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August 26, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 26, 1938

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PAGE EIGHT f Couucil Is Formed To Unite THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE AUGUST 19, . ] Papa Menuhin Calls Rabbi Newman I 1. 50 Killed In Battle Between Troops, Arabs 4 Big U. S. Jewish Groups (Continued from l&apos;age 1) ference of tile rcl)resentatives of tile four organizations. Major IIoints in the Cmmcil's (:,all- stitution are: Onc--"The Council shall considcr and act upon l)rOllosals and plans for the safeguarding of the equ'd rights of Jews here and abroad. Two---A two-thirds affirm'it;re vote of the total membershil) of the Coun- cil makes its decisions "binding upon the organizations and groul)s in- chuled within its meml)ership; Three--The Council is precluded from making decisions on matters "that involve "m encroachment upon the racial, national, religious or economic phih/sophies of the con- stitutent organizations. Four--For the present, the (ouncil is "to consist of five representatives named for a term of one year I)y and from each of tile constituent organi- zations. Five--"Admission of additional groups to ine.mbcrshi l) in the Council is to be by "an ,dtirmative vote of not less than five, sixths of the tot'd menfllershil) of the Council. Six--"The Council is required to meet at least, once every three months, but may be summoned into special session either at the call of tile chairman, or at the written rc- qtiest of seven representativcs. Seven--No more than two regular me, etings during any twelve monlh period may ])e hehl in New York City in view of the n.ltion'd charach;r of the Council. Eight--Voting on 'lny (tuesl.ion is to be I)y individual ballot with each rel)rescntativc entitled to one vote. 'l'he. constitution as ad,)l)ted rel)re- 8(!nte(] reconln)cn(lations of a con)- nfittee of eight named for this l)ur- pose I)y lhe four organizations. Meml)ers of this conmfittee were Morris 1). Wahhnan and Sidney Wall'tch for the American .Jewish Comnlittce; Louis Lipsky "tnd Carl Sherman for the American Jewish Congress; Louis Fal)ricant and Leon- nard V. Finder for the B'nili JVrith; and J. Baskin and I. Minkoff for the .Jewish Labor (?ommittee. The Council will meet again on Selltenflmr 19 in New York at which time recomnnmdations for the pro- gram of action will I)e submitted. A sul)-committee of four, including one rell/'ementative from each con- stitucnt organization, and headed by B. Charney Vladeck, chairm.m of the Jcvish Labor Cmnmittee and New York City councihnan, was mumed to make a survey of the ae- tivities to be un(lert'ken lay the Council 'rod to rel)orl, to tile Septem- ber meeting. "1"t1(, commitlee will m'tkr rccom= mcndations as t<) the relations to 1)e established with Jewish communi- ties throughout the United States with , view to securing their co- Ollcration in the Council's program. Mcmbers of the sub-committee are Louis Favrican of the B'nai B'rith, Louis Lipsky of the American Jewish Congress and Sol Sl,roock of the Am- eriean Jewish Committee. Permanent officers, cmnprising a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and secretary, will lie clectcd at the Sept.ember meeting. A special com- mittee has been nnmed to recommemd nominations. Following the Sel)lenlbe, r session, the Council will be ready to embark on a united effort for the defense of lhe rights of Jews. l'resent 'it itm August 15 were: for thc American Jewish Com- mith;e--Sol Stroock, Richar(t Roth- schihl and Morris 1). Wahhnan; for the American ,Jewish Congress-Ge- ,hdiag ]ublick, Rabbi J. X. Cohen, l,ouis Segal and Louis I,ipsky; for 1he B'nai B'rith--Henry Monsky, Maurice Bisgyer, Louis l,'abricant, l.e(mard l,'inder, Sigmumt W. Liv- ingston and lenjamin Saml,els; for the Jewish Labor (omnfittee,---Jo- sel)h B.lsldn, I. I1. Gohlberg, l,<)l,is l[olhinder, I. Minkoff, I. Naglcr aM B. (). Vla(lecl; 'rod 'dso Edgar ,J. l(aufnvm, tcml)orary ,.htfirnmn; Arthur S. Meyer, l)r. llugo