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August 5, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 5, 1938

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, PAGE EIGHT THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE AUGUST 5, Mrs. Bhmenthal Papa Menuhin Repudiates Article Lauding Intermarriage As Way To Create L ..Passes... Slaps Intolerant,;xl Jews Who Criticize Yehudl&apos;s Marriage m ,,,;,,; is almther rec(mt typical (leg(; of occul)ying an(I living ou our "c-friends" who have tal(en :tdvan- A host of Seattle friends nlourned the death l'tst week of Mrs. Jeanctte Blumenthal, 70-year-old Northwest pioneer, after an illness of six months. She died 10 days before the first an- niversary of the death of her son, Ed Blumenthal, widely-known hldies' apparel man. Funeral services were hehl last We'dnesday at Bonney-Wa',son (;hal> el. Rabbi Bernitrd R()senberg offici- ated. Cremation folhnved. Born in Connecticut, Mrs. Bhl- men(hal lived in Portland for many years, coining to Seattle 13 years ago. Site leaves a daughter, Mrs. t'aloma Stonei a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Ed Blumenthal; two gran(hlaughiers, Marjorie Jean Bhunen(hal and Janice Stone--all of Seattle; a sister, Mrs. Phil thirris, Los Angeh)s; and three brothers, Michael and Nathan Soh)- men of l)ortland and Ilenry Sohml(,I b Spokane. She was a meniber of the l)aughters of the American Revohiti()n. Joseph Seligman, 76, Is Taken By Death Last rites were hehl Tuesday ai Hills of Eternity Cenmtcry for ,h)s(q)h Seligman, 76 years ohl, Rabbi Ber- nard Rosenberg oil(elating. Mr. Seligman, a Seattle resident for seven years, leaves his wife, Isabelle Seligman; two sisters, Mrs. (liars Summerfiehl of Seattle and Mrs. L. L. Cohn, Sp,)kai,e; and tw,, In'oth- ers, Eliek and Abe Seligman, New Orleans. "Hitler Minions Are Bluffers"--Jack Benny (Continued from Page 1) , "I dunno. I think he makes friends for Jews. Some people like him. I know others who don't. It's not because he's a Jewish character. Some people don't see anything funny in that type of humor." A Benny radio show, the com- edian revealed, starts with a get- together of the cast and Benny's two writers on Tuesday or Wed- nesday. "We work a couple of hours," Benny said. "Saturday is our big day. We spend six or eight hours rewriting the script. Sometimes we throw out a whole routine because it's not funny when the cast reads it. "The best work comes after the first rehearsal." America's highest-paid radio comedian admires Eddie Cantor, his close friend, for the work he's doing with the Youth Aliyah; plays bridge with George Burns and Gracio Allen; revealed that an Irishman, Columnist Ed Sul- livan, first put him on the air; has cut down on cigars on order of his doctor, because he ner- vously chewed 'them instead of smoking them; and predicts Al Hostak, whom he saw win the world's middleweight crown, will be "champ for a long time." Mr. Benny motored here from California. His driver was Hilliard Marks, his young brother-in-law. His wife, Mary Livingstone, later joined the comedian. She is the niece of Lou Wagner, oil promoter here; and Mrs. Jules Glant, wife of the Seattle Talmud Torah president. She was born in Se- attle. EXCURSIONS LeaveLenorn Street Ternninsnl every mornnlwng at 9 o'clock.. popular Prine,ss cruises Io Canada's Er@rgr@en $ Playground. Arrive 3 hack inn Seanttle at D p m. One-dag roand #rip hire .... E. L Sheehan, General Agent, 1320 Fourth Avenue. fllenry Bldg.,) Seattle, MAIn 5587. i hive, with It Gentile. girl, and th.t our dlulghter ]Iephzilmh llermitted her- self tl, fall in hive with the brother of Yehudi's wife. S()me cxcile(l and mislhevilius w,'iters ]lave his( their balance e(nn- ph!tely and made insinuating and its- saulting rem.u'ks about "the [nul Jews Yehudi's y(lunger sister Yaltah married int(,, the Stixes of St. Louis," who incidenially are most ln'(nninent in the .Jewish e(nnntunity in Jewish we]far(; alld oharity, being l)ron(1 and aotive nmmbers of the Jewish i:om- mu]lity except llerhal)s for their not l)'dJ'(nfizing some (n'thodox syna- goglles (her(!, It sin eonlmnn 1() the eli(ire yollllger general(in( that is awakeilillg lllld r(,llSOlli Jig Itli(I el)- serving life about theni.., every- wh()re, Now,.what are the facts about