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August 12, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 12, 1938

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PACE Two t THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE AUGUST 12, Thought Of The Week "1 say to the Mandatory Power: You shall not outrage the Jewish nation. You shall not play fast and loose with the Jewish people. Say to us frankly that the National Home is closed, and we shall know where we stand. But this trif|ing with a nation bleeding from a thousand wounds must not be done by the British whose Empire is built on moral principles .... that mighty Empire must not commit this sin against the people of the Book. Tell us the truth. This at least we have deserved." -- CHAIM WEIZMANN, president, World Zionist Organization. Has Religion F Combined with THE JEWISH CHRONICLE A Weekly Newspaper for the Jewish People of the Pacific Northwest 1616 8th Avenue, Seattle Phone MAin 2715 HERMAN A. HOROWITZ ........................ Editor and Publisher NATHAN KRmMS ....................................... Associate Editor SDNmy W.. WEnBR .................................. Business Manager OFFICIAL PHOTOOaAPIIER ......... Waiters Studio, 4th and Pike Building A weekly paper devoted to the interests of the Jewish people of Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alaska. Entered as second clase matter September 5, 1924, at the t ost Office at Seattle, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Single Copies, 5 Cents. $2.00 per Year -(Ip)+38 VOL. XV. Friday, Aug. 12, 1938 No. 24 IT WON&apos;T WORK llIS EDITOR doesn't profess to be expert in the highly scien- tific sphere of anthropology and biology, but there seems to be something decidedly strange about the idea of Italy's proclaiming itself to be Aryan while reading the Jews out of the Italian race. It was not so long ago that the Italians, like other Latin peoples, were extremely proud of their non-Nordic racial origin. They would have been the first to ridicule any suggestion that Italians were Aryans. But politics has a way of doing curious things. Italy and Germany having joined hands politically, I1 Duce seems to think it necessary to emulate Der Fuehrer in his racial ideas. The sudden appearance of anti-Semitism in Italy two years ago was then explained largely in terms of anti-Zionism and therefore anti-British. Native-born Italian Jews were assured they had nothing to fear. Italian Jew-baiting was aimed only at "international Jewry." But now we find that all Jews are suspected in Italy because, according to the newly enunciated racial doctrine that Italians are pure Aryans, they are the only element in the population that has not been assimilated, and, as non-Aryans, cannot be assimilated. But Virginio Gayda, authoritative Italian spokesman, let the cat out of the bag when he declared last week in the newspaper Giornale d'Italia that Italy adopted Aryanism because of the anti-Fascist activity of Jews in the United States, France and Great Britain. In other words, Mussolini has decided to make the Jews of Italy pay for the anti-Fascist feeling of their co-religionists abroad. One might imagine that Mussolini would have learned a lesson from Germany. The Nazis repeatedly declared that if world Jewry called off the anti-Nazi boycott and ceased its anti-Nazi protests, the Third Reich might ease up on the Jews. But world Jewry refused to fall into the trap. And it will refuse again. Mussolini is fooling no one but himself. If he wants to call the italians Aryans, that's all right with us, but don't let him expect the world to believe it. Nor should he deceive himself into thinking that he can silence world Jewry which knows that Fascism and Naziism are its enemies. BABE GREENBERG HERE are those who insist that sports news has no place on an editorial page. That, they claim, should be relegated to the sports page. Without necessarily agreeing or disagree- ing, we believe that for once at least the editorial page ought to take cognizance of something that is doubtless being given many a column on the sports page. We refer, of course, to the phenomenal home run hitting of Hank Greenberg, the slugging first baseman of the Detroit