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August 21, 1925     The Jewish Transcript
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August 21, 1925

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the 3wish Cranscripl Of The Pacific Northwest @dbOdda VOL. II. No. 24 Klan Desired To Pose As Martyr of Catholic And Jewish Opposition Washington'(J. T. A.)--That the Project of the much heralded Klan demonstration which took place here last Saturday was only a pub- licity stunt growing here among Well informed persons who have followed the latest developments in connection with this matter. Inspector of Police Evans, who is in charge" of all parade matters in Washington, has issued a state- ment that he has on file a letter from J. W. Mueller, imperial repre- sentative of the K. K. K., sent when application for the parade was first made, stating that from i00,- 000 to 150,000 Klansmen would par- ticipate in the parade. This completely contradicts Mueller's statement made in the Past few days that-_the demonstra- tion was never intended to be of a national character and that only five thousand Klansmen would par- ticipate in the mar-ch. Indications are .that the Klan Originally never anticipated that the District government would al- low the parade and made applica- tion in order to have the oppor- tunity to pose as martyrs of a Catholic and Jewish opposition if Permission for the parade were de- nied. If this hope existed in the minds of Klansmen they were dis- appointed when the National gov- ernment granted them permission SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, A Home For ]ewis]00 Art Peter Stuyvesant Helps Buld a Home for Jewish Art By Moses Reuben Introducing LOUIS N. JAFFE, the man who wants to combat anti-Semitism, and pro- mote understanding between Jews and Gentile by raising Jewish art on the stage and screen to its highest possible form of expression. This article acquaints Ameri- can Jewry with a personality who has kept in the back- ground until he has had the means to work independently in bringing his aims and hopes to fruition. It also explains why Louis N. Jaffe has undertaken the building of the world's most beautiful Jewish theatre. --THE EDITOR. nd tolerance with which he uttered those sentences. There was a far- off, reminiscent look in his eyes, as he stared past me into time and not space. Under other circum- stances, that bit of historical in- formation would have seemed quite in place coming from a person with the cultural background of the speaker. But at the time it surely seemed incongruous. Either the man did not hear my question or he was giving historical back- ground for his answer. I was interviewing Louis N. Jaffe, prominent lawyer and successful realtor of New York, and my query had been: "What prompted you to undertake the building of the new home of the Jewish Art Thea- AUGUST 21, 1925 MAKES APPLICATION TO INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS SOCIETY Geneva (J. T. A.)--Application for the admission of the Magen David Edom, the Red Magen Da- vid, to membership in the Interna- tional Red Cross, was made here by the Vaad Leumi, the National Council of Palestine Jewry. The request of the Vaad Leumi asks for the recognition of the Ma- gen David Edom, to act as a branch of the International Red Cross in Palestine. Among those who were elected to act as representatives in Eu- rope of the Red Magen David are Professor Albert Einstein, Dr. Zevi Chairs, chief rabbi of Vienna; Pro- fessor Simonson of Norway, Dr. Nurok of Latvia, Dr. David Yellin of Jerusalem and Baron Ginsburg of Paris. The question of organizing a Red Magen David was discussed at a meeting of the Jewish com- munal workers of Germany in con- nection with the planned Interna- tional Federation for Mutual As- sistance in the Relief of Peoples A. F. OF L. WANTS STILL HIGHER BARS AGAINST IMMIGRANTS Washington, D. C. (J. T. A.)-- Emphatic opposition to any ef- fort to modify the present immi- ation law, and the demand for ore stingent measures against immigrants, were expressed by the executive council of the American Federation of Labor at its meeting held here yester- day. Charges were also made that an "insiduous propaganda was at work to break down the two per cent law." "The American Federation of Labor will strenuously oppose any effort to modify the present laW, President Green declared. "Any attempt to emasculate its provisions will be bitterly con- tested. Circulars outlining this action of the Executive Council will be sent to the 40,000 local unions and 1,000 city central bodies and the State Federations of Labor urging the members to make it an issue in the 1926 