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August 12, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 12, 1938

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YGUST 12, )eople. rein a )remit d? i undramatl nethods wh o counsel N war and hat anitarians :g more clo d freedom. UGUST 12, 1!)38 00,nator Heads 00od.Will PR0r00.T:,. OF "r,,.Nsc,.eT, S00a&apos;rTLL SEATTLE ...... : People Make The News; Poland Balks AtPact ADAM'S SIN 2e , Cadlng to Jewish teaching, ' aid his dem:e, ndants were des- t0 live f()rever l)ut when h(: ci lie In'ought death into the '' Only it single conmmn#hne, nt I?hi/liti(In--was laid Ul)On hiln, ,e transgressed it. Bee.)use of zii all his descendants are in tg e to dea(Jl. Thus the sins of Itthers are, visited up#in the '(11. e Italians y from (,he  vcll,|)()n8 1 .rd for lVIll,] )an people I IIe w'ts so] t tt Unqualified atement-- We furnish the best Title Insurance Ser- Vice obtainable in this ians and 1| State l'OIIS lLgitillli I)f whom 1 000 in one 1[ 13 ,[ ERFECT ,;::i l'i':'s"' IITLE INSURANCE ve been el*' learned tO es? nmn of th01 ' Ass)s) Uget Sound Title SUrailce Company 'TEI, HORTON BLDG. tlird Avenue - MAin 6133 t. BONNELLE etor-Drugless Physicim ODIN RSTENSON - DRUGS LINIgS) SICK-ROOM SUPPLIES SE 2722 Seattle , for civilize ; matter d: together $ hemselve$ I e world. ) born of letic fire. ] on and a ati-Bigotry n to a war 1 ,,.]____ recent ye# i.. for justice, tlS--'l'h#, 1939 W(irhl (',(ingress ,w reconiZll, 1st l{:l(q:tlism :,n(l Anli-Senii(.isni ' I:, I( hehl in New Y()rk (',ity, i(. was lurches aS f(I this weel< l ly (M(T, aI('s ((i (he while a diStl #)lgress hehl her#,. " -i'[mCIg#ss (h(i(hd ill tl(#l ih# religious u e " "' ' ' : ' ' ; 3hewn stes . ()i the (irgnifizn(ioi llv (inlil.ling WOrds "and anli-S#mitisln" l,(l )gnized byS ' 'teem"t(elv<. des('rille ils full s accept tlv e. It)l#l inH, iios(" m potentaS'tu' hun(h.e(I (Meg:ties fr(mi all nsummatia (if the w(irld hi(ended, in(',luding staiits, (,)(italics, .lews, Free- onsequeIl ers, M(ishqns and Negl'#)es. L element 0tin l)hasis upon (,h. rights and des- li f every huinan I)e, ing wIis t]lc lood is all( (Ite #if the C ingress 11 ( )cruet)most lehgales pledged thenlselves ort of a pg e0ntinue uni(,ed ILll(l t#) struggh'. tleat]l agILins(, racialism and its 'llltl, , . nsioninit } Y l':ts(.,lsln until the, :tl, l,:tcks .t opinion, le righ(,s of the l)eol)l(; lu'e sic)l- and on lle]mlf #if human inde,- ligion, is It thee, liberty and (]ignity." so whose ' lf llg t}l( sl)e,der s were l'ierre liar idealif riner l"re, ne] (htl)inet memller, ith revolut har[es A. 1)avila, former R()u- a)z Minisler (.)) the llni(.ed !8. rned with i :ular idealt :and Christians i, l.ItllS:ts which hi(inch i imme(liltte, e(hlc:t- tl l)l'#igl'ltlll lo (!1"11)hasize C[OSCI" ' 'sLallditlg nnd (oo[i#rlii#)n ag l'r()t(!slanis) (',aiholics nn(| 111 the slaie. rlillttoi()li of ihe ((ininiil I(!e a(, t, his i8 regn r(i(,d :in llitrl,il..lllltriy ly ili view (if l.h(; fllr()l' ()VOf th(: Ii trial Cillll])iiigll (if (he R#;v. (1 Willr()d, Iio(()rious ILlll.i-elll- Meinl)i,rs (if lh(, (.onmtii,l,(!e in- : Willilun Allen Whil.e, Enlli(n'ili. )r ,tli([ lasl.