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August 5, 1924     The Jewish Transcript
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August 5, 1924

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Aug. 5,1924 Page ve r' Browning King e Co. Establlahed 102 Years SHIRT SPECIAL! A beautiful :tssortmen( of Repps Madras and Percales l',and style, 1,'rench cuffs. lLem.u'k,d)le values. Very Special $1.35 4 for $5.00 Second Avenue at University Street 'I'WEN'I'Y-TW() 'I'()RES I,'IL()M (',()AST T() COAST JEWS IN GREECE ENJOY FULL RIGHTS, SAYS STATESMAN New York, August 4 (J. T. A.)-- "The ,lews of (h'eece enjoying all (he political and religious rights must not ask io be exemlrtetl from the general measures and l.o have dis- tinciion anti privileges gralH.ed lhem al)'(rt from the other citizens." This is (he answer of the Greek Charge d'Affaires in Washington to the inquiry dire.c(e(l to him by the Jewish Telegral)hie Agency in crm- nectio,( with the compulsory Sunday rest law reeenlly enacted in Sahm- ika. "1 beg 1() info,'m you," he fur|her st.ttes, "that it. is not right for the .Jews (o consider the Greek law im- posing a Sunday rest Ul)On everyone in Greece as an act of the Greek (;overnmetd; affecting the religious rights of the Jewish l)Ol)uhdion of Salonika. "The law of Sund.(y rest in (h'eece was voted in favor of tim working and indus( ,'i'd classes in o,'der to limit the number of working hours. hmsmueh as this is the aim of the hw, it could not contain any exeml)- ti(m, but ought to I)e general for all (hose residing in Greece, in(lepend- ently of their nationMity an(1 their religious beliefs. A is respe(ted I)y evet'y(me, and (hres not provoke discontent when il is gene,"d and npplies to Ml." ()f 336 I)ersons who entered Pales- line l'lst February, 286 wea:e Jews. Of 5(X) 1)ersons who entered in Marl'h, 47.t were Jews. ()he hundred and tifteen war or- l)lums recently arrived in 1)alestine. They are to I)e eshd)lished at the eohmy of Merlu)iah and maint,tined at the exl)ense of the United ,lewish ]{elief Reeonstrueti(m and ()rl)hans' Fund of South Africa. Between March 22 and Al)ril 19, the Jewish National Fund colh:cted $18,- 540 in (he United States. Between April 1 i) and May 23, the fund col- leered $15,438. l,'m' the l)romoti(m of music in l'al- estine, a lhtlestine Conserwd,ory (':omnli( te has I)een organized in New York City. The Jewish eomtuunity of Zurich, Switzerhmd has voted a grant of 1,500 Swiss francs its its eontril)ution to the Keren lhtyesod for 1(,)24. Sul)scril)e to the Jewish Transeril)t. Rates $2.00 l)er year. THE DIGEST (((mtinued from Page 4) UNTERMYER, McADOO, LaFOLLETTE AND THE KLAN The faet thai the Itelmbli(,m and l)emoer,tti( l'arties and the I)OI)uhtr Lal,'olh:tte movtunent dodged the Khm issue wmdd I)e disheartening if the timidity of i)olitici.ut.s were to I)e accepted as the criterion of the rower of lhe order (ff bigoted Prof estanl,ism in this country. Mr. (',lintotl Gilbert's guess in the "Eve.n- ing Pos|," lhat Mr. William .lennings Bryan wouht change Iris opinion of evolutim( if monkeys the w,te, is equally (rue of MI I)oliti(:ians ge,t- erally. The fear of It)sing a vote will cOral)el a I)olitieian (o go any lengths, l(lid |,he ['[atrlsnlell, of r'()tll'S(, hILve votes. The Jewish l)ress, however, was surl)rised t() learn that Mr. S:tl|rtlel Uilterlrlyer ally|sell Mr. Mc- A(h)o to g(i (!nsy on the Khm. The (,ommen( (m Mr. l;ntermyer's s|and was its critical .s ((luhl be expected. hmirhm(ally, on( l)al)er :it least, paid its resl)e('ls It) Mr. I,al"olle(te, who also found i| necessary (() dodge the Kl'm issue, in sl)ite of his much i(I- vertisr'd li()lilield heroism. "At last a l'lllllOr }HiS ])Cell ])rl])- lished lhal. Mr. St|lit|tel ITlll.erlnyer advised Mr. MeA(hl(i ((i d(l(le the KhLn issue," says the "l)ay," in an e(lih)ri'(l (m July 9lb. "The New Y(irk Worhl pul)lishe(I the story I'tst Monday and Mr. l!nl.ernlver came m,t hurriedly with a denial. "So far, st) good. As long as Mr. llntermyer (hmies having 'ulvised Mr. McAdo() 1o be silent (m the Kl'm, we rims( take his word f()r it. But, the issue (hres not rest tJmre.. In his denial Mr. Urlterrl(ver sltys th:tt i( is unf(n'lunate (hat ihe Klan (lueslion was l)rr)ughl, before the Convention of the l)em(reratie Parl.y. lie refuse(] (wen lo be a n).ent])er ()f