Congressional campaign. Candi- dates for office who believe in flooding this country with for- eigners will be opposed." tre ?" "When the first shipload of Jews I could only listen, as Mr. Jaffe arrived in New York via Brazil in continued, struck by his sincerity 1654, they came in spite of Peter and integrity of purpose. "None Stuyvesant, governor of New Am- of the Jewish nation should be sterdam. The latter had requested permitted to infest this country," the home authorities to refuse Jews he said. Those were exactly Stuy- permission to reside in any part of vesant's words, and while I always the New Netherlands." took pride in the fact that he re- The speaker, a slim, restless man ferred to us as a nation, the epithet approaching the forties, startled me "infest," however, clung to my (Continued on page 4) with the combination of bitterness memory for years. The mere thought of the name revulsed me -- in fact, I could never run across the name in a directory, or hear of N00.00vV ERA a thoroughfare called Stuyvesant Street without thinking of the Dutch governor's contemptuous ref- eyence to our people. An Address Delivered by Elm,on L. Wienir to the Graduates of the '%Vhen I came to this country Religious School, Temple de Hirsch, at Temple de and heard of various anti-Semitic Hirsch, May 28th, 1925 symptoms, I was not as surprised as I might have been, had I not A new era in American Jewish Thus can we harmonize the ex- once read a history of America, life has begun. We are settling istence we need must lead with a and heard of Stuyvesant's antipathy 0own to what I, in common with worthy Jewish tradition. By noul towards America's first Jewish set- Overtaken by Disasters working in ORT ASSIGNS $62,000 FOR connection with the League of Na- RECONSTRUCTION IN RUSSIA tions. A proposal submitted by Senator Ringel of Poland to in- New york (J. T. A.)--Sixty-two clude the Jewish population in va- rious countries in the sphere of thousand dollars has been assigned work of the Federation met cith by the Ort to reconstruction work difficulty in that the work is in Russia, according to a cab']e re- planned to be organized on the ba- reived by the New York Ort from sis of states and not of ethnical groups. The solution was sought the office of the European Ort Coun- in the idea of establishing a Red cil. Magen David in Palestine which would thus enter the federation and representation in the proposed created the possibility of Jewish Federation. On the initiative of the international Red Cross, appli.. cation was suggested to the Vaad Leumi. Zionism Great Success Declares Dr. Rappard $2.00 PER YEAR LAW WOULD DEPRIVE JEWS OF ONE-SIXTH OF WORKING TIME New York (J. T. A.)--A protest against the proposed Blue Sunday Law of the Lord's Day Alliance is expressed by Carlyle B. Haynes, the New York State Secretary of the Religious Liberty Association, whose speech last March before the Assembly Committee of Codes resulted in the death of the bill which the Lord's Day Alliance had introduced in the last session in a letter to Hey. John Ferguson, the General Secretary of the New York State Lord's Day Alliance. "I am writing in the friendliest possible spirit to suggest the ad- visability of your organization of introducing any more such legisla- tion at all; of disbanding your re- ligio-political organization, which produces only discord and strife; of abandoning your efforts to unite church and state in New York; of renouncing your ambition to dic- tate the religious opinions and practice o the citizens of this state; of repudiating your policy of interference in matters that be- long to the state, and not to the church; of surrendering your cam- aign of persecution against those who happen to disagree with you religiously. "In the newspaper account of your statement asking for sugges- tions, you are reported as saying: "'We are preparing a measure as nearly as possible on the basis of (Continued on page 4) THE WEEK Being a Digest of Jewish News Abroad physicians to Be Mobilized for Leipzig Will Name Street for Wal- Medical Department of Hebrew ter Rathenau. University. Berlin (J. T. A.)--One of the New York (J. T. A.)