#q h:l. l',lhs, g,n(! :tl ary (if I,h(! Wi(dlil,a Y.M.C.A., R S( C i.( (,ILl,.V" Itli#hi' Eig, (listinguished Jewish I)()- (,ItlliSL and ](clAir(;l' in :qllllie, d llo- (nny Ill, the Ilel)rew lhliversity, (lie#l ilere this week lit the age of 44. l,iving in l'idcsiine since his chihl- h(i()(l, l)i'. l",ig, wns (ill#: ()f l.he firs(, Inillils l o e()lnl)h!l(; (he C()lll'S(;s ILl, the Ilei'zilia lligh S(dl(i(:l il1 Tel Aviv. EDITOR: Pioneer In Zionism Dies At 70 Anli(yvilhb L. ]. (W. N. S.)- Le()n Z()hiL,lloiff, ,)he (if the ])i()ll('el'S o[' (he Yi(hlish Iir(!ss in Alnq'i(!li, died h<!r(, Ibis we(,k Ill, (he Itg( #if 70. A ))alive of l/.ussin, lie C:lll/( |() tills (()lllli, l'y in l h( enl'ly ISS0's, s.:q.llin in (3hi(..ilg(i, wh(q'( lie foun#]((l |.lm (llii(!itl(i ,Jew- ish Daily (hniricr. L:il(,r lie l)#!Ciilii(, #,(ill.or (if l.h(, N(!w Yorl,: ,lewish Daily News (TillS(dill)It,) which wns ]M(!r In(q'g(!(I with Ill(; ,lewish MOl'liinl ,]))ilriilil. Z(ihil,ok(tff wits (lliO of (he fOlllidors ill' llle Zi#)nisi, lllOVOlll(Hll, ill the w('sl) servin#: )is gl'an(I iillisier #if l.lm ()r(ler Soils (if i()ii. COP: Youngest Officer Takes Own Life NI,]W Y()RK (WNS)--llis henllJl tln(l(:l'lliin((l Ily w(irk, l'olice insll(,,e- Lor l(luis ])vosenf(;hl, y(nnig(!st lit)ill (if l,]utt rluik ()11 l he New York liolice for#,.(! Itli(l tlm s((:()n(l highest 1'Itilkinl ,hm, ish l)(llice (illicer in (.lle (,.()11111r.y, kilh!d hilnself this w(;ek Ill. his siiill- ill(W hlilll(L lie wlis 4(i. l{()s(:nfchl j#)incd the f(ire(! ill I(,)13. llc llecnnle II sergean( i)i I!)22 and it Ii(;uteni#nt in 19211. lie wits tint, (if (,lie y(lllllg(,st Clll)- t.ains ever al)li(linte(l wh0n lie Wits given #olnnmnd (if |.h(! \\;Vest 47th S(,reeL Stathln in the heart (if Times )N(linu'(; iii 1933. While in (()ltlnlnlld (if this stltliOll lie, was r(!sli(insil)le for th(; sitfety of such n(ital)ies its l)reside, nt Ro()se- velt and Alfrcd M. l,:uidon. lie also had t#i deal with huge, pc- li(,ical rallies and strikes. hninensely p#ipullu', he, w'ls In'#i- nlot(#1 t(i an insl)ect#)rshi l) this yelu" aii#l wits transf(:i'r(;d t(i QIle0iis Ii(;- eltiis(; (if his heldth. ']'h(:1'(; It(',, w(irk(;d #)ut tit(: l)lluis for meeting the greltt]y in(!re:tsed (,rMlic eXll#;c(,ed for the, W#)rhi's Fidr. R#is#mfe, hl was it fornler l)resitlent of l, he, Shonn'int Society, the Jewish orgltnizntion (if (,he lit)lice l)(;ltitri- lilt!ill,. DOYEN: Rabbi De Sola Pool's Father Passes I,()NI)()N (WNS)--l",hmzlu' P(iol, schln of II long lhie (if ral)l)is nn(I fnl,her #if l)r. David (it S#1]a 1'#)ol, rnl)lii (if the Sl):tnish lin#l P#)rl.ugues(; )qyllng(igtl( iii N(!w Y(irk, died this w(,(!k tit his h()ln(; ili