t committee (if the American ,lewis]( Cr)ngress Io light the Khm at the l)emr)eratie Convent|tin. lie acre(| so, he says, I)rw'tus(; in his olri,d(m discuss|tin w(ruhl aggrav:(1.e (.he, light Over this repulsive l(lan i)r()l)lem. Untermyer Turns Ostrich "In rrthe,' wo,'rls, instead of hailing wilh (leligh! lhis Ol)Irortuni(y 1hat I l)resenle(l ilself at lit(: l)enmr'r'itie Convent|tin t() deal with (he l(lan I courageously anti r)l(enly, Mr. Utiler_ll myer, be(muse of his friendshil) for[ MeAdoo, stuck his hea(l in the sand, r)strieh-like claiming that we shrruld not involve our I)()litieal life with re- ligious affairs. "But wh() raised the religious quest|tin in It(tittles if n(lt (he hTu Khtx Khm? 1t. wits (he Khm, which t(r((k Ul)On itself the unholy mission to see to it that nr) one who Iwayed in a Catholic Church r)r in a Syna- g(rgll(: sh(ruhl Ire nominated (o (he highesl (rllice in (he e(nmtry. And was it not Mr. Untermyer's frien(l, Mr. William (L MeAdo(r, who was SUSl)iei(lusly silent 'all the time on I.his most. itnporta)d; (luestion? "W(: like t() 1)el|eve Mr. Untermye," (hat he did nr)(. ermnsel Mr'A(loo (o l)e silent, in sl)ite, of the faet Lira( ,lurlgr l)l(l(llet(bfilllrl of Textts slti(I l(ing ago (.hat Unt.ermyer tohl him al)r)u( (Iris advice tr) M(A(h)(), and a[s() in sl)ite of Mr. UnLermyer's nel)hew's, l,. A. Steinhart's h,(te," (r) a lrr(mlinenl. Zionist in W:tshington, Mr. Julius A. Peyser, si.ltling thai he has every reas(nr tr) believe llmt Mr. l.h)ternw(q' (lis(+ussed tlm Khm ques- lion with Mr. MeAd()r) re('e,flly and advised Mr. MeArh(o t.(r remai,( silent. "Bu( Mr. lr,termyer (hmies it. Very well, we shall believe him. We take il frrr granled that it was no( his a(Iviee to Mr. M(,Arhr(r that It|lied lh'd getdleman's chan('es l.o l)e nomin,tted for l'resirhm(. The (itreslioll, however) arises: How can lhe Presidenl ()f the Amerirmn Keren lhtyes()d and Vice Presiden|. of 1he American ,lewish Congress take sueh a weal-kneed stanrl on the l(lan issue, whir'h has I)e(.onm a burning (lueslion in American l)lrli(.i(s? This question Mr. Untermyer sh(ruld answer. The ,lews are. waiting eagerly for Iris re- i)13.." MeAdoo Learns Lesson The Jewish l)aily News, in an ed- ilorial on lhe siJlle. (lay It(tints (o the ()t)jee( lesson ()f Mr. MeA(h)() and some of his Jewish friends. After a I)rief referen(,r ((r the l)oheny oil re- |.liner, the editorial discusses (he l(hul (lU(:slion, an(| says: "In (his ease Mr. MeAdrro again learn('d his h,sson that there are some I)olitri(ml assis.tants who ean (h) mrrre (hmmge 1hart good. Frrr the hellr of (It(: Khm he paid with Iris n(iminati(m. Both he and his Jewish f,'ien(ls shouhl h.wr: knrrwn that 1,he ,nan Ul)On wh()m the Khm Imts its S|,ILlll[) of It]ll)l'Ov'tl bee(titles ilnl)()ss- ible, whatever his other qu.difiea- Lions may be. His first (luty sh(iuld have Jieen (o get rill of his I(htn SUl)- I)()r'((n's, |)ul the MeAdr)o b(iom began with (he Khm anrl he was afr,tid to h)se them, fr)rge(ting that he rim the risk (if alienatilrg all anti-hTI.m eh:- ments. The Irartial success of the Khm at 1he beginning (If the Crmven- lion w.ts 1he tombstone rm 3,{1'. Me- A(|oo's (qtreer D, IH| r)n the i)ower of his supporter, Mr. William Jennings Bryan, in the I)em(reratie Party." Mr. Zivi(m, it( the "Jewish 1)ai|y 1,'(rrward," a pro-],aFo|lette lralrcr, GRUNBAUM BROS. FURNITURE CO., Inc. Sixth Avenue between Pike and Pine i , .t.ii ]1' Grunbaum Building Largest Complete Homefurnishers in the Northwest NE ()f America's G,'eal Stores, conq)le(e and eflieient it( ev- ery de(all. Ch(rice selecli(ms of |he newest furnishings f(w you to ehoose from; courl.eous, (ml)ab[e sales I)errlrle to assist and advise with y(iu. Liberal Credit -- Easy Terms -- Gladly Arranged GRUNBAUM BROS. FURNITURE CO., Inc. L'tkes the Iml,'()llclte eonvenLi(m t(r task for ignoring (he Khm issue: "Was the Khtn f(rrg(r(ten?" he asks, and answers: "No, a Irr(rbh:nl that has (weale(l sur'h an IIl)l'oi(r ILl: t11(; l)emo(r,tti( C(mven(.ion eouhl n(it l)e frrrgotl.en. 'l'Im Khm is :t Irurning issue. ]t was avoided rm I)url)ose, for fear ()f h)sing votes. When the l{el)ub]ie'tns and Demoeratie I)arties at.tell sri, we s.(i(l they were both e:qritalist lroliti(ml (rrganiz'd>irms, tie- void (if any Irri,(dlrle. 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