--A cam- main streets of the city of Leipzig many others, believe to be a long Stabilized period, due to the virtual StOppage of Jewish immigration. The new age will not be quiet, lovely and serene like that of the Victorians; for things are neither quiet, lovely, nor serene in the World--especially are they not so With the Jews. We have only to reflect on their-mlserable lot in nearly all the nations of Europe, and our peace of mind is immense- ly disturbed. And even the thought of that courageous group in Pales- tine, who under very trying condi- tions are endeavoring to rebuild a difficult country (and actually achieving something like success iu that work) fills us with awe and Wonder, sensations which, too, do not possess the elements of seren- ity. We Jews are dissipating our Jewishness in the all absorbing American life about us. The more dominant power is sapping our Jewish vigor as surely as a fatal disease draws the vitality of a suf- ferer. The Synagogue stands by mute and helpless at the sight. ttere and now the Rabbi raises his Voice, but it is drowned in the humdrum. American life sweeps on. Motor cars, the movies, jazz, Sports (indoor :and outdoor) take OUr leisure ,and the daily grind of business absorbs the remainder of it. Judaism is neglected, often forgotten or crushed. It becomes despoiled, as a flower dropped on a crowded street; and yet that flower of Jewishness is supposed to be One of our cherished possessions. It is that which has given us our magic and distinction, and, more- OVer, it is that which, as everyone Will tell you, has filled the world With its fragrance, inducing sanity, order and justice. True, we are not the only ones to be caught in the whirlpool. Our Gentile friends and neighbors are netrapPed likewise. Should not we ewever, be stronger, because of the stamina engendered by four thousand years of civilization? Are We not (at least shouldn't we be) through our inheritance, endowed Vith a superior ability to meet and resist onslaughts such as these. We cannot expect, indeed we do aot Wish Jewish culture here to be exactly like that of other times and places. It is neither necessary nor desirable, for example, for the JeWish way of living in America to be like that of the Jews of Europe even a safe Europe. Our ideals jght Well be expressed tersely: I  our relationship to our neigh-! ors; the personification of the fin- ishing the roots of our Jewishness tlers." . paign to organize Jewish physi- will be named after Walter Rathe- we shall cause the blossoming of a Mr. Jaffe was undoubtedly giving Williamstown, Mass. (J. T. A.)-- clans, dentists and druggists in the nau, German Jewish Foreign Min- type of manhood and womanhood vent to the bitterness which many "The Arabs are in the majority in United States for the purpose of ister who was murdered by anti- which shall do justice to all that experiences with anti-Jewish inci- Palestine, but they have nothing to completing the medical department Semites three years ago, according is expected of it. Surely it is not dents had bred in him. Rack my give to the world, comparable to the of the Jewish University in Jerusa- to a decision of the city govern- necessary for us to be separated brain 'as I would I could find no Jews, even in energy or intellect," lem will be undertaken by the merit of Leipzig. (voluntarily or involuntarily) from link between this resurrection of declared Dr. William E. Rappard of :an Jewish Physicians' Com- that which is going on about us; it a forgotten though regrettable in- the University of Geneva, Swiss mittee, according to an announce- is best to be an integral part of cident in American history and the member of the Permanent Man- ment made by Dr. Nathan Ratnoff, New System of Emigrant Exam,i- society, enriching it because of our astounding story which the building dates Commission of the League of of the committee, nation Instituted in British Ports. contributions to it. But we must of a Jewish Art Theatre must Nations, who visited Palestine re- The organization committee of London (J. T. A.)--The new sys- unify and strengthen our people, so surely conceal, cently in company with Lord Bal- the campaign consists of Dr. Eman- tern of examining emigrants from that Orthodox, Reform or Semi, The irony that had seared lines four, in an address yesterday be- uel Liebman, Dr. Harry S. Isaacs, Europe to the Uni.ted States at the there will emerge from the present in Mr. Jaffe's face cleared away; fore the Institute of Politics here. Dr. Emil Altman, Dr. Joseph Hie- points of embarkation, has been confusion a unified, representative, he smiled at me, and begged for- Palestine was described as "an ber, Dr. Samuel J. Kopecki, Dr. having a tryout in London, South- tolerant type. giveness for delving into limbo, intellectual fairyland" and Zionism Alexander L. Luria, Dr. Joeph P. ampton, Glasgow, Belfast and other Your Jewish education thus far "No, I really haven't forgotten as "one of the most extraordinary Saphir, Dr. Adolph Beget and Dr. British ports. Those who are plan- should be merely a stimulus for your question. As a matter of fact political phenomena" Dr. Rappard Nathan Ratnoff. ning to make the United States more and not