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June 11, 1926     The Jewish Transcript
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June 11, 1926

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Page Eight b JCUlsb :ra.$ffO! "The --ome Newspaper o Pacmo June 11, 1926 Northwest Jewry." II Pure Food Home Cooking Courteous -,.rviee i and Prices that ..... t be equalel anywhe Second Ave. between James St. Way I Nelson Coal Fuel of All Company Tel. EZO;7 Street Bunkers Off. 609 10th Ave. Phone ELiot 2233 E. I. MINER Certified Public Accountant 658-6139 Central Building SEATTLE STOCKS and BONDS WE BUY FOR CASH AND SELL ANY NEW YORK OR LOCAL SECURITY-- LIST- ED OR UNLISTED-- 1-5 DOWN, Interest 61/%, Bal- ance one year. We loan money. Write or Phone for Information. WATSON-MOORE Established 1907 204 Marion St. ELliott 6486 2310 Rainier Ave. Beacon 2300 Occidental Sheet Metal Works, Inc, A. SNELLENBERG, Mgr. Metal Skylights, Cornices Windows Slate, Tile and Composition Roofing, Kalamein Doors and Marquise REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY SEATTLE, - - WASH. H. Me HERRIN & COo Established 1896 Brokers in Stocks and Bonds Listed and Unlisted 117 Cherry Street ELLIOTT 5396 Mayflower "Just Honest Milk'" Demand it of your grocer or phone Mayflower Dairy ELllott 6210 1932 Ninth Ave. Seattle WARREN Blue Ribbons (Exactly as Advertised) UNIVERSITY WAY The Great White Way of the North Side. The Street with the Present and with the Future. 3 STORES, 2 GARAGES ON ALLEY, $8,500 with $1000 cash. Carries itself. Terms so low tnat it will pay for itself. A wonderful buy. 2 STORES--2 APARTMENTS, $12,500 with $1000 cash. Terms also easy enough for all the payments, taxes to be paid flora income. A real investment, Incorporated / 4544 University Way ( Melrose 3637 Rl/'T/e a/'/d "Little Miss Bluebeard" I Coming To President (Continued from page 5) Drive takes place, followed in the evening by a mass meeting. Perhaps too much for one day to suit many of our good people. A tremendous crowd is expected and also guile some argument. Quotas for the cities, towns, and hamlets will be decided. Now, quotas are a dangerous instrument, they are the red flag to the bull. It has become somewhat customary to dictate what a community must give and even what an individual must give. Somehow or another, our com- mittees have a rather providential assurance, or whatever else you wish to call it, of what is in the other fellow's pocket and how much he by right should disburse. It is usually forgotten, or in the emotion and hysteria of the moment ignored, that the individual has many responsibilities which often lie very heavy upon him. Of course, we must contribute our share to the drive. We cannot allow the poor people over in Poland and Russia to starve, and worse. There- fore, the less argument next Sunday the better, and get down to business. The State, I understand, is assessed $250,000 or thereabouts, a rather large sum; but what can be done? The only thing, it seems to me, is to go ahead and get it. If you cannot get all, then nearest to all. I am certain that the mass meeting will call forth more sympathy, and even tears, than dollars. Sympathy and tears are cheap, but dollars are money. - I do not go very much on mass meetings, they are muchly a matter of local psychology, BUT I URGE YOU ALL TO ATTEND. You will be interested in hearing about the deplorable conditions. Then com- pare your own happy lot with theirs. Perhaps you would be among the unfortunates, had it not been for happy circumstances. Any you will be impelled to dig down in your pockets and give. Do a little more than your best anyhow. Of course, you will. A1. Shemanski is nary a quitter, and he will be after you if you do not come thru as you should. Have you all read about the con- summation of a project which should' go with a bang? Well, if you have] not, then you ought to do so, and then i snap into it yourselves, i Have you ever heard of the best families in which there were not at some time or another some disagree-: ments, where even bad feeling ex- isted for some time even where little misunderstandings were permitted to become tremendous animosities, and so forth? Of course, you have. It is natural. You would not be human were it not so. As a rule, and I am somewhat cautious here, as a rule time comes when you overcome this propensity in your nature, when