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August 12, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 12, 1938

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PAGE SIx THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SI:;ATTLE AUGUST 12,  UT] A0pe [ Menuhins Blamed As Bad Paren0000, a, rot Editorial i0ME (WN (hough(. of taking such an :lssimila- Fame Ruined Intense Jewishness Of Prodigy&apos;s Family Writer Points Out year-old ({ailghler, w}i()s(! fltln(! ItS ll pianist has I)ecmnc world-wide, and whose litO(]lcr-lltng]lage W:ls llel)rew. There wns also (heir 17-ye.u'-ohl (IRilghler Yallll, who altilollgh not having yet al)l)eared in public is :t highly gifted pianist, and who too knew only one language as it child-- ] lebrew. George Richard Nichohts was there, a millionaire nlanuf'tcl.m'er (if n.spirin in Mell)om'ne, Austr.tlia, with his wife, I)olh of whom :ire |'rolesl- liltS. ld,l(lsny, their 21-year-ohl son, was there, :In v,'ns also N()la Ruby, their 19-yenr-old dliuRhler. ]n a(ldilion 1() |hese lh(!l'e W(l'e (hl'ce frh,nds wh() w('re nssocillled wilh the two fnmilies. In tlm l)resen('e of (his small g;rOUl i, Yehudi Menuhin, who luls Imrely (urned 21, married (he rich Prol,,,sl- nnl heh'ess to (.he Nich()hls fovlune. The cer(,nlony ilself was d,.voill of nil r(!liious signific:lnce, I)eing n civil one. Whelher it religious c(,renlony will ev(nt.ually folh)w is )nit known, blll (o all inl,.qLts and l)Url)oses, Yehudi M(.nuhi)), (he son of orthodox Jewish origin, 'uid Noht Ruby, (he daugh(.e)' of:i l'roleslnnt family, n)'e husl):tnd nnd wife. Moreover, lh:l)hzil)ah Menuhin has nnuu'ied IAndsay Niehol:ls. The ccre- Inony wits perforlile(l on the Menuhin farm in Californi't. (in the face (if i(., the cerenmny in Cax(,on lhdl, l,ondlm, c'u'rie(l with i(, a joyous atmosphe)'e. Two young lieol)le were joined in nnttrimony, i)ut at the slime (.:me it reveale(l the tragedy of (he Menl)hhi family, the Sequel to the pro-and-con dis- cussion of the marrying Menu- hins in last week's Transcript is this provocative analysis by a prominent New York newspaper- man who knows the Menuhins well.-- The Editor. By S. ZIRELSON A feW `)vceks ago It snlfll] scene WliS enaeicd in london within the shadow of Bri(ain's l'arliamcnt. Twelve l)eoph wet'(! (.lie chief i)arlicil)anls in the (h'ama. Their names llnd (lislinctil)n are as follows: Moshe Menuhin, it nalive born .hi>., of Jerusalem, `)vho snw the ligh( of (hiy in (he ghe(to (if that city, Meah Shea:'im. I|e iN ihe son of it pious, ultra-of tlmdox father, and was hinlself :t sludent in lnler ye'u's a( (he llerzlia Gymnasium (if which l)r. Ben Zion Moss: nso]ln is I he rector. In later years he was a llebrew |cilcller ill )(1111 Frtl)leisco. M()she Menuhin's wife, Mlu'utlm, w:ls born in Yn.ll.a, Crimea. ller fa|hcr Wl]S (and possibly still is) a s}illnnts}l ill till ortho(iox SyllliOlle ill Chicago. In addition () this, he ]):is been a nleshulhlch for orthodox, charital)le ins(i(u(ions in l'ales(inc, where he lived for a number (if years and ac- quired (.he lhd)rew language under the (u(orshi I) of it Initn name(l Nissan Yerushahni> who was in turn a l)Ul)il at l)avid Yellin's Seminary. There was Yehudi Menuhin, worhl- fmnous violin virtuoso, `)vii() in his ehihlhood used only the lhd)rcw ]flllllltge :iS a ll)eltllS of cx])ressiol). There wns llelihzibah , their 19- Cupid's Helper Tells Secrets iragedy (if Moshe