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August 26, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 26, 1938

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PAaE SIX Death Takes Maestro, Queen&apos;s Choice LONI)()N (W N S) -- Sir Landon Ronahl, worhl-fiunous British con- ductor who was a favorite of ill(: ]'tle Queen Victoria, died here this week a( the age of 65. Engaged as grtmd ol)e, ra c(,nductor at Lon(hm's Coven( Garden in 1891 when he wqs only 18, R(mahl toured the fin;led Slales with Mine. Melba as her I)ersonal conductor, lie :dso conducted orcl|es(ras at All2ert ll.dl and (he l,yric Theatre. In 18!)7 and 1898 Queen Victoria honored him 1)y having him play command l)erformances at Windsor und lalmoral ('asth:s. In 1910 Ronahl llecame 1)rincil)al of the famous Guildhall Music Sch(2ol, th(: youngest music I)rineil)al in L(in- (hm's history. lle was knighte(1 in 1922 by l.he late l(ing George V. Rontdd w'ls the composer of many noted w(irks, lie also solved as music editor of the News Chronicle, the Musical News qnd The Tatlcr. World Authority On Jewish Music Passes J()IIANI,;SSIUFKI (W N S)-l)r. Abraham Zvi hh!lsohn, one of the worhl's greal,est authorities on Jew- ish music, is dead l'.ere this week at, DR. A. Z. IDELSOHN . . to him came death; (he age of 56. A native of Russia, he studied music in Berlin anti Leipzig. lie was (.ailed to the lhd)rew:Teach- ors College School of Music intJeru - s:dem in 1905, leaching there until 1921. In 1924 he came to theUnil,ed States (o join (he faculty of lhd)rew Union College, where he foun(h:(l the (lep'trtment of Jewish music anti liturgy. lie was the author (if numerous musical works anti the crest.or of a gre,tt li|)rary of syn'tgogue mnsic. Ills major work was the six volume. "llistory of Jewish Music." hMsohn had lived in South Africa since he retired. THE DONNE r L00LY YAKIMA'S LARGEST HOTEL Welcomes You Coffee Shop Popular Prices YAKIMA, WASH. THE OLYMPIAN REFINISHING CO. 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The chil(ll'(HI were fol'ced to recite In St. Louis I)OSTON (WNS)- ()l)er'dJon of 'L missi(/nqry school in the West End of ]h)ston for the l)ast four years, and for the l)ast year in R(ixl)ury, at- tend'met of hundreds of little Jewish girls at this school and the ])al)tisn of Jewish children with(lUt the per- mission, consent or knowh:dge of their parents, was reveah:d this week in an investig'ttion undert'tken by (he Boston Jewish A(lvocate. On the l)asis of interviews witll chihh'en who attelMed the school, and talks with mothers, the Advo- c.d,e disclosed the folh)wing facts: The girls, all nnder 12, were ob- tail,ed through ]mrmless cluh meet- ings in a rented re(ira in Roxbury (lirected by Miss Mary E. lhttch. The chd)i)rovi(le(l re'Is .tnd crafl.s in- strllCtion SOIIgS) glLnles, etc. at weekly memb'2rshil) dues of a few cents. Mothers were invited to visit (.he clul)s anti foun(l Miss ll'tt('h a l)leqsant l)erson intereste(l 'tl)l)arent- ly in l)roviding cJfihh'en wi(,h l)h:asant :tftcr-sch(1(11 re(.reati<)n. ()nly Jewish girls were admitted to Create New Medical Center In India--Plan I,()NI)()N (W. N.S.) Creali(;n of a "new Vienna" in dm native ln- (lian s(.a(.e of llyderl),M 1)y establish- ing thor(: me(lic,'d institu(5ons st,aft- eli Ily prominent Austrian Jewish l)hysicinns is 1)rol)ose(l this