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August 12, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 12, 1938

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PAGE EIGHT Attorney, 70, Heads Work Of Finding Homes For 660,900 (Contimwd from P&apos;tge 1) should submit wrillen st, tltements to the permanent committee indi(.ating the extent to which each is ready to contribute to a soluii(m of the refu- gee problem; decided ||rot contact with i)riv,fle relief organizations shouht be mainl..dned through the I,eagu of Nations lligh (Ionunission for German Refugees; and invited the League High Comnlissioner to partieilmte in the conunitlee's meet- ings on matters dealing wi(h liriwtte relief and (tie (lirector of the hirer- national Labor Orifice to meetings on lira question of migra|ion. Myron C. Taylor, head of the Am- erican delegation, n:lnled vice- chairman of lhe c(nmnitlee, l.ogether with Senator llem'i lcrengcr of France, Cesar Viera of Brazil and a reln'esentative of ]IolhuM. Lord Winterton of England, who in liro-Arlil b was cheseii chairinan. At the closing session, 1I'. Taylor dechn'e(l that refugee set tlenielit niilsl })c slieedcd u 1) ill order to find iiew iionles for an estinlate(1 6(i0,.()00 I)ersoliS froni G(;rnlany aild Austria within flw. years. At the liresent rllte of setthment, he slti(l, it wouhl take 16 ye,irs to lralisfer these |)eol)ie fronl the Reich. Mr. Taylor estimated the total (if lieople who milst bc taken oiit of the Greater Reich as follows: 108,100 Jews ill (]erinany; ]02j300 in Austria; 285-510 lion-Aryans alid 75,000 Catho- I its. These figures (lid not include per- sons more than 50 years (rid. Renfinding the eonferencc t]lat the Uniled States hail ah'eady admitted 17,000 Germ:in refugees during the year ended June 30 and was ready to Viereck, Nazi Agent, Nabbed On Way Abroad (Cent|]|lied from Page 1) liartller in tile publicity firm of Carl Ilyoir If lid Assoeiales. Byoir is .Jew- ish. Viereck often writes art;ties on Gernlany for Liberty, ])ul)lished by ]Jermtrr Mci*'ad(len; was inloflhcial spokesman here for K/riser Wilhelm during the World War... Newsman John 1,. Spivack who saw Viereck's cash 1)ook, says tie got $500 a month from German Consul-General Kiep during several months ef 1933 .... Sl)ivack also printed it confidential cld)le, from Viereck to the ex-Crown Prince, to Vice Chancellor Von Papen and l)r. ]tjahn:tr Schacht, dated March 27, 1933, advising them on lhe. anti-Nazi boycott situation. Synagogue Head Writes On Visit To Holy Land (Continued from Page l) but on reaciiing liaifa, we found it stn'l)assed them all. "Froill olfr })oiit we SltW the. wliole city, situated oil the side of Mt. Carniel, overlooking the sea. Our entry into the port wlts an enthu- siasiic one. We fill felt that at last ilfler years of hoping we had reliched lgreiz Israel, our own homeland and the one place whose gates are opell lo receive llS, "Ilaif'L is it beautifid modern city lind its new |nir!)or tills l?!'onht, it into the fr()ll rank of Mcdlterranean ports, loire reaciie(l ]Iaifa (ill Sifa- vuol.h and witnessed an impressive eci(flJrltA.ioii of the holidfty I)y the children. "We visited severtll Kibutzim and tile young peol)le arc very hapliy in lheir own country, in spite of tim d.lngers and hardships prevailing al. la'esent. We next, visited Tel Aviv, a most nm(lern city with beau- tiful liathing lleach the length of the city. "It, too, has