you find that you have made a mis- take, and want to make things right. Now, the WISE individual is the one who admits that a mistake has been made, the wicked is the one who is stubborn in his wrong. Remember, however, that you can- not judge the other fellow because you yourself are human and liable to err yourself, both subjectively or objectively or both ways. Let me come to the point. THE SYNAGOG COUNCIL OF AMERI- CA has been instituted. This body will "speak and act unitedly in fur- thering such religious interests as all their constituent national organiza- tions share in common." It is sponsored by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, the United Synagog of America, and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congrega- tions, with the Rabbinical organiza- tions affiliated with them. This is what I call progress and, if carried into effect, will mean much for Jewish unity, mutual understand- ing, and mutual good will. It cannot be denied that we Jews and Jewesses are inclined to be super- sensitive. We have to shake this thing. It does not help any. I cannot tell how long it will take for this movement to reach this section of the Pacific North-West. But what objection can there be to go ahead and start the ball rolling. Why should we not perfect a State organization along these lines and carry on the work? Why should not all the Rabbis of this great commonwealth of Washington, together with presi- dents of Congregations, repre- senting all the bodies in the above- mentioned organizations asse ruble some time during the summer and perfect an organization? Then plan, and get to work. Mortgages for sale Netting from 6% to 8% in small or large amounts-- with 100% Safety. Write for free literature. Jas. E. Forehand 506 LEARY BLDG. MAIN 8865 Henry Duffy Players at the President of the lately released comedy "Little Miss Bluebeard" which served as a vehicle for Irene Bordoni through two very successful seasons. This will be the first presentation of this play in Maurice Franklin _ te Week (Continued from Page 1) ed under article 122 of the Latvian code with spreading "religious and racial enmity" for attacking a group of anti-Semitic students, ended last week. The court sentenced 12 of the accused to prison terms of from three to twelve months without counting the period already spent in prison awaiting trial. Eleven were acquit- ted. The counsel for the defense will appeal against the decision. The trial of the Hungarian counte> felt plotters, leaders in the anti-Sem- itic movement in Hungary and figures in the anti-Semitic international, was concluded recently. Prince Ludwig Windisch-Graetz and Chief of Police, Emeric Nadossy, leaders in the anti- Semitic movement in Hungary, were sentenced to four years imprison- meat at hard labor and were fined 10,000 gold crowns. Their civil rights were suspended for three years. Echos of the international anti- Semitic propraganda and the influ- ence of the falsification, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" resounded in the Turkish National Assembly dur- ing a recent debate on the budget of the Minister of Commerce. Deputy Bessin Attali Bey demanded that the stock exchange be nationalized in view of what he termed "the existence of a Jewish peril." Unless we adopt an anti-Jewish policy, Turkey will be financially similar to Hungary," he stated. Deputy Mehmed Vasfi Bey, second- ing the motion of Deputy A)tali Bey, enlarged on the preceding speaker by stating that "The Jewish peril is not political but an economic one," re- pealing in his address many of the accusations contained in Ford's "In- ternational Jew" and other similar anti-Semitic publications. The deputies were rebuked by Min- Seattle and it is presumed that this ister of Finance, who in his reply de- comedy which enjoyed long runs in clared that "the Turkish government New York, Boston and Chicago will i believes in free competition of all be equally successful here. " Mr. Hop-I citizens in accordance with the law, wood sets hs story m the cosine- the law favors none and discriminates politan atmosphere of London and I against no one. Those who are capa- Deauville, and shows us pretty little [ ble and active gain more. Our corn- Colette who has been snared into a I munity should take an example from marriage by a man who, being alreadv and work as much as the Jewish cit- married, used