week by l)r. Gh)rney Bolton in the current issue of Sl)ectator. Recalling that ,h!ws froln 13agdad had greatly benefitted Calcutta and lh2mllay, and that a Jew, Lord Read- ing, ]lad been Viceroy of India, Dr. Boll, on declares "in Ilyderbad Jews couhl live in l)e'a:e with Mohammc- (bins and for centuries to com' Ily- (h:rbad wouhl ('all the lwesen(, nazam (na(.ive ruh:r) 1)lessed." A similar l)lan for Mysore Slate in India is also suggested by ])r. ]oll, on. lie llroposcs that a subsidy now pai(l to the British Govermnent by Ihe ]lindu ruler be used to m'dn- (,'dn a Jewish-sLaffe(l nmdic,d center. Mysore is the second biggest and richest and most 12regressive native stale in India. 173 Jews Enter Canada In 6 Months I OTTAWA (W. h r . S.)--Somewhat more than 2 per cent of all the immi- graHi.s ttlmitted to (Jana(la during the tirst half of 1938 were Jews) sta- tistics made l)ublic this week by the hnmigration Delmr(ment roy(ruled. ()f th(: total of 8,135 i2nmigrants only 173 were Jews. Woman, Donor Of $125,000, Is Dead JONESItOIU), Ark. (WNS)--Mrs. R. II. Meyer, who received nation- wide attention in 1936 when together with her husl)and si,e deeded all her l)r(ll)erty wtluc(1 at $125,000 to the Union of American lh:brcw Congre- gations, died at her home this week at the age of 75 after a long illness. With her when she died, in a(ldition (o her husband, were the five llel)rew U'nion College students of (.he Jewish Religious Union who were in .hines- borg on the h,st lal) of their Cincin- mtti-to-co, urn trill. Born in New Orleans, Mrs. Meyer was her husl)and's l)'u'tner in .t Jones- borg general store for 29 years. In making their gift to t,111: Union, l,he Meyers said: "Because we have no chihh'en to l)erl)etuate our n:une and I)ecause we wish to estal)lish a foundation that will 1)e permanent wh(:re American Jewry will 1)e most t)enefited, we selected the (hfion of American lhd)rew Congregations as ihe organization which will carry on this nol)le work and will l)erpetua(.c lhe teachings of Judaism." Famed N. Y. Doctor Is Called By Death NEW YORK (W. N. S.)-])r. l,hlwin Beer, for many years char;- man of the medical l)oard of Mount Sinai lh)sl)ital died this week at the age of 62. A leading authoril, y on urology, he w,ts a past president of the New York Surgical Society. In 1927 he was :twarded the first gold medal of the International So- ciety of Urology at Brussels. Five years ago he l)ccame treasurer of a l)hysicians' committee organized to aid Jewish doctors who were refugees from Germany. No evidence of missionary w(irk sil- l)eared (luring t, he winter 'tnd sl)ring with l,he result Miss gained the conH)lelc co,if;donee of Hundreds Besiege Rabbi Seeking Faith Change BUDAPEST--A wave of conver- sion engulfed the Jews here this week as they seek to escape, by turning Christian, various anti- Jewish laws. Daily, hundreds of Jewish men and women can be seen standing in line outside the home of the Chief Rabbi, who, according to Hungarian law, must issue a "permit" to each applicant wish- ing to turn Christian. Before the would-be proselytes receive their permits the rabbi exhorts them not to abandon Judaism. If the plea fails, the rabbi re- signedly signs the necessary pap- ers. Ai, the end of the chd) ye:tr parents attending th:: tinal meel,ing were tohl l)y Miss llatch l,h'd; she was Sl)<m- sorillg