Melmhin nnd his wife I;llirlllhll, W]lOSe ln:tl'ried life tlc- gan :uni(I such l/,,nu(.iful ,h!wish i(hmls. Th(,y began Ilmir life wilh ll Jcwish- n:tt.ion:dislic idcoh)g;y, nnd (.hey cherished this i(leology when they were hJler nmrried in New Yi)rk. ]lel)rew V,'l)S lhe only htnguaRe Sllolcn in (he:) hi)use, and ench ehihl was given a beautiful llel)rew nanlc. They were ))o(. snlisficd wil.h giving YEHUDI MENUHIN .. his name tells a story l their first,-name :tn ordinary llellrew nlune, but he must lie Yehudi (Jew). Yehudi Menuhin thercfore means "ihe Jew Mcnuhin." (E]litor's Nolo: Moshe Menuhin tohl us hilnself (;lilt(. when he and his wife first h)i)]ed for an nl)ar(.ment lion:st Slell. The (loul)le marriag( ()u(. of the .lewish faith is not a result of youth- ful iml)ulse on (he par(. of (he chihl- I'e I I. The Me)mhin parents }nt(I phumc(l (.his ste I) s() well and so decisively i, hnt the chihh'(m had no or.her why llmn to fall in with i(. The Menuhins refused to p(uuni(. (heir children (,o have nnyl.hing to d() with lhe Jews or ,lewish life. In the l);tsl, few yenl'S (hi! Menuhin chihh'en were nhn(ist iml)risoned in a g;l.tss cage, Itn(I only rich i)C()l)lc, ,lOWS filial )lO]l-,l(!WS, were [)ermil, le(t t() (!()nlc II(HH' IO (.]llii cltge. The children themselves :tve (if slerling ch:ir:wler and very retiring in diSl)OSi(ion , and l)ermi((.ed (.henl- S(Iv(!s to lie (h)n)in(!ere(] over })y (heir l)arenl s. The ())fly ")'(d)el" iu the family iN (he third oh:hi, Yalt,., who (lots n()L ]lesilnle 1o exl)ress her (.h(mgh(.s. I(. may lie for this re:(son (hM. (he Imrenls :u'(, l)unishing; her l)y wi(.h- holding her (lel)u(, be(muse in musicltl circh;s it is genernJly I)elieve(I (hnl Ynll.n, who is :t I)ianis(, ix the tinest niusi('.ia)) in the Menuhin family. Y:dt:t's "rebelliousness" is n() doubt resl)()nsilih! for her i)rosp(!ctive marriage (.o tl, Jew nnme(I Willi:tm S(.ix, allh()ulgh lhc Stixes nrc also an nssimihlled Jewish family of S(. l(luis. 'I'}H! nenllhin l):H'(!nls }Hive })econl(! hl) ol)s(!ss(,d uiih (lle (lesire to break intl) non-Jewish society, l,hat they not only l)roch(im t]]elnse]ves as non- ,Jcws, hilt ac(ually as Tlu'' non= Jews, so (lilt(, every vestige i)f Jewish- ness shouhl lie (lischfime(l. $ $ $ "My father was a Tartar born in 0rimea, as wore his ancostors before him. I, too, was born in Crimea in the city of Yalta. My mother was Italian, and my hus- band a Jew. This admixture of "Why Didn't Yehudi Play Palestine?" Is Question blood between old traditions has expressed itself in the blood of the children." This is an ex(]':w.t f)'om an ar(.icle w]lich al)l)enre(J in tlm March num- I)er of "Women's llome C()nqmn- ion," and was writ.ten 1)y Mnrut:t Menuhin. Who Maruta Menuhin is, the l'eader km)ws I)y now. In (.his nr(.ich:, the lnother of Yehu(li discussed Ihe characteristics HEPHZIBAH MENUHIN . . she's Mrs. Nicholas nowl of her three (.hihh'en, an(l in the course of her descril)(.ions she in(rn- (hlc((I a I)iogral)hhml not(!. ]n order to ex])]n, in lhe (inllSlial l,ah;nt of t]lret; (dii](h'en hi ()no fnnii]y, she (lescril)ed how she hcrsclf is half- Tiu'tlu' an(l half-ltldian. It is this convergence of hcr I)h)od with her hus- 1)an(l's Jewish I)h)o(l (.lilt(. has b the tra(li(,ions of these l,hrcel l)eol)les into one forln of expr The nmral (if this lesson for iiig nlo(hers is, l]nit if lhcy ' }utve chihh'en wilh cx(.cl)liol if i(':tl talent, it is cssentild