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August 5, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 5, 1938

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PAGE Six i,, , ,, THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE AUGUST 5,&apos; GUST Jew Exiled By Hitler Invents Anti-Aircraft Gun For France By PHINEAS J. BIRON Transcript Special Writer. VIA STRATOSPHERE Every war office ill Eurnl)e is qgog at the rel)ort that Fr:mcc hqs a ll(,w- erful new ,'ufli-airt.r,ift gun invented by a Jewish s(..ien(ist who is a refu- gee from Germmiy. Once a Rothschihl wedding would have been big news, liut not In(lay. Hence (he silence when Israel Roth- schihl, sci<m of the fas(-dwindling I,'rankfnrt 1)rane]i of the family, married Nettle ladnnan, "t German refugee, in Mihln, Italy. The wedding took l)lace in .t hlmle fl)r ,'efl,gees built by tile Paris and l,m(Ion I{<)th- schilds. Nazis have changed {lie mlnle of the ancient Ausil'ian town of .h.len- berg to Ileimberg, but .h,lenl)hliz an(l Ju(lengrnsse are siill the nnnms of streets i, Vienna. Austrian fuehrer Buerekel must have got quite a shock when he tried to "Aryluiize" the f'unous Viennese Krulmik dress shop... The Nazis took over lhe store in tIm usual fashion, and were all set to run "t prosperous bnsincss when all of at sudden they got a vigorous llrl)test from.the Bl'ilish Embassy. They were informed (hat llerr Krupnil is a Pales(in{an citizen---and h:tll 111 re- turn the s(nre to ]iini. TIDBITS On a recent (rans-Atlantic crossing a Dr. Saklene, German professor nt Yale, was overhe;n'd delivering "i vitrolic "in(i-Jewish leciure on one of the Ilolland-Alneriean liners. Sak- lene is a leader of the University Travel Bureau. lnc, identally, ])as- sengers using the ]]ollan( ships reIiort that for some reason they are pattronized very generously by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. At the recent 251h reunion nf Cnr- nell University's class of 1913 the graduates sang the following song, now popuhu' in anti-Semitic eir('les. "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, we've joined the C. I.O.! "We've paid om' dues paid our dues to the goddam Jews, heigh-ho, heigh-ho!" ABOUT PEOPLE Erich Mcndelson, the German-Jew- ish architect who lllamled the He- brew University-Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, lives in an nhl wind mill in Rehavia. Death of Queen Marie of Roumania recalls the time when she attended the services in the Roumanian Con- gregation of Chicago at the dediclt- tion of its new synagogue during her 1926 visit to America. Did you know that Governor ]Icr- bert H. Lehman is the son of a refu- gee from Germany, his father having fled here after the abortive revolu- tion of 18487 LOWDOWN Washington corresl)ondcnts as- signed to the State Department are wondering why Secretary of State Itull allows the attendance at his press conferences nf Nazi llewslnen who publicly insist that anti-Nazi American reporters lie excluded from those conferences... Kansas polit- icians explain Alf ],andon's silence on the Rev. Gerahl Winrod's Sena- torial campaign on the 'ground that the former I)residcntial nonli)me doesn't want to damage the election chances of his protege, State Senator ated his views just fifty years ago in (he following words: "I have de- clared again, .tnd again said, if 1 say Aryan, I me'an neither 1111,(,11 nor l((mes, nor hair, nor skull; I mean simlHy those who Sl)cak an Aryan language... "l'() me nn ethnologist who sl)enks (,f Ary:tn race, Aryan I)l()()(1, Aryan eyes and hair, is as /rent a sillner ns 't linguist who Slleaks ,)f at dolieho(:el)hali( (liction'u'y or at brlt ehyee.l(ha li(: .ff.rlt inlnltr.) ) Vienna's worhl-fanl(lUs C:tnc(w In- s(ilut( b founded by lhe Anierieala nlillion:dre, l,'red(!rick Pearson, is t(, be n(,ved ((, l,l,n(hm be(muse Nazi l(evsecution has del)rive(l it ,,f iLs leading s(..ieniis(s. The Mosh;y Ol'g.aH in l,on(ll,n el:tiros (hat Princess George of Gr('c(e is the granlhlaugh- (er ()f