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June 26, 1925     The Jewish Transcript
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June 26, 1925

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Cbe .00wish Cranscripl Of The Pacific Northwest "THE JEW IS ALWAYS A FORERUNNER. HIS DISCOVERIES AND ORIGINAL RESEARCH HAVE BEEN THE FOUN- DATION OF SCIENCE" --Rabbi H. F. k VOL. II. No. 16 Food For Thinkers The Mentality of Apes An Indignant Letter The "Late" Mr. Wells By the Editor A timely review in the Internation- al Book Review for June deals with intelligence t(&apos;sts as apl)lied to chim- panzees. Dr. Wolfgng l,:ohler, pro- fessor of phih)sophy at the Univers- ity of Berlin, spent four vears at the German anthropoid station in the Canary islands in tile society of seven apes, of whom six were minors and only one of mature intelligence. In his book, "The Mentality of Apes," he gives the results of the tests which he applied to his simian companions. Iit view of these re- sults no unpre.iudieed person can doubt the presence of reasoning powers in anthropoid apes. To cite one example only, Prof. Kohler sus- pended juicy bananas n the cages, so placed that they could not be grasped by stretching or climbing. He also left several soap boxes in the cages. After sizing tip the situ- ation the chimpanzees piled the soap boxes one upon another, climbed up, and got the bananas. Between this and mounting a campaign soap box to shake down political plums there may be a wide gap, but, given time to develop, who can doubt that the chimpanzee will bridge it? JEWISH REFUGEES HOLD HOSTILE STREET DEMONSTRATION Mexico City.--Dr. Mauriee B. Hex- tar, head of the Federation of Jewish Charities of Boston, Mass., and Oscar Leonard of Milwaukee, Wis. arrived here for the purpose of in- vestigating the possibilities in Mex- ico for the mission of a number of Jewish refugees stranded in various )orts of Europe It was stated that this investigation was being carried on in behalf of the Emergency Com- mittee on Jewish refugees. The arrival of this investigation eonImittee gave rise to incidents which found wide echo in Mexico yesterday. Several hundred Jewish immigrants from various countries of ]gurope, members of a group which termed itself the Jewish Agricultural Society of Mexico, held a demonstration with the permission of the governor of the district before the Hotel Gen- eva, where the representatives of the Emergency Committee on Jew- ish Refugees were staying The crowd, consisting of men, women and children, marched thru the principal streets of the city carrying banners with the following inscription in English: "Manifesta- tion of protest of the Jewish agricul- turalists against members of the delegation of the United States." The demonstrators demanded in no mild manner that Dr. Hexter and Mr. Leonard furnish them with ma- terial assistance to settle on the land. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, JUNE 26, 1925 "A JEWEL SET IN THE HILLS" $2.00 PER YEAR ESTABLISHMENT OF NATIONAL HOME RESULT OF ENERGY London--The author of the White Paper of 1922 defining the policy of the British Government with regard to Palestine, in which the Balfour declaration, speaking of the establish- ment of a Jewish national home in Palestine was interpreted to mean that the Jewish community of Pales- tine is there "as of right and not on sufferance," is not Winston Churchill, then British Colonial Minister, as was generally believed, but Sir Her- bert Samuel, the first Anglo-Jewish High Commissioner of Palestine. This fact became known when the report of Sir Herbert Samuel upon his administration of Palestine dur- ing the period 1920-1925 to Col. Leopold H Amery, British Colonial Minister, was Iuiblished here and in Jerusalem Sir Herbert Samuel's report re- reviews in sixty pages the political, agricultural and economic develop- ment of the country under his ad- ministration, tells at the outset the history of the White Paper which has been regarded as the "Churchill declaration" in the sense of its being an interpretation of the original Balfour Declaration. "Because it was imperative that all doubts about the interpretation of the Balfour Declaration be re- moved, because it was imperative that the situation be declared and that the Zionists, the Arabs and the Jewish