Tigers. Hank, who learned his baseball on the sandlots of the Bronx, is no newcomer to fame. He has been one of the out- standing figures of big league baseball for five years. But he's doing a job now that may win him a permanent niche in baseball's hall of fame. As even the veriest baseball tyro knows, a brawny gentle- man variously known as George Herman Ruth, the Bambino, the Home Run King, or just plain Babe Ruth, set a new world's record for hitting home runs in one season by banging out 60 of them during the 1927 season. The home run is to baseball what a grand slam in no trumps is to bridge and the player who hits the most homers is the king of baseball. For more than a decade players have been shooting at Ruth's record but no one got closer to it than 58. As of July 31, Greenberg had hit 37 home runs in 92 games, which put him 21 games in front of Ruth's eleven-year record. In 1927, Ruth hit his 37th homer in his 113th game. If Greenberg maintains his present pace, he will smash the record. NOW IS THE TIME N several occasions during the past year we have referred to the unfortunate policy of national Jewish organizations scheduling important meetings of one kind or another on a date already pre-empted by other organizations. Rarely is this deliberate. It is usually a case of laziness on the part of some official. Nothing is easier than to ascertain whether any important Jewish function is to be held on a given date before selecting that date for another important Jewish gathering. The result of this conflict of dates is that the organizations meeting suffer from loss of attendance as well as from divided public attention while prospective participants are undecided as to which of two or more equally important gatherings to attend. We refer to this again now because this the season of the year when Jewish organizations are preparing their programs for the coming year. We cannot emphasize too strongly the urgency of avoiding, as far as possible, conflicts in dates in national Jewish meetings, conventions, conferences, assemblies, etc. The English-Jewish press stands ready to serve as a clearing house for dates to prevent an aggravation of an already annoying situalion which does much to create unnecessary ill-feeling between organizations. By RABBI EDGAR F. MAGNIN Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles HE WORLD has never seemed so hopelessly on the brink of dis- aster as it does today. All the forces of evil and brutality seem on the acendency. The military dictators appear to be in control of the destiny of the universe. The bewildered individual on the sidelines is tempted to ask what has happened to a civilization in which religion has played such a prominent part. Yet the very hope in the situation today is the fact that we are witnessing a revival of religion as a reaction against the onslaughts of the military barbarians. The re- cent World Conference of Chur- ches at Oxford and the movement which it has inaugurated for a World Council of Churches is one answer of the religious forces to the encroachments of the pagan dictators. For this movement represents a serious and courageous effort to make nations really Christian- -to achieve a world brotherhood of Christianity on which the ideals of the Christian faith shall be meaningful in each nation. Witness the courage of the Ger- man religious leaders and the sac- rifices of the pastors, including the great Niemoeller who is at present in a Nazi jail. The cour- age of these German clergymen is most heartening to those who have felt that religion is losing its Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin vitality. There are many other religious movements at work among us in the field of peace, tolerance and so- cial justice, which testify to the fact that religion is indestructible and that it may yet save the world from annihilation. Many of us may be misled because these religious efforts do not get into the headlines as do the antics of the anti-social and uncivilized elements in society. The numerous religious agencies at work in the world are preaching love and reconciliation. These attributes, most sorely needed in the world today, do not have the news value and dramatic appeal of those movements