lL new seal)err lind has Im(;ome an importaiit industrial cen- ter. ]t is the only all-Jewish city in lhe werhl and it is most interesting t(i hear everyone, especially the young ehihlren, all sl)eaking the one ]allgllage, Ilel)rew. "On visithig Jcrllsa]ein, our Iloly City, we found thhlgs different. ]t is im international city whose 3,000 years of history seem to greet you from all sides. It is with a feeling of awe that one visits the historical silcs and folhiws in the. footstelis of oil|. sacred allcestors. "We visited the Wailing Wall, the l)ead Sea, also the Keren Keyemeth liuihling and the various institutions of Ihldassah and Mizrilchi--the lat- iei' great nloriinnents to (illr Ameri- call wonleil. We also visited the He- lirew University and iiew Mehic'd (]enter, which are a credit to world Jewry. "While visiting acquaintances here I rea(l fin article on my departure in a copy (if your Transcript. I also read of the successful drive held in Seattle, our city going over the top with it total of $54,000, and I was proud to tell of tile good work we are doing." :i(hnil. 27,370 under lhe ilnniigration qnol.a in lhe i)res(!iit yeal', Mr, TIt.S ,- lor declared lhat the first and fore- liiOst duty of Ihe perniIHieilt COLD- nlittee wits to illdllCe Germany to I)ermit the einigi'(;s to lake olit cal)i- lal. Attendhig tile (folif(l'OIice 1)y Sl)Ceilll l)(.l'lnissi(ni of lhe Reich governmenl. were two Jews fl'oln Allsl, ria aiid two frl)ln Gel'lnlHly. Their cllief liurliose was io prevail IIl)(nl the (olifereliCC ll) l)crmit r(!fll- g(!es to sele(d, the ('Olllilries to which lhcy will einigrlil(! alld to lll'ge thltl ilnme(lia|e sleps lie l iik(!n to obtiiiii lierniissioli for 20,000 Austrian Jews ordered expelled from their liomcs to s'.;t, lh.  teml)orarily in Eurol)ean hinds Iliiti] pel']il.lll(!llt ]IOIlIOS aFe folllid for th(,in. L. A. Nazis Booed By Crowd Of 10,000 ((hmtinued from Page 1) with Nazisnl!" For niore lhlili all lit)ill' 2,000 per- SOILS I)arli(led in elderly pic]<et filsilioll ligliiliSt the 400 Nazis insi(h,. AI)ollt a (lozcn i)el'SOllS Wel'e })(!aleli with liight sticks ])y 40 police after a flying rock, pi'esiunably l]ir()wii 1)y eli(! of I.he denlonstrators alid in- t(nde(l for It window of the ha||, slriick aiid severely Well|ideal Joa(luin del Rio, It reporter for The ],a V(Iz, :i Spanish newsl)lii)er i)rinle(I in New York. l'oli(.,e erected II 1)arricade "is |lie crowd l egan pressing toward th(! front d(;or (if the ellfe and shouts grew in vohlme. They soon drowned out t]ie Gei'- Dlall aIl(| Englisii songs aiid sl)ecches of the anti-Comnmnist in.ogram in- side the hall. A plea for disl)ersal was voiced 1)y .h)hn Stapp, executive secretary of the Anmrican League fer Deniocracy, one of the grollp's supporting the parade. "We called this (]emonstration from 8 to 9 oelocl(, '' Stapp sho(ltcd from a vantage spot. "Now it is 9 (/(dock all(| we wish you would go |i OIne. ' ' Stapp was vigorolisly 1)ooe(l Itlld the throlig })egan singing the Stlir Spangled ],anner. lhn'man Schwinn, western leader of the German-American Bun(l, pr(.- sided at the session. BUT--8 Jews Killed As Bus Hits Bomb (Continue(t from Page 1) this week into tt huid mine (',onceah.