all this sudden mud slinging and gall spitting against the Menuhin parents in the Yiddish and He- brew press? Mrs. Menuhin never in her life wrote any article for any maga- zine in America or Europe, al- lhoilgh of eoilrs(! she has I)eeil i'e- ]llelililliy ilitervi(!wl!d ]lllildreds of limes its (he niol,her ()f Yehildi lllid ] h'llilzilmh ! b]:l(di lhne (he lililllllOl'S of Y()hlidi lilld ||el)hzilia]l Itl)lJroa( h 1V[i's. Men(l- }Jill begging her t() receive anyl)ody fr()ln the press, she fighl.s back, resell(S, lliid considers it itii invasion (if her In'(vale life whicii she refuses to siiilre with the world, or with the (urions alid seilsatioliltl i)illl]i(,! Next ()nly t() the mJ-(','dled "lligh Society," (lees iny wife alihor the solicitations (if the roving rel)(n.ter , lhe "free huicer," "uM the sensational magazine writers. ()ne nf these sueiessful writers or l'epor ters, In|(st ]lave rec()i v(,(I a doul)le fee for. scandahmsly imd dis- hon(n'alJly selling an artii, le he or she wrote alid liiisrel)resente([ ill the lilime of Mlirntiia Meiillhili lily wife! The gnllible l)ul)lic swallowed it for it serlrion (.,onlilig fronl the mother of Yehudi aild l]el)hzibah Menuhin, while the Jewish innocent l)ublie was eml)arrassed and l)rol)abiy did not llelieve its eyes when it read an ar- ticle signed by tile lnother of Yehudi who n'lmed him YEIIUDI so that nol)o(ly inakes a mistake lllmnt his origin and race! My wife never wrote the article for (.lie Ladies Home Companion! My wife never Sl)oke (,o anyone about her father or mother although Mle might have been cleverly coaxed to make S(iine iiinoeeiit or inadvert- eiit referen0e to bloille of her early iln(estors irl liiIswor to seine liersis - tent bickering and ln'econeeived questi(ins which alight feed the per- sonal theory of the magazine writer who not having it world phttform of her own hill herself 1)ehin(l the moth- er of the world famous Menuhins tn tell exliectant mot.hers what tlley shouhl ,1o to bring almut made to order ohild In'ndigies. May I add, although it is sickening at heart to have to mention it at any (into, and it is al)solutely recalling- less to its Melluhins, it is quite true that s(inm of the early ancest()rs on my wife's side have'tced Juda- isnt gener'ttinns ago. (The Chapter ,if the Karaites of the (Jrimea is known t() m/uiy s(.holiu's and this is lie Iilace to go ilito slleh details alld liei'sonal nlatters!). Bill, lny wife liever to her reeollec- (,ion iliad(! ally caliital out of, all(i II()VIH' cook(;d lip tile Hi)lip of the(n'ies the writer (if that Ladies lhnne C(nnl)anion concocted in her name! Furthernmre, no article, state- ment, or interview, has ever been submitted to my wife or me, and as far as I know not to our New York managers, to read, correct, pass on, approve or disapprove, before anything was printed in that magazine I As far as we MenllhiliS are c()ii- eerlied, we stOlll)ed taldng n(iti('e of the really alleged Menuhin articles which men(lily Itppear its signed ar- tMes in iiinlnlteral)le llewspltl)ers and nlagazines its if writt.m lly Moshe Menuhin, Marutha Mennhin, or Ye- hudi Menuhin. We hopelessly gave up the at- telnl)ts of ever se(..itrilig aiiy el)eli al)oh)gy or denial on the part of ally editor. This inunoral practice seems (,o be tile rule of the giune of inlblish- ing newslnq)ers or the secret (if creat- ing eircuhttion and ('(,I)y. CALL .... HARRY EISBERT Liberty Dry Cleaners --The Sunlight Plant- 1600 Jackson St., PR. 5050 aniph;, one ()f many! At l.he time the alleged article l)y Marui.ha Mellll]lili appeared in America, an(I whih; we toured S(:ol.huid "tim Ireland, (,hero al)p(ared Jii Paris, in the Candide, oiie of l.he most 1)Ol)lllar aild influen- tiM lnagilzilles of l?rancej it signed ai'tieh '<exln.essly written I)y Yehndi Mellii]liii" for that lnatitZilie. In it loiig alid autol)iogral)hie art- icle, Yehildi is Slllil)osed to o()nll)laili ail(I ]ainent over his "lost" (.hihl- hood, that he hall a .ntiseral)le iuid unhapl)y ehihlh(md,, ilia( he was terril)ly exlih)ilod by ]lis ])arelits, thltt lhe h,t (if t]ie tyl)ical ehihl ln'odigy ns his wlts (sic) is t(!rril)le. When Yehu([i ail(l we his parents reild |.hat arti(..le in the (-andide, we all had It heltrty laugh. eli his OWl( a(m(n'd however, 7e- hudi wrl)[e