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August 12, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 12, 1938

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12, 1938 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAGE SEVEN Pius Again Slaps At Policy Of Italy Editorial, See Page Two). (WNS) lashing out at exag nnl ionalism nml f,w {he third time in ,Weeks, l&apos;ol)e l'ius alt:wked s I/ew y-I)rochtinmd Aryan lmli - flly shgil'])lerlliS 1his Attacks Guardia (WNS) Mnyor l"ior,.,Ih) 11. of New 'f,)H{, who is of .ul and Jewish Imrentnge, w,s out of the lt:tlian race this week I I 'l'e ve re. to illiother Pt, ol)le pltpel' e01o, which recently referred t.,) ns lhe "l)Ol)ulnr Italo- week in nn address to alumni of the Coltee fro' l'rol)ag'ttion cf l, he l:aiih. The Pontiff referred Lo llqly's new :tnli-.lewish program I) 3, dec.htrin "it iS llillle We 11,81 ollrselvcs how it is Ilh:lt wilh disgraceful imitaiion ltnly has found the need of following in the Imth of (erlllDA)y.'' "In these days," lie said, "there is milch t.1111";. ()f I'C(" l)urily and of na- (il)mdisnl. To be (htlholic means to I)e iiiliversa]- (iof i':leiltI (lot IHt- limmlislic, not Sel)ar'Hislic. "There :tl'e no other ways [or ('.alho]ics. (',erlainly not in l.hildiilg in hq'ms ;f racialism, nalion:llism lllld sel)al'al ism. ' '  ( ( I (  I I ()Ii XV It t ] 1[ t ( ) l).1,rtition the human fnmi]y such as is i,itended in rncialism and e, xaggeraled nal.imml- ism. "Tliere is l.alk of raising even fllt'- lhel' })arriel's I)(;twceli 1)lell all)(| ]llell 'lnd I)elween I)eol)les and peol)le8. llunian reality is t;o 1)e inert, not I)ensts. It is I)'t)'tl ()t' tllilll:tll dignity to he I)ilt ()lie gre:tt family, one lllllnall I'ace. 1, LA GUARDIA Was called a "mongrell" li Inayor of New York," s'fid he had no righl, to to Ilollr I'l/ee." lar Lq Guardia?" II Tevere "Without doul)t. At the sltnel.ions, in fact, he won Ill Well nmrited l)Ol)uh1,rity I)y ng it series of illfanlotis agll.iqst lt:tly. Ig mongrel that lie is, he v:tntage of his origin (gel} l but net (;thnoh)gieal, I)e- not hehmg to our r:1,ce) Ilg l)resstlre on Italians of New aiid ol)e n an '1,1)yss betweem tilii Fascist organizabions." Fights ICAN CITY (WNS)--I'ope liot only warring militantly racism 'tnd iml, ilSemitis,n in is bringing pressure to bear lie Church lenders in many tirol)can lands, esl)ecially to eomlmt anti-Semitism eeording to rel)orts this week circles. Same sources (leel.u'e th'1,t is also anxious to find a l)eran(li for I)ringing al)out (Wish l)eace ill Palestine. bl JANERIO (WNS)--The Ln Zionist Federation was O] ,l )Dressed this week by Min- Fr.tneisco Campos in with a recent law dissolv- 3reign organizations." Of' t r he Zl)mst ]'ederatlon are Boston Editor Hits 'Aryanism' l()s'r()N (W N S) -- lllasting the 1)rol)vsed racial I)oliey urge(I upon Italy I)y :1, grOUl) of Fascist seientists ns "al)surd," G. N. l,ongarini, l)ul)- lisher of 1,:1, Notizia, Boston Italian daily, lhis week branded "all such (.ot,!el)tions of racial theory as ri l dieuhms," in an interview with the Boston Jewish World. l,ongarini s.fid he didn't think Mussolini's governnmnt wouhl Sl)On- sor sHch It lnovc]nelit. "Such a decision on the I)art of the Italian 1,'ascist government would 1)e mere stul)i(lity," he dech1,red. "Any one who has read history kl)ows that there is 11o sHch thing as a l)ure race. ltttly eslmcially hits so nuuly ,'aci.1,1 strains IJmt lin(ling a i)ure 'Aryan' is 1)ractically iml)OS- sible. "In Italy one lin(ls so many r.1,ces --Sl'1,vs, l,:tl.ins, Czechs and so ninny others th'tt a racial l)rogram I)y the lt'tlian governmenl, would 1)e ab- sllr(L 1' Publisher Of Detroit Paper Hits Race Hate I)I']TROIT (WNS)--Opl)osition to "any lllOVe, lnelit ll, gltinst rl/ce, erec(l