llove, itt the age (If SI. I)(i))l's gran(Iflii.her Itn(l greal- grltltdfal.her wer( chief rnl)l)is #1f tilt: l)alliSh ilii(I P()r(ilff.ll(S( (h)tigi'(git- lion ill L()ii(lOil. l,'()l' 2;3 .y(lil'S he wits hoii()ritry soc- Contracts Financed You buy the automobile, electric appliance, boat or furniture and we will furnish the cash. EASY TEnMS---LOW RATES ELDRIDGE SECURITIES CORP. 1115 White Bldg. MA. 6660 )r t'(;|,Itl'V (If l,h( )q(;l)|lltl'(li( ,'yllllg( gilO ill N(irt]l l,()li(l()ll. 5,000 Kiddies, Kin Of War Veterans, To Meet DETR()IT (\\;%. N. S.)--.Alnei'ieli s only jll)ii()r ,lowish i)a(,ri(ll.i( in'glint-, zltti()n, the )q()liS lind l)Itugh|.ers (if ,1. %%r. V., y()ulh divisi(in of l,he Jew- ish \\;VIH' V(!|orltliS, will IliAd its Ih'st tlltl,i()ltli.1 c(Inv(;nLiott in l)e|,roit in co jlncth)n wilh l.he 43rd iulnultl (qi(ilntl)iii(!ilt (if lh(; l)ilrolit 1)ody t(i I)0, Ilehl ]i(q'( 7(!l)l.eiill)(!r 7 1.() .5, :t(!- (()rdiiig t() :ill Ittlll()llll((;iilOllt (,his we(!k I)y iiiitilol ,l. L(D:() g(.ne, ritl (.,()nvenl,i()il chnirinlttl. Mr. 1,eve slti(l ltlltt 5,000 liienll)(;rs (if (.lie l,wi)-y(!lir-old jliliior i)i'd(;r wilt (()llVOl'C (ill l)elr()il. "Black Hitler" Dies From Plunge In Plane NEW Y()RI( (W. N. S.)-- Sufi lhl- ini(I, who gitinod n()ti)riel.y in llarhqn t.hl'e( yoltl'S llg() )is |.hc "Bhw.k llil,- ](,r" I )oelt ilS,. (if his l)rol)ittitlidil lignhist the ,h!wish tic(ire)it)illS, wlls killed this week whon his I)httio rill) #)ill, (if gas itii(l (!riish((l 500 feel. II:iini(l's an Li-,h;wish ac( ivi(.ies (r(!nt(;(l it I)iti)ic llAiloil llitrleln Jews. ()11 OIlC OCt'ItS)oil he bocitmo so vio- ]enl, thltt he wits lu'rosled n nd sen- ti!n(!ed 1o 90 dnys in jail. llAVANA CIGAIU At Your Service Twenty=four Hours a Day MAin 600 YELLOW CAB COMPANY (,)1is weel rea(l his (iwn tll)ituary in |.]11; (ollllltllS ()[ Lc Figaro. "l'ho ttcws)):tl)or , whicti feilul'es lleWS (if lu'l,is(.ic Itlld ntllsic worhl, itli- liOtltlCO,(l thai; Horl)w(tz hnd died Itt (,lie age of ;14 #if tin incural)le illness frotii which hi; hltd 1)Oeli Silffering for the pits(, two yottrs. The licw8 (!Itltte its S()llloWhlli, of IL sui'l)i'ise to PianisL llin'owil,z, who hlts jiis(, roeovored fr()iit the effects of till Itl)l)olidtm l,(iiny. )Its lnltllltg(;l" |)roltll)tiy isstied i de- niltl and Itnllotlnc(,ql Lhat (ontrlt(%s ]uul roccntly hi;on signed for itli cx- tendell Ainori(!iiil l()ur (hiriiig t]lc li(:xt coti(,el't s(!liS()ll. OLDSTER: At Age Of 117, Man Reads Without Glasses ,II'HLIISAIH';M-- Meyer l)iclsl.ein e:ilii(! |() (lie lh)ly lmn(l ill)out 35 y(!ill'S :l(i wi(h (he ilitenti()n lif Sll(,n(ling his (h,(linhig (lays hi I)nl - esline. 11 wits his Iife-hnig wish lit lie I)lii'h!il iii s:l(!i'(!(I s()il. T()(lny Mr. l)h.kslehi is 117 :ln(I Scholars: It's Play To Them NEW Y()RIC Vh(!li a sailor t.a].(!s it ]ioli(Iny, i(.'s IlStlltlly a ll(inl, ri(le. Wilh :t lilts (h'iver, it's it It)is An(I Sl) this weel 12 Ih!