Breit- net "tnd I. 1). Wolf. Mrs. Brin Will Talk On K JR Wednesday A day after she steps down the gangplank from a tour of Europe with a party of distinguished Am- erican leaders, guided through danger spots abroad by Sher- wood Eddy, noted liberal, lectur- er and international Y. M. C. A. official, Mrs. Fannie Brin, ex- president of the National Council of Jewish Women, will speak over a nation-wide network, broad- cast here over KJR Wednesday from 10:15 to 10:30 a.m., on the "Let's Talk It Over" program of Alma Kitchell. Mrs. Brin will con- trast the lot of women in Europe with the status of the fair sex in America. Mrs. Benjamin Rose, president of the Seattle chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women, today invited members and friends to listen to Mrs. Brin's broadcast. (( ',onl i n ued fl'mn l)agc 1 ) when their i)lane <.,rashed during i, he engagcnent and one h'isll Gu'u'd was f'ttally wounded. An eight-ye'lr ohl Jewish boy was fatally injured when a bomb ex- ploded on the Tel Aviv-Jaff:l 1)ordeA'. l,'our other .Jewish chihlrcn were in- jured. Two other .Jews were also killed, ,Inc being found stabbed near Petach Tikv'dl 'rod the other being found dc;L(I on |I gr,)ve llear aa:Hl'ln:t. Arabs Kidnap Family Of 4 (Continued from l'age 1) by the military. The lddnal)ping was t, he work of 200 1)andits who swoolmd down on the IIrison e'unl) during tile night in a surl)rise attack intended to free many convicts. The bandits sm']'ounded the nun'- ricd officers' quarters some distance from the caml). Bre.ddng into Leiserowitz's rooms, they seized everybody except a young d'mghter whom they over- l,),,ked. 1)(,lice ,h)gs and aircraft are being used ill the n)anlllint. Meanwhile 200 Arabs were arrested as the result of a wide search in Nablus where a second daring 1)ink holdup netted terrorists $10,000 at Barcl.y's Bank. 1,000 Refugees Will Settle In Philippines (Continued from Page 1) land and the IllAS-iCA-Emigr.ttion Associati,m. Each immigrant must lie a sldlled worker and ill I)OSSCSsion of 260 ])CS,I;:tS. Tim .lewish community herc has already taken steps to absorl) the, refugees when they .m'ive, having asked the government to issue llr'tcl,icc licenses to 20 .lcwish doctors 'ln(I 25 physicians' 'tssist'mts. Paderewski Under Fire For Hitting Jew-Hate WARSAW--(By Cable)-- Poland's %nti - Scnfitic Nati(mal Parl,y is tlH'eatening to remove .'ill l)ictures of Ignacc P.(lerewsld from school walls and lmblic lmihlings un- less he rel)u(liatcs a llassagc in his mem(,irs declaring that "anti-Semi- tism is one of the darkest al)erra- Lions of the hulnan mind, a relnnant from the dark ages, unworthy of our enlightenc(l times." hi his mcmoirs l'adcrcwsld denies that he had any- thing to do with the Polish pogroms PLAIN TALK 4 By ALFRED SEGAL (Continued from Page 1) the same monstrosities of ]Pnellrer8 professional politicians and profes- sional idealists who make such a mess out of our civilized world." Mr. M(muMn is quite right. It was only the other day I spoke to an old man whose daughter had married a non-Jew. Tim marriage had taken place a number of years lgo and there were already several children, in fact. The old man was still unreconciled. "I have not seen the children and I do not want to see them," he said. "They are not of oar people, they are not mine." Yet in all other relations nf life lie is a gentle person who would not give harsh judgment even against one who had done him ill. "Intmmarriage," he said, "is the worst sin against our peol)le. Our enemies cannot destroy us, but whoever intermarries plants seeds of destruction. He is the worst enemy." He had Sl:oken thus often before and the years had made him even more intransigicnt. I guess that with advancing years he has been thinking of the time he may approach a judgment place where it may be said to him: "Yea, you arc the one whose daughter married the goy. And what have you to say for yourself?" I thought it was time to address him sharply: "Are yOU not, sir, in your racc prejudice, a great deal like Nazis? Do not you