(l in the road. Six were ]dlled outrigiit alid two succumbed to their injuries. The dead arc ]i]liahu Sch]esingor, ]Iillel Schori, Ye]luda Co|len, Leah Rosen- lnallil Batya Kashtal), Ludwig A1)el and Ludwig Lowenstein. Just prior to the exph)sion, ghaffirs had (':irefully patrolled the rolidway both on foot and by car, in "ccord- ante with the now prey|riling l)rac- tice, 1)ut they had foinid not}ling. Apl)arently the |and mine lllis ex- llhlded oil]y lilider the heavier iml)'tct of tile ladell trllck. Jacol/Alkaycm, a truck driver, was killed near Athlit by shots fired at him from ambush. Zvi ]Afshitz, a ghaffir, was fatally wounded whcn a patrol of Jewish ghaf|iirs wh() ha(1 gonc outside the colony of Magdiel to insl)ect t}ie road before the (leparture (if workers to the groves, was attacked from am- bush. Novel French Film Has Montlake Premiere The saucy wit that has eharnlc(l lnany a I)rilliant lludience in a Roth- schihl drawing i'oonl will titillate Jewish patrons of Monthi.kc Thea- tre, Seattle's only for0ign fihn honse, today with the Nerthwest premiere of "The Pearls of the Crown," writ- tel), directed and acted by asha Giiitry, Franc(fls No. I actor-writ0r. The dialogue, in the unusual fihn, produ(;e.(| in |trance, in in three lan- guage.s---English, Italian alld French. The foreign languages sequences are translated l/y super-imposed English tith;s, Frank Jenkins, theqtre man- ager said. Tile film tells the romance-filled story of seven fabuh)us pearls an(1 covers a panorama of history moving swiftly over four centuries. I)eep-voiee(I, versatile Guitry l)lays four roles in "The Pearls of the Crown," in addition to |laving writ- ten and (lh'ecte(t it. WISE WORDS Our sages said: "At all times shouhl man's dispesition be i)]easant in associating with men." Israel Zangwill's son is an engineer, lives in Mexico, is married to a ||eli- Jew. THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE War Was Never Like This! Twenty years ago, they were khaki-clad soldiers of Uncle Sam, trudging along dusty roads or crawling on their belly in No Man's Land. But from September 2 to 5, nearly 10,0I)0 members of the Jewish War Veterans will not only ride around Detroit, the con- vention city, in the autos for which the city is famous, but their license plates will be specially-designed. Here is DR. PERRY P. BURNSTINE, helping arrange the conclave, pointing to the special convention license plates issued by the state of Michigan. Gentiles Slap "No Jews" Rule LONDON. --- British tourists from the steamers Orcades and Voltaire broke up a sightseeing tour in Danzig this week and re- turned to their ships when they noticed a "Jews Not Wanted" poster at the entrance to the Eden Hotel, where they were to have lunch. There was not a Jew in the party of 40 Englishmen and when the guides tried to explain the anti- Semitic measures they were shouted down. Famed Dutch Jurist Passes AMSTl!]RI)AM (WNS)---Dr. Mar- ells Pollak, one of the leading Jews (if llo]htnd an(1 f()rmer lnenfl)er (if the High Coilrt of Justice "it The H'tglie, died ||ere this week at the age of 72. When lie retire(1 from tile Imnch in /935, Queen Wilhehnina conferred nl)on him the title ()f (]olnnlali(ler ()f the Order of Orange Nassltu. A leading authority on l)utch com- nn:n'cial l:tw, fie was the aul,]lor of standard text 1)ooks use(1 in Dutch universities. ])r. Polhtk was a fornier Cllrator of the Dutch Ashkonazic Ratll)inical Seniinary and president of |,tie Jewish Ohl Age l}[ome at Tim II:tglle. ]le canie (if a family that inchldes ])r. N. J. l)ollak, rector of lotterdam Universily, and Senator ]h!nri ])ol- tak who was recently knighted. War Vets Urge