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August 5, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 5, 1938

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Tb, 1938 S. Hitler" THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAGE TH,m Christian Maid R ,J Rabbi, Head Of Austrians Helping Jews, e o. bes To Jail egro b eve. r 30 Days ca is AMI, lq,. (WNS)--R.,.v,,,,,,,d etley, anti-Semitic a, giiator :ulll hich [tylod Amei&apos;ican liitler, ,,':is _jnuIIced to ;30 darn in iail thin week b0ing convii.tcd (ff disorderly eL in lhe ('(Iv ((nu't ltef(n'e ce Cecil (hlrry. l0 ' . ' ., Y 8 ILdJllidtlli,, Rod ]\\;i'clls()ll, ---- |glvo. five d:lvn in jail. I e COnvictions, the ,Jewish Fl(n'i- -- -Arel)(irLs, wel'o tlic Otllgl'OWl]l (l[' li""m..lletillg hch, ill Jiilinlic's ]{a,' till Sl..,JL q 15, wllen lle:dey (lenoune(d [dent Roonevclt, .tttacke(I the lp to the  land de(d.u.c(l he w(n (I ]cad a !l oa Washington e'uqy /n 1940 been coill lze the, 10cllera I goverluncnt as T_, l_l_ To now the 10' sstato, c,u,liv lull, city govern- ommcs O has be#l ,Sthro/igiiOllt (lie (ountry. 8tim(,n;v ',,tlul.t,d .t, (,he i rial cs- l-lrei., Colon-, i'i:::'::))i:)!:;i[';:(;i,'i:!! i2, , :, == "Vn : :ly Eand 11 ( l)loS( ( Ili() is (ondu( i( tl b [f yOU wa Ii ', ," il wl F  , y NEW Y()RK.- 1Mrs. Frlinklili ]). ke Elnstetli , nt City Attln'nly b. J. (,oriel( Rollsevl!lt ((nil (Jollnt R/me tie Saint- i171 ill' J. Pi'uitt (In speci'd assisl,- (uenlin, French Alnlmssador 1o (he h011[ I t0rne I I.S. will bc guents ill ]loner It(lit prin- 1 life sc 'I ,Y. LII pr emily g preside ltive or a lint. or artist and quiet America them tortY. Produced litclld, ure (if Ills iperty on i _Nazi type, found in it lirief tmsc in lIealey had :tttcniptcd to llidc '00!Til !7 iiT i!! 7!:;:i: i121;71!i!:i!7i : < ; . ae (ff lho nlost Jnccndiary teiniti(, st)ccehc s ever }ie, iu'(I in tea. alyy lircvi(msly served Ii (i0-(lay in New York on a similar 11 for the S' be detet|O'l ssessod sTOW Film formed all' q)ired 1)y ih( in(ira (e tli u'y of B " ' ...... ' sight into  ashkirtseff Russian llre- a Whose lovc iffair wilh Guy de ,xperience l.esalit took Eurolie lty sterna, i in praoti' i.t, lon l>icturc "Affairs tic M'ml>- ." Will have its Pacific Coast in the (ill 'lr at Monthikc T]ioliAre to(lltv , ! I(1' l?ritnk Jenkins, Itnnouliecd, , and are lli illll Jewish liilt, r(tns to see, the 'tic filra, made ill prc-llith;r dly has bet a gard tor  COmp[et e English dialogue food for re .s, "Affairs (le Maupassant" eted I)y llenry froster, who :al and eO__ie ! e to llollyw(tod to (lirect b, he JewiSlliif ell and a Girl" and "The r scientifl0 Parin ', ,, holars, trg tits de Maul).lssan t does not tributiollt[ I ader the l)oycott ban on N'zi as mediol|'danager Jcnkins said. h the reS ar with t__________ spect if t t loing Away? L I:tRE ARE YOUR ICKETS 0 'ing the lit with theses ly ttnd the it sldcs. : "What people if usinesS tC of Israel CE OF MIND! Iesidence Burglary qtomobile Mishap Personal Accident Personal Effects ruing with ' where cv! d laugh ! Pecial Excursion Rates For if I marry I amer Months l not be 0 i Wise TemPi :)u will take ! ing to t hell snl?l' i1 .00ests: ""! LIPMAN i nllict I)etel .l .