people throughout the world know exactly where they stand I, after two years experience with Pal- estine conditions, returned to London in May 1922 in order to present to the Colon'al Minister the necessity of such a statement. My recommenda- tion was accepted, rFhe statement was drawn up with much care and presented to the House of Commons as a Command Paper No. 1700," Sir Herbert Samuel states in his report. Quoting the White Paper of 1922 " X extensively, Sir Hervert Samuel e - plains in his report that "it made clear the British government's inter- pretation of the Balfour Declaration to mean that its purpose was not to create a wholly Jewish Palestine, nor did it propose Palestine as a whole to be converted into the Jewish national "Palestine Jews have not always received from Sir Herbert Samuel what it considered just to demand, liceman. At 8 p. m., the limp guests but now, after five years of his ad- stood up, rejoicing that Cantor J. ministration, the realization is grow- Briah had begun the ceremony. ing of his extremely difficult position. Came a stern, interrupting voice-- The recognition isalso growing that [ that of the cantor of the synagog, one despite the many difficulties, the[A. Gartenhaus. He forbade the country has made great progress in[function to proceed unless he con- every branch of activity owing to I dueted it. The haggard wedding Sir Herbert Samuel s administration. / guests, frenzied at the threat of an- " uel other dela , conducted Cantor Gar Sir Herbert and Lady Sam 1 " Y . ; , ,, - have written a golden page in the| tenhaus to the basement, nei'e book of Jewish history Sir 'Herbert[ throttled him until the couple were Samuel is leaving as a'ruler, but he' united. On leaving the synagog, will remain forever linked with Cantor Gartennaus was overtaken, Palestine as a citizen of the country," severely pummeled, deprived by the Mayor of Tel Aviv declared, violence of six yellow teeth. At 9 Special tribute was paid by the p. m., a number of wedding guests (Continued on page 4) were arrested. grezion Vienna. The Executive of the World Zion- ist Organization has called a general meeting of the Zionist Actions Com- mittee for July 15 which will take place in Berlin for the purpose of considering the problems which will The first effective demand for a of tow.ns m a scientific manner. Pavillion was one of a series being departure from the helter-skelter Much remodeling and building was held under the auspices of the Ex- done in Jerusalem in the new sac- hibition authorities to illustrate the methods of the Arabs arose in con- lion called Beth Ha-Kerem. Old character of the literary products of Some Wedding nection with the establishment of Tel Aviv in the year 1909. Many of plans for building in Tel-Aviv were different peoples. the first members of this new corn- corrected as much as was possible. In Brooklyn, at Beth Hakneses munity came from highly civilized It is most interesting to see how Chile Invites Jewish Immigration even from architecturally beau- differently the new colonies are laid I-Iarbin.--That the Republic of Anshei Bialystok Synagog, 500 guests tiful communities. They had before out from the old. The plan of the Chile is willing to admit a number of in cloaks and suits had assembled to them, also a model of a community old colonies usually called for a Jewish refugees stranded in various witness the marriage of one Ann which they did not wish to follow, central road with a row of houses on ports of Europe is the information Shapiro to one Harry Levy. At 6 namely, the dingy old city of Jaffa, either side. This was, of course, an given out by the Chilean Consul p. m., the bride uttered a scream, their neighbor. Not much technical extremely primitive method and dis- She had forgotten the marriage li assistance, however, could be ob- regarded the future development and cense. A wedding guest, dispatc] tained by the builders of Tel Aviv. ecial location of the settlement, grants and Refugees there has start- for it, was stopped by a traffic were no competent architects of the Town-Planning De- edtionsanininquirYChile, within replyregardto questions,re condi- here. The information Bureau for Emi- town planners available, and, partment was to make the settle- tbove all, the building industry was ment fit its environment or in other Jewish