have your own Nurem- berg laws?" The glance he gave me was like % gesture of excommunication. "You!" he exclaimed. "You, tool You are another one of the destroy- ers? You who are in a position to speak to Jews?" "The German women who were married to Jews have been declared degraded and unworthy to be mem- I)ers 6f the German community," I went on. "Their chihh'en /u'e set al)art. In your attitude toward yore' grandchildren, do you differ from Nazis?" "Shame!" he raged. "You tire not a fit man to write for the .lows." "You," I said, "reject your grand- chihlren 1)ecause racially they are not 100 per cent Jewish. The Nurem- berg laws would do the same tMng to them because they are not /ill Aryan." He strode away from mc and left me there to feel whipped 1)y his scorn. $ $ $ I am not writing this as a propa- gandist for intermarriage. The fact is that intermarriage is not a serious social problem in Jewish life; it is a problem only of the occa- sional individual who falls in love outside the Jewish fold This is written as a plea for under- standing, justice and sane judgment in behalf of those who intermarry. To fall in love where they please is their good right; to l)oint scorn at them, to act them aside as unworthy is to take tip the insane brutality of Nazis and to sharpen the race theo- ries which arc the weapons ef thc l)ersecutors of Jews. We may not, indeed, find fault in official racialism if privately wc are guilty of l)racticing a racialism that is its scornful if not as cruel. ]t must have been a vicious out- pouring of racial prejudice that caused Mr. Menuhin to issue a letter so bitter. And do Jews think that they serve Judaism by driving from the fohl those who follow the honest whis- perings of their hearts? Those who intermarry do follow promptmgs as worthy as those who marry within the fohl and it is the most vulgar impudence to dispute with them. I have in mind a Jewish family whose son intermarried. They would rather have seen him marry Jewishly, but they said she is a very fine girl and, after all, her character and her capacity to make a happy life are what mattcr most. This was a matter of their son's haplfiness which they had tried to serve in all the years since he was born. Should they now, by trucu- lence, mar the moment that he re. girded as the climax of all the happy days of his life? True, he might 1)e under a spell of illusion, but then do all marriages of Jews with Jewish girls come to happy endings? In what way wouhl it serve Jewish life well to scorn him and her? Wouhl hc feel more Jewish if they set him aside as unworthy of the Jewish community? Wouldn't he come to hate a Judaism that despised him and his bride? The girl was embraced and taken into the family. There was a recep- tion; their friends must meet the new daughter in the family. This was civilization which cannot tolerate Nuremberg laws either as a policy for puhlic practice or as man- ners in private relationshil)s. $ * $ I believe that all this should be made the subject of editorial discus- sion in the Jewish press and of letter- writing by readers--to the end that there may be a clearing up of a fog that frequently obscures reason even in the most enlightened among us. I, myself, in occasional lapses from good manners and good sense, have. discovered myself frowning at the mixed marriage of some one I know. My tongue clicks . . tsk! tskl . . as in the presence of some dreadful calamity. However, I am always able promptly to repeal the Nuremberg law of my subconscious. (Copyright, 1938). TURKEY HIRES 9.3 1STANBUL W N S) -- Twenty- three Austrian Jewish physicians and scientists have been engaged by the Turkish Government for Turkish hospitals and laboratories, according to an official announcement this week. "Seeker Of Publicity," Rebukes Cri, (Cont.inued frmn Page 1) Temlllc Emanu-E1, well known for his thirst for I publicity at any price, joins a str'mge scoundrel ,lnd I)laelinnfiler, 1)oth ahmg different lines I)ut well synchronizcd, to gel, even with these Menuhins, for "t fee, and for some other