which preach hate and disruption. A church group that spreads the message of "love thy neighbor as thyself" dies not enshroud its members in hooded masks nor does a religious peace society spread its aims through aggressive and bois- PLAIN TALK (Continued fl'nni P'tge l) have create(l an Aryan race and h'tve discovered an exquisite essence ill Ary.ul blood. The old Romans inerely gave their gold to the llun to buy him off, they kel)t their souls. Their descendants embr.tce the Hun . . . "We are all ihms together :uld believe as you do against tile Jews." (The Italian prl)fessors aplx:ar to have been ashalned of their degra- dation, Mince at first thei,' names were kel/t secret. Later Fascist call- talus revealed them.) Yet it may lie difficult to traosforna Italians into lhms even hy command so potent as that of the Fascist die- tatorshil). The press rel)orts that Italians seem not in the least excited to I)e told that Jews are the bane of their existen(.e and tb.d; s(nnthing onght to be done about tbeln. Italian skies are so l)hte at this time of tile year lind tlle seas are htughing and Ronle continues eter- nal (the sl)lendid ruin of tile coli- seum relnin(l them nf the futility (if settling things by throwing l)e()l)le to lions) and in the l)resenee of all this lt'tlians, one may gHess, }l/lye no min(I to l)ehave like l[uns. "lh:ar ye," shouts Mussolini, "and h:t every one know that even in the (luestion of race we inten(I to go straight ahead." All, no, ll Due,a, this iN no tinle to be lhlns. There, is so nuieh singing to be done (wh'd> with the Sal)l)hire skies and the fragran(!e of l, he hat- JEWISH CALENDAR 8698 - 1938 Rosh Hodesh, Ellul .... Sun., Aug. 28 5699 - 1988 Rosh Hashonah, 1st day.Men., Sept. 26 l{oshHashonah,2ndday.Tues.,Sept.27 ]!st of.Gedaliah ...... Well., Scot. 28 om K]ppul'. ........... Wed., ct. 5 Succoth, 1st day ....... Mira., Oct. l0 Succoth, 2nd day ..... Tues., Oct. 11 Hosha'ana Rabba ...... Sun., Oct. 16 Shemini Atseret ....... Men., Oct. 17 Simchas Torah ........ Tues., Oct. 18 Marchesvan ........... Wed., Oct. 26 Kislev .............. Thurs., Nov. 24 Chanukah ............. Sun., Dec. 18 Tebeth ................. Fri., Dec. 23 Fast of Tebeth .......... Sun., Jan. 1 vest.) WC(I rather I)e Puecinis, Vr(lis, Carusos an(I Tettrazinis. The relatives of Michael Angelo, l.eonarlh), Ti(,ia, and Ral)hael can't I)elieve it, even though it iN Musso- liui himself who says it, "Fronl today on we Itali:tns are llmm and shall go straight 'theall being llmls!" Besides, if you axe Italian y()u must have a hot reason for haling llefore y(Itl can hate thoroughly. The i)refeetinn of hate is in concen- tratiou and when you sllrea(l hate over a Whl)h: peol)le it gets very thin .(tilt[ Ilnsatisfaetory. If you are Italian your hate spe- cializes. You may hate your wife's lov:u' or you may hnte fnr vengeanee's sake. This is sl/len(lid , enjoyable hating which may come to a hal)l)y conclusion with a stillt:to I)etween your enemy's rills. COMPANY FOR DINNER! HOVE OVER! terous tactics. The very techniques of relig ion are peaceful and undr because the war-mongers and the haters employ methods them into the news does not mean that those who counsel hood, peace and justice are inactive. It must be remembered that while the forces of war and become more brazen and aggressive, idealists, humanitarians ligionists of all shades of opinion have been banding more gether for the preservation of democracy, peace and freedom. The world struggle has been narrowing itself down to justice and injustice. The allies of justice have become numerous in recent religion has been in the forefront of this movement for justice. Secular elements fighting for justice are just now recol leadership of religion in this struggle A prominent labor leader recently listed the churches as the leading forces making for constructive reform, while a ished Negro educator said that it was due largely to religious ations that the racial situation in the South has shown stea provement. It is well that this debt to religion should be reco leaders. It is more important still that secular bodies accept ership of religion. Idealism divorced from religion is as potent aS that is parched and withered. Idealism will see