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August 5, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 5, 1938

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JST 5, )rd I ,Gul UGUST 5, 1.(}38 Tile JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE Picture Highlights In The News Of "he Week H&apos;| (fl' :t t4t111 er it Ires ss the tlr ]:tiCl'. ............................... s its usual l )r(ll)erty of people J :e quickly The olher ling 1o lhel lllertl )(i,'tly s sl:mding: ). "Who is ked him. ve .VO Illlg lugh a rs and t we re mflmsh on iry'tth hr(lugh the 1 qlced. The Second oldest war veteran group in the nation is the Jewish War Veterans of the United States, who will hold their 43rd annual encampment in Detroit from September 2 to 5. President Roose- velt may address the 10,000 Jewish war vets expected to attend. Three men are in charge, left to right: DAVID NAIR, co-national chairman; SAMUEL J. LEVE, general chairman; MARTIN HORO- WITZ, co-national chairman. ,v ,,,,w Housekeeper Of Cardozo Gets buried i|r RABBI JONAH B. WISE, who not only heads one of the nation's hey had f: OSt Reform temples in New York, but also has the rask of raising 000 I Will ,,,,,,,,,, 00,000 ,r-- - n Jurist's I ''w0]l"'rib om .merican Jewry for overseas relief by the Joint $70, z,,I,t.n, o Uhon Committee, spoke m Seattle a few months ago on a :i:!,l[lt/, :i.!t:t!'ai!fhr!eWffO:f?:om::!b!! !iF:r;r:?tttWn:!eed i!e;nt?i?i WII1TE I I.,tlNS, N. Y. (WNS)-- al,,mnus ,if (,ohmfliia. a Cohmfl)ia U,fiversity gets the residu- The Ilulk of his estate was lie- lh( Sil %SeVelt g ' ' g  .!e., . He had high praise for Steel King Myron C. Taylor ,u'y cst.t|.e, of the late Supreme (Jourt (I,tea.Lhed to his eml)hlyes, Kate iX.. Jtistic.e lhHijami,, N. C:u'd(Izo to be 'l'r.t(w, his faithful housekecller and bfffa R(lad I lran of the American delegation, used for the estal)lishment (it re,tin- ft'ienil, receiving $70,0{)0. i el'n elld ( i,,,i ,lilies il -- " [ T o Famed German Scholar .;,..,i,e ,it ll eh.ti,' ,,r i.i'ispr,,de,-'e (',t,'d<le .ls<l loft S2,0i)0 to th n l'mu, s iri l[lflnlze U. . Will Live In U.S. in its law school to be associated with Fe(ierati,,l for the Supiitirt ef Jewish his name, 'lc((i,'dil,g 1o his will filed l'hilauthrolliC Societies, "uid $7,500 ling middtt) 1 ln.Oeessi0 )tlices/md l lu,'ing the aething str r i)l'eserVifl h'td take 4 fi(in had nds quietl ; worhl of have b(;eli s or maSS Conseq U d te their (lcsks, the! the sehool [low once I my .malySil ost s'y tbt tie events sively. Tb t vielent l o Jew-Hate, rges Cleric 'l'S P'RI(, Colo. (W N S)-- iiUifizati(n ',,,"finsi anti S(mitism iS" ' .... -  ' 'ellhal in this c(nmtry if' the e(l States is to prese've ,Is '"raey, Rcv. l)r. Everett R. "ly, director ,)f 1.he Nal.i(),rtl 'fence ()f Jews and Christians, [eek tohl the lnstil, ul, e (if llu- itel'tti(ins held here illlder the I,les of the (;o,lference. i ing the sln'e't(l (if al,ti-Semit- ! ,he Weakness (>f a divided ,m- i, the degree (if inse,lsitivity l,(i lelation of liberty a,d social ii, the existence ot: e(;onomic in- Y and (.lie (le(Aine of spiritual as f,lstercd I)y 't strong church %nt its the dangers faced 1)y Iracy, l)r. Cli,,chy s'ti(I the years rcP P of demagegues is t,i "tie l,a- )tit we wl l/lto k,,ots with an hyste,'ia think of! etting rid of Jews." dso of th0 tendency, lie (lecAared, the fir work. , i 8rates must immunize itself ..u ...... r 1. '' adding, "it is essential for tHuuS O  I t ' colleges ',.nd ehurehes, ,im,[ civic clulis an,l societies to 1o I )raeTe the - - .,41, suscel)til)ility ,if Ainen- gl,t saf;il/t all'i-Jewish