or phone Mayflower Dairy ELllott 6210 1932 Ninth Ave. Seattle {:be 3wish I:raflscrip! "The Home News]paper Of Pacific Northwest Jewry." News of Northwestern Cities Spokane All items for insertion in this column shouhl be submitted to the Spokane Correspondent of The Jewisii Transcript, Dr. Wilfred Copeland, 504 Main Avenue, Phone Main 1560, by Wodncs- day noon for pubiieatimi in the issue of the week. DON'T FORGET THE VODVIL SHOW AND DANCE FOR THE TEMPLE EMANUEL, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 TO COMPLETE TEMPLE Mr. Ben Colin, president of the Teml)le l*,'manu El, with the aid of : COml)ctcnt staff of critters, has taken stcl)s toward the cOral)let{on of the Teml)le ltrol)er. Work on the front of the stru(ture will start inunedi- ately. Melnbcrs of the Board are eonfMcnt that services for the ye'u' I)eginning Scl)telnber, 1925, can I)c hehl in the new Au(litoriuni. ABRAHAM GEIGER LODGE A/)rahanz (leiger l,odge No. ,123 I. (). B. B., hchl its rcgular meeting Thursday night, ()etol)er 16, at tile Conmmnity (hinter. As the result of the ,neml)ershil) drive contest which is now being hehl, 't largc llllnll)er of al)plieations were rea(l. AUXILIARY HOLDS MEETING hht llmn Str.tus Auxiliary hchl it.s rcguhu' meeting Thursday night, ()etcher 16. Aftcr initiating a class of elcven c'mdidatcs, members of the Auxiliary niet with the Mcn's l,odge. l"olh)wing dancing, ref'rcshments wcrc scrvc(I. Mr. William (h)hll)latt, )f l'ort- hind, who made his honm in Spokane for runny ycars, visited fricmls in this city for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Sol 1)avis, of Seattle were in the city for a shm't visit with relatives anti friends. Mrs. W. J. (h'ove ((?lara Zwang) motored froln l|cr hllllie ill Nelson B. C., to Visit in Spokane with friends and relatives. CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY Si)okane Scot{on, Council of Jew- ish Wonlcn, ccle/)ratcd its Seventh Anniversary with a hmchcon held at the Elk's Tclnl)h Wednesday, ()cto- I)cr 15. About 75 mcnibers altcndcd. Mrs. Ifarry l{.osenhaul)t, as president of the ()rg, anization, ol)ened thc l)ro - glqllD with an a(l(lrcss of %vcl((inle. Miss llhoda Whitc was the l)rineilml sl)el|k(H'. A c, orsago of flowers was i)rcsented to Mrs. l{,oscnhaupt's mo- thcr, Mrs. Bcrtha M.tyer, who is visiting in the city fl'oni Chic,go. A musical ])rogram conq)letcd the cnte, rtainmcnt. JEWISH MANUFACTURER CONTRIBUTES 5,000 POUNDS TO BRITISH LABOR PARTY London, Oct. 16 (J. T. A.)--Ber- nard Barren startcd the elcetion fun(I for the British Labor Party by don- ating a sunl of 5,000 pounds Sterling. This announccment was nntde by Arthur Anderson, British I,abor Ihmte Secretary, who is a personal friend of Mr. Barren. Mr. Barren, who is the man.tging dircetor of Carreras, tnantlfltcttlrers of the fllniotls Black Cat cigltrcttcs, is not active, in polities, but is a sympathizer with the British I,abor Party. Forl.y-five years ngo, ilcrluu'd Bar- ron lived in Ncw York. whcrc hc w()rkcd its it cigar nia|,;er, lit, (he siIJne I)cneh with iililucl Gonlt)ers , Presi- dent of the Aniericnn 10edcrittion (if L'ttmr. SIR ALFRED MeND STARTS CAMPAIGN FOR BRITISH LABOR PARTY London, el!t. 10 (J. T. A.)