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August 5, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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August 5, 1938

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0 00llitlerMinions Are Bluffers" ;h RI NS Itnd Oil ! them. ing anti-J( :gathered tl Jewish es. uu&apos;icaded t the hope ( of .lews )t of Amel seeldng vl : llitler W( ()uld be del any (ha'a( (l I)y lt aly VelltUl'e. ly essentia By NATHAN KREMS ranscript Associate Editor )k Bonny, who makes $00,000 ar as America's No. 1 radio )dish--sharpen your pencil  CUOIIm fi gar; C: 7: dio; na :y  day in the year-didn't :& single joke in a 45-minute Bive interview with The Tran- this week. did a lot of nervous pacing )sly Jewish Paper in the State of Washington . XV, No. 23 many, witi ,, rOtocols Are nany .mdll : beginniolle, A ] ". fr,)n, laplCa% A(lmlts :,l,!y couta[. Uoughlln uation in .'I'Ro1T (WNS)--l)en)ing he ii!ii::lliiiiti:I!ii!ii!!i!:i  (:]!!: :2}):iil f "'Ilion l.onSLll,0f :atcdather C mrh:; E. Coughlin, l Itlllllll ) tills .ve, ek Ill a two-hour l)l- ccessful Will i !v with Philip Shnnovitz, edi- al] she carl the I)etroit Jewish Chro,)Me, iv(: and W )rl. cr Judge .Janles I. ],]l]mann without t t! is "not an anti-Semite," that uhors anti-Semitism and is 1 cotton, ( dlsl)ose(I tow'u'd tile Jews, I)u(, : ill war til the attacks made upon ]tim ctt,er situs Jewish l)ress, insisting that sport)st II zas no juslific.l.l,ion for calling s woefully' 1 nt>Sennte every time he a Jewish name for criticism. lid more t neeting wqs )(,ILl ill tl e rec- e the last -)ffi .... wse positi01 ce. of the Shrine of the Little m in 1914. lll resl)ons e to a telegram g rationed dltor Sh)movitz offering to er whole f0! 0 tile radio l)riest tile libelous night eXl)6 !er of the "Protocols." aterview, which wqs informal h cream  r .... most anal! . Coughhn reemwng ills t .... rid[ a shirtsleevcs and without o(my . .m is ' '' "-sW-'" to he continued ii);tv::;Kt1i 'er Coughlin justifiedpublica- , adultera'ttfhoearticlesovthe'Trotocols" ..... :.. i, i[': llowing words' "Their au- untry (loe41r_  Ires not been proven, ,ircnents ia "a'as they are not authentic. l"" not l)ublishing them as Jew- hope see ere)tie * . .. ):1 I) llS and am emphasizing build up | a me t L_. rely using them fro' tl eir )verlllneIl |llt + " , [th (he adll; u l,rove tmt there is a plot ' ..hJ.: the world in a scheme of ng!,h 6t.,?:T  Predicted in ttle Trotocols' ]e lneVlt "IOW - .... i8 eO1Tllllg trlle ill Russia and ISNI% 1,liCit "I" C0lllt ' :I1,[" ry under tile New l)eal. ties to w"I ,'el)e) t th hd[ 'Lt I (lo not e'n'c any- (hink tqD t all ab " ' t|t0 ut authenticity of the t Imany 101 Cols, l ' . , . )llI %in COllCerlle(l only unan aml (120 " -- "'. on Page 3, Col. 2) territory. )w Itdv i 1' th t't, ] ':ie Cantor Raises : '0'000 I n A Week! ms may i !W YORK. <WNS)--In a 16 day l)slavdda' r'o , -- - . credit for]  nglaml, Eddie Calltal' Am- wark ag 1, SCreen and ra<lio star, raised hroughottP u for the Youth move- o transl)art Jewish chihh'en HI ermany Austri. .uld l'ol t d 'estine ; " ,' ,'., , I,' , lie reveale(t iVlOll(lay on IS ,;Val from London. llis goal 'tU0,000. PLAIN ill TALK ALFRED SEGAL thinldng about, tile mal,- (laughte, r. As all readers of this colunm Saber, E.I).T. (a non-,Jew) SUggested that the Jews tlmir probMns 1)y in(or- and race suicide. rmarriage with them (111: eouhl also improve the race of the so-called Aryans. By w'ty of start,- ing tile movement, E. T. l). offered his beaul.eous (1 hol)c she is Imauteous) (laugl)tcr's hand to me ill marriage. Neither accepting nor rejecting it, I l)romised to consid- SePal er the 1)rol)osal far- tl)er in a later issue. I think of it, the more alll. a )roblem enough were already man'ied--.t on Page 2, Col. 3) , r : 7 ............................. S-"-" as he talked about the necessity of his fellow Jews losing their "thin-skinnedness." His brown-eyes blazed and his blandly, good-natured, tanned