its consumm; as it aligns itself with religion. Religion achieves ideals with a minimum of evil conse( labors for social justice without introducing the evil element war. It struggles for peace on the basis of justice. In the idealism of religion, justice and brotherhood is a itself. In some secular idealistic efforts justice is sometimes means to an end, the end being the creation of some sort of a larized social or economic order. Secular idealism frequently leaves hatred and dissension in if Religious idealism aims to conciliate those of different opinion, i ferent station in life. Religious idealism, because of the authority of religion, is It to with greater respect than secular idealism by those whose 0 sion to idealistic ends is most urgently needed. Secular idealiS: quently alienates such individuals who identify it with revolu techniques. Religious idealism is complete idealism. It is concerned with ing individuals, as well as with changing systems. Secular idealtJ variably limits itself to changing systems. Liberals and idealists of all shades must band together $l democracy and maintain peace. They should put themselves I the aegis of religion, for real religion alone can save the world. By real religion I mean that dynamic ethical force born of ism. I mean ethical ideals and action touched by prophetic fire. 1 actual faith in a God of all men, hence a love of all men and a ness to live and die for all men. ((4 By ALFRED SEGAL Tha('s (ha fine ar(, of hating. But you can't hate an entire I)eol)lc thoroughly; it inakes no sense. You, if you are Italian, can hate one ,Jew i)assionatoly and slitisfae- to('ily, I)ut not all the ,Jews together. lhtting is a sl)eeiall;y to lie enlti- vale(1 like the fragrance of a single gardenia. It is a i)rel;ious thing not to lie promiscuously wasted. I alhnire (;lie Italians' rinining away froln wholesale hating as they ](ave (Inne fl'onl tiine to tilne--at (Jal)oretto in the Groat War, at Cuad- alaiara iu Sl)ain recentl3,. With the instinct (If .poets an(l I)hilosophers tbe eivilize(1 Italians fled frnm hat- ing anll killing Austrians ill a body. There might I)e sonic Austrians ttl I)e hated with 'L flaming, consuming Italian hate I)ut it was iml)ossibie to hal, e MI Austrians flttally at one By BRESSLER altd Oil h ;leliee, libel 0ilg the : ) f0rlller l'r( ,%aries A. lali Minis AD %rding t aad his d to live I ed lie 1)re [d. Only a rhibition h0 transgr ili all his '. 4ge to (Jell btthers m Ii'liL 00xS00ovv-'s V A00\\;L'y oF N, rr h N time. So it; seemed 1lest for civilize pie to let thc whole matter drl an with line accord the Italians t| .. Url and we.t their way frnm the] + ntaiem_ field, h:aving their weapons "l them. J Yes, it, may be harll for M tl] We fl to conquer tile Italian l)eople ! Title half of the lhuls He WaN S0] Viceo agains the Ethiol)ians and ll| Stat^ lilanes are NO vah)rous agaiI| Sllanish children (nf wholri ill '= gotten as lnany llS 1,000 in oncsl ! ter.) ! PE] But what can he do agai#l%n,. italian people to make Iitms''t| rLE I them, since they have been e i( so long and so have learned t0 cularize in their hates? They are the kinsmen of tM and good Francis of Assisi t 01 . 0 the birds came at Ills call; h i them little brothers, since no _ thiilg was stranger t(l Ili. i, lllsl"get-ra $ They Itre (,tie ]dnslnen of tll; 1)t._ ilnt who 1)rotests against sellili),. "x'rlR I italians t(i the Huns . . . "Br'Vlird A Italy felt the need to iiniti){e....._- many?" he asks with shame. ,Ip,. - cialism and exaggerate(I nati0 ). as eonlmonly SllOken of, me]Clli,5_ B( riers erected between lne, n an.d ]. -.,----raetr" me,,, betwee,, f,,.< I.,,l othe, V ! R * * ! !1,--'_ A footnote: I 'un quite [,.'lde--'.: o r'"'uence that 1 have not I)een etlll l cally aeein'ate in wral)l)illg | and Hnns in one bnndle il late war when Gei'irliins 1:1 uns. They are n(it in reality nf t racial stock, excel/t as the ]luns sw:el)ing out of the Ftff over Western ]+;urol)e M't tr their character anl(ing the N of the Nazis through bh)ods. The very ch/se tweell the barlmrian IlunS barbarian Nazis iN s Yet) ItS one looks at tile eel(figuration of the Mr, Goel)hels (who is the ()f enlightenment) line that t'here iN even more kinshil). (Copyright, 1938.)