a Sllnlnle, l" canl 1) It(; Mltn()nlet on Cal)e Cod where simil:u' v'tc:Ltion activities wouhl 1)e continued. The (.osC w:ts $5 per weck l)er chihl an(l Inany 1)arents "Lccel)Led the seem- ingly excel)(.ional Ol)l)ortunity t(i send (,heir children f()r a month's wt- cation. The l).trents were told they couhl not visit (,lie children whih: they were away 1)e(.:lusc they might get h<)mesick. The chihh'en wrote let(;ers regularly. latea' one of the youngsters re- vcah:d tlm(, Miss IIatch tore Ul) their letl,<rs and made 1,hem write them 'lgain or refused t(i m,dl them a(, all if she didn't like wh'd, they wrote. l)uring the four weeks at carol), tccording to the A(lvoca(.e, the chihh'en were tohl Christ wouhl save them and that mfless they folh)wed llim they were doomed to (h'cadful lives in this world and the next,. 'm(1 memorize (HJris(,ian l)rayers 'tn(l hymns. Before the four weeks were u l) three gMs escal)e(I frmn the camp, malting their way on fo<)t (,() Plymouth and there tall<ed a (.iclet agent into let- ring them ride 1)'tck Lo ]oston. The climax calne when four little Jewish girls who had been "Lttending the carol) for f()m' years were bal)tizcd 1)y immersion :It the' water front. The entire sil.uation was exl)()se(1 when the chihh'en returned fronl camp, l)arents discovering Lo their amazement 1.hat the chihlren pro- teste(l they wouhl not 'q'cmovc Jesus from their hearl, s," (he Advo- c'd,e s'ti(l. While the Jewish c(nnmunity here c<m(,inucd to seethe with excitement over the Jewish Advocal.e's disch)- sure of missionary activities at IIateh's Nest, smnmer camp f(n' Jewish girls on Cal)e Cod, the A(1- vocal, c rel)(Irted that 15 young girls had 12een taken front the camI) I)y their 1)arents just in l, ime to escape b'tptism. America Should Take Steps Refugee Head Against Hitlerism---Senator Will Confer With Hitler SENATOR EDWARD BURKE "Germany is guilty!" S. AFRICA CLAMPS DOWN CA PI!H'OW N (WNS)--()nly 281 Germ,tn Jews have been ])ermitt.ed to enter the Unil)n of South Africa in the first six months of 1938, it was re- ported this week 1)y Minister of the Interior StutLafor(1. Since April 1 only seven Jewish refugees from Aus- tria have I)een a(hnitted, he said. 60c, $1.00,1.25 (Tax IntMed) NEW PRICE POLICY PAUL BOESCH presents WRESTLING Civic Aud.--Each Friday Nite Since 1885 SEATTLE TRANSFER COMPANY Pool Gar Distribution. Packing and Shipping. General Hauling. 24 W. Conn. St. MAin 2428 A REAL ITALIAN DINNER ST.OO "Nothing Like It In Town" Make Reservations for Banquets and Parties ITALIAN VILLAGE CAFE 1413 FIFTH AVENUE Phone SE. 9775 :.i.;.`.;:.:.::.:.;;.:.::.:.:.:.:.:!.:.:.:.`:.:.:.:.:2:!:.:.:.:.!!.:...:.!.:. :!i:!:!i:!i!!:i!i!!:.'..!:i:iii:.'::.i:i:i:i.: x" .: .:: i:iii:i:: !::': ""?:::.:.: ::" -" ,:.:i ::::::::::::::::::::: ;00!ai!i iNiiiN. HAVANA CIGARS ]'R()Vll)EN(I,;, R. I. (W N S)-- An al)peal t.o the United States Gov- ernment to "arraign 1)efore the b'tr of l)ublic ol)i0.ion" the German Gov- ernment for its "horrible, terrifying, (li.tbolical 1),u'l)arities agMnst the Jewish people," was voiced this week 1)y Senator Edw'trd R. lhn'ke of Nel)rask't in an address at tile Bryant College commencement exercises. Sena(,or ]url<e cited instances in (he l)ast in which Americ' had spoken out, to su]>l)ort his contention th'tt the lhfited States was "justified to speak out in such a manner :is will aid in (lcveh)ping a mor.d sense of outrage and in(lign'ttion which the guilty nations dare not ignore." S0n'tor lul'l.e assailed the ottlcial policy (if silenc.e with rcgard to l)er- scout;on of minorities abro,d, at- tributing it to lhnler-Secretary (2f State Suntner Welles. lie warned that if (he United StaLes and tl)e other great dcmec- r.tcies h've n(l(, the courage to con- (lelnn "organized anil governnlent- sponsored perseetltions of r.tcial and religious minorities wherever such sl|eh things ()ccursl ' the 'qlorrid gcrms of r'tcial hosl,ility" will ulti- matcly pollute the "life stream in every country in the worhl." He s'tid "it is neither wise nor Christian to folh2w the course nf violence witl, reg,trd to Gcrntany." Children Marooned In Exile Are Rescued NEW Y()RI( (W. N. S.)--Issuance of 707 certilicates 12y the Bril, ish Gov- ernment pc,'mitting the en(,rance into Palestine of as many lloys and girls betwecn the 'tges of 15 an([ 17 wlll enable the Youth Aliy'di movement to rescue the Jewish children among the 65 Austrian refugees marooned ()1, a Frenc]l tugl)oat in thc l)anube River for four months) according to woM received this week by H'ulas- s'd from Youth Aliy.di headquarters in London. The certitic'ttcs will be apl)licd :tgainsL a Sllecial immigration schc- duh: f(ir students which is Ollcrative in l'alestine until Sell(oral)or 30. Youth Aliyah has transferred 2,400 young refugees from Cenl, ral Eurol)e to l)alcstinc since 1934, including 200 German and Austl'i.m children who left for Palestine on August 10, LON1)()N (W N S) -- Ways and means of l)ersu'uling Germany to al- h)w orderly exodus of refugees to per- mit them to t'tl<c part of their cal)iLM with them will l>e the first l;ask to 121: tac]dcd 1)y George Rul)h,e, 70-year- ohl director of the Interg<2vermnental Refugee Conmfi(,tec, he indicated this wool< after his first conference with committee meml)ers here. Mr. Rul)lee and his staff are now l)rel)aring ma(crial which he will use when he goes to Germany t,o discuss the refugee (luestion with llitler l)er- smmlly. Mass Migration Leader Is Now In London LONI)()N (W. N. S.)--Sh'd)batai Schoenfehl, one <)f the leaders of Aus- trian Jewry ch,rge(1 with the task of (lil'ec(Jng enfigration worlc, arriv- ed in l,ondon this week on his way to New Yorl< where hc is scheduled to discuss elnigr,ttion problems with reprcsental:ives of Jewish org,miza- (,ions. At 1)resent Schoenfchl is aiding in the remowd of some 50 yeshiwih students froln Vienn't to L<mdon. Czech Jews Seek To Help German Brethren I)I),AGUId (W. N. S.)--The Cen- tral Jewish Refugees Committee of Czcchosh2wdda this week submitted to the goverlHnent 't prol)osal to es- tablish ' ne(.worl of refugee c'tml)s Finland Relaxes Bars For 55 Refugees IIEI,SINGI?ORS, Finland (W. N. S.)--On the promise of the IIclsing- fors Jewish c(2mmmfity to l)r<)vidc them with food and shelter, 55 Aus- trian Jewish refugees were alh)wed to land here this week teml)(2rarily after a sl)ecial session of the cal>inet had discussed the matter. l)reviously, author;tics had for- bidden the emigres to crone ash<we I)ccause the German government had nullified their passports. Among the refugees are 10 women and 3 children. Jewish Youths Flee Germany To Switzerland BASLE (W. N. S.)