--Sir Alfred Mend, fornierly Britislt Min- ister (if Pulilie Works, and notcd Zionist, will be in eluirge (if t.hc clcetion clnnpaign for thc British l,iberals, it wits nnnoun('cd hcrc. Major ti. L. Nathan, Jewish soli(.- itor, will rlln on the Liberal ti(.kcl from Whitelhal)el in opliosithm to Gosling, 1)rescnt Minislcr (if Trims- ports in the Labor (lovernment. It pays to advertise in The Jewish Transcript. Tacoma All items-for insertion in this column should be submitted to the Tacoma Correepondent of The Jewish Transcript, Mrs. Lewis Braverman, Avalon Apartmcnts, Phone Main 3789, by Wed- needay noon for publication in issue of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph llachracii CHALUZIM THANK KEREN HAYESOD New York, Oct. 10.--(]hltluzhn in the Jewish seltlenicnts in the Elnc! an(l Lower (l.dile, e re(!civc(I l)r. Cliltili). We, izniluui enthusiastic- ally ill)On l.he (onchisJon of his tour of the Jewish itgriculturld colonics and CXl)resscd thcir gratitu(h to t/ie Kercn ][aycsod for thc l)rogress entertained it grou l) of frien(ts with dinner and Mah ,)'ongg. Covcrs were lilaee(1 for twenty. Mr. Itnd Mrs. Josel)h Siisslnan are being congratulltted ill)Oil the bh'tti ()f a daughter. Mr. and ,{i's. Ely l]oschko, of Milwaukee, Ilt'e the gucsis of lhcir nelihew an(l niece, 1Vii'. an(I ,{i's. Morris .l. li'ric(hnltn. a which they were enid)led to nmkc through its assistance, according l o a cable, to thc New York "Jewish '" Morning Journal" from its Jerusalem  < -a" corresI)ondcltt. - .. "The settlers expressed the hope ,' th'tt when the wat,cl; supl)ly systenl will have bcen complcted and the scttlements provided with further ncccssary equipment, they will not have to del)end on any outside hell)," the eablc st'ded. "I)r. Weiznmnn hd(l the foundation stone ,)f the water Mr. and Mrs. lhlrohl l)avis are rc- SUl)ply systent ia the new Mizraehi ceiving the congraiuhttions of lhcir eohmy. i friellds upon the I)irih of "l daughter, The new eolonisis of Transylvania, Nancy Lollise. Vancouver All items for insertion in this column should bc submitted to of The Jowisil Transcript, 1075 Harwood Street, by Wednesday noon for publication in the issue of the week. who scttlcd not far froni Balfouria, nlet I)r. t,roizlnann, dressed in their holiday bcst. Thc olde.r ones anmng thcni hall on thcir praycr shawls and carric, d their Scrolls of the Law." YOUNG ISRAEL NOMINATES Mrs. S. (h)hthh)onL 1103 Niluton Avcnlle, Shatlghnessey lIcights, hc]d it delightful recel)tion an(I ica Fri- day, ()ctol)er 3. The llel)rew Ai(1 Society hchl its atmu.d 1)all in lhc Alcxander Ac'td- Nonihmtion of ofliccrs for thc cnsu- in yellr took i), e at the last niceting ()f the Young lsritel ()rganizittion held in the (Jongregation Bikur (Tholiln Thursday night. Those noininated wcre its follows: for 1)residcnt, Sam i>rottas Itnd ltlii'ry only Wcdnes(lay cvenintG ()etcher 9. Lawson; for Vi('c-Prcsidcnt, ,h)scl)ll A considcrld)lc amount of ntoncy was Cohen, Alex Hoffnum and Louis raised for charity work io be carried Woron; for Sccrotary, ltarry Lawson (m during the wintcr, and Abe Riekles, and for Trcasurer Max Friedman and Louis Woron. Mrs. S. (Irosslulln, niolllcr of Mrs. Phms were, announ(c(t for llii open J. I Ierrin+ian and Mrs. (I. 1)hml, lcfi nlce, ting to bc hcld Thursday nighi, for Willnil)cg 1o sl)eli(I "t fmv weeks ()ctober 30. A Conlnlii.toc wits al)- with