l)ersona| or l)ro - fessional reasons! Since space was given to l,hesc writers who indulged in cheal) , wicked and falsc asI)ersions without any con)l)lnl(ti,)n or c,)ns(ience, [ hol)e that you will be Sl)ort enough for the sake of f,fir 1)lay, to let your innoccnt and misinformed readers, read also the following st'ltcmcnt of nfi ne ! The fact is, that for llcrs,mal or l)rofessional l'C,tsons [ wou|(1 have never lowered myself to notice cven such vile and mischcvious artMes, which can bc easily discovered by any ol)en-nfinded , cultured person. I however feel it my duty to my l)eol)le, to again defend the honor of my family which enjoys now more than ever the rcsl)cct of the entire Jcwish and gentile worhl, if only, bc- cause of these to,'ture,l ,lays ,)f our l)oor and ]mrsccut,ed l)eOl)]e whosc tired nerves 'ire warl)ed , strctchod, and lllayed Ul)on by any l)r<,fessiona[ writ(;r who is rca<ly to l)rostitute his talents for a considerat.ion or l)er- verted i)leasure! (l) The Menuhins have never ill their life met or known a m'm by the name of Zirelson or Li,trson, and the sl,.lt(;ment re'ale by this man, as the many statelnenl;s made 1)y other scribes who try to 1)ass as fricn(ls or intinnlte ac(lllaint,ltnce, s of the Menu- hins, behind which they invent a million and one tales, is an out and ,)111, lic! (2) Since 1913 when as a boy 1 left ]"Lh;st,ine via ]';gypl., an<l France, ,m my way to America, neither I nor any one of my family ever came nny- "Don't Make Martyr Of Me," says Hanged Man J]';RUSAIA,]M (WNS)--On the eve of his execution for having killed an Arab constable, Morde.cai Schwartz, who was hanged last week tit Acre prison, confessed his guilt to R'tbbi K'micl, of llaifa, who visited him in his cell, it was learned this wcek. The young Jew, who w.ts the tirst of his l)Col/lc to die in Palestine its the result of a sentence handed (h)wn by a Civil Court, toht "t reporter for Davar, labor daily, that he is going to (lie owing to a "l)rivatc mistake" .m(1 that he does not wish anyone to make llolitic'd capital of his death. Maintaining complete composure, Schwartz declared that he did not wish to 1)ccoinc a martyr like the young Revisionist, Sholomo ben Jo- sel)h who was hanged for having fircd at an Arab Ires. With the prayer of "Shema lsracl" upon his lips, Schwartz walkcd calm- ly to the galh)ws at Acre prison to pay with his life for the murder last Septeml)er of an Arab who was serving with him as a constable in thc summer camp of former High Commissioner Wauchope at Athlit. The 25-year-old youth who had come to Palestine in 1933 from Czechoslowdda signed a confession in the presence of Rabbi Kin;c1 and a police officer in which he declared that hc committed the murder in a moment of insanity. Schwartz never lost his composurc throughout his last hours which he spent in the company of Rabl)i Kin;el who recited psalms and ob- tained al)solution for the guilty man. Following the execution police es- corted the hody to Haifa where it was buried in the presence of Schwartz's friends. Rabhi Kin;el, who had frequently visited the con- demned man, delivered the funeral oration. In Week's News: Sandy Bernbaum Wins Honor (Continued from Page 1) pany's Seattle staff of 20; won his bachelor of science degree at the University of Washington in '26 and took a year of graduate work in bacteriology at Northwestern University. tits award came al- most as a birthday l)rescnt to him, because hc was 23 on August 18. $ $ $ AI Goldstein, theatreman, slipped on a rock while stream fishing Sunday, broke Ms ankle, today is in Maynard Hospital. Another casualty: Arthur Morgenstorn, Jr, 1516 E. Republican St,., who is nursing an injured eye, received in an auto crash. where nc:w Egyl)t or 1)alestine by 1,500 or more miles! '1"o dare say that this man Zirelson met the Menuhins on their concert l,our ill Egyl)t and 1;,) havc "dis- cussed" with them "Why (lid n,) Ychmli play in l)alestine, '' is as base 'in inveution as any white slaver or l)rostitul,e is Cal)'lble of con- cocting! "Why? Bocatlse in 1)alestine, Ychudi