social workers in Argentina not yet in Jewish hands. Something, ,rds to make it a part of the land- stated that Jewish mass immigration The plans for Nahalal and to Chile -ould not be advisable at however, was accomplished with the help of the surveyors and through and the other Keren Hayesod this time. the efforts of the town officials them- :olonies in he Emek Jezreel set up selves. When, however, the Hadar- on the land of the National Fund, Arrangements Bureau Completes ha-Carmel was started it was con- show the advantage of utilizing the Preparations for Zionist Oon- sidered imperative to get better individual locations to the fullest grass in Vienna technical assistance, jossible extent. London. -- Preparations for the How to get experts was a problem. The New Era Fourteenth Zionist Congress which It was risky for individual engineers The old Turkish government, if it will take place in Vienna August to come to Palestine, there being no can be dignified by that name, had 18 are being completed by the Bu- reau of the Fourteenth Zionist Con- guarantee of Sufficient employment, no laws governing building opera- After due deliberation the Palestine lions. Anyone able to pay for a grass, which has been established in Roumanian anti-Semitic leader must Office (as it was then called) of the license could go ahead and build. Vienna at Lothringerstrasse 20. necessarily be a day to suspend Zionist Organization decided to bring However, the English Government Dr. N. M. Gelber and Fritz Ullman business for Jewish citizens, accord- to Palestine two engineers of good (Continued on page 4) are in charge of the bureau. The (Continued on page 5) Xg IS uopeR T ql-m$ occupy the attention of the Four- teenth Congress. Example of Spain Cited by Jewish Deputy in Polish Sejm Warsaw.--The example of Spain, once queen of the seas and master of international commerce, was cited in the Polish Parliament yesterday by Deputy Waclaw Wislicki during the debate on taxation. Deputy Wislicki on behalf of the Club of Jewish Deputies declared that the exorbitant taxes are ruining :the population of the Polish Repub- lic. "Spain was the first country to introduce the heavy taxation system in 1587 after the expulsion of the Jews. When the Jews were expelled from Spain a terrible crisis came about in the country and it finally went bankrupt," he stated, warning the Polish government against the fiscal system. Prussian Government Sends Valu- able Books to Hebrew Univers- ity Library Berlin.--The Prussian State Li- brary was instructed by the Prus- sian government to despatch a valu- able collection of books to Jerusalem for the library of the Hebrew Uni- versity. Focsany Jews Must Suspend Busi- ness on Day of Marriage Vienna.--The wedding day of a and sme frm the nrthern states' custmed" Of curse these traditins and new sectins were planned fr THE WEEK for the purpose of settling on the were entirely out of harmony with Jerusalem and Tiberias. The situ- land, and nothing tangible has come the standards of housing conditions ation was becoming daily more corn- out of all the promises. When the to which the European Jew coming plicated, and the need for experts delegates arrived in Mexico City we into Palestine was accustomed. But who could help to correct past mix- Being a Digest of Jewish News Abroad presented them with a petition. We there was no help for it. It appeared, takes became imperative. also had exchanged telegrams with therefore, that insofar as the matter Enter the Town Planner the 'Jewish Society of America,' of housing was concerned, the Jew The Palestine Land Development Revival of Hebrew Began in Italy, cable address of the bureau is Con- but Dr. Hexter and Mr. Leonard in- would have to adapt himself to the Company thereupon decided to call] Italian Jewish Scholar States formed us that no money was forth- standards of the native, to Palestine a town planning expert. I Florence Italy--That the revival coming nor would land be procured When it came to the matter, not Mr. Richard Kauffmann, who had[e *he Hebrew language now flourish- for us," the leaders stated, of individual house plans, but of been trained in Germany and who [ ngin Palestine had its beginning in "I advised them not to come here community building or town-plann- had worked in Christianio,e::p1 ! italy was the opinion