at ,lewish l)ank<!r )mined Fran- (:()is Blanc. If lhisis (rue then King Ge(,rg( VI of Entlnnd has Jewish lan(lsleit, for his I)roth(w's wife, the ])ueh(,ss of Kenl, is (he aunt of l)rin - ('es8 G(!,,rge. YOU SHOULD KNOW Bef(,r( l?Itl)bi S(,lom(,n (ih,hhn'm, Zh)nist l)rexy, sailed f()r Eur(ll)( Itnd ])nh'slilm Ins( week, he saw Justice louis 1). lrandeis, and rep,)rte(I (hat Ill(! grand (,hl man ((f American liberalisnl in in wonderful physical shall(.: The rcsiglutti(,n .f Albert I). l,:sker from :wlive servi(.e in tim l,(n'(I and Tlmnms advertising tirm is inhwl)rele(l I)y (hose in (he know as nl(!ttlling (}lli(, ]le will increase his Jnleres( and l)nrticipati()n in Jewish nffairs... Basing his ol,.]cetion on the l)in in the Shulehnn Aruch (]ml i(. is forbi(hl(m to ldss :, child in the syna- gogue l{al,})i 1. Goodman, regional minister for Norlh an(1 Northeast l,ondon, has forl)idden kissing under tile chul)l)a]l al the New Syn'tg(,guc. Wonde,' whe(her the good ral)l,i knows of the l)aSs'tge in the Song of S(ih)mon which says: "Let him kiss hie with the kisses of his mouth: for thy hive is }letter than wine." POT-POURRI When the flag on the U. S. Supreme Court buihling was flown at half- mast in mourning for Justice Car- doze, it was the tirst time since the erection of the new I)uilding that the national eml)lcm has been (tisl)laycd at h'df mast... The real dark horse among all those mentioned as a suc- cessor to Cardozo is Ben Cohen... One big thing in his favor is that he e((nms from ]mliana, which has not been rel)resented in the Sul)rcme Court... The whisper is out that Walter Winchcll, now on vacation, won't return to the Ite,trst l)apers. One of the most l)opular games at sumnler amuseinent l)arks this year consists nf wooden figures of llitler and Mussoliifi at which customers throw baseballs, with big prizes for lnocking them over. You he-lnen who brag about yotn' chest expansion are duc for a shock i,1 the fall, when Dr. S. A. Weisman l)ul)lishes his book, "Your Chest Should Be Flat," in which tie proves that a deep chest siml)ly l)rovidcs more room for TB. (Col)yright, 19381 BRITAIN WARNS NAZIS LONDON (WNS)--Conflscatio,* of the l)rol)erty nf British .Iews or the arrest of British Jews in Germ'my will nnt I,e (,oleral.ed, the British Government warned Germany this Wee];. THE BLOODY LEVELER By BRESSLER Death Ends Love Tale Of Ruler In Tiny Kingdom And Jewess I'RAGIH!] (WNS)--l'rince ],'ranz 1, fornmr ruler of the prin(.il)ality of IAe(dl(,enstcin, the last (,f (.he inde- I,end(;nt Gcrnmn l)rincil)alities, wire from 1929 (.o 1938 wns Eur(ll)e's only reig,fing ])rince with a Jewish con- sort, diem l'tst wcck at the age of 85. Scion ()f ]l'tpsl)urgs 'nld llohen- zollerns, I,'ranz secrelly married tile Vienna Jews Point To Dates NEW YORK--Historians today were l)ointing to a curious coinci- dence: March alw'ys was "t tr'gic month for Austrian Jewry. Hitler marched into Vienna (111 March 12- and it was ol) March 12 l(ack in 142l that severtd hun(h'ed Jews were pub- licly 1)urned in Vienna as the l'mt step in the destruction of the Vien- nese Jewish community of the Mid- die Ages. On March 24, 1420, all the Jews of Vienna were imprsioned. On March 1, 1670, the Jews of Vienna were again ordered exi)elled. On March 13, 1848, the outbreak of the Austrian revolution led to pogroms in Vienna. Only good thing that seems to have hal/lw, ned to Jews in Vient:.t in March was the tn'omulgation of Franz Josef's constitution on March 4, 1849, granting Jews civil and politi- cal rights--but this was short-lived. NEWS FACTS: Cities called Ju- denl)erg, Judendorf, Judenau, Ju- denfurt, Judenweis, Judenhof and Ju(lenleithen fh)urished in the Aus- tria of the Middle Ages. In 1377 the Duke of Austria exl)ressly invited foreign Jews to settle in Vienna. A Jew, Michael Lazar Biedernmnn, l)rovided the dowry for (,lie three (l'ntghters of Eml)eror Francis in the early 19th century. Elnl)eror Franz Josef, who emanci- pated the Jews, always refused to ratify the election