|)rev i-;(holltrs, ]ilird-worl.:.hil Jewish The(i- hlgic)ll )q(iiliiliii'y i)l'(if(ss(irs) W(!l'C Otl vnenLi(in---l,urning tit s(!h()lnsli(.s! l)r. I(nlis (]hisl)erg in llr(q)li.i'ing It (Oliililelitltl'y Oil the llitl)yloliiilli Tal- nil)d. l)r. A]exan(l(w Miirz ix e( his (!ssliy [()r fnll inil)licati(in. I)r. Isrn(!l 1)Itvi(lson ix contplethil his e(lil.ion (if l.he qe(lltr l>al)l)i Sita(liit. An(It ])r. Louis Finkenstehl in d(t- ing res(mr(dl in the Tiihnu(l's s()ci- o]ogieltl I)ickgr()liiid. ()t]i(q'S silltilarly ellgltle(I itieludo l)r. ]li)Itz (}ohen, Dr. 11. L. Ginshoi'tG l)r. lsl'Iml ],]fr(is, l)r. Abrlthll.ln lhtl- kin, l)r. itniu(;l ))in)n, lsi'a(;l (',hilt- kin, Prof. llilM Bavli, lind l)rof. Zvi N(dlltrfsteili. CITY ATTORNEY HONORED l)UL1VFll--lhtrry E. Weinl)crg, l)uhlth (;ity at.toriley, this week Wits ai)l)ointed to tho Duluth charter contniissi()n. A])pointniont of Mr. Wehll)er I itillrks revival of it (tlStOtii of htlvitlg the city Id,toriiey it ntenl[)(;r of l.he (Oliilnissii)n [)eeltllSO of his fluniliarity with the vievl)oint of city officials. Since 1885 SEATTLE TRkNSFER COMPANY Pool Car Distribution. Packino and Shipping. General Hauling. 24 W. Conn. St. MAin 2428 still going slrong. ]le lives in tile nll-J(!wisli city (if Tel Aviv on l.h(! Medilorr:llieali e()lisi, wilh his s('('.llild wife, wh() ix 91). W]ieil Mr. 1)ickslein wns S'_ ) lie lefL the l.own (if I,Ilel,: iii l{.uss[:t (lloW I)arl, (if l)()l:ui(l) liil(l se(tle(l hi ,]ei'll- s:il(qn. A( lhe n14(' (if 102 h(! lll()V(!(l |o Tel Aviv. lie Sl)(!n(ls In()sl (if his (.till(! sludy- ing lhe Tahtili(I lllld olher sli(.l'0d I)()ilks. Ile )'(!it(Is wilh()lll, g]lisses lind his he:u'iiil in lininlllltii.(;d. llis (liel co)is)sis (if :i tlnss (it' mill.;. :tiid Sill)tO riisks ill (he iliorning and in (.he (!veninlG luid the riLulll whie lilt :llll)Itl,]is nii(I ]l(lli(l:lys. ACTRESS: Luise Rainer Tested On Citizenship LOS A NGI']IA!]S. --Acc(nnl)anied lly her English (!olL(h Itli(l it I)u|)li('iLy liiltll ],uise Raincr sloc-eye(I scr(!(ll S(.Itl' WhO (,wic( Well t]le cov(tcd Ac:idemy Awlu'(l, this week fiice(l quesli()nhl naturalizition insl)OC- torm (if (,h( lllli'Oitl (if linniigrlttioti and su((!essfiilly 1)iiss(t an exitininll|i(lii l,]iltt lllaccd hcr Oll 1,]i(; |)referro([ list fop Alnericitll eil, izonshil). A nlt(,ive, of AllstrilL, tlO%V ])llrt (if Nazi G(;t'tliltliy, Miss Rainer (liRa- v(iwed any allegilulee, to Adolf llitlcr Itn(l correc(,ly Itnswere, d questions 1)(;rtaining to (,he Atncriclul Consti- t, ution and i,hc ,lut,ies of it citizen of the 1Tnited States. Thougil slle rece, ntly liled It dirt)roe action against the, I)lltywright, Miss Rainer in still otticially the wife of (Hiff#)rd ()dets. lleing the wife of an American cil,izen, the lictress wlis riot required to gO l, hrl)llgh 1,}11 tlStiltl lollgthy pro- (;edure (if naturalization. She hits live(l in Americlt for three yeltl's. TEDDY: Radio Star Is High School Miss SAN FRAN(HSC().