expressedby in great numbers from Europe with- ing, the very concept was absent in Palestine m luzu anu p - Professor Dante Lattes in a mc out the means or capacity to become from the mindof the Arab contractor, pTOlnwnmrelffic  ew dt e dlleVrdrnatthne a eO,o,nd k P " '  ...... nlooA at the disposal whmh opened here. The beginning real farmers, Dr. Hexter stated in Practical town planning is of com- t The;  f vl)1i:f an interview with the correspondent paratively recent origin. It pre- Palestine Land Development tom- . " " nf the Je#ish Telegraphic Agency. supposes a high degree of community uny, but --. t- ..... " . I of the revival of the Hebrew language .... " m Older members of the Jewish co - conscience and communal organiza- f all other agencies for the laying took nlace in Italy with the great munity in Mexico City condemned tion; and there are many cities and out of new colonies. [poet "and thinker Moses Chaim o enln the action of the demonstrators. It towns in civilized countries whose Simultaneously with the . p " g] Luzzatti. Luzzatti was followed by rtmen a Was stated that this was the firs residents regret the fact that no of the Town, planning peps , . the two periods of the Haskalah and en was o eneu time that a demonstration of Jews guiding influence was exercised in Surveying l)eparCm . P , then came the romantic Jewish ha- had marched through the streets of their construction, and the two coopera.teq cmsmy; tional movement," Professor Lattes dates the la mg ou Mexico City and the Mexicans won- First Attempts From this time Y - stated. The meeting at the Second dared what it was all about. qsoR "al % oIiqn 0T$$o TAKES LEAVE OF SIR HERBERT SAMUEL Jerusalem.--"From Mount Scopus, throwing my gaze to the past and to- ward the future to the setting sun and the da,*n, I am full of confidence in the days that are to come for Pal- estine." With these words, Sir Her- bert Samuel, first British High Com- missioner of Jewish faith who is now retiring from his post, took leave of the Jewish community of Palestine at a farewell receltion arranged by the Vaad Leumi, the National Coun- cil of Palestine Jews, in the main building of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus yesterday after- noon. High officials of the Palestine ad- ministration and representatives of all classes of the Palestine Jewish population gathered at the Uni- versity building to take leave of Sir Herbert and Lady Samuel before their departure on June 30. Col. Frederick H. Kish, on behalf of the Zionist Executive in Jerusa- lem, Mr. Dizengoff, Mayor of Tel Aviv, on behalf of the National Council of Palestine Jews, and Mr. Meyuchas on behalf of the Jerusalem community expressed their deepest. regret at the departure of the High Commissioner. Prior to the parade all the Jewish 2esterd c b:2wBlUeleMOrn.dahi e ;mIttlg;an:t:oMetI:laCty,,rrhO:i_ rthftshe f hi?;: Stranding WotlO bt1?rrVhs:eS!;! chnInal)13e" rec;mffea,,;A,,,h m:, * oh: .... fled of the demonstration and about in Dradtically every phase of partment, was esaohsneu ann mr '*,.,A' "='J,t,:,,,, " 27,d" for 200 gathered at the Calla de Mina in Palestinian development.) the first time  was possmm.o, potato ?y, 3 ._. y.. ........... front of the B'nai B'rith headquart- -- modern .Souse plans. uimlng de; nougnt. i re a2 A ......... terdav I ers. Marching through the streets It is not generally known that the tvit}es in.creased and tne work OI .2.% ::h 7"2.i2".it libel they stopped for a few minutes m building of houses, villages and towns making .the Opuses arcniecurany '-'' .... //''2-':-"*':"rv  and I front of the printing plant of "El in Palestine is not left to mere chance beautlIul .as wen as comioraoie was Olll wen tO Inte ucuut*i* .y " ,, " headwa when ne war "" rk malefactor bur- Excelsior, one of the principal or individual caprice, but receives making .y ...... IOOKeO up coo , , t and the Technical ]Jepar glarr ?bne2ann$orehie: b;mShPw ieoVStar:e:f a Mhe:yCOeCrtyprevA:nh CoafUee::n:rlord s ttiOnvibY br:k: tu,to be discontinued. er, o I_ __:'_  ,u:.' cit- state by the management from entering to avoiding mistakes made in other Wanted--Town Planners oreaKers, tim mw u, u . , ' " h ommittee .A ,.,.a _,.o b, -n encvclo-[ until the members of t e c lands, and ith a view, also, to pro- With the renewal of building ac- ediUofni?:gmCO?!i Iiddoa  ' e;edreyetdbYd:h;nseta.rteintnra:ere d:tthebre:ypefmdWeltlyngstndtti t,vs :trittehs W: e at:mbes{i  Webster lip, or is profanity the only later admitted to the hotel, to sati.sfy both from the point of view of usefu -, and, as usually happens, the field i a them that the men they were looking hess as well as beaut It is interest [ s now means by which man can 'descr'be . Y" . - became over-crowded. It wa arson ena ed in that business?