< E:SFELD peel)Is , eXl (testlll hlsurance, ExcluMvely! aei,d 1 81IITH TOWER Main 2841 pparel TO ORDER & SON, Inc. SlllCOND Ave,. escues Employer, Jew From Reich Zionists, Says I1Duce Lied MILWAUKEE (WNS)--How Elsa H----, a Christian German house- maid, now living in Milwaukee, aided her former Jewish employer and his family to escape from Germany was revealed this week by the Wis- consin Jewish Chronicle. In her six years residence in Milwaukee, Elsa saved $1000 and offered to put that sum at the disposal of her former employer, a Hamburg lace manufacturer, who lost his entire wealth following the rise of Hitler. A difficulty arose in the fact that an American citizen must sign an affidavit guaranteeing to feed and shelter immigrants for a year if they fail to find employment. Jacob Ulevich, a travel agent, brought Elsa in touch with Harry Bragarnick, well known labor mediator and philanthropist, who signed the necessary papers Now the German-Jewish family is on its way to America, thanks to the efforts of their former maid, who asked that her full name be withheld because of fear of reprisals against her relatives in Germany. dl):ll Sl)cakers at :t I):Hittuet Nov. 30 in lllticl Aslor wllere P'lh!nlin( "in :t llaven for l, he Jewish refugee from Ausi,t'ir 'ind (lernumy will lie dis- CIISSe(], it. %VIIS ItlllIOIIllC(!(1 lilis week. Blulquet i)rocccds will go to cstalt- lishing a c.(th)lly in Galilec, l'atcstinc, in the, ill(me ill lAmli Blunl, former Prenlicr of ]@l).ll(c. William (]l'cen 1 Prcshlent (ff llie Ailici'i(itii F(dl!rlti,ion ()f Li]loi', aiid (,Iov. lh!rlmrL 1I. IciilillLn ltl'e ehair- iilan It, lid h(lllOrlH'y chltil'nliill ill" the (()lllnlitlco Sl)Ollsoring the fullctioll whhdi is II l)iirt ()J" It nation-v:ido effort to ('(tint $1()0,000 for the, Bhliil colony, Pr(if. All)ert ]!]instoili Itll(l AI)rahaln Cab(Hi I e(litor-hi-chieg of the Jewish D'dly Forwiu'd, New York, itrc holi- ()rli, ry chltirlilCll. 1V[ILi Zarilsky, ]n'osi- dent (if the ll.d,, Cild) and Millhic, ry Viroi'kors Uiiion is ehaiHliitli. IVliss Rose Schneidcrniitn, seero- tai'y (if the No',,,, York State l)Oliarl - ilielit of Lal)or and pros(lien( of the %V(ilITClI'S Trit(le UlliOn ]acligtle of New YorI% is ch,'drman (if the wom- mcn's division, lmey Lang, Yiddish l)laywright and 1)rominent figure in the labor movement, is (.,o-(qlairlnall. Despite Threats Of Nazh Protocols Are False, Father Coughlin Admits (Continued fron Page l) with the contents." Af/cr Editor Shlnmvitz and Judge Elhnnnn pointcd out to him that the "Protocols" has been l)roven forg- eri(% (hat the tout)ling of them with the Jewish nlune had Itrought im- me.isuraltlc harm to the Jewish pcople no mitt, ter what quid(lying stlttcnlonls lti'e ai)pendod to thonl, F'tther Coughlin invited Shnnovitz to prcl)are a reply to the articles on the "l'rol.ocols" for publicittion in it forthcoming issue of Soeiid Justice. Whell Judge Elhnann exltlained why Jews were "naturally sensitive over matters affecting their status," l"athcr Coughlin pooh-hoohe, d the idea ttf fin luiti-Sclnitie (lanier ill this c()Ulltl'yj exln-essing tlio view 1,lull "it (!ftn never tntpl)cn hero" and advised ridicule as ltll llntid(lto for hlttrcd, while asse, rting (hit Jews ought to be less fe:ia'ful and less sensitive. At lhe same tinie lit; insisted thai, Jews continue to l)lay a (loiliiliaiit r(i]e, in interiill, tional fhillneo. Clulllcngcd 1)y interviewers on this iisserlion he main((tined he could In'eve iL, but thcll ilnlende, d i(, lty saying i haL Jews phly e role in excess of their ntlinl)crs. At this l)oint Ju(lgc Ellnlttnn l'aiscd the qucstion of Jewish all)ruination in cortliin ])rofessions dechtring that Jcwis]l Sll(!eesscs ill (!ertiiin callings are occ.tsioncd I)y l)rcssure from with- out, not from within. 