or eoh)r," was voiced this wee& I)y Vincent Giuli'mo, l)ul)lisher of the it.tlian Tril)une of America, Detroit l)'1,1)er, iu a sl;atement to the Detroit Jewish C, hronicle. Giuliano said he did not know "what has hal)l)ened I)etween the Italian Jews and the lt'1,1ian govern- merit," adding that "italy has al- ways been a country without 1)reju- dices ngainst races or creeds, and I cannot conceive the reason for any ehallge ll()w." WISE WORDS The sage exeelleth the l)rophet. --Tahn ud. A rebellious man seeketh only evil therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.--13ible. A man void of understanding is he that sl;riketl1, hands and beeometh surety for his neigh/)or.--l}ible. "Aryan" Is Junked By Nazi Officials! BERLIN (WNS)- The term "Ar- yan," which in Nazi parlianc 0 has become synonymous with anti- Semitism, was officially aban- doned this week by the German government, the first to erect it into an official policy, when Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick announced that the use of the word "Aryan" would be dis- continued in new laws issued by the ministry The change was explained on the ground that "Aryan," in linguistic terminology, is inexact, since the people of "non-Aryan" races may speak "Aryan" langu- ages, and vice versa. In place of "Aryan," future decrees will employ the phrase "of German or cognate blood." Kosher Court Sits In Boston B()ST()N.- A ral)binical court con- sisting of six orthodox ral)l)is this week 1)h1,c, ed on trial lhe I)rol)riet(;r of lhe I;niled Kosher l)roducts Com- p'tny, h)cated in Chelsea, and found him guilty of m.mufi1,cturing and sel- ling non-kosher meats, and of mixing milk with his meat l)roduets. The trial aroused lhis city's 80,000 Jews. Following an evening of (h'anmtic accusation i1,n(l testimmly l)y wit- nesscs '1,nd eml)h)yes of the firm, the accused filmily confessed, '1,rid the ral)l)inic,fl court drew Ill) an(l an- n,)unced a formal ban forl)idding him from ever again engaging in the kosher food business. The eourt wits i)r(;si(h.'d over I)y R'1,1)l)i Eliezer Silver, of Cincinn'1,ti, who came to Boston for the occasion. Others who served as judg(,s were Rabbi Joseph B. Soh)veitchik of Boston, R'1,1)l)i L. Forer of lh)lyoke, l{.d)hi tl. l>ol)kin of New Bedford, Rnl)bi A. S. Borwiek of 1)orchester 1,nd R:d)bi D. M. Ral)inowitz of loston. One of the startling 1)il.s of informa- tion offered at the trial was that health insl)eetors, l)ouncing ripen the f:1,(;l.()l'y together with 1, groul) of in- vesl,igating rgl)l)is, eon(h,mne(1 110 llounds of meat as unlit for human consuml)tion. George Harney, (3helsea food in- sl)eetor , s:1,id prosecution under the state I(osher h1,w may follow. The trial was the first of its ldnd ever hehl in Boston. Ill)On reeeipl, of tirst inforn1,'1,tion hinting that the factory wits using liOnlkOSher lneats, several r.d)l)is es- l, ablished a vigil ne'u' the 1)uilding, during the rainy I)eriod of hi,st week. it w'1,s reve'tled that hmg after midnight a truck was seen unloading 1)aekages of ineat. At a dramatic lnoment, just as the meat was I)eing carried into the factory, the rabbis, health authori- ties, and other witnesses, who had been stationed al)out the building, made an a/)rul)t apl)earatme, and the meat w's immediately proven non- kosher. tlealtl1, inspectors, upon ol)ening one of the imckages eondemned the l)roduct as unfit for human con- suml)tion. "l,et us hear the eonclusion of the wln)le matter: Fear God, and keep liis commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."--Eeelesiastes. Partition Commission Refuses ttear Ussishkin, Veteran Zionist tic of Mr. Ussishkilfs known posi- (W. N. S.)