Ford To Repudiate Nazis (Co)ltinue(1 from Page 1) of ]illlnallity and Alnorican- isnl," l.o "rcl)ll(|Jal,c" the (-Jernillll decoration tin|(erred upon hint last wee, l( Oil the occasioli of his 75th I)irthday. igiie(I 1)y l[iirry II. SchILfer ]lit- tionai conmlander, t]ie telegram said: "The Jewisii II1' Veteraiis of the lYnil.e(l Sl.atcs ()l)serve with shockcd regre, t newsl)al)er rel)ort of your ac- cel)tance (if the award of the Grand Cross of the German ]]agle at the ]l,uids (if the ]litler regime--the slt]ne regime which has (]enicd to its own citizens |;tie right to compete for or accel)t the, Nol)cl Pe'tce award. "This 'lci on your part can only be interprele(1 as "m en(h)rsement by you (if tile I)arl)arous, in(h;cent and ir- religious Nli:i program and phil- osophy. "In the n'une (if ]lumanity and Am- ericanisn), we C:i]l ill)On y(ni to ]'e- I)u(liatc thiit award and all it stands for. Yonr i)roml)t aiid favoi'al)lo re- 1)]Y is awaite(I with groat interest. ' Ill the evellt that l,'ord does not re- I)udiate t]lc award, the ,J.W.V. na- l,i()nal convention committee, heade(1 1)y Sitmuel J. Le, ve ()f I)etroiL, is s,tid to 1)0 ]'ea(ly to reject an arrangement liy which the Ford |Victor (3Oral)any agree(| to furnisli 75 car8 free to the ,J.IV.V. co|lye|it|eli meeting in De- tr()it, Septeml)or 2 to 5. The cars were SUl)posed to be fitted out with Amerie.m iiags and |,lie J.W.V. insignia, which inehides |.lie six-l)ointe(I Star of David. Jews were found in the lhtlearic Is- lands its early :is i,hc second century. AUGUST 12, Irish University Protests Jew-Baiting In Two Countrie CORK, Ireland (WNS)--A signed appeal by the entire faculty of University College, headed by Father Mahoney, protesting against the "cruelty and harsh- ness" with which Jewish students in Roumania and Poland are treated, was made publi week, and will be handed i Roumanian and Polish ab dors. The statement declares the situation does not 1 credit upon Polish and Ro |an cultures. Europeans From Palestine Says Savant; Nazi Walks Oui COPENHAGEN (W N S) -- The reich, famous for his searl only German attending the Inter- '0 Tal r. S()hnnon he Zionist aild olle (i ant lfel)rev 'attle Thur the "Pekingman," told the national Anthropological Cong- a-wi(le l,o ress walked out of the room this ing that all European Pit% descrilti week when Prof. Franz We|den- came originally from Pale?d theln'in l' [" /[ItSla]l, :l(' ttle Z' Against Wll00, 150,000 Voted "-" It, (101(hna n Official Ballot Survey Illc(SS() 1' q TO1)EKA, ](ailsits (V N S)--Anti- more than three counties. ,h ia the II le ]naet (! Semitism's first bill for l)ower on the American 1)olitical scene was tram- pied by the vote, rs of l(ansas, official figures reveale(1 this week, after Rev. Gerahl Winrod, avowed Jew-bait0r lili(l Nazi ln'ol)agandist, ran a 1)ad third in the Rel)ub]ican Scnatorial prhnaries. l)eliolincod |is a bigot ])y leading Republicans, including Editor Wil- ]ianl Allen White and John ]tllMlilt()n chairlnaii of the Republicli.n National Couinfittec, Winrod failed to carry In Week's News: Dr. Weinst00 Is Researcher On Diabetes (C()ntinued from Page 1) sity of Pennsylvania, and I)rac- riced medicine in Phihuh;ll)hia for five years lie(ore conling here. lie is a meml)(;r of tile American Med- ical Association and the Phihl(lel- Clyde M. Reed, the primal l)el', polled over 100,000 v( Servativc sy conlpared with less than 50,000 West. anti-Scmitic evangelist. 