fai,a tie,sin. (1 SUl)e ,_' e anti-Semitism t)egins to [ve tnyW[ 'r0ot ")o ' " "' ' ' ' , , ,.o,liiil l ptlUU'ly,,l.b iS the I)(3- tl i)rlit,tll / 'I  of " [1),, the e, nd of libe,'ty for all i,'1 ,J, ;00.iiii!i!ii!i00il IH]I{IAN (WNS)---l)r. lsmar E1- I)ogen, one (ff ('lel'lililll,'f s lllOSt ellli- ,lent Jewish schohu's, l his week wi,s o,i his way to the, linite,I Slliles to selLle there llernlltnently. (luest ieclurer al, the Jewish ll,- (if Pcligion in New York hi 1922 "tnd 1923, lhe, 64-year-(ihl seh()liu', is it ['IHnOllS lillthOl'il.y Oil .lewish ilist.ory. Emigres Are Help To Holland, Expert Says lA)NI)()N.---Beneficitd effeels of the eslal)lishnie'nt il, ll(llla,,d (It' rc:tdy-nuldc clothing factories l)y German-Jewish immigrants, were ac- lin<)wledged in Tile Netherhu,ds, llul)lished this week Ily the Bo:u'd ,if Oversells Trade. The tel)eft w'ts w,'itten by R. V. Kiuning, Coniniercial Secretary (ff the British Legation at The llague. "Not only did ,uttive concerns ex- pand," the reliert declares, "but an influx of Jewish i,,,lustrialists from Germany also e<)nt,'il)ute,l to the ex- tension. '"Hie benefits to the n.dive textile i,,dustry were ol)vious as imports ef clotMng were restricted :s well as much of the material used." this week for l),'(lll:fle here. Jtlslice (SU'(I(Izo Was It trtlstee .ind t(i Mr. Siimi ll(>sllitill to endow a be<l in perllet.uity to the memory of his sister, Ella. Bar Association Turns Down Resolution Against Hitler (',IAqVEI,ANI) (WNS)---A res,lhl- i.ion eellsurint4 Nazi porsecul, ion and l)l'aising l)resident RO,lScvelt's ac- I.ion in convoking the Evi:tn refuge(; lli(I eo]lfcl'(HIce WIIS |)l'ev(!lltcd frolii c,lniilig it) the ihl()r ,if the annu.d c.(in- venl.ion ,if the American Bar Associa- tion when the res(dut.ions c(nnmittec reported it(lversely this week oil tlhe resolution to the assembly, a sub- or(linitte liraneh (if the Association. !Hie rcsohtti,lns comndttee veted down the anti-N.zi rcs(llution be- cause it involved "the llrcsent civil goveriimc,,t of it foreign ceu,itry, nluuely, Geiunaiiy. In the opinion (if the committee, the resohltion re- lales tea subject which is not withi,i the liurports of the Association." The resohltion wits i,itrodueed lly Charles C. Burlingamc ,if New York. NEWSFACTS: Privittely many members said introduction of the ,'esoluti,in on the floor of the conven- lion w,nlhl have lice,, enlliarassing since the, orl411,nizitti()li eouh] ]iitr('lly critize ,"udal l/erseeuLio,I abroad wl,ile it; continued to bar Negroes fr(im nienll)o,'ship in the Assoeiatien. Non-Jew To Bring 25 Jewish Families To U. S. NORI"OLI(, Va. (WNS)--l)lans f,>r settling 25 Got,nan Jewish refugee families Oil farms near Richomend, Virginia, within l.he next two weeks were annou,ieod Ily James O. Page, official of " local eustems I)r,)kerage lirm. Mr. Page said that the families are to 1,e admitted to the United States ,llider the Gernrtn imniigration qll()tll. Their trltns[er is l)oing finaneod by private filn(ls. Rabbi Mair said: "A heathen who occupies hiniself with the study of the T,)rah is equal to a high priest." PAGE SEVEN A crust of bread is a welcome sight in many thousands of Polish Jewish homes, so bitter is the lot of 1,000,000 of Poland's 3,000,000 Jews. Life's burdens have been eased a bit for this bearded old- ster, and many another like him, by money contributed by Am- erican Jewry. He has been taught a trade in Joint Distribution Committee schools, can now earn a meagre living with his hands. Sheriff Seeks To Sell Yaphank Nazi Camp YAPI[ANI(, l(ing Isla,id (WNS) - --Whe wants to buy It Nazi camp? Sheriff Jacol) S. 1)reyer ,if Suffoll( C.ounly e,l,,sidered lhat quest,el, this week its he (>ffered fer sale ('unl) Siegfried after having seized it to e,lf,n'ec eolhction of the $10,000 line inH)()sed ,in the Gel'naau-Anierican el.