ii. short and sweet little no|e to (lie edit(n' of the great Freii(di lnilgilZilie exl)resshig Ills silrprise It|, Ihe (:(nnl)lele invenl.ion, for that ugly Melilihiii :u'l,hde did not eveil have Ihe 1)relext or exeiise or grolind for inisrel)resentation llS fllr eveli ItS aii hlterview may i)lTer to it seheniilit4 writer) alid 1 hi aliswer he received the IlSlinlly |.yllh!al cowardly Init lilt- powerful reply: "Personally I ex- cee(lingly regr(!l, this episode, d(!lu' illid worshil)l)ed Mitestro! etc." Tllere (lever liowover lippeared Olle single denim of l.he affair in (lie (,itii- dhle, not all opel( word of allo]()gy! They I)(night it froni a syndicate, who Imught it from seine iiews- neii(v, who bought it in tlirli froili SOliie writer, who professed having I)ollg]lt it for lnoney from Yehll(li Menuhin, t]iat is Its liiil(',h Its I found Oil( wit]l litter (lisgusl. "Meniihin Articles" aiid int0r- views, nlost distasteful to us, ]lave recently al)peared in London's "T()- (l'iy," in the Jewish Seattle Tran- script, and ()ne American chain of newsl)apers ((early ln'onght rliin n])on IlS alld Sllre[y l'()b])c(| it8 of the priv- But ]illnil)le ranch in t]le Siinta (Jruz lnollntailis in the little |iome we liui]L there for otlrse|ves, whell in (,heir sensational exuberaiiee and mOligering aii(I gree(| for eir(il]atioli, have 1)ernlitted t]lemselves to (lllote th() Menuhhls its having slti(l upon tiieh" rotiirn fr()ni their world tollr I.hat they have eolne to oeetlpy "a million (h,]hu' clistle wiiich lies in the nlidst of teii (lie((sand ciloice acres of niountain land protected by secret wires aii(l invisible rays aii(| dete(;tivos (werywher(L" The headline across that terribh) story which had a sketch (if a l)a]a('e in the center with Ye]nldi ()verb)ok- iilg :ill uliderwor]d crowd I)ehlw read: Yehudi M'enuhhi c]udlenges the kid- Ila|)pers ()f the worhl t() ()Ollle and get him. Frhmds and folks who lenow the 'Iollllliilis liatlll':d]y kiiow ]letter IJlali siispect theni of Ill)con(lilt4 "Alrightni- kess," (Jr suddenly ])e(:()lnilig "So- ciety" clinllmrs and "and)ii,ious" l)nrolits. The lno(losl.y aild ]lunlility of Ye- hudi alld l]el)hzil)n.]l iii their l)ul)lic and l)rivate life tells qiiite another t:tle! We were Mmu|, to igllore the arti- (.,les which al)])eltred in yoilr New 7ol'k 'lnd (Jhielito nlid other news- I)nl)ei's, were it not for the fact thltL we I)elie, ve that t]ie editors ItS well as the ilillOCelit Inlblh nlap actlially I)e- lieve IJie ln'htted word. It is also oilr duty and personal pride (is Jews It(ill ilieil to attenit)t to deny false tales. it is so ridicnh)us, illitrile, aiid lilt- warranted, to slty of the ]Meiiiihiiis thai; they "delilierately and syste- matically alnuldoned their Jewish friends in their at(emil(1,() associate with and e]intl, iiito tim higher s()- ciety ()f t]ie (l(;ntile world." 1L is 1)elow criLicisni and below our dignity to mltke exl)laiiatioiis in this (..iise i it is |)llre inven|i()n I)y lnalieiollS age (if the nlixed feelings (if the Jewish lnll)lio in relation to the nmrriagos (if (nu" children, to get even with these "ungr'tefnl and crazy" Menuhins. What alnlizes live is: lh)w (h, these Yiddishe "l)atroliessos," well kltown to us, exph)it the inno('ent or ntis- (;heviolis reporter an(I get by l.iie editor's desk? We klloW of Olle or two '])atl,OlleS- ses" in New York and (Jhieago wan are very disapl)ointod for not having been able t() exl)h)it socially the Menuhins any more, (,han the Gentile (,r Refornte(| s(iciel,y ladies, I)llt iS the. newsl)al)er an organ t() I)o utilized by alnl)ii,ious an(l disgrilntled l)atroil - esses in New York an(1 (3hicltgo? "The. Menu]lins ]utve Itl)andone(| their Jewish friends and mix with Goyyhn Rac.|uunoneh ]itzhul!" flow all(nit tile ohl friends of the Orthodox se]lool of the days of MeAllistor Stre(!t in San Francisco, who are staying wit]l us lhis and every ()ther wee k-e nd 9. And how "d)(nlt our ntcqnlmrship in all the Jewish welfare an(l (.harity and consunlplivo s()eieties in Sitn Fran(ds(o, Siui .|ose, New York, l,oli(l(ui lilid Parisg. Some folks thhik th(; Inil)lic is ((I- ways gullil)le, the odit()rs h'responsi- ble wiien it, c, lnnes l.o gossip, and t]utt l.he silent Menuhins will alwn.ys re- inaiii sihml.! The truth is that we <\