'l'o (his F'tther (3oughlin said: 'Jews tWO not (,lie, (hlllll)cst ])e,o])h in the worhl," slid "i,]lero is notllilig Wrolig wilh (h)nination in cer/ilin fields of elide, aver." ']'he intarviewers rel)orted 1,hid, the rlldio prie, st's nllijor ('h'tllcnge to Jev.'ry was th'tt Jews nuist tinite witli ]tim and with the Catholic (Jhurch /n fighting Co]ilmullisnl (is vigoi'Oilsly (is t]ley o])1 )(Iso N'izisni Itnd Fliseisln. Judge Elhn<'uul was equally enl- l)hali(; in pointing out that in Russill Itt ]east anti-b'eniitism is labelled it crillle. ]n reply to the ('h'trgc Jews tlt) not ba(ilo C(nnnuuiisni, the in- tervicwcrs cMled Father (7ouglilin's at{entioli (,o nllnlei'Oll8 deelarittioiis })y JeWS lllld Jewish (trganizlttiollS (()n(Ionlllilig Colnnltlnisnl, ltli(l pro- sented him with (.el)it s of these pro- nOlllICClncntS' This iiitcrview was the second Editor Sloniovitz had wil,h li'lli, llel (]oughlin, the firsL ]utving occurred in Novenlller 1934. German Women Flock To Jewish Stores! BERLIN (WNS) - Bargains mean more than boycotts to thrifty German housewives, the Nazi newspaper Angriff admitted bit- terly this week, in reporting that bargain-hunting German women thronged to German-owned stores to take advantage of mid-summer sales. Der Angriff complains that de- spite the fact the stores were plainly marked as Jewish, "nev- ertheless.everything was sold out within an hour." NEW Y()ILI( (WNS)--l)eclaring that ]Milnsl)lilii }i'/s con/l)lelely nur- I'(Hldercd to llitlcr :/ll(] ,'ilzinlll, C()li- fen(ling hinlself wilh I)eing "frolii IIOW Oll t]lc 1)sell wheel (tf (lie 1)l, Olile - ]/ei'lin Axis," l)r. So]oi'll()n G()hhiiaii 1 newly-clccl(,d president of the Zioll- it ()rganiza(ion of Alnq'ic,:l, in :i stale(lien( 1)efore sllilhig for I]lllall(1, llol:uid and 1):llcstino, this we(!k r(!- (rolled t]i'll Mlissolini had 1)(!rs()llally asslii'od hiiii :it li llrivatc ilitcrview six y(ill'S li() in ]{,onle lluit qiistoi',v will list sl,:/illl for :uili-S(qnilisin in ll:dy." ]ll'uning the :idol/ion of fill "ulti- cinilic i)o]i(!y ill R(liiie "is well .is lhc, rt, ncwed lerrorisni in Palestine, squitr(dy eli Ibis stll)()r(liiuil( r()lc of ]|aliaii F:ts('isnl, Dr. Gohhn:ui said "if lilly ad(lilh)nal (vi(lcncc w:is re- 150 Disappear, Nazi Victims BERLIN (WNS)--At least 150 of the 2,000 or more Jews who were arrested in Berlin and other cities during the recent mass roundups have died in concentra- tion camps, according to reports in Jewish circles this week. It is said that in the last two or three weeks the Berlin Kehillah has received 150 urns containing the ashes of as many Jews, who, according to the Nazis, died of heart failure. The Kehillah was warned to bury the urns quietly and with- out services. For each urn the Kehillah was compelled to pay three and a half marks. 50 Talmud Students Move To London LONDON (WNS)--Fifty yeshiva students from Vienna have re- ceived permission from the British government to come to England to continue their studies here. The first group of students ar- rived this week. FOR 31 YEARS TAILORS TO SEATTLE'S Best-Dressed Men I JIlltlNll0000U "00ltl000000lilllli 825 Third Ave. SEE O'BRIEN FOR 38 DE SOTS and PLYMOUTH Courtesy Cars I, II3EIAL DISCOUNTS HUGH BAIRD SALES CORP. 601 Fourth Ave., ELliott 0900 Open Evenings 00N'I THROW THAT IIR[ AWAY! There's Still Life in the Old CARCASS Let Us Rebuild Your Worn Tires GUARANTEED MILEAGE EASTLAKE TIRE gO, 1530 EASTLAKE - CA. 1530 Contracts Financed You buy the automobile, electric appliance, boat or furniture and we will furnish the cash. EAst TmtMs--Low laTl,'S ELDRIDGE SECURITIES CORP 1115 White Bldg. MA. 6660 BENITO MUSSOLINI . . a rabbi called him a "liarl" quircd (o dcnionstrltlc that Fascism SOOller Of llt(or })rceds anti-Senlitisnl Mussolini il'ls SUl)l)lied ii. "It in no coincidence tha( Italy hils intr()dueed the Aryltll l'Itcial theory into her ()wn c(tlllltry just ll().v, when Arab trollblO-lllllk(rs, incited and fiimnced I),," foreign l)OW('i's, lIFO sub- jetting the lteaceful inhal)itants of Pidcstine, Io unpreccdonl, ed terror. "'l'hld, this newly discovered Ary- Itnisln is l Iiolitical move on the 1)ltl't of Mussolini, 'uld Ilnl'olllA,ed (o the ILalian Jewish (luostion liS sueli is obvious. "In this connceth)n J recall a I)cr- sonld inte, rvie, w I had witll Mussl)lini in l.