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August 19, 1963     The Jewish Transcript
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August 19, 1963

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4[ THE TRANSCRIPT Monday, August 19, 1963 New Year Greetings trom Norselander Seafood Restaurant 300 Third West SEATTLE AT 4-8240 ...SHOP WITH EASE... BERT'S I.G.A. FOODLINER 1801 41st East Seattle E L EC T RO-WAT T, Inc. Furnace Oil and Furnace Service CALL AT 4-1700 4225 23rd Avenue West Seattle THE WHARF RESTAURANT -- AMPLE PARKING -- COCKTAILS-- BANQUET ROOMS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Surrounded by the Atmosphere of the Northwest's Largest Fishing Fleet AT 3-6600 FISHERMAN'S TERMINAL SEATTLE PUGET SOUND STAMP WORKS R. P. SHERRY--Owners--C. L. LARSON Rubber Stamps--Metal Working Devices 120 Marion Street SEATTLE MA 3-4566 CARNATION COMPANY FRESH MILK and ICE CREAM DIVISION SEATTLE 2746 East 45th LA 5-8414 CHIEF SEATTLE GARAGE Auto Parts--Repairs SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT 508 Denny Way MA 2.4848 S E ATTL E PLAID PIPER Tantalizing Steaks, Ham, Turkey or Chicken Chef's Special French Dip Sandwich 1600 East Olive Way Seattle Gunderson's Jewelry ORIGINAL JEWELRY--ANTIQUE JEWELRY SILVERWARE--JEWELRY REPAIRING 527 Pine Street SEATTLE MA 4-1531 Complete Floral Service Serving the South End and Seattle CH 3-5050 If no answer call CH 2-5663 MARY GAY FLOWER & GIFT SHOP, Inc. 646 S.W. 152nd Seattle WATER LEVEL RESTAURANT Nestled in the "- ,. a   Paci/ic Coast's most outstanding yacht marina, 1500 WESTLAKE NORTH ATwater 2-0501 JEWISH MEALS By Mildred Grosberg Bellin Author, The Jewish Cook Book (Bloch) (Copyright, 1963, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc. Not too long ago a philoso- pher wrote that it is impossible to eat an ice cream cone and look unhappy at the same time. This profound observa- tion could have been extended to include frankfurters in a roll as well. When we eat frankfurters in more elaborate dishes which require the use of a fork or spoon, we may acquire slightly more formal expressions during their con- sumption. Nevertheless, the good taste frankfurters add to all sorts of foods certainly in- creases the fun of eating. No matter which of the many combinations of frankfurters and beans we sample, somehow they all taste good. To this group we add today a recipe which includes frozen Lima beans. If available and pre- ferred, the fresh baby Lima beans can be substituted. The sauce for this dish takes just a few minutes of top-of-the-stove simmering, but has all the goodness of one baked for hours. With mashed potatoes and a crisp cabbage slaw, we have a well-balanced but in- expensive meal which should" be most popular with all mem- bers of the family. A most unusual supper salad utilizing cold cooked whole kernel corn, it is a pleasant way to make use of frankfurt- ers and corn on the cob left over from a picnic. Of course both meat and corn may be especially cooked for the salad, or canned or frozen corn used: The list of ingredients may appear rather long, as this is a complete main-dish salad, but the actual preparation takes but a little time. FRANKFURTERS AND FROZEN BEANS IN MOLASSES SAUCE 8 frankfurters (1 lb.) 1 10-oz. package frozen baby Lima beans 1/4 cup catsup 1/4 cup molasses 3 gingersnaps, crushed 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar /2 teaspoon dry mustard 1/z teaspoon paprika % teaspoon Worcestershire Cut the frankfurters in half crosswise, then cut each piece in half lengthwise. Put the frozen beans in a 2-quart saucepan, add enough water to cover, and bring to a boil. Cover the saucepan, lower the heat to simmer, and cook until almost tender. Add the frank- furters and simmer until the beans are soft but still retain their shape. Drain off any liquid which remains in the saucepan. Add all the remain- ing ingredients. Either light or dark molasses may 1 used, to taste. Stir to blend, then sim- mer until very hot. Salt may be added, but is usually not considered n e c e s s a r y. This amount serves 4. FRANKFURTER SUPPER SALAD 6 cold, cooked frankfurters 2 cups cold, cooked whole kernel corn 11/z cups cold, cooked peas 1 cucumber, peeled and diced 3 tablespoons minced onion 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/4 cup white wine vinegar /z teaspoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon dry mustard Salad greens About & cup mayonnaise Remove the skins from the frankfurters and cut the meat into /z-inch pieces. Drain the corn and peas well before measuring. Fresh, frozen, or canned corn and peas may be used. Combine the frankfurter piece., the corn, peas, cucum- ber and onion. Blend the oil, vinegar, sugar and dry mus- tard, and pour over the frank- furter mixture. Stir