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August 12, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 12, 1938

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,ate e life of theL ml folks abi. V ,f :iriis&apos;t[[" a, NO. 24 >our lixing I e_  "]I "W lized and]! nry rora is :)ur behavi I -Y )shcrllirtiiaJ 'Oo ! O0 'i'l;st on the ]Ealtl xl, II gi = Lakeshoro ume tamer its for our mprontising tW YORK (WNS)--Assailing rYFord as "foolisl b un-American e arehapPY ua-Ohristian" for accepting a dhlren, thel )ration from Ilitler, l,](l(lie Can- radio ltlld screen coined]an) said '.it uralnesS in]to hull Week: ]nun]lily is question the Americanism of while otheI 'y Ford for accepting a citation I the biggest gangster in the I n'e'tching d " "Junday or ra .. [ Mlig at It hllicheon given in I a0ar by the nat]oHM lmaM (if I, s,ty, "tnciaSsah M, .... " " ' ' la t. '. tAlnL()r sal(t 1.iiai) dt lilassc8 el I1 ls  damned fool for permil ting t hix ariglW0rld,s ,, . . : " }lit-' 14reitt, esl, gangster to give ilh me, t!thls citation. 1.t(.c llitlerl0esn,t h ' ' 1 e realize thitt the (Jcr- ' }l'tnd) gIllli PaPers ' ." ,i , reliorting the citation, t'l:J'!;.ycffoli,:l A,ncricaits were bchi,id Jew for dar .h0se side is Mr. Ford on? l ()l' marry 'liri Mr. Ford's Americanism c G( ntilc, C ls Christianity. and (lcDI uil)t thiiik lie is a reM American 7stcl's ]low "l Ood Ohristian. The lnore ilion i)reac h th Ord we have the there we inlist a,ld tile c< {Zarn:n do/,l,l;:c,, S I,,.e a d :had thc0ri " " " of anti- (I the old ( ,Isiii in this country, Mr. Can- /It licit]lid' redieted that unless American )()l' hell)le sl ,get busy and began fighting it w.uld lose their 1)usinesses. .lso plagued e luncheon was in the nature of monsrositJ Ute to Cantor's achievement in tl pelitioia g I520,000 for Youth Aliyah ) who ilia  I a 16-day stay in ]!]nglan(l. ilized world akers inglude('i Mrs. Herbert lI. bh)od of I' Wife of New York's gover- and iilIl' . rs. Moses li]pstein, ln'esident tdassali; Mrs. ]']dw'u'd Jacobs, , Presldent ltnd Mrs. David lARCH O] !lberg, CllltiHllail (if Hadassah's Christiani ri Aliyah Committee ly the year .' aator was in'esented with a I1 seat from Paiestine liy Jewish ! ehihlren in lwltzoth Arych, ne(tera, which lie bellied fmnid Which is named for him. (OUN6 ;, SH01i Urge Ford Nazis YORI( (WNS)--The Jewish of tlie United States telegralihcd lt(;liry FoM, illagiiate, urghlg hhn "in the (Oont. Oll !Page 8, Col. 4) PLAIN TALK Y ALFRED SEGAL pain to me to see l,]lc Re- being Collqtlere(t by the again and lmying tribute sitviigory. Olini taldng tip the lnanller8 .r eauscs one to remember Conquest (if the. Ronunls khig of the l,lllns. This ili the sixth century when lnarching down over the the I)lains (if italy ravaging e him. Gibbon in his "l)ecline and l,,'all (if the Romiln ],]ln- pire" rel)orl, s that ]()ltg aftel.wards 7 there was it legend ia italy that "grass never grew on it spot where Altila's horse had trodden." Attila came al- most to the gales of Rome which he cer- tainly wouhl have but for the Romans liuying Tltcy came its SUl)pliants to rid by huge ransoni "the de- of Italy wits lnn'chnscd," tells US. t great victory for the bar- Ill to See the envoys of an lvilization c(nne to him with the circ:umstances AI lrila )rd to restraill Iris lJlood- rel)ortcd that lie rec.'