()lne six ycI/l'S ,tg(). The First(st leader assured me most forcefully and unequivocally that .tnti-Semit- ism would never be tolcratod l)y him Jl: It'dy. "The Jews of Italy, ll Duee st'dell, are as old-established Italians as the rcst of the popuhttion. "Mussolini quoted from the Roman historian, Suetonius, conccrning how Roman ,'uid Jew mourned side by side :it the bier of the ass'tssin'ded Julius CiLosilr. 'I rclnClllbe, r t]l't I 811|)l)lolnolltod ),{tlssolilii'S quotation ])y relnin(ling him that if lho Jews wore alnong the chief lllOUl'lle, l'S ell thllt ()sells(Oil it was I)ccause they hitd gottd ro,'Lson to lOVO Caos:ir; for in ordei' to insure the sltncity of thair Sltl)batll hc had (;]lltilge(l the (lisbril)lltion di/y ()[ the dole, for the Jcwish pl)or. "Ilistory, Mussolini t()hl me, will not stand for an(i-Scroll(sin in Italy." Japan To Follow Italy, Is Forecast BER]AN (W N S) -- lhtving won over Italy Ill anti-Semitisni, the Nazi gOVOl'lllllOllt eXl)OCtS Jltl)Itn the third nlonll)er el th(,  R(uuo-lorlin-Tokyo Axin, to join the in(ernst(on.l,1 Nazi ofl'cnsive against the Jews, 'record- ing to Imthoritativc rcl)(n'ts this week in Nazi circh;s. Next month Tesuo l{isada, esc editor, iuid Dr. Ishi Bash(, head of l,he (.'erlillHi-Jiid)ilncsc Medical So- ci0ty, will arrive in Bcrlhl for l/study of the Jewish qilesLioli. Nazi Pressure In London Is Uncovered LONI)ON (WNS)--(]erniany has agreed to sto 1) exert(lit l)ressurc on ]h'itish firms dealing wiLh Gcrniany to dismiss their Jewish cnll)loycs its ,t result of rcprcsent.ttions Ity the Brilish ]olu'd of Tr.ule, Oliver St.m- ley, ln'csidont of the Board of Tr'ulc, this week tohl the thnlsc of Com- nlOlIS. RM)bi Jmht sMd: "Whai is the nleaning of (,he l).tss:tge ((lob 1.14) 'And makes( me, n as the tish of the sea?' Just as the I.u'ger tish t)f the se. swalh)w the snmllcr, so also is it with man, if not for the fear of gov- crnlvlellt, the stronger wol[[d have swallowed the weaker." VIENNA (WNS)--Evidence that some Austrians have been making undercover efforts to shield and protect Jews, was presented this week by Herr Globenik, Nazi district leader for Vienna, when he issued a warning that "we shall make every effort to make the Jews emigrate, and we are carefully watching those people who wish to protect Jews. Such protection is sabotage, and we shall proceed against these people when I am given the necessary orders." Indicating further drastic steps to speed up the elimination of Jews from Vienna, Globecnik said "the Nazi party has ordered the state to clear Vienna of its Jews." Official figures published by the Vienna police department's pass- port office disclose that 25,000 emigration permits have been issued to Jews since April 1. Private Jewish estimates indicate that 60 per cent of the Jewish population of 200,000 is now dependent on charity, being fed almost exclusively from the 12 Jewish public kitchens. Son Of Rabbi Spits On Nazi Chieftain PRAGUE (W N S) .... Dr. Bruno Spitzer, son of a rabbi, was ar- rested this week in the Bohemian health resort of Franzenbad af- ter he had precipitated a riot by spitting upon Konrad Henlein, Sudeten (Nazi) chieftain, as the Czech Hitler rode through the streets in an automobile. U. S. Bans Consul From Transmitting Money WASII1N(TON, I). (7. (W N S)-- Alilel'i(llAl COllslllltl' ofticors in (]er- lllltlly ;tl'e lcg'tlly l)rohilliied fl'Olll