--MilIions (if rildio listeners the ('.Olliil ry over know ]lCl' ItS "Teddy" in '()11o tIitll'S l:lintily," It)it Vfitlifre(I Wolfe, who is it junior a( ll#lllywood lligh Schoi)l, this week was just it stlnlltl(;l' visit(n' here. Miss Wolfe clun( her with her nmther, Mrs. lsllac \\;V()lfe. Win)fred nil)d(; li rec()rd in her s(.udies while iit(.t!ii(]itig (hi, (](()l'( Wits]lhigton lligh School ]l(!ro. :\\;t 1)resi(li(i ,hill)|it lligh she %vlts class i))'esi(h:nt. She frequenlly was elllh(l ()tl |4) ell- Iorlnin tnentll(:rs (if l.}ie sl udenl, ll()(ly. l)llrinlZ her leisure hours iiwiiy frolil (lie slu(li(i, Win)fred seeks r(,creilti(in oii lhe leiiliiS (!Ollrls, lic is l,'tking (.Olll'S('s ill drlintlt(ies. DRUGGIST: Jew Will Head U. S. Pharmacists NEW YORI( (W. N. S.)---l)r. l,eon ,]. ImscolT, n:ttiona]]y-known York- vilh, Jewish (h'uggisl, in slaLe(l ((i lie iiitiit((l ]n'('sid(!iii; of 1.11o Anl2i'i(!:iii Phltrnilieellliea.1 Ass(miltli()tl for (ho C(lillilll y(;'lr tit lhe lissoeiitl.i()n's illi- iiult[ (w)nventi()li in Miniioltl)l)]is ()it Alll411sl 30. The Inisi will ci)nte lit hint :is :t elinmx (() n series i)f hi)nors llenl)ed Ul)(il: hiln I) 3, the i)rofession (hn'ing l.he lnlsl, (lecade. ]n 11.)36 lie wits awllrded the Itnnulil Reniinl(.i)n lh)nor Medltl for (hi|- s( iitidi ng service. l)revilnlsly, ill II It(ill ((itl(hl('.(e(] ])y :t lrltde i)ill)(i ', lie ',','its (!h(isii)iS (hi' ()11( exenll)][fyillg Ihe llltli()ll'8 I'()ll- ((!l)l,i()ll (if n (h'uggisl. Liisu(iff lilts ('tilidil(%('(l ii dl'iit4 sl.oro -for l)res(!ril)lions otlly---ll|, ()lie spot for 50 y(!ill'S. ASlit:l, (lliO of ill() lellding Arlll) |)o(!|ess(!s wits or(hq'e(I lissitssiiiilted I)y l{ohllltllll(!(l l)e(!ltlise of hor I)O('tit colideliltiilig lhe sl'tyilIK of it Jewish |)oct I)y the 'l()hlitllnledilliS. l[erl)ort ][. 1,0hltmn ritnks oighlh Itntolig the l)omocrltts with the gl'(qtl- est 1)ol)tilitr f()llllwing Ittn()ng i)Itrl.y ltl(Hnll(;rs Its D(;mi)(wltiie (mndi(lltte for l)rosidont in 1940, It I)oll of the Anierican htstitu(e of Pill)lie ()l)hl- ion rovelded this week. L(;hlnltn and Se(w0,tlu'y ill Agl'i- (qilture Wallace each receiv(d 3 per CCII(, of l.he vi)tes r((!or(led in the l)i)ll which showed Vice Presiden( Giu'- net', Se(q'(q:tl'y ()[ S(.It(.e llull and lh) (len(q':ll Fnrley far in l]le h!nd. BUT== MAESTRO: Ben Bernie "Not Wanted" As Jew! TORONTO (W. N. S.)--Denied admission to a Port Stanley hotel because they are Jews, Ben Bet- BEN BERNIE . . the door was closedl nie and his orchestra, who are on a dance tour of Ontario Province resorts this week were forced to spend the night in tourist cab= ins near here. CATCH 'EM ADOLF H. Tel Aviv has 15,000 I)utterfly Sl)eehnens il w()uldn)L lmve exccl)t for llitler, w.]io mltdo 1111 exih: otlt of their owner, l)r. l)aul Rehdt, wilo built I1 I) o11o (if the world's ]Itl'g, est l)rivltte (..olhctions while a physician in ]lerlin. lll(!llt for r(!n(wItl of (hi, I r:lliSfl'(,r iigl'e(ltl(,iil (,xl)iriii  All,US( 19 Wel'e I)l'(ik(m (iff lice:illS(, of lhe inal)ilily (if Lh(! l)lU'(i(!s l(i :II'('(" ()It lh(' vi(al I)l)inls. T]ie gov(wiinl(,nl)s lefusiil i() (ake int(t iteeOiilit (he (,xi)orl l)rOliliUlilS I)itid by (he Jewish Al,(llCy (O flicili- (:i(e the sale of Polish (i#)(Is ill Phi= ('sline Ill. r(,(hle(,d i)rii.