wouhl 1)lay for a hundred I)e.rcent Jewish audicncc, and this, s'tid Moshe Menuhin, would not be good for him." That scoundrels exist hcrc and there, who for a dollar will sell their soul "rod invent anything, even ldll a person, we all know, 1)ut, really dear Mr. Edit,or, how (1o you permit such lies and defamai.ions to apl)ear in a pcrfectly rempectful public or- gan, without tirst checking up with the lleople, even if they were humble and unknown in the world? This is a decl) reflection upon the honor of y,mr l)ositi,m! Zirelson or Liarson might have enjoyed himself to write this l/erverted halhn;in'ltion; he might have I)een 1)aid dearly in l,erms of lnol|ey an(l algal8 and smiles by well known, dis'q)lminted Yiddish l)atroness in New York who will never forgive or forgot the re- fusal of the M(muhins to be cxph)itcd by her and others for social lntrl)oses. 13ut, what, did you, sir, get out of il. for the honor of our l)eol)le and truth? (3) One should really stop here with that exllosed Zirelson, but I)er- mit m a little more Sl)aCc for the s'ike of putting an end to this or- ganized .lad sul)sidizc,l caml)aign of running down these Mcnuhins, which actually can hurt the Memuhins l)er- sonally or professionally very little, but which wounds lheir Jewish con- sciousness and deeply shakes their fail,h in the modern profcssion'd fuehers ,)f I)oor l)ersecutcd Israel! Asl)ers(,r Zirelson's mouth waters full of venonmus saliva when he 1)iles Ul) one ])ar.tgral)h after .mother, one of which will surf;oct "the Menuhins' unbridled aml)ition to escal)C from the Jews and claml)er ou the social lad(ha'." With the excel)lion of one 8.Wil r aearly three t y' folh)wing (lisalllafinte(l Yiddish see;e, i ..... / t tt(l]Our]lnlent 'rod % few je t h)us old timers  t, :', "1[1 again SW: a career as Ychudi's it s a eoa '' " " ' he ouay at 8'15 I) how little and [ew enenues ]r l)arenls actually h.lvc to thcirl fi . " ' t[rst mccting ( edge) the Menuhins h'we neve]h 0 a- " ' ' 111. ddresscd Ul) one of their lewish frie @ J0s , ..... 04" eph Gil in even lhe ohl an,l true ,I c .... | 'Ongregal l,)n friends of thc days of the I Nazis Are Not Active On Coast, Says Investigator (Continued from Page 1) tacldng meml)ers of the Jewish race. "While these l)racticcs are un- thinkable from the standl)oint of truc Americanism, the Los Angc]cs police have pointcd out that it is within the constituti<mal right of those groups to protcst or picket and the, picketing of the Jewish meeting w'ls a retaliation for the Jewish and Communist groups picketing the German, Jal)ancse and Italian con- sulates at an carlicr date." Sulliwm attacked the llollywood Anti-Nazi League its "an organiza- tion which has Communist and radi- cal support and is wcll-sul)plied with flmds." Among its supporters, he sit;d, "one will tind thc SUl)porters of the Com- munist Party, American Committee for Aid to Spanish Democracy "tnd other Communist and radical causes. "It conducts a very hu'id campaign over the radio five nights a week and is quite silent regarding Communism, as all so-called anti-Nazi groups are known to be. According to the Com- munists any one who is Ol)l)oscd to their policies is at once branded as a Nazi or a Fascist." Congressman Resigns From Dies Committee (Continued from Page 1) Meanwhile, whispered charges that Itomcr I. Chaillaux, director of the Americanism Commission of the Am- erican Legion, had supported the Rev. Gerald Winrod, Kansas anti- Semite who was defeated for the Re- publican Senatorial nomination in Ms state, came into the ()pen when Representative Dies, chairman of the investigating committee, questioned Chaillaux about the reports. Chaillaux denied being a supporr of Winrod hut admit:ted using some of the nmterial contained in Win- rod's anti-Semitic publication, The Dcfender. Chaillaux also acknowledged au- thorship of a friendly letter he had written to Winrod, in which the Le- gion official said "I enjoyed reading The Defender which yea are sending me regularly." Chaillaux's letter was widely ex- ploited by Wiurod