--An average of 45 young Jews fleeing Germany al)l)ly for admission daily at the Swiss frontier in order to escal2e 12eing sent to concentration camps, the Swiss border police declared this week in an official statement. UGUST 26, ST. l,()lTIS (W. N. v(in ]lankenhagcn, secretary Gcrman consuhtte in St. l|erbcrt Felhnan, tulor to of Dr. llcrbert ])iel, the sul here, are acting us (MII in a Nazi carol) , the C()u,,cil erican l)emocrac, y ch:trged in ter (,his week to Secret:try (')oM ull Null. The Council asked Mr. llull er the l)ernfits of the two liciaIs to enter 1.he Uuited nut]mrizc 1.hem t(i organize "There is consi(h, rabh, in St. la)uis concerning this the Council wrote, "and been asked whether the (h:scrilled .21)eve c(ins(itutc for revocation ()f these : "Because the I)ul)lic h)oks Council for authentic we w(mh[ greatly apl)reci:d/' rel)ly." The caml) h)c:t(.e(l on the Adoll)h 1Nmk in Franklin just west of St.. Louis, is the Gernuu2 Americtu2 LeltgLLe 1 al]([ von general SUl)ervision over itr by l?elhnan. Frederick Mucller, the eonsuhHe, said t]m cantl) I)olitical and that no attcm illg m'2de (o c(htcate Anterior chihh'cn as Nazis. Franco Spreads Seeking Jewish Hel PARIS (W N S -- 1,'oreign 'J, OAN'p - - - teers in l.he Sl)'mish Loyal; |i "s lyric tel i, e 't Hashonah arriving here on furlough rervative house ( this wcck (,hat Genevd Illced this, t d Sp,tn,sh ,el)el conun tnd( r, is S$[ir ogar_l.a, ' " ' ' ' ,my.f!t,ll 0 .... rma Jewish w)hmteers for his a' !r..- KHj, sur j-- lU arrive he ]hinl(d leffle(s c.dling on t! J latzker, .... . , : .t ..... the Loyalist army to (It, sort ] rel)els have 1)een tossed into b.h  trenches fr(im low-flying rel,clOrlll / ] Anh= along the Austrian and Germ.m fron- tiers where refugees wouhl be housed at Jewish exl)ensc until the inter- governincn(.al Refugee Aid Commit- Lenora Street Term Seattle...popular one-dt (llrN|olis Jo Cauuda'g greeu Playground. T|II veniences of the sp sister-shil) "'Priuees leea" md "'Princess 1)l rite." Thue |or sight- seehlg und sllOplflnl, arriving buck in Seattle !INNATt. -_ lt the fig by givin n I NOW the slogm te Jew," the eaeh of its" throngh( Camt(la which will %atact the 'tlier 12ul)lici With the !,rt p. Got(hnl loa of Americ l{llls, aIlllOunc( ,ey and auth(. 1: ehairntan of iv e of Metal)hi 'e of thu'vard ;Ullll Wrole '] lee canmal<c l)r(Ivisionfor their l)cr- nt 9p. m. One-Dag nmnent resel, tlemen(,. One such Round Trip Fare i,,(t "Zol.t a 1' /eis ame c'unp h'ts "lh'cady 12een ol)ene(l.  ,  #le e.01mnittee ( E J_ I/e_ - IDI,si tis.torical So WISE WORDS -- 0"sh'a'tinal=.ssr..;" ' corn What you l<eep to yourself you E. L SHEEHAN, Genl. Agt. P (-OUr i)anll)h r of th. ,,,+, lose; what you give to others you % ........ keel2 forever. , Will 1)e e Sl.and are" to UOOklets of ': list,,Ju(lai s )UMing of (h IIorris M. 1" (1. Drcss arnl)hle(,s "All-Time Low Pr,ce GOLD SHIELD COFFEE Guaranteed "ALWAYS" GOOD. ILL Wal SCHWABAcHER BROS. & CO., Inc. Importers and Roasters o Coffee SEATTLE Y'" blAURIcE I tlq_  IIIJpEIRIOR lp WASHIN( COUN )II VIRGINIA H'-- 4 L ,,. vs. w. I'IOKAN - , No. 308 ?tl [ IOKANsob i e hereby su it: ten of thi t: 1; (60) days a, "111 t t ", and defen(  qe a  hove entitl 'oU the p] !'Y f,r , anSWer ul % Daamtiff at hi % to! Your failur l ',Uered against Ithth the eomp]ai: h t, clerk of sail .t: ":t of the ab t obtain an %tt the ground MA t{ V% . Attor % t-, -ldg. i1 111 COUnty, WI