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June 16, 1933     The Jewish Transcript
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June 16, 1933

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JUNE 16, 1933 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAGE SEVEN Is Christianity Guilty? A 00cher ,0000nswers This is the last of a series of three articles by Dr. John Haynes Holmes, spiritual lead- er of the Community Church in New York and noted liberal leader.The Editor. "HERE is a special cause of per- I Secution which is involved in the experience of the Jewish people. There can be 11o doubt about the general cause of difference, of which I wrote previously. In the same way, can there be any doubt as to this special cause? What I have in mind, as you must anticipate, is the guilt of the Jews, in the eyes of the Christian world, in rejecting and slaying Jesus. The phrase "Christ-killers,,, has again and again lifted the sword of mas- Sacre against the helpless kin- dred of the Nazarene. Of COurse there is no truth in this indictment of Israel by Christendom, i Save as the indictment has been de- liberately forged against a whole people in the interest of a hard-and- fast theology. What happened in Palestine is a perfectly plain and also perfectly eramonplace chapter of history. The Story of Jess is a sorv which has been writte by nearly" all tile .great prophetic souls. Thus, a young radical ap- Peared among the common PeOple of his country. This radical, profoundly moved by the injustices of the times, began to preach revolt and to OrganiTe agitation. It was cot long before he was arrest- ed and placed on trial for sedi- tion. The Nazarene, in other words, by the fire of his word and the courage f his example, made himself dan- IB&ISIIkI ", O:IMD:g.A, COXE rAItVIS .1410 Iloge ldg. EL. 1985 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE State OF :REAL ESTATE as. ion, County of King, of an Order of Sale is- the Honorable Superior County, on the 31st )f ay, 1933, by the clerk there- ease of Howard H. Hansen of banking for the State gton, liquidating the Sound Loan Company, a corpora- vs. Matt Lee and his wife; and The Pru- Company of Amer- ,ration, Defendants. 17o. me, as Sheriff, directed [ Given, That I  to sell at public auction bidder for cash, within Prescribed by law for lea, to-wit: at ten o'clock day of July, 1933 door of King rson Street entrance, at ne State of Washington, s uescribed property, sit- t(ing County State of to-wit: ad 34, Block 11, Green- mex, an Addition to the as per map recorded Plats, page 91, ree- County, Washington leeUe property of all of -ants herein, to satisfy nt of a foreclosure of a tting to two hundred q00 ($265.50) attor- .00, the cost of suit of plaintiff. of June, 1933. Sheriff Deputy. in o six ne nd & ,%It, -- ' OLDIKAM, COIKEN "  PERRy R. GERSI[0N e lSldg. -1. 1985 :t 0ICI 0----SIKERII's gALE OF ate -AL -STA TE in of .... Wash hington, Co tl-"'. " neriff's Offi-- unty of SUe Virtue of a .... " o_ nut of - -: -uer of Sale is- X uurt de . ne iiOnorable Superior Yof alg3County , on the llth _ a. the c'_ -oy the clerk there- Celver an ol John W. Allen as _,., ngs n  lqunlator of I-Iom =ltuted -, oan Association (s,,h e ueh -- rtarry - --- M  l.eeeiv,, , . C: Johnson as 7{fx.hlllips an la_mt,ff, vs. Harold laX. A. G  va 1. Phillips his ron o .,.ergman a wido --^-- no . vli ' , llr -wn as Marller,_ a widow (also p aadt a *-2 an (2. Miller); F. W. ayton'. . *,*gle man ali . ", rene p ,_ ( .as Harry tee.V sn, as C,oo, a widow; Abe ton' : . Carlton"JFerk, as Trus- ie , -is Wife .... ,u dane Doe C'arl- i, a. No. 952;,'pmted States of Amer- *' directed uu. an ct to me, as Sher- Noti *,u nelivered: 'Oeeeet s I}ereby glven, that I will te highest e) at Public auction to i, e hOUrs r dder for cash, within s Sales ate SCribed by law for Sher- '. on the'2w.: at Ten o'Clock A. re the Co[* any of June, 1933, be- eUnty, jerc HOuse door of Kin lattle. intrson Street entrance a ._ e fOllowi ue State of Washin ton ated in I([n u eseribed property? sit-' ,on to wi Ounty, State of Wash- kYn-Sey.n (7), look Two (2), attle cue adition to th r 1,,' eor -  e City of Se- ofur[l, e 8 od". :o plat recorded in Cou*ats, page 57, records /u 1. the rnY' Washington, situ- erpSmngtonYUn.Y of King, State of - of - , evle(1 on as the ro her'e" all of P P- for, to safl the sad defendants theelosure o;Sy a 3udgment of a n '*ereinn.  a mortgage a aillst 7A?Untin,, "re described pr)erty, o2red g ,Th. ThonsanO six -,rs ($3 :" ne nd 87/100 5.00, th2'bu.87), attorney's fees of "'" favor o cost of suit and interest "  Palntiff. ated this 12th da o CLAUDE  _ Y f May, 1933.  