an end. Your attend- I have merely begun my explana- has ever studied. The Jews are their permanent residence are put ance at this school should be an in- tion of how I came to be connected coming to Palestine mainly from Some Jewish Colonies in Russia through a stringent examination. spiration to the more difficult and with giving to the Jews and to .stern Europe and they are flour- Expect Rich Harvests; in Others After an emigrant has suceeded hazardous participation in the af- America a temple that would house ishing in a remarkable way, he de- fairs of your people outside. Jewish art adequately. When the clared. Palestine is the only place who possess superior advantages, group of individuals interested in he knows of where there is a rush: this new theatre came to me, ask- in the land. the noble blood of your ancestry, ing me for support, I was some- Speaking of Palestine immigra- the instruction of your loving par- what undecided as to my course of tion, Dr. Rappard expressed the ents, rabbi, and teachers, your action. I happened to overhear, opinion that the problem now is not American virility and love of fair however, that the lot which was to encourage immigration, because play, should perform an important under consideration had once been immigration is now proceeding at part in making possible the frui- part of the Peter Stuyvesant estate, the rate of 3,000 a month, which is tion of the ideal of the American Th at coincidence removed all using all the available funds; but Jew. doubts from my mind. The pur- to regulate and diminish immigra- The modern Jewish era offers chase was immediately concluded." tion. greater possibilities of adventure "The Art Theatre, under the di- "One of the conditions of pro- to the youth of today than did the rection of Maurice Schwartz, has longed success in Palestine, of Crusades of the middle ages, for sponsored the highest form of Jew- course, must be the establishment the reward is not only booty or ish dramatic art fn America, a fact of good relations with the Arabs, wealth, but a development of char- which I know to be recognized in which is a very great problem. acter and recognition of true worth. Europe even. The productions of "The civilized world has never We can make of this new period the Jewish Art Theatre have con- been entirely fair to the Jews, and another "Golden Era" in history, veyed to non-Jews an intimation the civilized world, if we can fix such as the Jews of Spain enjoyed of what heights Jewish artistic ex. responsibility on such a vague in the thirteenth and fourteenth pression may achieve. To Jews, body, owes them a compensation, centuries. We can produce again they proved that a native Jewish and this issue is one that affords noted Jewish scholars, virile tem- theatre could be maintained on a em very real gratification." pies and synagogues, useful places plane equal to the most rigid de- "The mandate problem," Dr. Rap- of instruction. We can reinterpret mands made by the American stage, ard stated, "is especially intricate to the world the meaning of the Whenever asked what specific Jew- nd interesting in Palestine, be- Unity of God, the majesty of peace, ish art American Jewry has given cause in all the other mandated Ve can, by our examples, influence to the world, the inevitable answer territories the problem is merely the trend of living in this land, for must be a reference to the Jewish to govern, while in Palestine it is have not Jewish homes, in time Art Theatre. to establish a homeland for the gone past, at least, been the model "It has given me a mischievous Jewish race. He pointed out four for the world? And we can cause, pleasure to feel that a temple dedi- reasons which actuated the Brit- by and through an exemplification 'rated exclusively to Jewish art is [sh in assuming their present re- of our characters, an understand- to rise on the Stuyvesant estate; sponsibilities in Palestine; desire ing and appreciation of the value there is a boyishly malicious satis- to control both banks of the Suez faction in knowing that the build Canal, desire to regain prestige in of Judaism and Jewishness, so that and director of which are two of the Arab world, renaissance of the it will be respected and revered as the immigrants who have 'infested' Crusader spirit and desire to es- a fine contributing factor to the New York." tablish a national home for Jews. world's civilization. Louis N. laffe originally intended The following story of a conver- This requires leadership; leader- to become a rabbi. His early life sation between Lloyd George and ship requires straight thinking, was a studious, secluded devotion General Allenby when Mr. Lloyd