to fltt}ler who in It T:trtltr) II m0t ].la]ilin Itn(l Ii hllsl)itn(I It .JcV,' The IMenli]iins) ]iavc, ll()wel sonic I,inie I)ast hehl their or: (lis(hlin. They ])Cg:ln to Sl soon llft(!r L]le enrly SHCCJ2! Yehu(li w]len he `)vlls y(!t a till "Firs(, they ll(,gltn tl() estl'llllg  set Yes fron'i the Jews who :.;.If(} in "l)re-Ye]m([i '' (Inys. Moshc Menuhin I)egnn fronl his colhmgucs, (hc ((!a ('.]iers) llii(I froii) gen(wli]. These were lhe w}i(uii lie exl)h)i(,e(l in the for i)ul)licily in (,lie Jewish 11, so]ui(le(l very well lo this ehihl wl)o was It son of a] teIH'.]n!l') It Il':i(hlli(e of (lie Gyniniisitlin in l)alcsline, nio(,hcr |.()nlli(! WllS lhl)i'ew. This Itssoc, hiti()n of his l)eO])]e `)',,Its of t(i hint in his early (hlys. latter on 1 kee l) itl, Itl'lil's length his iiclq can friends, those with socin|ed sot:idly, lind his universily (lays, |,O say Jewish meetings. Not sa(istled wi(]l this, l | r'tnged ]lhnsclf frnm (h()Se cnnb]ed Yc]nidi t o ol)lain his e(hi(mtion, and eve, n froth. 1)ersing:;r, his first violin te who was such 't factor ill Menll]]in's succcss. With cvery ascent on the lll, Yehudi's fame, Moshe Menul behind it trail of discarded friel lll, 0 x:(/.e i,,, I "Se:ni(is:n f( ) Weeks, I', !Y's ncwlv- )r, hi/inl)rc(ie(le i :aly A ia Gua )Mg (WNS) tia:'(lilt of till aiid Jou 0il( of tile I '10 llCWsl)Itl:( I)lyillg to n e01o, whi('h tiardia lis 1ellll InIly()] eVere said l tO IlOIIF I'li Dtllar La C 'e(I. "Wi(l Of Sallctioll lii(l Wcll lil( ri:lg it s( Of Finding Mates For Lovers NEW YORK.- When summer comes, many a headache is suffered I)y l)rofessional ma(.chm'kers, knewn also as schatchens. Is it thc heat that causes their raiscry? No! It's merely the fac( thai, most of their elientcle is away at camps on the "Borscht circnit" or elsewhere, trying their hick indcpendent]y, com- l)hdned Mrs. Dorothy Jaffe this week. Mrs. Jdt'e, since 1924, lilts arranged It})Ollt 3)000 Inarriages. And she delights in telling (if the Cinderella romancc of the million- lire di'lmond importer and tile di- vorcee wi(.h the three chihh'en--a inalch she niade. "He was the only millionaire l ever ]lad," she said :t|, her lll'onx iipltrlnicnt-ofllce, where, ilnder a pic- l,ure s]iowing Othello and l)esde- lillllilt in a (.,line]i, she conducts her professionitl nuit(.,hnlaking. "We're not, the kind of schalchen, wilh It beard lind Itn uinl)reHlt," 1VIrs. said Mrs. Jaffe, "]n flicl,, we don't like that `)viii'(]. We are mat,rinlonia] consultants." They hi, re married off (co judges, nny nun]l)cr of lawyers and school flutc])ers, an(1 (hch' ]ntest l)rOsl)ee(us lisis a 35-ycar-ohl widower who owns | (qi Itpartnlent holises. "Most of the W()lnen, esl)Ceiitl]y lhe ohler ol]es Itre worth np |o $')50,000, lind the yelliig on(!s iire 1)eautiful," said Mr. Ju, ffe) the ]awyer-]iusblui(]. A NEI/I/ TASTE SENSATION BARBECUED CRAB I,I,JEI,' I1011,I(7 HAM " SPARERIBS T._00E BROILER 1918 4th Ave. "A Bit of the Old South" "If Ziegfield were alive today, lm could pick a chorus from our girls." The divorcee with the thrce chiht- ren, who met the diamond 1)roker through then b was likc that .... beautiful. "A woman with three kids is dill:- cult material)" said Mr. Jaffe, "but as soon its I hdd my (;yes on her, I looked at Mrs. Jaffe and wc both thought of the diamond 1)roker. "Ile had come Ul) one day in a $5,000 car, looking like a French eOIlll(;, with a chDAlffellr and a foot- man. lie