round face gleamed with fervor as he cried excitedly that all Am- ericans- especially Jews--should realize that this nation, with all its faults, is the best place in the world to live in "Listen," he said, "If you tell the Nazis who yell how good Hitler would be here, the Com- munists who holler about Russia and the Fascists who praise Italy that they could go to those coun- tries to live, and you'd pay their boat passage, not one of them would stir. It's a racket. This country is the best place in the world--the freest. "It's not perfect. I know it's plenty tough for Jews. Say, I'm getting good money because I'm at the top and they can use me. But suppose I'm plain Benny Kubelsky who'd like to be door- man at Radio City. A Jew can't get that job. "But, still, we Jews have more in America than we ever had in any country in the world. And we don't want to forget that." The greying-haired, 44-year-old comic, who gets $100,000 a picture FiI. tot b/nO/tg Jack Benny --he hangs by his legs in his latest picture, just completed-- thinks Jewish humor "is much funnier than most. It has a twist, it,s typical comedy, based on a Jewish expression--not just on a gag." Why does he use a Jewish char- acter, Shlepperman, on the radio program that for the past four years has won him the acclaim by America's radio editors as Corn- edian No. 1 on the air? "He's a touching, sympathetic character," Comedian Benny ex- plained, haltingly. "I like him. I think most people do, don't you? Of course, these are terribly trying times. Our people are es- pecially on edge. So we've used Shlepperman less than usual. I haven't signed him yet for next fall. ((h)nt. on Page S, Col. 1) Jewish Cranseript Combined With THE JEWISH CHRONICLE Serving Every Jewish Home in The Northwest SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, AUGUST 5, 1938 $2 a year; 5c, single copy A SON IS BORN; Day Of Mourning Will Be Marked By Jews Of Seattle ' --Courtesy Post-I ntclligencer. m "God has answered my prayers," cried MRS. MARCO SADIS, wife of a cobbler, as she cuddles her baby son, who will be named Samuel Sadis, after another son who died a victim of an auto accident on the same day that his mother, in the same hospital, was giving birth to his baby sister. That was seven years ago. And since then, Mrs. Sadis has been praying for a son--to take the place of her first-born son. The first son in a Sephardic family belongs to the father, who names it after his father. And that is the name Baby Sam carries. LUCY looks at him. She was born the day the first Sammy died. Rabbi To Talk At U. Of W. Rabbi Ber,un'd Rosenl)erg, young ass<)ciatc ral)bi of Tclnl)le de llirsch, who only finished college himself last year, will lecIure a( i he Uni- versity of W'lshington in Guggen- helm lhdl at 8:15 I). m., Thursday, on "Jewish (2erc,nonials." Ills tall<, <)l)en t<) the l)ul)lie, will 1)e I)y sli(les. l,ast week, he st)eke on the s'mm sul)ject it() SIUdcllt I)o(ly aud f'umlty of Centr.d Washington Sl'dc College at l'JIh:nsl)urg. Writer Refuses To Eat Food LOS ANGELES (WNS)--Under arrest on suspicion of being in the country illegally, Alfred Theodore Hesselbein, 40-year-old German "Aryan" writer, this week was on a hunger strike to call attention to "the plight of the world caused by that terrible Hitler man." Hesselbein is fighting deporta- (Coal. on l'age 5, Col. 3) Mrs. Roosevelt Visits Jewish Thrift Shop (For other news of Mrs. Roose- velt, see Page 3, Col. 2). NEW YORK (WNS)--Making an unannounced visit to Thrift Mart, a permanent thrift shop operated by the New York Women's Division of the Joint Distribution Com- mittee for the benefit of Jews overseas, Mrs. Franklin D. Roose- velt this week was shown through the building by Mrs. Clara Rosen- bluth, director. The First Lady went from counter to counter inspecting merchandise. Winrod, Hate Racketeer, Is Trounced (For Editorial, See Page Two) TOPEI(A, Kans.