.ived the l:Olllllll itlessoli- ad itl)proacito d witit fear for tim 1,401)yellrS the 11 tin 11 a, lld inllierial Rolno sells at of its civilization, its in- ilitegrity and its self-re- the l'Iun's favor. Professors (1.)y command) to dechu'e ltaly in ac- lhe Nazi fal)rications tliat on Page 2, Col. 3) wisb l:ranscripl Combined With THE JEWISH CHRONICLE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, AUGUST 12, 1938 $2 a year; 5c, single COl Britain's "Hypocrisy" Is John Roosevelt Cited By Col. Wedgwood Wil! Have Jewish Boss LONDON. -- Col. Josiah Wedg- wood, leading ln'o-Zionisl, nmniber of Parliament, this week reiterated Ms stand for .t policy of passive resist- ]nice by l,)alcstine .lews against the ndnlinistration as a method of fight- ing Aral) terrorism, dechu'ing Brit- ons no hnlger had the right to "urge .lows to l)atience." Rel)lying to Sir Laurie Ihunntond, nmmber (if the Peel Royal (?ommis- sion, wile hn.d criticized his advice to tile Jews, Col. Wedgwood slti(l in a letter to The London Times: "l,Ianmiond urges l)atience, I)ut for l wo years lnuMer and destruction ,if Jewish l)rOl)crty have g()lie unlnin- ]shed under British rule. "The alhninistralion COlltinues to lie strictly impartial 1)etween tlie nmrderers and the murtlered. "I have not known of such it black page of incomliete, nce and hylm('risy in British history. "We no longer have (lie right to urge Jews to patience. Passive re- sisl.ance is more effective nnd more moral than retaliating ag'dnst tile Wrolig people. "Jews are not conceived yet Its de- void of lnnnan rights and feelings." COL. JOSIAH WEDGWOOD . . "incompetence, hypocrisy]" MacDonald Visits Palestine; Synagogue Head Writes Home JERUSALI,;M. -- Mah;ohn Mac- Donald, Bril;islt secretary of colonies, visited' the great British navy lind air base n.t Malta this week after it surprise visit to the terror-ridden ] l,oly Land. The purl)ose of his visit to i)alcs tine was not revealed elite]ally, but it was known lie had conferred with Bril,ish army ol'licials attemllting to subdue the many demonstrations of Arilli (error]sis. "LeUs Have Peace)" Says Palestine's Head JI",RUSAIAi]M.--Sir Itarohl Mac- Michael, llritish high comnlissioner, nlil)e:lled to Jews and Aral)s this week in a rildio l)roadcast t.o I'CStore l)eace in tile lh)ly Land. lie told lhenl peace couhl, nt)t bc acllieved l)y re(will/, al)llse or illtriglle.   Ti8 l W Killed As Bus Hits Bomb JI,i;IU'SAIAi]M (WNS)--tEight Jews were ldlled when It hn'ry carrying 17 workcrs to Ramat IIalovesh frt)m the groves at l(fiu' Sid)a, crashed (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 2) It wits Ills first trip to the th)ly Land, which every l)ious Jew dre:nns of setting foot ut)on, I)ut the biggest thrill for Charles Miller, president of ]Jiklil' (Thohun Synagogue, Se- attle's hu'gest congregation, was l)icking u 1) it COl)y of The Jewish Transcril)t at fame.d ltel)rew Uni- versity, hc wrote tliis week in a lct- ter to lIerman A. ltorowitz, editor of The Jewish Tr.uiscripf. l'enned Mr. Miller: "It is truly it snuill worhl we liv, in. We arv about half way around the worhl aild still fount] we wereit't away at all, but at homc, ill good old Seattlc. "On Ollr visit to tlic ltel)rew Uni- versity at Jerusalem last week, we were thrilled witli our own Univer- sity and the la;auties of Mr. Scopus and thc surrounding country. But ciin yoit iiniigine lny siirl)rise at lhiding a copy of The Jcwish Tralis- cril)t right O11 top of it file of l/cried - icMs with news from all the home folks. It was It grand feeling. "()it our trip across, we visited nlany lJ]urol)can citic, s, inchiding Pitris, Mon|e (]arlo, anti ]Jl'USSC]S, which we t]louglit were so beautiful ((]Ollt. ell ])age ) (A)]. 