had met a let of women on the Rivicra, I)ut nobody apl)caled to ]tim until he met this lady. "Aftcr fmir weeks tliey took a boat to ]',]lro])e, got married on the boat, ;in(l now they are honeymooning. They sen( (,Ill; kids to carol). "And he Js going to give me a diamond braceh;t," Mrs. Jaffe said. "It was s( lovely all through." Most of the 1)aying clients are grate(ill like tintt. One, lady moved int() the .Jitff's neighl)or]iood) and every September 27, }ler anniversary) lilts I)roakfast wi(h t.]ienl. ODDITY James G. McDol;ald, on t]ie eve of sailing for the Evian refugee-aid c()n- ference, attcnded the opening con- cert. at the la:wisohn Stadium (.i) hear it violin concerto 1)y Mendelssohn, who, if he were alive today, wouhl undoubte(1]y ])e lilnOilg, the reful4ees in whose iil(,crest t,he parley was called. Pike Place PUBLIC MARKET FIRST AND PIKE FRESHER FOODS LOWER PRICES "IVEET THE PRODUCER ' COMPLETE LINE OF SWEET AND DRY WINES All the most popular vintages to add a banquet touch to an ordinary meal are available for your selection here. Whether you prefer Burgundy or Claret, Sauterne or Chablis, you'll surely find it in our large and varied stock. And you can be sure that it will be tho best of its particular type. Ask For Nawico Brand Wines AT YOUR BEVERAGE DEALER t}iey weA'e, refused 1)ecause t]ley were Jews. They (,here(ore deci(led that if thcir lirs(-born is a boy, his origin will lie proclaime(l prou(l]y to the world I)y the name "Yehudi.") This in itself shows the militant Jewish spirit of thc Menuhins. Moshe Menuhin of Meah Shearim an(l Marutha, the danghter of an ortho- (l()x rcvcrend, chose tim mils( liebrew i)f Ih;1)raic names. They wanted to hohl u I) t]tcir son llS an exenq)hn, of Jewish l)ride and (lignity, one whose very name bore his racial and religious origin. 1(, was it sort of 'qnsurance policy" for their chihl's Jewishness, that tie w()uhl always lie such. llo`)v CO:ll(I nne `)vhose liillne Was Yehudi be otherwise and remnin otlierwise I,Inili Ii, Jew? Suddenly) the I)anner-beltrer of Jewish fidelity marries a Protestant yoiing hldy an(l nullifies the spirit- tlld gllltrltlltee that was given to hiln ii, t birth, boclttlSe a mixed lmuTiage inevit:d)]y means (;}:it(, tile ne, x(, gen- (!ral,ion will bc I)rollght ii 1) in It difTerenl, atlnosp]icre and ilnder it different ilifhicnce) esl)ecially when t}le mot]ler represents t])e different atmosl)]lere. N(i nllttter if No]a Ril])y is 11()(: a thornlig]lly hi)servant Christian, she certainly is not Jewish. She never adnl)ted the Jewish fai(h and ]tor son will certainly not sl)eak llebrew to say nothing of eliminilting SilC]i :t ]nlnle as Yehudi. lnder these ch'eunstane, es, the nlline Ycimdi be.(onles Itll ironic joke. in thc tours(; of time, Yehudi Menuhin and all that the name stolid for will be I)ut an emp(y shell, a mockery of its real signifieancc. What morc couhl llarents have done t(i fortify their child with a Jewish sl)irit? Name and atnmspherc, l'u:g- uage and (raditions were injecte(| into t}le I)]ood-s|,rclim of yoilng Menil]iin. The Jewish in:Ill:l!, too, rosc to (he oc(',:ision an(l acchtilne(l th0 young genillS. llCh It |.