--The hea(led by declined Io har by Menahem Ussishldn, Chairman of the Zionist it was dis- Week )rnmission was willing, how- aceel)t a written statement llg the views of the Zionist et that his person,d evidence was diseovered as Mr.  SUbmitted a lengthy, me- to the Commission des- full his attitude toward lew, 20, Kidnapped 1V (W. N. 8.)--'rhe,'e was anxiety in Tel Aviv this the fate ef Zecharyal1,u emph)ye of the ;y, who w'ts kid- onl his I)arents home on of July 31 by two other day Imssed witl1,out 'on to his home, it that his (lisapl)ezra,me an internal Jewish lerror- iiii MENAHEM USSISHKIN . . the Commission' declined I the l)rOl)osed tl'i-section ef l'ales- tine and toward British l)olicy as a whole. The Commission, '1,sked to hear Mr. Ussishldn, informe,l t]|at it was ready to hear only l)raciical criti- cism (if the lmrtition scheme and was pot interested in the principle of ol)position to l)artition. Moreover, it wits lint concerned with any other solution not directly linked with partition. The Commission took formal no- tion as one of the outstanding op- ponents of the conclusions of the Peel Commission that partition con- stituted the only solution for the Arab-Jewish impasse in Palestine. Boat Is All-Jewish From Captain To Crew TEL AV1V (W. N. S.--Represen- tatives of the Jewish Maritim Lea- gue conducted a gala ceremony this week on board the steamer Areal, anchored :1,t Tel Aviv 1)ort, present- ing to the shil) the first Jewish mar- itime ensign awarded to a ship hav- ing an all-Jewish crew, from cal)tain to cabin boy. Arabs Threaten Strike If Jews Are Not Fired JERUSALEM (W.N.S.)--l)eman(l of Aral) workers in the h'aq Petro- leum Company of Itaifa that Jewish workers be dismissed, with a strike threatened otherwise, w'1,s ih1,tly re- jected this week 1)y the officers of the coral)any. A total of 450 Arabs arc employed by tbc 1. P. C. and 31 Jews, who are skilled technicians. Children In Germany Hate Parents Because They Were Born Jews, Says Eddie Cantor NEW Y()RK (WNS)S()me 40,00I) chihh'en l)eh)w lhe nge of 16 :ire doomed t,)it life of (legr:ldntion and dest.ilulion in Nazi Germ:uiy unl,.,ss l}ley al'e rescHo([ ])3' outside SOll('e(,s, decl.tred l,(hli,,' ('.anlor, f:unous eom- e(lian, in a el)asl-t.o-co:,sl 1)r,mdcnst. l'1,st week, lhe d:ly after his relurn fl'l)l(t l{lll'Ol)O wh(!l'(! I1(! raised $520,0()[) for lranslmrting Jewish ehihh'en frolll (erllll(l(y alid ?tllStl'it I() COllll- l.l'ies of refuge, raider Ihe auspices of Y(mth Aliynh. In al)l)ealing for Ameri(mn :rid )t' .l.wish childrel in Germany, Mr. (',anlor, who Sl)oke under the uts- I)ices of the Naliomll (ouncil ()f Jewish W.m(,n and the G.:'J'nmn Jewish (',hihh'en's Aid, m:1,(le it cle:1,r lhat Germ:n ,lews were, str.tining (!very I'(s()[ll'(!( {o car(! fo(' tlS 1/111,113" (,f |heir ()VII llS t/'lS ]llll/lttBly p()s- sil)le, ])ill. l lull (lilninishillg reserves was nmking it iu(reitsingly (litticult [q( ) I' lJ ] 1(}111 II(  n1,eet their n(!eds without sul) ai(1 from :d)road. "With every l)el)ny |.1),'1,|, they can /i.d in their shrunken purse," said Mr. Cantor, "G,:wnmny's Jews are feeding, ch thing, nnd sheltering tells of thousands who have ah'eady gone on the rocks of desl il u| ion. "Forlilied I) 3, the long training IMt pre-llill,r (]ernuHw Ires given all h.:'r chihh'en in (.fllciency and learn win'k, l):)lstere(I I) 3' l.lm ac|ivili<s of such an org:mizalioul :is Ihe ?ll|)l- erican ,lewish ,h)i|fl. l)isl|'ibulion (',mmnil|ee which has bee|) ellglIge(I in r,.,lief nnd rec,)nslruc(ive :lciivi|ies in (lerm:tny si|we 1!);{;}, |hese pe,i)le :t|'e ex,2rLil)g heroic efforls 1o (()]lecl, husl):||ul :u(d wisely disl)ense their dwindling |'(serves so |liar they c:m snve, :ti 19:lsl l(qlll)l)rlll'ily, lholls- at,Is of others from :t simihu' fate." Emphasizing the fact that it was most urgent to remove as many Jewish children as possible from Germany "where