of Karl Lueger, ]:ar(mess Else von Eroes Gu(nmnn, a (on]nM)ne, r) who was {he (lalll]lt(r ()f ]aron Wilhehn v(nl Gulmann, Austri,ul &;wish industrialis(. The morganatic marriage took ill'tee secretly at Salzburg in 1921 when Fr'mz wns 61 'in(1 the Baroness 47. U'ntil the death ()f his l)rot]mr, l'rince Johann 11, Fr.tnz ]<(:11(> the nlarri:tge secret) 1)ut ,v}lell he in- herited the throne of Liech(enstein in July 1{)29 he ln'nclaime/l the mar- riage publicly an(1 went thrnugh a Catholic ceremony at Linz. Unable to make his 1)ride a princess, he estal)lished her as (.tie Coun(.css ()f Va(hlz and intr()duce(l her (>1/his sullje(.ts .is "the mother of yotlr COllntry.  On M'u'ch 31, 1{)38, ]"r'nlz was forced to abdicate in f'tvm' of his nel)hew) Prince Fr'mz Joscl)h If, be- cause of the increased feeling against the Countess of Vaduz on the part of Nazi elements. 60c, $1.00,1.25 (Tax Included) NEW PRICE POLICY PAUL BOESCH presents WRESTLING Civic Aud.--Each Friday Nite i Eyes Examined--Glasses Fitted Freeman Optical Co. Phone MAin 8258 Credit at No Extra Cost 1203 Third Avenue Seattle A REAL ITALIAN DINNER $1.00 "Nothing Like It In Town" Make Reservations for Banquets and Parties ITALIAN VILLAGE CAFE 1413 FIFTH AVENUE "Keep Cool" Is Watchword IJl Holy Land Despite Arab Gull (Continued fronl l'age 1) a b()nlb or the )'el){,r( (if :t gtlIi: hated l)y the unfortunate revolt ((l' a section of (he ArM( l)opul'ttion w}mm the Mandatory G(ivernment, incredi- ble 'is it sounds, has not yet been nl(le to subdue. The decisive factor which, f()r good or ill, differentiate, s the w(Md of reali(.y fronl l,lmt nf (.he newsl)al)ers is tlmt ]if(; goes on ev(m whe]l tragic events (listurl, the even (enor of its way. There is no sl)ec.ia] her(,isn) in- v()Ive(l in the c(mti)manee of the hard (lnily life ml the part of thc Jews in t}le flle( of robbery atnd arson even though there have been irrcl)laceable hisses in life and 1)roperty. ](, iN tlm life force itself which, al- ways ).la(J everywhcrc con(|llers d!Itth and suffering, l,el, nle give y(,u an ('xa(nl|)le. whi(h no news](Ill)el' w()(i]d c(,nsi(h,r wor(,hy of l(rinti)ag. * $ $ In the lovely orange groves in ]eth:mia, in the Jordan Valle, y, a gr(,ul) (,f .lewis]( w(,rkers is l(](,ughing I,etw(!en rows of plan(.s 1.11 h)osen the, hard sunl)aled soil. A Jewish SUl)crnumcrary cons(able h:/s 1)con nssigncd to guard (,he workers I)ut they regard (his ItS a joke its th(wo never hils been any sign of troubh; in tiiis vicinity. All the, villages (ie'u'by ill)l)elu' to 1); friendly an(I ])eaccflll nnd it seelns l'athel' a Slll)e, rfhlous ftiss to l)llt one, of the Jewisti workors into a uniforn( ---after all ]m is just at worker like the rest of then1. Suddenly shots ring nut. The workcrs throw themselves on the ground. The eonstal)le ilmne(li- nte]y .tnswers the gunfire and the, in- visible attackers wi(hdraw. The lik- e{dent, though wholly unexpex:tcd, h'ls lasted but a few nfinutcs. The workers take up (he plough '(gain and only then (Ices the constal)[e, who ]l'ls remained on the defensive a little hmger, notice that ll,; cannot rise; he lilts l)een woun(lc(l in the leg. ]le]p is SUlnn)oncd at once It stretcher is 1)rotight and iui anll)U- lance called ])y tclcl)hnne. ]n a few lninutes the wounded man is on his way to the hnsl)ita] in Ti- ller{as. At the same time the neigh- boring cohmy in Kincreth sends an- (ithex constable to replace the injured watlhlnall, The work goes on. For half an hour the normal course of life had l(een in- (.crrupted by an unusual event. It fornls the subject of conversation for al)out two days, but the new con- stable, too, is one nf their oht and well-known comr.ulcs 'rod the inci- dent is soon forgotten. You c'm get (luitc used to the tin- nsual. Ynu know it froln yore" own experience, if you recall the W'tr in which wc served together. Our work- (;rs iierc ]lave lelu'ned to stand guard. They hltve joined the si1porllU1)lor- lu'y l)olice f(n'c:b they carry and know how to hamlle a rifle--and