t. BANNICK, Sheriff, '19-335-Y LiEfiAnderson, Deputy. gcrons to church and state, and founder of the faith, is itself straightway was put to death by the special cause of Israel's these two traditional instruments of agony! tyranny and oppression. I count it more than a coincidence This drama is nothing strange. It that the one country in the world has been enacted again and again in today where the Jews are absolutely a hundred different times and places, free of the age-old burlden of perse- But when in any other case has it cution and prejudice, is that one been made the occasion of perse- country where the Orthodox Chris- cution? tian Church has been wiped out by Imagine our murdering Greeks the fiat of government. today, because Socrates was put to I do not argue from this, even for death in Athens! Who thinks of the sake of my Jewish friends, thai torturing and massacring Italians Christianity should be destroyed, because men of Italian breed and I do insist, however, that the Chris- speech martyred the great Giordano Bruno? What would we think if a perse- cution was begun against Ameri- cans because our fathers killed John Brown, the one supreme martyr of American history. No persecution of this sort would ever have been visited upon the Jews in the name of Jesus or of any other prophet, had it not been for the theo- logizing of the Nazarene's story. Look at what has happened! Very early after tbe death of Jesus, the Christian church transformed the story of his life into a sacred drama of cosmic history. The church started out by stealing the Old Tes- tament, making it a part of Chris- tian scriptures, and rewriting or re- Adolf Hitler interpreting it in the interest of the . . . he makes Jews scapegoats Christian tradition. tian faith as embodied in the creeds it continued its work by appro- and organizaed in the churches, must printing Jesus of Nazareth, trans- be cast aside as a superstition, and forming him from the son of Mary the religion of Jesus restored to the into the son of God, and making him the Saviour of mankind. It then simple love and brotherhood of the took the crucifixion and changed it gospel of the Jew of Galilee. over into the atonement as a blood Such are the two great and funda- sacrifice for the human race. Lastly, it seized upon the Jews and deliberately made the whole race the villian of the cosmic play. Their first offense was not recognizing Jesus, one of their own, for what he was; and their second offense was in destroying him and thus raising their hands against Almighty God him- self. Through the exigencies of a fantastic theology of this type did the Christians lay on the Jews the vengeance of the Most High, and appoint them- selves the agents of this ven- geance upon the earth. At the very start of Christianity, in other words, this new and wonder- ful religion was made synonymous with anti-Semitism. No words can exaggerate the tragedy of this his- torical accident, nor its significance in the annals of our western civili- zationl The logic of Orthodox Christianity is anti-Semitism. Just to the extent that Christians believe their own faith, they must hate and persecute Jews. Only to the extent that they reject or remain indiffe- rent to their own dogmas, can they be friendly to Israel. Which means that Chris- tianity, by which I mean the theology of the church and not the teachings of the great BAusrN, 0I.DIKAr, CO[E1T ARVIS  PEI,Ry IC. GEI%SKON 1410 roffe BIDE. EL 19e5 NOTICE OI' SI[ERII'I',S gALE 0 REAL -STATE State of Washington, County of King, ss. Sheriff's Office. By virtue of an Order of Sale is- sued out of the Honorable Superior Court of King County, on the llth day of May, 1933, by the clerk there- of in the case of John W. Allen, as Receiver and Liquidator of The Home Savings and Loan Association, (sub- stituted for Harry C. Johnson, as such lgeeeiver), Plaintiff, vs. Harold M. Phillips and Eva L. Phillips, his wife; A. G. Bergman, a widower Marion C. Miller, a widow (also known as Marian C. Miller); F. W. Brandt, a single man (alias -Iarry Payton); Irene Cook, a widow; Abe N. Olson, as County Clerk, as Trus- tee; :Roy C. Simpson and Alma A. Simpson, his wife, and the United States of America, No. 252092, and to me, as Sheriff, directed and deliv- ered: Notice is hereby given, that I will proceed to sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, within the hours prescribed by law for Sher- iff's sales to-wit: at Ten o'Clock A. M. on the'24th day of June, 1933, be- fore the Court House door of King County, Jefferson Street entrance, at Seattle, in the State of Washington, the following described property, sit- uated in King County, State of Wash- ington, to-wit: Lot 6, Block 2, Oakland Addition to the City of Seattle, according to plat recorded in Volume 8 of Plats, page 57, records of King County, Washington, situated in the County of King, State of Washington; lev- ied on as the property of all of the said defendants herein, to satisfy a judgment of a foreclosure of a mort- gage against the hereinabove de- scribed property amounting to Three Thousand Eight Hundred Nineteen and 86/100 Dollars ($3,819.86), attor- ney's fees of $175.00, the cost of suit and interest in favor of plaintiff. Dated this 12th day of May, I933. CLAUDE G. BANNICK, Sheriff, By L. E. Anderson, Deputy. 