to blend then cover the bowl, and re- frigerate for several hours. At serving time lightly stir in just enough mayonnaise to moisten. Taste and add salt and pepper if necessary. The frankfurters may supply all that is needed. Line a large salad bowl, or individual ones, with the salad greens, and fill with the frank- furter salad. This amount serves 4 to 5. Greetings CONTINENTAL COFFEE CO. MA 2-2261 621 Western Ave. Rabbi Reports on Jewish Aid in Current Negro Struggle for Equal Rights Action CHICAGO (JTA) -- The American Jewish community, which has been involved in the quest for civil rights for a long time, has now developed "a new sense of urgency regard- ing inequality to the Negro," a representative Of the Reform rabbinate told a Catholic con- ference here. This view was expressed by Rabbi Balfour Brickner, director of the Cam- mission on Interfaith Activities of the Union of American Heb- rew Congregations, in an ad- dress before the National Cath- olic Conference for Interracial Judaism, said Rabbi Brick- er, is committed to the Negro cause both theologically and m o r a 11 y, advocating human equality "because it is right." At the same time, he noted, i "the security of the Jewish c o m m u n i t y is inextricably bound to the security Of all groups, since practices of dis- crimination and segregation against others are a direct threat to the status of the Jew- ish community." Tri-faith clerical participa- tion in civil rights demonstra- tions, he said, has shown that "Jews are neither hostile to r a'b b i n i c involvement nor afraid of community conse- quences." He reported a num- ber of actions being carried out currently by Jewish groups on the national as well as the local levels. He called attention to the formation of a rabbinic task- force of Orthodox, Conserva- tive and Reform rabbis by the Synagogue Council of America, New Year's Greetings FLOWER BASKET MABEL LENHART Floral Designs Specialists -- DELIVERY SERVICE -- 4225 Rainier PA 3.7830 SEATTLE SEATTLE CARD MART, INC. Complete Assortment Boxed Greeting Cards Many Famous Lines including CHILTON CHEERFUL 'DOEHLA IDEAL SUNSHINE 1 Black West of Broadway Theatre 1715 E. Olive Way EA ---- .. --4"4847. SEATTLE Greetings from GAROL ANN BAKERY PRODUGTS AT 4-5053 3243 20th W. HELLAND'S SERV-U The Best in Meats and Groceries 903 - 19th Avenue North EA 4.6381 SEATTLE For Your Paints and Linoleum try GRINSPAN'S EAst 4.3531 2216 South Jackson Street SEATTLE Angelo Merlino & Sons Established 1900 Importers and Distributors Olive Oil, Cheese, 'Sardines Olives, Select Food Products Ask for Our Brands Merlino, Angelo, Genova, Leonetta and Buon Gusto Food Products 816 6th Ave. S. MA 2-1931 Seattle ANGEL'S PEAT BELTING & SUPPLY CO. Washington Manufacturers of Leather Belting Cup Leathers and Couplings Rubber Belting -- V Belts Repairing Lace and Cotton Belting 2430- 1st So. MA 3-5130 SEATTLE FOOD CENTER 621 Broadway East EA 2-2020 Meats, Groceries and Fresh Farm Produce VIC ANGEL and AL ISRAEL SEATTLE for participation in peaceful racial demonstrations. Jewish lay leaders, he said, are in- creasingly joining picket lines and sit-ins, and broad pro- grams of grass-roots commu- nity action are undertaken by Tewish community councils. Fashion Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses 1313 Fourth.. MA 2-1940 1826 Sixth . . MA2-1942 Northgate . . . EM 3-9499 1312 NE 45th . ME 2-0255 1738 Market.. SU 3-1860 Bellevue .... GL 4-0055 Burien ..... CH 2-7437 Aurora Village . . LI 6-1010 Lynnwood . . . PR8-3311 ACCURATE DRY CLEANERS WE CLEAN WITH PERCHLORETHYLENE OR SOLVENT YOUR CHOICE OR LEAVE IT TO US Finest Cleaning in the Northwest 2510 E.i Cherry EA 3-8844 ST. VINCENT de PAUL Help the Handicapped 1001 Fairview E. MA. 3-1492 Seattle AT. 4-9905 SOUTH CHINA CAFE Chinese and American Dishes . , EA. 4-5344 2714 Beacon South SEATTLE Sontag's Zesto Rainier Freeze HOT DOGS HAMBURGERS MALTS SHAKES BROAsTED CHICKEN FRIES 7000 Rainier PA 5-6850 SEATTLE STAGY SHOWN Watchmaker and Jeweler "Established 1886" HAMILTON and BULOVA QUALITY WATCHES 'Custom Jewelry Manufactured' MA 2-3785 Dexter Horton Bldg. Seattle Jewish National Fund Tells of Its Purposes There are some misconcep- tions in regard to the princi- ples practiced and materialized by the Jewish National Fund as well as in .regard to the functions entrusted to this in-: stitution in Israel, the Los An- geles office of the organiza- tion points out. The under- standing of both is vital for arriving at full appreciation of the work done and values pro- moted by the JNF, says he report. The scope is outlined as follows by the JNF office: Basic concepts are: (1) The JNF is to hold land in Israel in trust for all Jew- ish people everywhere in the world. (2) This land is never to be sold in perpetuity ,to anyone; its ownership