1) IN THE WEEK'S NEWS Joe A. Hasson, tall, sleilder and 17 years ohl, 211 24th Ave., this week is I)ack front Fort Lewis, after it month's atl.elidallce lit (,lie Citi- zen's Military Training Camp l.]10re. Joe, student at Garfie.hl lligh School, is the son of Mr. an(l Mrs. B. lIasson, and brother of l,!'irst Lieut. l')avid J. Reina, active in the U. S. Army Reserve Corps. Richard E. Lang, well-built, 31- yeal'-old wholesale grl)cery l)resi- dent and head of Tcmple de tIirsch, I)atted a 1)olo 1)all aroun(l so con- vii]tingly Sitturday and Slinday in it two-(lily match with ValiCOliver, B. (}., that his teain of fOllr scere(l :1 doul)le win over the Calladil/n I)oh)isfs at Olyntpic Riding & l)riving Club. Horseman Lang is No. 1 Oil thc Seattle team. Dr, Sydney Weinstein, lllack- haired, 33-year-old) bhle-cyc(1) deel)-voiccd) Porthmd-born mcdice, (.his week realized :tit aml)iih)n hies hall since his high scliool days, wheil he took chemistry I)ecause lie wanled to bc it tloctor. Oul this week were cards annoulicing that 1)r. Weinstein, Slice]Mist in diabetes and int(q'nal llledicine, is el)citing eli]cos it(. 404 Stinlsoll Bldg. (]ra(tua(.c in i)rc-niedics, with it l)acheh)r of science degree in zooh)gy at the University of Wash- ington in 1926 af(.er two yelu's of sc]looling at Reed College, 1)r. Weinstcin got his mediclll (legree from Jefferson Medical College in Phila(Ml)hia, inl.orned two years in thc 2,000-1)cd Phihldcll)hia Gen- crla lh)sl)ital ' sect)nd hu'gest in the nation, sl)ent Ms thiM year there as resident in (tial)etes. lie's been nuu'ried four ye'u's, lie taught httcst wrinldos eli the. trcatmcitt of diabetes to doctors ohler thall himself its instructor at the Grad- uate Medical Scltool (if the Univcr- (Continued on Page 8) i Furn ture Piled In Streets As Hundreds Of Jews Lose Home VIENNA (WNS)--A tragic picture of the Jewish disaster in Austria was unveiled in Vienna's 12th, 13th, 14th and 19th districts this week when furniture belonging to hundreds of Jewish families dispossessed from the apartments on August 1, was piled high on the streets while the owners stood by helplessly, not knowing wrtere to turn or what to do. Every street in these districts is full of all sorts of personal be- longings and household effects which were dumped on the sidewalk. Neighboring Nazis scenting an opportunity for looting are carting away the more valuable items while their owners are powerless to in- terfere. Unless the authorities make some provision for these homeless Jews they will probably lose all, their furniture. BOSTON.  John Roosevelt, youngest stm t)f the President, will go to work for $18 a week in William Filene's Sons (lepartnumt store soon after his return from it wedding trill with his 1Mde, the. former Anne Lind- say Clark, it was revealed this week. A st)okesman for tlie store said the President's son will receive ttie tSallle treatlllent Its anyone e, lse; lie will start at the bottom and take whatever jo.b is avaihd)le at> it modest sld ary.)' Boss of the Preshlent's son will be Louis lirkstcin, in,ore]no(it l)]lilant- ropist and active in Jewish life. Frankfurter Is Urged For Supreme Court WAUPACA, Wis.--In an el)el: let- ler t() President Roosevelt, famed United States Senator George. W. Norris of Nel,)reaska, this week urged the appointment of Felix Frankfurter, advisor to the Presi- dent, and it 1)rofessor of law at I{ar- vard, as justice of the United States Supreme Court to succeed the late Justice Benjamin Cardozo. The Nebraska lil/eral issued the statement from his summer homo Ilear here. Forty-four year ohl presidential advisor, Benjamin W. Cohen, of In- diana, a graduate of tIarvard and Chicago University and former sec- retary to Judge Julian W. Mack, is among thosc mentioned its the suc- cessor to Justice Cardozo in the U.S. Stllireme (?our(;. Unsung, Dave Freedman Wins U. S. Tennis Title CULVli]R, Ind.