--Rev. Gerahl B. Wim'od, ()f Wichit: h a l)'tunchy, I)ahl, 39-year-ohl Bible shouting revivalist who is tile first N'tzi to run for tile U. S. Senate, went down to thunder- ing defeat Tuesday in tim four-way Relml)lic'm nomina(,ion. :tie ran a bad third. Bitter anti-Semite, Winrod was given "L 3 to 2 eh,mce to win, but alarmed clergymen, liberals, Catho- lics and union men worked to beat him bec'Luse of his 1,ate-mongering. John D. Hamilton, ReI)ul)lican Na(;ional Chairnmn and native Kan- s'tn, warned l(ansas Rel)ublicans agltinst voting for Winrad. Publie'ttion of lhunilton's h:tter coincided with a joint effort by 4l Rel)ublican leaders, headed by Wil- liam Allen White, famed Emporia editor, to rally sentiment against Winrod. Ford Accepts Nazi Medal DETROIT (WNS)--Detroit Jew- ish Chronicle, in its current issue, ap- peals to lIenry Ford to intercede personally in putting a stop to tile circulation of the Protocols of the Ehlers of Zion. Utilizing the occasion of Ford's 751h l)irthday, The Chronicle said: "We are in 1)osition to supply Mr. Ford with a list of organizations and individuals who are using ills name und quotations frmn his writings as I)'U't of timir dastardly work. A word from Mr. Ford will help to put a stop to this horrible business. "We ask him at this tinm to take 'L hand personally in (his matter and to coml)lete the task he began in 1937, ill his statement to the late Louis Marshall, ef discrediting the malicious libels c(mtained ill the l)rotocols." Meanwhile, l,'ord took part in a ceremony presided over I)y the Nazi consul in 1)etroit at which he ac- cepted the Grand X Cress of tile German Eagle by order of l)ielator llitlcr. 1)evout Seattle Jews will el)serve Tisha B'At), c,)mnwmora(ing tile h)ss of .]erusalenl 1,800 years ago, with age-old eerem<mies and reading ,)f the look of L.Lmenta(ions Satur- (l',y at 8:15 1). m., wi(h services in six of (he cil.y's seven synagogues. At Teml)le (le Hirsch, Seattle's only Reform house of worshil), Tisha B'Ab will not 1)e marked. The holy day is al)scrved I)y :m all-day fast by pious Jews, who take nell her food nor drink. Tisha B'A1) (ninth day of the He- brew month At)) is a day of mourning during which Jews fast and l)ew:dl the destruction of the Teml)le and Jerusalem 18 centuries ago. The ex])ulsian of the Jews from Spain c'une an Tisha B'Ab and in modern times a great catastrol)he is bound Ul) with the day. "Keep Cool" Is Credo By HUGO HERMANN Special to The Transcript. JERUSALEM. -- Newspapers (h, not t)aint life as it is! They give a dis- torted view, as they 11% on unusual and excel)tion'd as- pects; it is left to the imagination of the reader to fill in the normal back- ground. But re'my people are mml)le to do so in the case of coun(ries of which they have no personal knowl- edge. In their mind's eye they see Pales- line, for instance, not as it really is, but as the ncwsl)apers del)ict it. Now, since the papers have I)een full of violence and rol)bery in Pales- tinc for more than two ye'rs, you are under the imi)ression th'Lt life here consists of nothing but violence and robbery. As a result you overwhehn your friends here with anxious inquiries. And business hums at the l'ost ()ffice. The other day I found myself in a hmg line of i)eol)le waiting in front of the teh:gral)h counter, all eager to send a cal)le saying: "Everyone all right, don't won'y." I have not the slightest intention af minimizing the situa(ion resulting from the lack of o,'der and security in the country; 1)ut you h'tve a wholly erroneous iml)ression of our life in Palestine if you believe it. is dotal- (Cont. on l)age 6, Co]. 