|.lenlcHit L(;it.llie, hie., ol)orlttor ,)f the carol), for violating 11,(! stai.c civil ,'ights law. Young Store Executive Suggests Boycott Aid PARIS (WNS) -(}real.ion ,)f han,li- crldt in,hlstries in the Uni(.ed States for refugees fr(im Germany and Aus- tl'ia who wouhl SUl)llly nae,'chaudise to Anleri(t, ii stores I)oy(ottilig Ger- lnltll lilid Atlstriit wits l)roposo(| this week I)y l. II. |[irsehill:tiin, .VOllnl4 vice-l)reside, nt ()f switnk Saks-Fifl,h Aveliuo. Mr. llirsehnmnn sltid he would l'ecoli/ll_olid ttio l)htn t() tho (llA,e 1)e- partme,it on his retur,, to the United States. Mrs, Chico Marx's Mother Dies At 73 LOS ANGELES. -- Sttl'lth Karp, mother ,if Mrs. Chloe Marx, died this week at the age of 73.' Rabbi Mayer Winklor officiated at last rites. Italy Ousts Two Jewish News Writers ILOMI i', (WNS)--A second Jewish foreign eorresi)on(lent was ordered to leave italy this week. He is Paul (rolllon't, eor,'espondent xt>f the Christian Sciel,ec Monitor and vice- president ,)f lhe F(n'cig,, Press As- sociation. The British embassy is hitcrveni/ig f,lr Creme,r,, who is it British subject. As i,, the case of Kleinlorer, the rea- son given w.ts Cl'entonlts porsonq.| be- havier and general attitude." NEWSFACTS: Ol)l)(isition to the now racial theory o/l the par of the Catholic Church has ,tow extended to military circles . . Tile Forza Arm- ,;tit, ,,flicial organ of thc Italian army, is the only It,tlia,t newsl)aper that has not joined the anti-Jewish press drive, thus i/,dicating its displeasure. . . High army circles are known to be definitely against the adoption of an anti-Jewish policy... Two reasons fer this attitude: First is the tra- ditional rce,n'd ef Jewish heroism ill all Italian wars and the large number of ,'a,,king Jewish officers. Second is the fid:t that many of the highest army officers belong to families that arc of Jewish origin. and mai,ite,,ance of . ideals, o qng that the,'c need lie n Such outspoke,t internal of denme,.aey ,is the Kh.dd el Slurts which "appeal to XiCan sel,s( el the l'l(hl|olls.  101. Lasswcll said ideans do resent, ihe sul)ver- !'ts of foreign governments lg/l politieltl parties to tell andon denmcracy. There is i rlcaP l)atriot who wants Mr. ,o tell him when to get off the ;gori of (leln(icra(y, ' !allan Paper Is lie To Refugees IOURNE (WNS)--A wide- aliti-alien ct/nipaign aimed ty at Gerlnllll illld Allsl, riltll Was started this week Ily im- iiewsl)al e''s. , Ielhour,,e llc,'atd, which gen- r)cfle.ets the goverlim(;,it's Ubhshe,l a,, a,'ticlc called lgration C,tlh;d Mc,uw.e." dtile the entire student I),ldy )O!lr,ie U',liversii.y medical %lti,lned l.he 14overiliiieitt t() sits to Austrian rC[llgeC d(l(- I Poo-Poohs News, ;Italian Boat , YORK --l"nr/nuel (,llhelt, t Of Major ])i(!|/ll'es ii large i7 firm In llollvw(l(>,l rehms- 'r tho ' 1 lirilln(),ilit hanliel', is 'oDe this week oil lili ]tlllilin PI t f 11 ti) IVll', Coheli, llSS(i- aliti-Somitic, F' Cven tlike Mussolini's it. "Make it interesting"., that's the first rule an editor learns. To interest you.. that's the way The Transcript is edited... (P.S. to interest you, this ad is printed on its side., a trick of the trade.) I .'a i, [ 0.   < '. "  #2 alli < -: _.jUiO   -+f' li 2: [] ,. 8_  .. ; o .= _.-o. I   o oo ,. ,.,_, ; I  ; "   o  r."-." <o I     + - ., o    ..-I o 1.  .o  I,,-hl,,) =.,_ ==,,, .u.< I-. a.