--Unseeded Dave Freeman, Pasadena, Calif., star, ;hot acress the tennis heavens this week iri the final match of the Nation- al Junior Tennis Tournament with a four-set victory over the favored Welby Van IIt)rn of Los Angeles, 6-0, 6-2, 2-6, 6-0. Three Ex-Soldiers Win Honors In Vet Groups FARGO, N. D.--William Stern, the first Jew elected to a major national office in the American Legion, this week bcclnne the dean of the Legion's national c(nnmittcc when hc wits re- elected its North Dakota's rellresent - ative by the annulll convention of the Nort]l l)akota (lcl)artnmnt.. St.ern it forn-tor dcl)arlinent coIYl- nail(lor was elected senior vice-com- niander-in-chlef (if (.lie Legion ill 1924. Ben Rosenborg of the Bronx wits elected senior vice-commander of (he United Slnniish War Veterans, Del)artntent of New York; an(l Otto Silver of l)e(xoit wits elected junior vice-conunander of the V.F.W., de- parhncnt (if Michigan. 30,000 Yell As 2 Jews Fight; Draw Is Verdict IIOL],YWOOD.--More than 30,000 persons who intcked (]ihnore SLadium this week wihlly cheered Maxie Roscnblomn, sonai-1)ald, 36-year-old ve, teran of 15 light-laden years, wlicn Referee Abe Roth gave him it senti- mental draw with youthful Boll Pastor, 12 years his junior. Most ring-side critics who stuck 1)y (.tie cold figures of i)oints scored and rounds won agreed that 24-year- old Broadway Bi)l) shouhl have had liis hall(l raised. Rosenbhmni runs it night club, did little training, spending each night in his chib. I[e smokes cigars, Sl)cnds lnu't of llis time on H()lly- weed nit)vie sets where lie earns 810I){) a week and sleeps irregularly. R()scnbh)om, vctcran of 360 tlghts, entered the ring weighing about 1S6 l)ounds. Pasl.or's fighting weight was 183. Body To Make 4,000 Mile Trip From Spain VALFNCIA, Sl)ain.--Tho 1)ody of Bea Leider, Anrtorican aviator shot down ia the Spanish war, wits sent to Marseilles this week en route to Ncw York. Leider, formerly it rel)orter ()it the New York Post, wits ainong the tirst foreigners to join tlie Loyalist forces. Hc wits shot down in Fel)ruary, 1937. dUMANITY ANSWFRS! By BRESSI.ER Attorney, 70, Heads Work Of Finding Homes For 660,900 LONDON (WNS)--The delicate and highly important dil)lomatic task of prey'tiling upon Germany to l)ermit refugees leaving the Reich to take a portion of their capital with them was turned over to the perma- L. A. Nazis Are Booed LOS ANGELES.--Pickets I)araded this week in front of the l)eutches Haus, Nazi social hall, wtlere the western states convention of the so- c'dled "Anti-Conunnnist Federation of America" was holding a three-day sosflion. The picketing was sponsored, by ].he Hollywood Anti-Nazi League, which charged the Anti-Communism Federation actually is an organiza- tion of Nazi sympathizers. The league includes among its members Eddie Cantor, Frederick March, Sylvia Sidnev, Paul Muni, Dorothy Parker and others. The Nazi-sponsored convention CliCHed in tumultuous fashion its 401) delegates met inside the German care while it ral)idly swelling throng of 5,01)0 persons--more than 10 times the number being picketed--gath- ered outside the doors and shouted "Down with Fascism!" and "l)own (Cont. ()it Page 8, Col. 2) Viereck, Nazi Agent, Nabbed On Way Abroad NEW YORI( (WNS)--An iml)ort- nit witness who is to testify lie]ore the special Congressional Cominittec ()it Un-American Activities wits In'e- vented from leaving tlm cl)untry this week on the eve t)f the olle.ning of the committee's hearings wl,ien Repre- sentative Martin Dies, conunittee chairman, scrvetl, it subpoena on Geol'ge Sylvestor Vioreck, autht)r and friend of the ex-I(Mser) it few hours