is inalienable. Thus, land which was acquired once by the JNF is a Jewish land forever. This is a basic Hebrew law which says that the land cannot be sold in per- petuity to individuals. (3) This land is to be allo- cated to Jewish people who are willing to cultivate it and live on it, according to their respective needs. It is never a subject for profiteering. Thus the JNF is materializing the preaching of the Hebrew pro- phets for social justice. (4) The JNF is not a welfare institution in the pure mean- ing of this word. It does assist people to be self reliant and educates them toward this goal. Land leased by the JNF for settlement will be a con- tinuous source of income for those who cultivate it. (5) Through the JNF the Jewish people establish an im- mediate link with the soil of the Holy Land. Reclaiming this land is a concern of the Jew- ish people everywhere, not only of the Israeli government. Basic purposes are: (1) Historically the main goal of the JNF was to trans- fer ownership of land in Israel into Jewish hands. Today, af- ter the establishment of the State of Israel the main goal is to reclaim this land . . . that is, the making of swamp areas, sand dune areas, mountainous areas, and the vast wastes of the Negev possible for Jewish settlements. Taking into con- sideration the fact that about two thirds of the land of Israel is unreclaimed this is a job of gigantic measures. (2) To afforest each acre of land which cannot be used for agriculture or other urban or suburban purposes. (3) Through this land rec- lamation the JNF creates a new living space in Israel; makes it possible to increase the inflow of immigrants; pro- motes appropriate distribution of the State population; forti- fies the too vulnerable Israeli border through the building of a security belt around it. (4) The JNF through its land reclamation work and af- forestation provides employ- ment for the new immigrants and thus helps educate them to form roots in their new reality. With the anticipated increase of Jewish immigrants into Is- rael the JNF will be called upon to step-up its operations and activities. The JNF is al- ready accelerating its conquest of the open "Israeli borders through the launching of 20 new outpost settlements. This additional burden calls for a better and fuller appre- ciation of its functions and basic principles. Federation in East Says Separate Drives Hurting Campaign INDIANAPOLIS, (JTA) The Jewish community here "will have to take a stand very soon" on the problem of vari- ous separate drives "that draw funds from the central cam- paign," Frank H. Newman executive director of the Jew- ish Welfare Federation, de-: clared in a statement issued to the press here. "There was no question the fact that the Federation campaign was number one in primacy," he said, "but the de- velopment of auxiliaries, spe- cial organizational campaigns which seek funds for national organizations over and above the regular membership fees, special assessments by organ- izations to their members, a sliding scale which frequently puts an additional burden on those people who are expected to give generously to the cen- tral campaign, among a host of: other fund-raising devices, has lessened the strength of the Federation's annual drive." Admitting that many of these fund-raising activities were necessary and strengthened es- sential elements of the Jewish community, he pointed out that their unabated growth was destined to create serious problems for the Federation's campaign. "The needs behind the central campaign were recognized as the most import- ant in Jewish life," he declar- ed. "Without the central-cam- paign, a chaotic situation would exist and would create com- petition, duplication, and ex- tremely serious problems for the beneficiaries." DAN'S MARKET Meats and Poultry of Quality "There Is a Difference" MAin 3-3093 85 PIKE STREET SEATTLE New Year's Greetings from The PEPPER MILL Restaurant SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS 1428 FIFTH AVENUE SEATTLE MU 2-2418 PUNCH BOWL CATERING SERVICE Caterer's Equipment Renting LA 2-2900 3240 N0rth.East 45th Seattle WESTERN NATURAL FOODS CO. DIETETIC FOODS VITAMINS -- MINERALS -- HERBS 1334 2nd Avenue near Union Street MA 3-0625 SEATTLE L'Shono Tovo HOLLYWOOD STYLE SHOP Dresses and Sportswear for All Occasions 4528 California Avenue SEATTLE GREETINGS FROM A FRIEND WE 5-9966 ANDY KICHINKO MOTOR FREIGHT ROUTED NATION-WIDE 2100 Airport Way South Seattle MA 3-4134 MA 3-4455 ROGERS CANDY CO. MANUFACTURERS OF DUCKLINGS THE FINE:ST OF CHOCOLATES 315 WEST MERCER SEATTLE AT 4-7676 Greetings... ( TERRY CAFE MR. AND MRS. PHIL BUGAN OPEN 365 DAYS AROUND THE CLOCK MA 3-6333 901 MADISON SEATTLE Greetings... MILWAUKEE SAUSAGE COMPANY 2900 Fourth Avenue South L SEATTLE MA 4-2655 i i ii i