if Yaakov at first thought it rather thrilling to go on guard duty in the middle nf the night, hc is a]mnst in danger of falling asleep now an(1 occasionally has to be In'odded l(y his comrades. The ot]ier day a l(omb exph)ded in nile of the. main thorolighfares (,f Jerusalem just "tt sunset on the S'll)- birth whon crowds ()f peol)le fillell the streets. ]mnlediatoly there was a rush and one he/1'(1 ronlltrks StlCh ils "we ha(1 Iletter go home for curfew is sure to be imposed and it wnuhl be, a (lo not know whet]mr it iris cll victim, we ,,,iss ,,,e ]Iosl)ital half an hour laier. If the street weilrs i(s nsual wo know that only l)rollerty 11 diunliged. If knots ()f peolllc 1 It(; the entrance, We quickly whalL ]ills ]lal)l)(ined. The other ]msse(l the r()ad loading to (he l l al just w-hen it fllneratl was forndng. The por(ly across the st.reef wns slan(lin doorway of his sh(,1). "Who is buried (.(,day," ] a/sked hint. olae who had died l)riva|ely," plied ahnost eontcnH)l uously. Now don't think lhat Je, wry has 1)oennle cltllous or ()]1]C evelit8 ]lave C IlSsions, }Vhen lllst yelir five y()llng lives were l()st l.hrough it attack-four w()rkers an(l a I Illllnel'ary eonstltl)]e were shot fr()lii a two-nietre ninbalsh oil Way to work nolu' I(iryitl,h An lhc news travclh!d through the t()wn at(, incre(lil(le sl)ee(l. sl)road, nl) ono knew how, t|i vici,iins woul([ be bln'ie(| il RABBI J settle, ment where they tiad t ;llltRef O an(I ilnme, dintely, without llil '00)000 fr war(l signs of organiza(ion, w0: tributio artisauis, 1)ushicssnien, otti(.ials, aS-COunt ern and %Ves(,(wn Jews, ycNi th his Ch and KuMs, young and old, toi )al refu their pnsitions along the Str 10eVelt, t]ie Prol)]lers aui(l Jftff'l Rnad tlraan of to (,lEe northwes(crn end d tip (,)wn, a r,)ute sonic tw,))nileSllllillll %vhere they stoo(l for hollrs iilj ---"''" silence under it broiling niddl(} I" alwaiting the r,n,crail in'o('essi0tV ae All Jewish shells , otliees Itnd 1._ schools were closed during the tlre  of the funora]j son]cthilig stY! v than the instinct for l)i'eserVi4"l']S PARI ke uiiiz n(n'm,d trend nf hfe laal(l ta | at{on "i of the people. |sential in When (.lie procession had p"ad States the tm,s of thousands quietly l)ersc(l. If we lived in the wnrhl of ])hi)ors, thcre would have t(ccl scale demonstrations o1' mass ings; t)ut we do not. the workers returned to their the officials to their desks rCOllCned and so did resmne(l its normal flow once If 1 were to carry my analy further 1 1night ahnost say react too little to tim events impress you so excessively. Jews who have met violent during the l)ast two years re: a fearful sacrifice--but we here do not meroly think of who were killed but ldSO of live and carry on their work. Perhal.iS we are callous or licial. But that al)lilies to everyone and one might say less one is callous and supcrfi could not 1)ear to live these times of cynical brutalit ony in Plilcstine. You, who live in the the ])iaspora, should not ns, Yoll should share onr life closely with its troubles alid its modest joys and festivals, shouhl share it so intimatclY you wouhl no(, depend on reports and, when you did read you wouhl evahlate t]lem Surely none of you woub Payne Ratnor, for the g()vernorshil). Ratnor is half-Jewish. For some reason the Eastern news- papers overlooked one of President Roosevelt's strongest anti-Fascist utterances... Sllcaking at Pueblo, Colorado, FDR said: "We ihm't want and are not going to copy other forms of government... Ours is good enough for us." 0 VER THERE Underlying Italy's sudden anti- Semitic drive is a critical 1,read shortage. Mussolini ]l()l)es to divert public opinion from empty brcall- baskets to an anti-Jewish crusade. One of the IIrincipal reasons why Baron Louis Rothsctaild, head of (,tie Austrian branch of the family, wits jailed I)y the Nazis was his refusal to turn over to (he Nazis (,lie Jr(in and steel works at Ostrau, in northern Czechoslovakia. These works are the biggest in Europe next to