they do their concentrating in camps rather than in schools," Mr. Can- tor went on to say that he found many children who are growing up "with an intense hatred for their parents because they were born Jews "Wilh ost|'.tcism, 1)ersceution and danger 1o life "md limb the daily h)t of .lewish ehihh'en in Germany and in Austria, is it any won(ler thai. t1, wlmle ge||er'ttion of lhese .lewish children have forgo|ten what it means to A Year Later-- l:ill!h :ili(I I) p]:ly? "And this ii) ('t!rill:1,|iy, lhe honie of i,h,;' first ](ind(!rgarten; Ihis par:i- doxically eliOllh o('.Cili'i'il)g in l, li Itge whell ('hildr(!ll the worhl over el)joy mira|H ages of educ.ttion, lraining, (qtre iliid su]).:n'vised play which I)() olher gen(H'nlion has e|ij,yed." The N;lli()ll:ll ()[)tlncil of Jewish Women, lhrough, ils affiliate, the (Jerlii:il) ,lewish (,hihiren>s Aid, re- veal,,,ll Mr. (Jalill)l', is placing 241) (!hihh'el) ii) |.he UI)il.ed S|ales each ye:lr wilh llrival.,, , f:unilies I.h:ll have religioils Itiill clilliirnl I):ickgrolilids silnihu' l.ll those which lhe children have M'|. So f't|', 373 ehihh'en hnve boen I)hlce(l wil]l flin)ilies in ihe United Hl,:tles il) 7S (lifferenl cilies all over till, cotlntl'y. "Th.'2se chihh'en, all colnillg fl'()ln f, milios m:ul., hell)less I)y the ili|Jer l'egil)le., fire admitle(l for l)erlnallellt |':si,l(mee and "t|'e eligihle for citizen- shi I) in the [hill.eli States. "No chihl leave.s Germany ul:lil :1, h(,nle has been secured for him in lhe lYniled Stales, IiO c, hihl liily be lcgnlly adol)|ed, ll. ll(l all relll:till I111- ([or l,]le (:are, fill Stll)O|'visi()il of an ac- crediled s()cial agency ill l}),: Cr()lll-- munily in whicll l, hey live." U. S. Hates Nazis--Survey NEW YORK (W.N.S.f-Public opinion in the United States is definitely hostile to foreign dic- tatorial governments, a survey by the American Institute of Pub- lic Opinion revealed this week. Asked which side they would sympathize with if England and France have a war with Germany and Italy, 65 per cent replied with England and France, and gave as the chief reason for their sym- pathy the type of government existing in European countries Tourist Trade To Germany Drops In Half BI';RL[N (WNS)--Intensified Nazi anti-Somitisn and tile German spy in(lictment in the United States are two (:f the prilmilml reasons advanee(t by travel agencies here this week for a 50 per cent (leeline in American tourist tratfic to Gormi1,ny this year. Antipathy to the N:lzi regimo and tile conquosl of A!lstria 11,1'o other fi1,C|.OrS eite(l. Open Doors Of Refuge, Urge Canadian Clerics 'roIONTO (W.N.S.)--The Chureh O[ Ellgland ill Cl1,1111,da an(l 1,11o (11,11a- (lian ])ralleh of the Salvation Arnly favor opening the doors of the 1)o- minion to selected Jewish and non- Aryan refugees from Eurol)e. Dr. W. W. Judd, general secretary of the council for social services of tho (Jhureh of England in Canada, this week issued "t stl1,temont declar- ing that "Citnadlt should give shel- tor to Ihnite(l and selected groul)s of Jewish and non-Jewish ref(igees from lurol)e." G. L. Ci1,1'l)elitOl' , head of the S:tl- vation Arnly, seconde(l Dr. Jiidd's stateinont, dochu'ing "stieh emigrants should l)e selected earefully frem both moral and physical aspects." Hearst Correspondent To Write Of Holy Land ,IEI)dYSALEM (W. N. S.)--]I. R. l(niekeH)ocker, st'u' r01)ortcr for the Willi.mi Randolph IIcarst newsl)ap. ers, ,u'rived here this wcck to do a series ()f featura articles on Palestine for l,]le hllernational News Se|'viee Syndicate. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW . . a Jew is in his play I New Shaw Play Features Jew IONDON (WNS)--A year ag:) George ]lernard Shaw was asked why lie failed to comment on the al)palling l)olitieal conditions llOV existing in (3ontral Eurol)e--to which the bril- liant, bearded Irish l)laywright re- I)licd that he, WOllhl lnl1,ke alI).l)lo comnlont in his fortheonling play. "Genew1,," which ol)ened in Lon- don this week, featttres one of the l)rilicil)11,1 characters its the exile(l, I)ersecuted Jew. in Shaw's now satire on the "fail- ure of man as '1, political animal," his Englisl1, Foreign Secretary--who legar(ls thinking as a "hal)it pecul- iarly not English," his Battler, the exiled Jew, his Flaneo, Boml)ardour an(l other fancied giants ef world chaos today, set in motion the League machinery which results in a great international trial at which the judge who presides bears striking likeness to Shaw himself. $75,000 Raised For Colony In Kenya LONDON (WNS)--Organization of a settlmncnt eoml)'my to direct the cohmization of a limited number of German and Austrian refugees in. Kenya, British crown colony in East Af|'ica, was started here this week with a subsc|'iption of $75,000 by in- terested l)ers oils. The first group of settlers will numl)cr 25, mostly young German Jews, who will be l)h1,ced its apl)renti- ees with Kenya farmers for a year. Emigres Cause Ticklish Issue L()NI)()N (W. N. S.)--Mnss (,nli- g|'ation of Jewish refugees to any eo|li)try, eve|l Ellglltild, will create .t nti-S(;lliitislli lllere, the Siiilday OI)server decla|'ed lhis week ill It wa|'nhlg |o the inter-grwc|'nmcntal rcl'ugeo aid conmlitLee llOt to send hu'e numl)ers ,)f elnigrcs to 11,113, ()lie COlllll.ry. To .1,voi(l the develot)ment of llnli- Jewish feeling, the Ol)server says, refugees shouhl 1)e colonized in small grotl[)S. British Dental Group Wants To Limit Exiles LONI)()N (W. N. S.)--A max:- niilnl of 50 refuge(; dontists froln Atis- tria will I)e admitied to 1)r:1,(..tice in Great ]:h'ililin if lhe British l)enlli| Associal,ior's delnall(l this week Oll the govermnent is granted. M eeti|lg in annual convention at le[fast, the llssocialion eldh;(t Oil the gover|llneill, to liniit 1he n(illll)er o[ elaigre dental l)ra(titioners. Colonies Speak Up Against Refugee Influx CAI'I!7I'()WN (W. N. S.)--Sharp in'otests agl1,inst the British Govern- lllelit's l)hl, ll to settlc 500 Jewish re- ['LIgOOS fronl Gerlllal)y an(l Allstria in Northern "1,nd Southern Rhodesia, British crown coh)nies, were this week voiced l)y government spokes- inoll. Hundreds May Be Left "Without Country" 1)ANZIG (W. N. S.)--Threatened with h)ss of Polish citizenshil), sev- eral hun(hed Polish Jews resident in Danzig this week were likely to be- come men without a country as a re- stilt of refusal Polish officials to recognize their l)aSSl)orts. 58 Polish Jews Lose Citizenship WARSAW (W. N. S.)--The number of Polish Jews resident aln'oad who have heel deprived of Polish citizen- ship iu the past month climbed to li6 this week, when 58 more were stricken from the citizenshil) rolls. At the s,'1,mc time three Jewish re- fuge0s from Austria---llenry David, Leon Kl.1,r .uid 1(. David--were sent to 1be govornnl0nt e0ncentration calli l) at Kartuz-Boreza on e]larges of illegal entry. Our Suggestion For Hot Weather Foods . COTTAGE CHEESE -GRADE A MILK - SOUR CREAM BUTTER MILK ALPINE D/ilR V 4058 Rainier Ave. RA. S$00 Argentine Cuts Down On Immigration BUENOS AIRES (W. N. S.)--A new selective immigration decree which will have the effect of cutting down on the number of German and Polish Jews lt(hnitted to tt1,e Argen- tine in the future, this week was is- sued here. Effective October 1, the decree lwovides for giving preference to "assimihfl)lc immigrants," a term which in Latin-Alneric|1,n l)arlance lilts coin0 to ineall "11o Jews wanted." Solomon Etting and Jacob Cohen were innnediately, ilpon the ratifica- tion in 1826 of the Maryh1,nd "Jew bill," elected to the Baltimore city council.