-- for were not there. Searching every lng to trace the step.s by whic.h, thel ..... d.  .--dA ',,,ses iwht but [;. .A A V .... Ponoofnl Citizen " part of the hotel and not finding the first uncontrolled building activities an expert in town-planning was members of the committee, the de- carrmd on by Jews m Palestine ob-Io+m lackinz When H G Wells said that "per- monstrators formed a public forum rained the guiding help of trkined[rhen T-Aviv had been laid out, h,,s  race is fit to have the um)er and delivered speeches protesung architects and town planners. I the first Committee of the City was hand over any other race," he said against the attitude adopted by th In the Begmmng }induced by the Palestine Office :o what is undoubtedlx true, even to wo aeiegaes; ....... In the first ,eriod of Jewish eolon-[ rule that no more than niry pe - the extent of eliminating the "per- . ccormng. o ne meIis o nc ization, the building industry in Pal-/cent of every plqt should bebuilt " enl" uemonsralon aOOll ou oew - lso that 10he nouses haDs. Just, humane and . ighten- . -  *- -" .... ine was entirely m the hands of upon, and, a : ..... ed-overnment does not, as a rule, migranlos, nave armv ea in vtexico . *rabs "The Jewish home build-] should be detacheu one rom u , -'+ + "+h' .... 0 hnd " ,ome from their nomes in urope oecause u.  .;. , ,-," -- *,, ooont| other These rules were taken rom ":ns2'Lu23 ,'2"; 22",;,,i;12";,(, +21,,5 of promises made to them that they er was, loneremre, ou.ngeu o -7yt: ! ;, herman "Garden-City" plans .e .............. , ......................... i lone iansanumaerIaIS oIne ......... Tell ::hesr.enScafeely ,n the path of national pUpldsbe g,,,v@n l:ndefrrO?laawtlt  co::k:stor wh:3dheeengwatd ld w?g] indvhaVehbrejnai.:dhm-edutmOs m enthusiasm, some from Germany, ., c. .... ; ......... i .i,, " Tel-Aviv continued to deveo up some from Russia, some from Poland pig loraullolons leo wnicn ne wa ,-, a. PALESTINE'S JEWRY Benjamina, A Typical Jewish Colony in Palestine The Builder and His Vision By a PALESTINIAN EXPERT standing from Germany and to assure them a fixed salary. The Palestine (This is the second of a series Office planned to provide, in this of articles by a Palestinian Ex- Zionist Executive Urges Unity in Palestine National Assembly Jerusalem.--A statement urging unity between the two factions which s lit in the Palestine National As- sePmbly over the question of women's suffrage, was issued by the Zionist way, technical assistance to any Executive here. The statement further says that two delegations, one representing the Vaad Leumi and the other the seceding orthodox groups, called on the Executive and declared that the dispute does not affect the National Home, but is only a matter of Inter- nal organization. Religious Ban Threatened Jewish Merchants in Lithuania Kovno.--Sixteen Jewish business nan who, under the pressure of the Dompulsory Sunday Closing Law, <apt their stores open during the Feast of Weeks are the subject of iscussion here. A protest meeting against those who violated the Jewish holiday was called. Several hundred Jewish citi- zens of Kovno participated in the meeting. It was decided to send a delegation to the sixteen merchants urging them to refrain from violating the Jewish holidays in the future. Should they refuse to comply with this request a religious ban against them would be enforced and they would not be admitted to the syna- gogue. (Continued on page 5) home but that such a home be found- ed in Palestine. "This statement (the White Paper) made clea: that the nationality of all citizens of Pal- estine, Jews or non-Jews, with regard to domestic law or their international ststus, will be Palestinian and noth- ing else. The Zionist Organization gave unqualified assurance to accept this policy and to conduct its actici- ties in conformity therewith " Sir Herbert further states.