5) Papa Menuhin Repudiates Article Lauding Intermarriage As Way To Create Child Prodigies, Slaps "Intolerant Jews" Who Criticize Yehudi's Marriage Papa Moshe Menuhin is a teacher of Hebrew by profession. He named his first-born son, Yehudi--"the Jew," in Hebrew. On their wedding day, Mr. and Mrs. Menuhin promised each other to use no other language but Hebrew in their home for the rest of their lives. Then --Yehudi Menuhin married a pretty, red-headed non-Jewish girl. His sister, Hephzibah, married the brother of Yehudi's bride--on the Jewish sabbath And the Ladies' Home Journal " v ,, . . . , pubhshed b the owners of the powerful Saturday Evening Post, carried a story "by Mar- uta Menuhm, saying sne is not Jewish. Excitement was at fever pitch in amazed Jewish circles Papa Menuhiri wrote an excited letter to the editor of the Jewish Daily Forward, New York Yiddish daily. The Transcript presents the original English text of the letter, which appeared in Yiddish: By MOSHE MENUHIN 1,'or the s.Lke of trul.h an(l decency, may I ask you t(l ldndly Ilul)lish in the eohunns of your worthy l)al)er this sta(en)en( which ] am sure your rc.ulers, and the rest of the Jewish world, will 1)e anxious to read. They will l)roball]y sense a feeling of c<m)l)unction an(I sh'une for having indulg(:d in a 1)it of (:he.q) gossip and the irrepressil)le Jewish cust(m ()f washing dirty linen in public to the deligh(; of the enemies of our l)eol)le! I only authorize you to print the sta(.en)ents in full and not in l)arLs, for, not often (1o we find the time and l)aticnce to take notice of ,tsl)ersiolls and actually give answers ta sland- erers and muck rakcrs! Will yall 1)lease send me your reply Rabbi Newman Decries Wedding Of Hephzibah Menuhin On Sabbath NEW YORK.  Ral)l)i Louis I. Newman, n'd.ionally-known Rcfornl spiritual leader and a fornmr S.m Franciscan--like Yehudi Menuhin-- this week took a hand in the raging con(rovcrsy over the marrying Me- nuhins. Said he: "All America knew Ben- jamin Cardozo to be a Jew, and no one honored hiln the less for his f.fithful practice of his faith, for his pri(le in his Seph.mlic lineage. "Con(;rast the attitude of Justice Cardozo with the attitude of a well- known and well-publicized fiunily of (Con(. on 1)age 8, Col. 3) by wire so tim( I (h) not find myself coml)ellc(I t() res()rt to issuing the sallle, stat(Hll(q)t to other llews )tell= eics. Your I)'q)er I)eing a I)roa(hnindcd and honor.LI)lc pht(form .lad not fq- natically arthodox, will weh.ome, I am sure, this h:tter, "rod ought to give it the full amount of sl)ace and proml)t .tttcntion, at least as it did to the irresl)onsil)h: writers and gos- sil)y "patronesses," who have used yollr l)al)er for their own 1) re- venge and animosity! My attenti(m was calle(I to a series of scurrih)us Yid(lish 'rod ltebrcw arLicles on the sul)ject of (he ancestry of my son Yehudi an(I my daughLer ltel)hzil)'dl Menuhin. Same of the very kin(l newspal)cr writers seem to ](now and discover marc facts 'rod fiction about the 1)ar- cats an(l forefathers of Ychudi and lh:l)hzil)ah Menuhin th'tn their own l)'Lrents seem to know! May I also mention that a numbe, r of venomous and ugly Yiddish and Hebrew I)rinted .u'ticles an(t an(my- mous letters )lave reached us here, Lttacking in (.lit: lowest and vilest ln'nller my inuoeellt wife, for an al- leged article she was SUl)poscd to h'tve written for a iml)uhu American magazine, to the effect that her par- eats we,'(: non-Jews, and that her famous chihh'en are great only I)e- c.msc there runs mixed l)h)od in their veins, etc. The tone of these wu'ious articles and letters is obviously 1)il.ter and poison()us because of the f'mt that my son Yehudi happened to fall in (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 2) One-Time Neighbor Pops Up, Says Parents Of Mrs. Menuhin Were Jewish MINNI,]A1)OIAS.--Into tile Me- nuhin fray this week le.qmd A. P. Segal of Minneapolis, who declared: "I was surprised to read the artMc by Mrs. Moshe Menuhin, mother of Yehmli, in the March issue of the Woman's )tome Coral)anion. In this .Lrticle Mrs. Menuhin stated that her father w'ts a Tartar from Crimea, her mother an Itali'm. "I rememl)e," Mrs. Menutfin when she was Marutha Sher. She lived with her father and alder 1)rather, a (leat mute, in tile town of lessemer, Mich., some 30 years ago, :it the time (Cont. on Page S, C)I. 4)