1)allasKnapl)' anther cadr Y A polled 60,000 votes. I Winrod's defeat climaxed a: I campaign in which he appc' i|]llh  i it time to be a sin'o winner, Ill the 81tlnc prinlil3"y the let LItANy, all voter8 nominated' State J lacate theN'el ])ayne Ratner, it ]la]f-Jev  )8 Who felt can(lidato for governor. , thc anti-( lfl ilew stli lilOtlsly it( f01.1 i)y t :.titutillnd ( 18 how to 1)( p]iia Metltl)(llic Assoeiati0 e rieOl)le of e aincn(hn( written p pors on his diabd I ca!lle only search for the American J0  ,ClUng the Medical Science, once t00! li Would h (if the 70 dial)eric policc  (Cont. on firemen in Phihtdelphia. the son of Mrs. Ida W# "3 and 1)rotiier of Nat Wei Sell( 'WOlnell' S hat " " ' whoh;saler Society worker. Harry, in SMem Sulvia Netter, ' li gee l)ro] kilowli hero, ]iving llLlll Nc+ll ' li (/llfer(,l llis llnC|o and lUliltilt, Mr, alll' .18o ,,,,, , Abe Weinstein, Mrs. Joseph W. we]|-known Seattle THE SAGES SAY According to a Jewish the perfect world or| 1)y God, man wlls meant to be tar|an. No living creaturc live at the expense of I)cing. Authoress Of New Book Married To Jew NEW Y( )I;](,-- Twenty-six-yeai- old Ruth McKenny, whose "My Sis- ter Eileen" ]ms just been published, is tile wife of Richar(1 ]randenstein, ]iliOWli also a8 Ill'fillS(ill, son of the lh'alidensteins (if San Fraii(.iseo and related to the lJ'lcischackers, llell- nlans and other noto(l familics, friends rcvoale(1 this week. YOiillg ]h'itiidens{cin, accilscd of radical ton- (lencies 1)y ltil Francisco's "400/' wrote an arl,iclo oil how lie came to l.henl in Meiiorah ]V[ont]lly il. few years ago which created a fllrore on accoulit of its candor. As "llruce Minion" lie is one (if the editors of the New {IISSCS, Ways The Transcript erves Voul Ih%ri lefligee I |% is Jews, Io,.,i e from , i ,,,0 I! ' | s Jews, t 1. You enlarge your knowledge of Jewish affairs and I (%t. Judaism. on 2. You keep in touch with your people--the Jewish ! people and their progress. All This .For 4c preciatedYU learnorwheremistreated.and how the Jewish people are ap- A Week! -- ess 4. You maintain useful mediums for dissemination of all Jewish news and matters. IK 5. You stimulate the solidarity and better understand- I]AR MR that il(" then the price of a package of gum or a couple of cigarettesl ing of the Jew, by both Jew and non-Jew. 6. You gain a wider Jewish horizon and viewpoint. 7. You learn intelligently to meet and answer Anti- Semitism and to develop Jewish powers. 8. You learn to promote Jewish interests and a better Jewish consciousness. 9. You give your children or yourself a course in Jewish history of today as shown by Jewish happenings. 10. You provide for your protection and Jewish defense in emergency or prevent such possibility. ll.t:enerall, N%s's(l? It' 811ece8 lh for atl 1-)eilig ttl ttl ys. Th ,.:, u DrOphe 2) ttie 1 ' .but this wisti life. IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND WHO SHOULD GET THE TRANSCRIPT FILL OUT COUPON. PRESTO! This form if filled out and mailed in, will have the magic effect. THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, 1616 Eigkth Ave., Seattle, Wash. Sond me The Jewish Transcript for the next 52 weeks. [] I enclose $2.00 [] Send me bill. iI, al NAME ........................................................... alt%il14 ADDRESS ................................................... D t,, 8ill({" | CITY ........................................................  (ollt