}ling was of no snla]l imllortancc. A great virtuoso who proudly thn:g his origin in the face of the world by the very nlimc he bore; a great artist who was nurtured in the lap of 11el)rew and Jewish na- tionalism. An(1 now thc chain lilts snal)pe(]. The name Ye]nidi will no doul)t re- main ])eclt:lse of its 1)ox-ottice vahle, 11, is indeed mid |o sec the collal)SC (If this Imau(ifu] ideoh)gy, but (]lo (,lItgc(ly tics a(> the (h)or (if Mos]io Meniihin and his wife Marll|.a, whl) fire the nncs t(i 1)]anio for t]lis ]miss exo(his frl)m tile Jewish fo]ll. If not for their unlit:died ainbi- tions to escape from tile Jews and chlnll)er on (;tie social ]adder, (]l(; yollng, dignified and se)'iolls-minde([ Yehudi wnuhl have allied himself wi(,h one of his faith, and (lie charni- ing Hcl)hzil:ah would never have GOSSIP: Roosevelt Might Have Had Nazis As Neighbors! By PHINEAS J. BIRON Transcript Special Writer HOME NEWS Blit for (.tie conviction of (,bose six otticials of a Nazi carol) on Long ls- land, President Roosevelt might have had a Nazi carol) as a neighbor at his llyde Park estate... :lowland Silen- cer, the violent anti-New-Dealer who sohl his cs(ate Ol)I)osite llyde 1)ark to Father l)ivinc as a spite gesture, was actually negotiating with Fritz Kuhn... The ileal was called off when 1'ului decided that a ]litler- lie:ling (lalnp at FDR's front door would lie too risky... Incidentally) Silencer used to l)ublish tim IIigh= hul(1 P()st., which during the 1936 I)r(si(lenl,ial canli)aign wits hardly ]ess vh'ulenl, in its anti-Senti(ism than a sheet pul)lished 1) 3' Sl,rei(dior or Win- l'(id, defeated for Lhe Rcl)ublican IT. S. Sena(,oriltl nominltl,ion from Kansll, S. Speaking nf Winro(l (lid yOll nil(ice wha(, a (dose resemblance he has to Ills Gei'lnan 1)rototyl)c, Herr Sldeicher ? The other (lay an oflicial of t]lc New York World's Fair passed a ra(her tacth:ss rennu'k al)out Jews... Two hours later lie was sumnmncd before Grover Whalen, llrexy of the Fair, who (.a]l(e(I to him like a l)utch unch; and then sumn:'u'ily dismisse(1 him. Taking no chances on h)sing pat- on(, righlt in this coiintry in the (!Veil(, of it Gernlan-Amcriean war) Gcl'nlltn indllstrilll fhuns hltvc tllrne(l over their 1)a(,ont,'-J to dlllnlny torpor= at.ions whic]l ostensilily arc Alneri- (Itn-()wn(Rl I)11(, which really are owned by Gerlllltny. Last week's I)olilical l)riniary in S(,. Lonis wns feal,ure(l I)y (,lie (listri- I)ui,ion of :t cnr(I in Yi(hlish signcd 1)y ".l']nnnett Golden, trtLstee, ()hel Bcn- jIlnlili Tahnnd Torah." . . Mr. Gol- den is an ac(,ive mcmller of S(,. ]d(I- ward's Catholic Church. Tile Clttholic press in this COtlntry is full I)f editorials expressing sym- I)uA,hy with l)ersccute(l Jews and con- delnning anti-cmitisnl.., l)ozens of non-Jewis]i 1)usinessnmn in York- ville, N(;w York City, li]l of theni Of Gernntn d(!scent, are app()aling to llolil',e for l) against Nazi hoodhnns, who have 1)een shaking t]ienl down for contril)uti()llS to Nazi funds un(ler the tlirea( of it ])()yeott. THIS "N THAT A 20()-acre ranch Id)ouL 70 miles froin li, n l('l'Itii(ise, i) hlis becn off(;rc(l lly its Jewish owner Its a gift> for Itny (!onstructive Jewisl] pln'pose. A com- of ll, Ii Francisco Jews w}lo visited the fruit ranch is considering foln' possil)le liStS: that the hi.n(1 ]10 given to Gernlan Jcwisli rcfIw,0es, that Anmrican Jewish farmors lie settled on it, that Jewish students use it as an agricul(,ural training ccn(.er, or that it be converted into a vacation camp for underl)rivileged chihh'en. The real cs(,ate pages of (,lie New York dailies recently reported a sale by ali organization called the Itatik= vail ]i]st;ltte, Rite Carmel, gifted