5-19-33--5t--6-16-33 mential causes of the persecution of the Jews. There is the general cause inherent in that distinctive or "dif- ferent" character which has made Israel through all the centuries a "people." In addition there is this special cause inherent in the theological doctrine of Chris- tendom. To these must be added other causes, both gen- eral and special, which play their part, though they be less important, in this vast tragedy. Of these I have space to name but one. I refer to the fact that the Jews have always been, and still are to- day, a weak people. In the ancient days, when they lived within the borders of their own country, they were one of the smallest and feeblest of the nations of the Eastern world. Israel lay like a little village, so to speak, on the great highway be- tween Egypt to the west and Assyria and Babylonia to the east. Over this great highway trampled the mighty legions of contending kingdoms. When Rome conquered the earth, Palestine was incorporated as a mere corner of the Empire, and her population lost as a negligible unit CRYSTAL POOL 2nd Ave. at Lenora 10:30 A. M. to 10:30 P. M. Warm Ocean Water. Swim for health to the soft music of o_ur audiphone. 15AUSMAN, 0LIDXAM, COHEN & ARVIS  PERRY E. ERSKON 1410 3H[offe lBldff. 1. 1985 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE OF IEAL .ESTATE State of Washington, County of King, as. Sheriff's Office. By virtue of an order of sale is- sued out of the Honorable Superior Court of King County, on the 25th day of May, 1933, by the clerk there- of in the case of Howard H. Hansen, Supervisor of Banking for the State of Washington, liquidating the Spo- kane Savings Bank Spokane, Wash- ington, Plaintiff, versus George I. Clithero and Myrtle L. Clithero, his wife; Sannie Ford Kingman, Defend- ants, No. 261808, and to me, as Sher- iff, directed and delivered: Notice is hereby given, that I will proceed to sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, within the hours prescribed by law for Sher- iff's sales, to-wit: at Ten o'Clock A. M. on the 8th day of July, 1933, be- fore the Court House door of King County, Jefferson .Street entrance, at Seattle, in the State of Washington, the following described property, sit- uated in County, State of Wash- ington, to-wit: The West 75 feet of the North one-half of Lot 8, and the West 75 feet of Lots 4 and 5, in Block 8, of Bigelow's Addition to the City of Seattle, according to plat thereof re- corded in "Volume 1 of Plats, at page 176. records of King County; situ- ated in King County, State of Wash- ington; levied on as the property of all of the said defendants herein, to satisfy a judgment of a foreclosure of a mortgage a'mounting to Four Thousand Six Hundred Twenty-one and No/100 ($4,621.00) Dollars, the cost of suit and interest in favor of 01aintiff. Dated this 29th day of May, 1933. CLAUDE G. BANNICK, Sheriff, By L. E. Anderson, Deputy. 6-2-33--5t--6-30-33 in a vast congeries of poppies. After Wc cannot abide with him because the Dispersion, the Jews of course we can have no easy consciencewhilc were nothing but an alien group of he is with us. Wewould destroy him helpless men and women, living on that we may destroy the haunting sufferance in the far-flung lands to spectre of our own shame. which in despair and agony theyhad fled. Even in our own time, they remain one of the weakest of all earth's peoples--a mere sixteen millions among the nearly two thousand millions of earth's inhabitants. Ahvays therefore, today as yester- day, they have been feeble, helpless, "easy marks" for the lust and hate Thus persecution is itself the seed from which persecu- tion grows. We kill the Jew today because we killed him yesterday. On Israel is laid the supreme and final agony of being themselves the evid- ence of men's offences. Such is our answer to the question: "Why are Jews persecuted?" May I summarize the whole statement in of those who would injure and des- poil them. Wanderers npon the a single sentence? earth's surface, they have no govern- The Jews are a people of noble his- ment to defend them, no flag to en- tory, fine