Krupl)'S and are engaged in making arms for defending Czechnslowtlda algainst Germany. Palestine )nay get an arman)e, nt plant of its own, if l'tiilip ]). ]lo('k, American steel tycoon, goes through with llis reported plan of establishing such a factory there. Now that Italy ilas gone Aryan, II Duce shouhl be reminded that Prof. F. Max Mucller, German pro- fessor of philoh)gy at Oxford, who first promulgated the theory that Aryan languages must have 1)ecn originated by an Aryan race, rel)udi- the first anti-Se.mite to be elected I burgomaster nf Vienmt. . . Baron D R. B O N N E L L E Louis Rothschild, whom the Nazis Chiropraetor-Drugless Physician F E V E R- T H E R A P Y have arrested, is the great-grandson COLON IRRIGATIONS nf Solomon R()thschih|, founder of the 114 Broadway N., CA. 2720 Vienna branch of the family, who Residence, KE. 1206-R12 financed Metternich w]ien tliat Aus- trian stattesnlli, n was driven into exile. ODIN THORSTENSON PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS MEDICINES, SICK=ROOM SUPPLIES 514 Olive Way SE 2722 Seattle Since 1885 SEATTLE TRANSFER COMPANY Pool Car Distribution. Packing and hippir. General Hauling. 24 W. Conn. St. MAin 2428 PHOTOORAPIfER We tak$ anything, anywhere, any time 41-41t VIRGINIA STREET PHONE MAXN 74 FUNERAL DIRECTORS EAsT 0013 1702 BROADWAY SEATTLE Danzig Jews Lose Vote DANZIG (WNS)--Jews were dis- fran(.hiscd in the Free City of Danzig this week in ant{ell)at{on of an early parliamentary elect{el( intended to serve as a plebicite. The election campaign is being made the occasion for a rencwe(1 anti- Jewish drive. Wealthy Jews arc being arrested and forced to lmrt with their l)roperty and blasincss ()n trlmll)ed ii l) charges (If "tax frauds." Many important Jewish industrial establishmen(,s have ah'eady 1)een COlafiscated. One firm, Baus & Co., was fined 1,250,000 guihlers. Three llartners were imln.isone(l un = til they could raise the fine while a fourth, ]lerr Paskel, committed sui- cidc. Be not lured 1)y the glare of Grecian wisdom; it produceth only flowers but no fruit.--Ychudah ]ialcvi. Phone SE. 9775 BEN'S Service Station TIRES TUBES ACCESSORIES FAMOUS FOR --LUBRICATION-- 25th Ave. and E. Cherry Next To Talmud Torah risk t<) stay on( too late." But the next day the streets, cine- mas an(l cafes were excel)l,ionally crow(led. There was 1an l)anic n<w fear; a bmnl) had exl)loded, no harm had. been (h)ne, and unllsllal aLS such au event is, it; had somoin)w been al)- sorl)e(l into the ordinary course of life. hi Jerusalent the lladassah ]Iosl)i- (all takes in thc victin)s at all honrs (,if the day and night. \\;Vhen WO hear the re])ort Of Itn exlih)sion--we have lcarne(l to differentiate I(etwecn "Ba- rut," rock-I)lasting, ()ne (ff the daily noises in Jerusalem, and the thud of a t Satisfies KESSLER & LAURIE, Inc. INSURANCE AND FINANCE SMITH TOWER ANNEX MAIn 8070 solely ()it newsl)al)er nf births, marriages and e:tllS idea nf the daily life of your rel For (is here life is not reality; it is 't necessity. Th'tt every(laing that hapl)ens presses IlS lnore dcel)]y and lnore confident than we f()re. ], stronger than del that we arc deeply convinced. it is also stronger th,ul l)orts! And one thing more. while ing you agadnst reacting (,11 these rc])orts) ] wish als0 l)hasize the danger of taking lightly. The Jew with weak loses his head over atn report and desl)airs nf the ft Palestinc is wrong, but at all hsi feelings are [)ound u 1) esLine. Far worse, if you remain alt01 impassive, ((r say: "llavcil  ways sltitl onc shouhl not go  wihl countries sonlcwhcre I loll key and run into danger." You can neithor argue -J counL on such l)eople. They stol) to consider whether the security, to say nothing of ture, is much better in "civilized" countries. Nnr realize that couragc is tt!e pl victory But do not ]cave theni 40 0f diffcrence I they too lnust)11! save the people and the land lh " Poe i  Itali , lil(4 ft. ' ) 1111 d 1'111 t qer the 1 r, UrOpe th i i%ding to  t anti. I'( 0811 t e I f% it.