ILC- eel)ling funds from Anie, ricans for iralisliiissioii t() iion-Anieri(vuin t]lc (,a|c' I)ei)Itr(niclit llnnolili(!cd ibis week ill i S(it(,(qficiit which is ex- pec(cd to I)tLI, :t stop to the l)riu;(ice i)f Anerielili Jews sen(ling ftinds to rclilLivcs iii Gcl'nli/liy lhrough Al)i- cri(!llii v()iisu]:ir officials. Plot To Smuggle Dope In Prayer Books Probed PARIS (WNS)--Ch.u'ged with at" |cnll)tilig to sllluggle, heroin lind oth- er niu'coties into the United States, ]lidden in lhc bindings of COllies of the Tahnud and ]Iebrcw 1)r'tyer Iiooks, "t nmn identifying himself as isaac Loller, and dcscribing himself :is a "grand ral)bi" i;f lh'ooklyn, w'ts under "u'rest this week Ity the French l)olice. According to the police, Lcifer pre- walled upon a bookbinder to put the narcotics into the 1)indings lly lolling iiim tll'tt ii was iioly earth frlnn 1)Mestine. MILLERINE MILLERINE Grows Hair on Bald Headsl Cures Dandruff. Stops itching scalpl Get a bottle--treat your own hairl SEE TIt AItAZING RESULTS[ MILLERINE SHAMPOO Brings the Natural Lustre To Your Hairl If your druggist cannot suppIy you -- write us l MILLERINE CO. 330 Dexter Ave. Seattle Pike Place PUBLIC MARKET FIRST AND PiKr FRESHER FOODS LOWER PRICES "MEET THE PRODUCER" HAVANA CIGARS Jew-Hate Signs Appear In London IA)NDON (WNS)--An erul)tion of anti-Senaitic Nazi signs apl)oared this week in iilany Lolid()ii stlburl)s. The words "kill the Joy:s," in lellers three feet high, wcrc carved i)li Bowl- ing Grccli at Tot(cnhlun. W'dls of the Finehhkv SyllI/gogtle Vlel'c nnle:Lt'c([ with swasliklls 1)aintcd ill red II:iint It, u(( l:lr. Swastik'ts were also Irdnicd on the win(h)ws of the ]iu'ty's eonlmillee ('(rains in East Wi]lcsden. Newfoundland Greets Exiles ()TTAWA (WN--Org:uiized mi- grittion of Jewish refugees 1o New- foundhuul, Greit Britain's oldest coh)ny, is proposed this week in "tn cditori:d in the influential Ott'twa C, itizen. "Newfoundl',uid," (.lie t)al)or dc- chu'cs, "wouhl surely I)o :l hapl)ier 1.uid th.m Pldcstine for hardy Jewish scttlcrs from coral(tics like l>oland, whore the winter is severe, as well as from Gcrnmny and Austri'l. "h[enya has been men(il)ncd as another 1)ossil)lc colonial outlet for Eurol)e.'s exiles, but it is doubtful whe(,hor l,ho fl)rnler German cohmy v,,ouhl I)e fi'co froni Nazi political in- fl uc (ices. "In the ilxljoining nuuid.ites terri- tory of Titngitliyikl, (in otticial in- quiry is at in'cscnt under w-ly to get the fll(.,t,s about itii idlcgod nlass Nazi slthltc giveli I)y Gerniilns dilring the i)hl, ying of (he n-ttional ant]lcm for the celcbl'tl, ti()li (if the King's birth- day last Jill(C. "The l)eol)le of -eN'owfoulldhllltl lleod help to ma],e the nllA, ili'al resources nloro l)rodu('tivc, l)'H'li('lllarly pro- ductivc of nlore, llrOsl)erolls homes. "Cai)ital from outside couhl help, but it must I)e capital ill build a better honiehuld more than merely to cxph>it the natural resources. "An organized migr.ttion to Ncw- foundhuld, to inchldc cdu(.'t(cd and cultured Jewish fiunilics Ul) to the SltlilO high stn, ndard as the Jewish hOlllO 1)uihlcrs ill Palestine, could nilil,:e the shiest British coh)ny ill- deed it ilew-foulid land (ff (.ontont- lnolit ill((1 SC(;lil'ity." Writer Of Song Hits Dies At Age Of 50 ATLANTIC CITY (WNS)--Ana- tel l,'ricdhulll, eomlmscr tlf dozens of Imtnihtr song hits, inchlding "My Litth; I)crnian Rose" and "Lily of the Valley," is dc.ut this week at the age (if 50. A native (ff Russia, lie was gradu- ated frolu ()olulnl)ili Univcrsity iu 1907. in uddiLion Io his lltlnlcrous S()llg hits, lie :tpt)o.u,c(I in vaudeville [or several years. 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