her son. I)ointcd to arrange for it Chanukah 1,'estiwd. ])r. A. Fricdhlndcr of Vi(,iori!l, B. C., who conduetctl the services of MilxIGdisch, a wcll-known scull)lor Temple l,hnanuel, rcturncd honlc of Clevehmd, was awarded a l)rizc by Thursday, ()etober 10. While in lh<" the Museum of Art, of Clcvehmd. city, Dr. I,'riedl'uidcr was tiic gtiest of his dallghter, ,II's. L. Frllnkeii- berg. Buyer's Guide Mrs. I). Screlh was 't chiirniing hostess It(; three tabh>s of bridge Oil' Friday, ()ct(,bcr II, at hcr npar,nient Fin]ay & Robb in the Windermcrc. Established 29 [l'. Adolph S.iI)l)aih, ll nlcnihcr of the lh)usc of l<cl)rescniaiivcs froni Years In Seattle lllinois for yc.u's, is {hc author of it bill l)crinitting ihc I)ernilinen| rcsidc, nec of iiniiiigritnls |enil)orltrily Established nlorc |hiHi '2!) yeilrs adnlittcd Ilnd(!r l]le ])I'CSCllt ilnnli- ago in the bllSill('Ss of flli'lllt(!c hea|- gl'Ittion htws. ing, siicct lnelal work and tlir lln( grltv(![ roofhlg, Finllty t. I{obb, ins. arc now more thoroughly e(lUipl)ed l)avid Iml)in, a. llronfincni Jcw of than eww, to maintain the high Cidifornia, wiis thc founder (if lhe In- stnndnrd estab[ishc(1, hi giving ternationtd Agricultlirlll hisliiutc. The Jewish Transcript )ronil)t :tttention |o the nceds of tiwh' l)lttrons, unexcellc(l Wol'kiiiltn- ship iuid the besl nuticrilils the inar- kct itffords. At the hclld (if the hcathig dCl)iu't- lncnt is a niost efficient lind l)ra(%ieli] holilhig enghwer, so thitl, it is not ne(!cssary for a single honie to have an unsatisfiuqory heating phmt, nor ltlt cxpcnsivc onC to niltintllin, for hwk of solnc onc who ciln rentedy the trouble. Their \\;Vcstern Conll)ination Wood (old Furnaec, with its Oblong Firc. Box, h'ts establishcd a most satisfactory record for itself, having I)ccn instalh'd in many of the besi holnes in Se'tttle. The  (onstrliction of this furn'tec is sudl thitt it burns wood as oconontically its .eolll btlt ntM<cs its chief ol:tini for distin(.tion I)y l)rodllchlg the Sallie aut(nlnt of he, at as llny othcr flll'nli(e (in onc-hltlf ;lit; ltinount of fuel. They also sl)eeia[izc in sky liglits, c(irniee, COl)l)cr w(irk, con(hi(q.or Itlid tiu' and gravel roolinf,:, giving i.(i ea('h .lie sallil, cxpcrl "tltlqll.ion and dc- )cndltllh llliiteriit]s, iis ]iiis it[ways di.tra(!tcrized their w(u'k. Their n)ollo, hlday Its it has llwitys I)cen, is--Never Ict it dissal.isticd CllSt(llner 12;o Oill. of their I)hwc of l)usincss, right ()l' wrolig, regiirdlcss of how iiiill.h ii llltly (ulst (he Fh'nl. They eordi.dly invile l he i)ul)lie l(i l,hcir show rol)lll llild workshol It|. 91) Lcnora S|., whcrc all sizes of ihe l).lost s('hmiilie ftll'llitcc lniilitlfii('- I urcd--Thc \\;\'cstcrn--is on disl)l:ly and with one in chllrge to CXlllain every (lchlil. is the voice of Pacific North- west Jewry. It gives expres- sion to the various activities of the Jewish communities of this section of the coun- try. THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT finds its way into the homes of most Jewish families residing in The Charmed Land. Giving ut- terance as it does to the ambitions and desires of the Jewish people, it is closely read and followed by its family of subscribers. CONSEQUENTLY, there are solid business reasons above sentimental ones why THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT makes a splendid advertis- ing medium for any first rate business concern. THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT advertising rates are reason- able. Advertising in this publication will prove effect- ive. FOR RATES CONSULT ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT 1616 Eighth Avenue Phone MA in 2715 EDHOLM FURNITURE HOSPITAL ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN ON Upholstering, Refinishinl and Repairin 131 Westlake North Phone Ell{oft 4288 .,,, Of .... :';/" t ",. #';" ;?/7,.' Page Thre GRUNBAUM BROS. FURNITURE CO. INC. SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN PIKE AND PINE OUR now and very coeipletc stocks of Luxurious Overstuffed Furniture em- body the supreme quality of the furniture-makers art. Deep, sumptious comfort inviting utter relaxation. Exquisite upholstril, tiarmoniously blend- ed, radiate the spirit of hospitality. Use and enjoy the best us you pay. LIBERAL CREDIT--EASY TERMS--EASILY ARRANGED Absence of Vibration All Modern Accessories Hydraulic Four-Wheel Brakes Gasoline Mileage Exceeds 20 Miles to Gallon Air Cleaned Carburetor ALL IN THE NEW CHRYSLER SIX Phaeton--Roadster--Sedan Touring--Brougham William T. Patten Motor Co. 140I 12th Avenue SEATTLE, WASH. Tj00peeori00er F_,xc00ctnode 1018 Second Avenue MA in 2793 ALL MAKES--TYPEWRITER RentedRopaired--Sold--Exchanged Carbon papcrs--libbons--Tylmwritcr Papers--Gencral Supplies. We solicit your busincss and assure courteous, prompt attention. PUBLIC MARKET DELIVERY & TRANSFER Incorporatcd F. A. MOREY, Manager We move everything froin a small parcel to a carload of furni- ture. Only cxpcrienccd nmn h'mdle your furniture or mcrchandise. Special attention given freight and baggage. Market dcliverics daily. 86 PINE STREET ELiot 5785, ELiot 5288 MOR'rGAGEN OUR MOTTO 1NS URANCE CO URTEOUS I,OANS TREATMENT Why should land-owners pay all the direct taxes of the state while three-fourths of the wealth goes free. The forty-mill tax limit as provided in Initiative No. 50 provides that the tax of all real property be limited to forty mills and that the big mass of wealth now untaxed pay the difference. This is a just and expedient measure. We recommend it. 18 Years In Seattle A. COHAN & CO. Realtors and Property Managers 208 MARION ST. 201 SECOND FLOOR lO0,O00th Car in 1924 for Hudson-Essex Ilere is the 100,000th IIudson-Eesex car for 1924--an Essex-Coach--Just leaving the final assembly department First nf the big nlotor conlpanies to better the vohune of 1923 busi- ness, the lhittson Motor Car Cora- l,'my has l)ro(hlced and sold its 100,000th car for 1(,)24. This com- I)aros with SS, INS lhidson iuid Essex cars for all of 1{)2;t. The 100,000th car was an Essex Coach. Thc Hudsmt Motor Car Cotn- )tany is enjoying a banncr year. is the tirst six cylindcr nnunl- facturer to reach the six figure mark in production for the year. Front present in(lications "the side of lhidson Sut)er-Sixes this year will I)e about thirty-five per cent 1)etter than last year, and the salc of thc Essex Six will bc twice that of tile 1(,)23 popuhu' four cyl- inder lnodcl. The largo vohnne of Hudson- Esscx sides this year has been ob- taincd primarily on thc grounds of 'closed car comforts at open car costs.