intelligence, exalted spi- shroud them, no land to which to ritual genius, who suffer persecution flee. because, amid conditions of far exile Even as citizens in their new-found and fearful want, they remain stead- countries, loyal citizens who have fastly loyal to their own racial and unselfishly served the state in days religious traditions and bear the bur- of peace and heroically died for it in den of the vilest slander known in days of war, tile), may be cast out at human experience. any time, as in Germany at this Ahvays a minority amid alien pep- hour, and find none on all this planet pies, and therefore the weakest among to glve them aid or comfort, the tribes of earth, these Jews have Invariably they have lived, and been made to write in their own tears still live, as a minority group among and blood the most tragic tale of peoples not their own, and thus in- variably they have 'been, and still are, attacked and ravished with ab- solute impunity. Whenever, on occasion of great excitement, as in Hit- ler's Germany, it is necessary to stir men with agitation and to mobilize them for ac- tion, the Jews are right at hand to serve as scapegoats. When men want to hate somelody, kill somebody, lynch somebody, to magnify their own greatness by hu- miliating and persecuting others, they always turn against those among them who are most helpless. In some places it is Negroes, or Catholics, or Communists; in all places it may be Jews. Anti-Semi- tism is cruel, but most of all it is cowardly. Chief among all the skulking bul- lies of the world are the men who, with all power and opinion on their side, hunt out the stricken sons of Israel, and murder them as those who have no strength to defend and save themselves. With this, too, there goes along another angle of persecution, which is important. I refer to the psycholo- gical law that men always hate and fear those whom they have injured. It seems as though it were impossible for men to tolerate the presence of other men who have suffered injury at their hands. From this standpoint, the Jew walks as a perpetual reproach against our world, ttis mere living is an ac- cusation of our crime and guilt. More of this Finest grade sold than all other brands combined preferred brand the finest of the catch PERRY R. GERSI[0N 1410 Hoge Eldg. El. 1985 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR KING COUNTY SUIONS Y PU:BLICATICE" No. 262902 Maudess Bolden, Plaintiff, vs. Ernest Bolden, Defendant. The State of Washington to the said Ernest Bolden, Defendant: You are hereby summoned to ap- pear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to-wit: within sixty (60) days after the 19th day of May, 1933, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, and serve a copy of Your answer upon the undersigned attor- ney for plaintiff at his office below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court. The object of the above entitled action is a divorce, brought by Plain- tiff against Defendant on the grounds of non-support. PERRY R. GERSHON, Attorney for Plaintiff. p. (. Address, 1410 Hove Building, Seattle, King County, Wash. 5-19-33--7t--6-30-33 history, and by their sheer endurance of it have made this most tragic tale to be also the most heroic. Is this story never to be ended? it can be ended by the Jew, if he will only change himself--forget his lineage, forsake his faith, betray his God. But by what right do we ask the Jew thus to commit racial sui- cide? Why should we not ourselves end this horror by ending our own shame? The remedy for the persecution o[ the Jews is very simple. It is that we shall live in spirit of our faith --by which I mean that we shall henceforth treat all the Jews today as we would treat one Jew, were He, the Naza- rene, to come again to earth. Why not, why not? For what a dead Jew in the guttcrs of Berlin is to a Nazi at this hour is only what a dead Jew on the hill of Cavalry outside Jerusalem was to a Roman at that ancient hour. It is time that the crucifixion were no more, else to the end of time shall the Jews themselves be the only persons worthy of the Christ. (Copyright S. A. F. S.) Ney00The00s & Company ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF THEIR OFFICE AT 31 larion Stree Seatlde Specializing in . . . 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Recognizing how crowded your paper is because of the present pressure of foreign news, we are doubly appreciative of your cooperation. With thanks again for your many kind- nesses which put us under deep obligation, and with kind regards, I am Very sincerely yours, Ludwig Vogelstein, Chairman. LV:JA LUDWIG VOGELSTEIN CHAIRMAN OF EXECUTIVE BOARD UNION OF AMERICAN HEBREW CONGREGATIONS