Straight thinking requires sound to a future career as a Jewish re- George was Premier, resulting in preparation in the fundamentals ligious leader. He was a retiring General Allenby's capture of Jeru- and this means study, research, re- youth, who was interested, how- salem as a "Christmas present" for flection, and practice. There will ever, in all Jewish problems. He Lloyd George, was related by Dr. be no one to force you; you must not only became thoroughly famil- Rappard. travel on your own motive energy, iar with all Jewish questions, but "General Allenby told me how he There will be no immediate reward he gained an intimacy with prob- came to be called upon to take for you except the reward which lems of an economic-social nature. Palestine. Lloyd George called him an ideal followed always bestows Life struck him as a pre-arranged on the telephone and said: 'Allen- Crop Is Ruined. in getting a place on the quota a Moscow (J. T. A.)--The present number is assigned to him as a stiuation in the old and new Jew- potential emigrant. It is estimated ish colonies in Soviet Russia rep- roughly that three times as many resents a picture of hope in the citizens of Great BritainandNorth- first and dire need in the other, ern Ireland are trying to go to According to reports received America as America, under the here the Jewish colonies in the dis- present law, will receive, and ap- trict of Krivoy Hog expect an plications for admission must be abundant crop, richer than any taken strictly in the order they are crop during the last fifteen years, received. It is claimed the system The colonists hope that the ex- is working smoothly. pected rich harvests will improve their impoverished situation and re- Professor Robert Kahn, Jewish lieve them of their indebtedness. Composer, Celebrates Sixtieth In the district of Odessa, only three Jewish colonies, Balaytcuk, Birthday. Kernitchki and Migayeva have Berlin (J. T, A.)--Professor Rob- good harvests, according to the re- ert Kahn, brother of the American ports of the Odessa Ort Committee. banker, Otto H. Kahn, celebrated In the other twelve Jewish colonies his sixtieth birthday here today. .the crop has been completely Professor Kahn, who was born ruined. Of the 800 newly settled at Mannheim in 1865, was a pupil families in that district, 600 are in of Brahms He was invited to Ber- need of food and seeds for the com- lin by the famous violinist Joachim, ing autumn sowing, and became known in Germany as a composer and pianist. In Leip- immigration Officer in Palestine zig he founded a choral union and Cannot Deport Opponents of organized concerts. In 1898 he was Zionist. appointed Professor of Theory and London (J. T. A.)--The new Immi- Composition at the Royal Academy gration Ordinance in Palestine will of Music in Berlin. not give the Jewish chief immigra- tion officer power to deport oppo- nents of the Zionist policy, Col. Leopold S. Amery, British Colonial Secretary, declared today in the House of Commons. Col. Amery's statement was made in reply to a question from Sir Frank Sanderson, who wanted to know whether charges that the motive of the new immigration or- dinance in Palestine was to place Epstein Panel Will Not Be Re- moved, House of Commons Hears. London (J. T. A.)--No arrange- ments for the removal of the Hud- son Memorial by Jacob Epstein, Mr. Locker-Lampson, Undersecre- tary for the Home Office, stated in the House of Commons in reply to a question by Mr. Basil Pete. dictatorial powers of deportation in Mr. Locker-Lampson stated that the hands of the immigration offi- the First Commissioner of Works cer. had not made arrangements for the "The power of deportation," Col. early removal of the memorial Amery said, "lies exclusively wtih from its present site in Hyde Park. the High Commissioner, not with The speaker objected to the term the chief immigration officer. "Bolshevik art" which was ap- st type of citizen; in our homes ldiug a continuous consciousness upon its follower--a deep and per- happy adventure only for a minor- by, I would like Jerusalem as a our inheritance; and keeping a manent satisfaction in the achieve- ity; the youth of seventeen devised Christmas present,' whereupon AI- closer Understanding of our his- ment of its labors. Later there schemes of aiding the rest of suf- lenby replied, 'That depends on tory, problems and religion. (Continued on page'4) (Continued on page 5) (Continued on page 2) Hence, there is no need for fear plied to the Epstein panel by Mr. that this ordinance will be lsed Pete The speaker pointed out with respect to opponents o Eion- that Bolslik-gmentative ad- ist in Palestine." t ae t.%rder. ' ,..i.  ,,, i ,,', ;lqnd oi co