(,s, (he AgOll- ('3"'s illS)Sit'lice (in it [ixe(I rlilio)i for trltnsf(r (if Sll(!ei:ll ('illeg(n'i(,s of Cal)i(aJ Ill l':ilesline and lhe g)vern- liIotil,'s denutn(I lhal foreign ('lirt'oii- ey l'(:t]ize(l fl'()lll Sli](! (if g(i()(IS h(' ulilized ((i iniporl goods fl'(llit Pnl- (!sLine 1o SUl)l)orl r('l:iiiv(,s (if Polish hilinigl'nlilS ill l):lloslin(! iln(I (o i)r(i - ntot,( (qnig, i'li(i()n of Polish ,h'ws with- Old, lli(!iiliS l(i l)nleshlo, wore ltie liiaj(Ir l)()inls o[ disillr..,.;,Itlgnl. STORY TRANSLATED l,:uly ('.h:ll((wlys I,ov(,r is liOW avitihll)h! in lhdirew, h:tviIi l)(q'ii t,l':ttlsllll((l ill l)ah,stin(, t)',' l{lii'll('h Kriillnhd,:. JIG A 0rag wa HERE ARE YOUR TICKETS TO PEACE OF MIND. ) 1. Residence Burglary 2. Automobile Mishap 3. Personal Accident 4. Personal Effects Special Excursion Rates For Summer Months LIPMAN & ESFELD Insurance, Exclusively! SMITH TOWER Main 2841 LUhnt nbout 6rnnd (nulee nnd Bonneuille? Notwithstanding our feelings about government in business, and while we believe that private enterprise best serves, we are not sub- scribers to, neither do we practice, dog-in-the-manger or dog-eat-dog tactics. We want to do the right thing. The taxpayers' money invested in such projects should result in maximum public benefit. The savings of thousands of people invested in private power facilities should be preserved. The need of the hour is not more wrecking crews; the need of the hour is co-operative effort for the task that lies aheadmaking where we live a better place for all of us. In keeping with this thought, such power developed from these projects as can be advantageously utilized should be made available to the private utilities for distribution by them, and any and all sav- ings resulting from the purchase of such power passed on to the customer. To this end it is our purpose to co-operate fully with gov- ernment and to see to it that the greatest utilization of power from such projects is obtained. Our desire is to continue to make genuine contributions to the growth and prosperity of the territory we are privileged to serve and to go hand in hand with the people of this state to the greater destiny which is rightfully theirs. i'A- V " ,:-,, PRESIDENT PU6ET sounn POWER & LI6HT (omPnnv ovelnKansas Botanist:Noted Pianist: Reads Report Of CANDIDATE: With Zionists CtlIT,,, K,in (\\;\NS) Ilnihr Hebrew U. His Death, But Denies It Lehman Is :l'lirltllu ''' "'< " WARSAW (\\;V. N. S.) Ti':lnM'er ' Is'llp'"S"l"t"'":"'Y E p tD Ppl I PI1 ''rr''"'''r''''''''''''<''''''"'\