lie]ore tie was 8c]leduled to sitil for li]urol)e. At first Viereck was inclined to defy the comntittee but he cancello(l his trlp when tie wits w.u'ned that he would bc dol)arrod frolit retiirning its in alien. Vicreck was also a witness lmfore tim Congressional prob in 1934 when he wits revealed its a Nazi propaga:idist. NEWSFACTS: Vioreck had ar- ranged a private meeting with (}han- colh)r Ailolf Hi(;ler in his mmintain retreat before he was haltetl, Con- gressman Dies tohl reporters .... Viereck admitted to it simihu' cnn- mittee, in 1934 thai, he received $1,750 in Nazi govorlnnent lnoncy. llis l)ayimtster was Carl Dicley, (Cont. on Page 8, Ci)l. l) nent iiltergovernntelttal refugee com- mittee, I)y delegates of 27 p(iwers as they adjourned the second meeting (.his week of the refugee aid confer- ence, that first met at Evian in July. Conchuling two days ef delibera- tions in the British Foreign Office, the delegates elected by acclamation George Rublee, 70-year-old Washing- ton attorney and personal` friend nf President Roosevelt, its l/ermanent director t)f the committee, ratified the selection of Robert Pell of the U'nited SLates State Department as assistant director, set a lilnit of $50,000 a year for the expenses of the London office of the committee and agreed unanimously that the most vitak task facing the committee was to press Germany to allow the refu- gees to takc some of their capital with them. ' The delegates voted that all of the 32 governments particil)ating should share in the costs (if the colnnlittee; agreed that the cooperaiin!z sLaLes ((?()it(.. on I)age S, C.)I. 1) Refugees Make Jobs, Authority Declares LONDON (WNS)---The number of Englishmen who have been given jobs in businesses and in- dustries established in Britain by German refugees exceeds the number of refugees admitted, Sir John Hope Simpson, former vice-president of the Refugee Settlements Commission in Ath- ens, declared this week in a lec- ture before the Liberal Summer School at Oxford. Some 25,000 Englishmen have been employed by refugees, Sir John said. "No Doctors" Is New Edict For German Jews BI,]R,I'AN (WNS)---Tho ral)idly age- ing German-Jewish community this wee faced the danger (if ])()'ing left without medical attention after Sep= teml)er 30 as the result of " new de= cre.o aAtnounced I)y the ntinistry of ii).- terior cancelling the licenses of be- tweolt 6,0{)1) altd 7,01)1) Jewish llhy- sic]arts in GOHI/ally. The decree dcchn'es lhat on Scp- temller 31) all licenses lleld by Jewish doctors will be voided, thus making it imllossil)lc for them to practice and dcl)riving G.:;rm:ut Jewry of medical services except for such non-Jewish doctors as inty be willing to treat Jewish patients. An inunediate result of ttl.: decree against Jewish th)ctm's was ihe rush I)y medical melt to the American consulate for visas. None were is- su?,(I, howewr) bc(;auso the Gormaii inmfigration quota has been ex- haustett for the next lwo or lhree years. Famous 69-Year-Old Synagogue To Be Destroyed By Nazis NUREMBERG, Germany (WNS)--Immodiate demolition of Nurem- berg's famous old synagogue and the headquarters of the Jewish Cul- tural Society on Hans Sachs Platz was ordered this week by the city council Razing of the structures began immediately after they were ex- propriated in order that "the disgrace of luremberg," as Julius Stret- cher called the synagogue, may be removed before the Nazi Party's annual congress meets here on September 8. A smaller synagogue is still open in Nuremberg. Lord Mayor Liebel said he ordered seizure of the synagogue be- cause the Jews refused to sell it. The synagogue was built in 1869.