during his Sena- torial campaign. schools in San Fram visit us and we visit them 'ln<l 'is to claml)ering into the solitary, lonely, sever vidual life of the Menuhins ](nown to enc,)ur'lge Jewish tile society, rich or poor, them to leave their 1)rivate posed, quiet, sinq)le , 1)ut mffticing life! ()n the el,her h'ln(t, the tributions of the Menuhins table, cultural and refu here "lad in Europe and again disprove the chain of aSl)crsions of this Zirelson. (4) From this blacknutiler to the silly, ridiculous, ,)ndl tionally role'meal "Telling Gath" of Rabbi I. Louis actu.dly not a hmg distancel The l)oor fellow llrobably l it to SUl)ll[emenl, the meagre re! coming in "is a rabl)i and who ]las the gift of gal). The phenomenon of a "1 rabbi, Ollcnly joining .t gang or malicious 'lsl)ersors, how lheir l)oun(| ()f flesh, and cOc original ( out of thc fat lhe civil wcdding of our & l[el)hzibah with her Prot,csta band (the first crime of its k history, dear 1. Louis Ncwi so? Sic! What about I[eifctJ lcr, Gabrilowitz, Koussevitzkl owitz and innmnerabh' md artists, scientists and 1)reside Jewish congregations 'ill over' 4 or 5 1). m. on a Sal)l)ath, i# t ' I at StlllSct, Is syml)tonlat! professional, parasitical plaC.e of our ral)l)is occu )y in ,jeT/l l:'clh/ws like l, his' Rabl)i ( Imve too nmch idle time bur JOSEF maiden t tg his first at)p( : audience. des Miller, gue presiden from a trip t qcak. view of currm: dney Nelson, Who attende tion in Perth a rausical pro McBain, Seat laid Temple , is included ( rgna, . :)i Gitin, R Who is traw ly to address of a Buffah), was educated o[ BUffalo and rdained at IIel their han(ls, and 1)urst;ing o0, youthful energy for lack of 1  Youthful s,)i s(,hol ltshit) tn(I (onteml)lat i tala' ," I ', t  ,', "li o only Rc l)l"lctice ' choolzl)ch and lIlff arried ,,.. scandal! r ' , s,,,,, l [ renwml)cr the time I. Lo!] re'In was "sptritu'd le.uler" d |. ,"  ';;. r'1 ' ored which I was founder and pri #1 For pity's sak.e, I gave hill frcc lIcbrew lessons, sccing h0 ilebrcw knowledge and r t quacity that youthful aml)iti I)i possessed! If this new Menuhin "cri  flagrant and wicked, why Wl not an outcry and protest i San Francisco when at ab same month, a noted rabbi at a wedding ceremony bct l)rominent orthodox Jewish on Tishah B'Av, our most i# Jewish holy day of the year # t,o Yore I(ipl)urI My dear anti ambitious ] Newman, if you have no grown up to bc serious sine0 ti of San Francisco, and are still for publicity at any price, 'b'. you gct busy before it is to and do some studying ef tradition to find out what crimes, or sins, and what "Loshon Horah" lind "Recbi Some folks may choose 'q' In Gath" about you, whe their goat, so better leave hnrable' har(l wrking' ' PLA nowned and honored layrO bring but credit and rcspeC! name Jew! May I suggest t J beat your heart "Alchett S Page 3, ( 81"IINGTON, rd F. Sullivan, e SPecial Cot [r Ivestigati, les, dissemi d anti-Cath as been associ ',' aOtorious V , Labor's Nor ed this wecl( i iiTr, aad docume ',taa Martin I t r' executive ague. e aharges aga d that he "m it vicious m  raitic prop1 , activities [ gree subvers: t f religious   "aSSociated L True and ot  'Paign of l )fiieials of tl ont. on 1)a nooh" before this coming Y I-- - eoo'- -x ALFRE l)ur, together with that  .... tlf Zirelson, and you from yo .. _r| and Zirclson from the col.RTI.-Semii,i.s, ,. some or all Jewish papers,il  The Nail,The Nat;, .. . [ intentions and correctly qt %.aaible as proud, outspoken, JewS, ,| tl public as well as pri'l That they hold high tBl[ k a and history of their r sl G spiritual inheritance I v b following the dictates 0][ hearts, Yehudi and IelJ s Menuhin have never 0[ n moment abandoned thel e! or embraced the religio . mates, or committed thel l i loyalty to their people l [ '" ea ! Sincerely yourS, Moshe Menuhi0' 1.0,,L,,,I in 24th N. & E. L y n' "'MOONLIGHT SONATA" The thief who finds no oPP I MontlakeCar 10 to steal, cons;tiers himself # Phone EAst 1919 with Chas. Farrell and Marie Tempest lnan. ii l)eaking n to l "Y%" he (Q%t. said, on p