pianist and (hlmghter of Isaac Car= nlel, traveling slilesnlan of Aillel'ic:tn Zionism, is chui)l)ah-I)ound with Mil- (,on ]hider. . . There's it Chinose eatery in New York's {3hinat()wn l,]lat features Chineso krel)lach , of 'dl (,hhigs. EVIAN ECHOES We ]nlve it froln an lluthorit,lll, ive source thitt t.he Jcwish organizittions rel)resen|,ed itt the Evian conferen(e I)htye(l :t nlost ridicu]ous l'ole e:tch d(:legate l)lllling in a different (lu'cc- tion... Thai. Weizmann di(hf(, sl)eak there is (hie tl) the (li])lomacy of Lord Winterton, ]mad of the British (Me- ga.tion, who so skilfully danced iu'oun(l (,lie qu,,;st,ion every tinie Pal- esline wits mcnl,i(nle(l that he SilC- ceeded I)rilliantly in ].eel)ing i(, ollt of the discussion... Before sailing for Evian, by the way, Myron Tay- h)r, head of l:l)R's American delega- l, ion to the (onference, assured his friends t}ntt he is rea(ly to devo(.e (.he ncxl, tel: yettrs of his life, if necessary, to the Gernali reflig0c l)rol)leln cx- chisively. DID YOU HEAR? If and when Uncle Sam's post (lttice issues it Stcl)hon Fostcr stamp you can ercdit it to I)ook fancier Synlon Gou](l, who sohl tile i(lea to his felh)w phila(.elist, Franklin 1). Rooseveli .... lh)llywood is dickering to bring Signuunl Freud to Anm:'i(:a to SUl)ervise thc medical l)lmse of "l)ark Victory," it i)icture with a l)syc]ioh)gi(utl thenlc. 60c, $1.00,1.25 (Tax Influlled) NEW PRICE POLICY PAUL BOESCH presents WRESTLING Civic Aud.Each Friday Nite I A REAL ITALIAN DINNER $11.OO "Nothing Like It In Town" Make Reservations for Banquets and Parties ITALIAN VILLAGE CAFE  IrTn E Phone SE. 9775 Tho more the young vil't, u0Slt,ne, s against i.tttt ekhl, ill eOlit(tct wlth rich lind ]t8 g nlon| a famous physician, and thc (1! and open of n l)rominont (onHnliniil I lil(l l:asci whose assistance I.o the Melttl their early days was of excel v,,,,,0 )pe F She influenccd the Jewish  aire G ohhnan to l)resent (it0 , H artist with it violin, and lie ge " a lady $45,060 for an instrumellt' Even with this benefactr Menuhins have broken, and to the non-Jewish social ol)en before them. Thc desire of thc Menuhi Calm from their origin can secn in the fact that never visitcd Palestine) thc which his father WaS 1)orn gave }liln his sl)iritua| Which (if thc groat Jewisli has not visitc(l Erez Yisracl? l]cifetz, Szigeti, Milstein, G( (,lie ]ato Gal)rilowiteh others liave 1)cen to l")alcsl ,[I1' No Inatl,or how syml)atheti ilnfavorltb]y they niay Zionisnl, or ]tow wea], t]loir lleSS nlay be, llI()S(, of the gretg have linen drawn to Pnlestil]e' Bronishl.w lhll)erman's work in creating an "fitish ah'eady drawn Toscltnini (t Moshe Menuhin has l)cc:l ol)se(plious a(lvanees) twice country) 1)ut Ye]iu(li Menuhilil iIe] father is It na(,ive of l he land, w]los(; ]iolno I1el)rcw was (1]e.],, ing t()ll|(lle, lilts llCVOr I)eclt t|ti';USALF. M" Why? Bccattse ill ]'alcsti#]Jl% (2o ...... when l elui(li was in l!]gVl)t., s , to a issio , " t ss it,: Cce)t travel from 1 alestnie, ou l .... I a This talent was developct,l I ot_ _ (,o Jewish benef.cto,'s and tl l'i, Iv Jel nli.tiona] fervor whi(di gave lit !lA,,red K first l)i)()st. ae ["D,'::,v, 1V (W But his I)aren(s are sltlS"jt !It l Ittt al/xh; ]lo shotlld givc nothing to ttte, )ailv ' the f re(,urn for having (aken cVe" AV-", 9"Year- IV . from them. )I: d &Itlnicl I iiiT,] u'olll lii ,__  .  it of Jul ,,! BONNEY-WATSU"& .li, d ',<.\< ]l COMPANY' 'l-'