his friends name for thee I izens." ceremony. [ Bride and pseudo-brideuroom turn " Transcript ads bring results. up in the bachelor quarters of the best friend, and song composer, with a string of f.eminine friends, who act as his inspirations for his songs. Buy or Sell your property One may guess the complications, through the The end of act one gives a fair idea of their character when the curtain Lincoln tt it"eaB'y fails on Collette and safely in the COs comfortable sleeping room, while husbands No. 1 and 2 accompanied North 45th and Stoneway by a possible number three spend the Telephone Melrose 5330 night in three uncomfortable chairs. Just as the audience wonders how the dramatist is going to extricate Colette from her difficult position, he surprises all by having his characters --well that would be telling, but it gives an unusual twLt to the final curtain and brands Avery Hopwood a master at getting his characters out of difficult positions in a plausible manner. PETLURA FUNERAL IN PARIS Paris (J. T. A.)--The funeral of Semion Petlura took place under po- lice protection on Sunday. A representative of Marshal Pil- sudski, friend of Petlura, and former members of the Petlura government were present. Warsaw (J. T. A )--Replyin to a statement eulogizing the late Sere- ion Petlura, issued by the Ukrainiar National Committee in Poland, a gen- eral meeting of the Club of Jewish Deputies adopted a resolution. The resolution, however, establishes that "the murder of Petlura was an act of revenge for the hundreds of thousands of Jewish victims." Absolute contentment in her motor car choice is reserved for the woman who owns a Cadillac. NAGELVOORT-STEARNS CADILLAC CO. 12th and East Madison, SEATTLE (22. D I L LAC Only $3500 Cash required to handle the purchase of an apartment bringing over $700 gross per month, which amount will take care of payments of both principal and interest and still leave the owner a handsome m- come. Three story concrete stucco building, oil burner, etc. Has an unobstrucled view of Sound and Mountains. Owner will consider small trade, city property only. Thisapartment has been almost 100% full since construction. L. KESSLER Rsk For Mr. Kessler 200 ALASKA BUILDING SEATTLE "Who's Who In Northwest Jewry" (Continued from page 1) the Temple de Hirsch, Past President of the Zionist Organization and of the Glendale Colf Club. -In 1918 he headed the local campaign for the War Relief drive. He was the repre- sentative of Seattle at the first Jewish Congress, and also one of the dele- aates of District No. 4, I. O. B. B. to the Constitutional Grand Lodge meeting held in 1925. Mr. Rosenberg is a keen student of Jewish affairs. He is familiar with most everything of interest that transpires in the Jewish world. He has recently made a trip to Palestine to see for himself the work of the Zionist Organization, he being deeply interested in this movement. Emmanuel Rosenberg cxemplifies the true spirit of the B'nai B'rith. He ig always interested in harmony! among the Jewish people. His phil-I anthropy has been just as readily l exhibited, whether the c.ause was sponsored by either the Reformed or Orthodox Jews. And when Mr. Rosenberg gives, he does so whole- heartedly. He enjoys the giving, and always sends the solicitor away with the feeling that he was welcome in . 9 Mr. Rosenbmg s office and that his efforts have been appreciated. Although one of tile busiest men in the city, Mr. Rosenberg has on many occasions personally gone out to solicit funds. In addition to this work, he has always been a pace- setter for the amounts to be given. Seattle is proud of this public- spirited Jew. He represents the highest type of citizenship. As a philanthropist and public-worker, he has few equals. As one interested in Judaism, he stands for all that is good, and for everything that tends to retain and upbuild the good ngme of the Jew. Mr. Iloscnherg's name may well be placed in the Hall of Fame of America's grcat Jews. SALESMAN WANTED 508 WHITE BUILDING See Large Ad Bottom Corner Page 3 "BAKER BURNERS BURN BETTER" Baker Oil Burner Sales Company 317 Westlake North Office Phone ELIot 7594 Seattle 38 o TI00S Are Sold Every Day Somewhere in the World. 00O..LE CASCADE TIRE CO. E.L,O. BY 8234 2035 FOURTH AVE. Expert Repairing and Retreading [l[[101111111111[I[H[ - - You will enjoy the New Annex -- now open 423 SENECA STRE - We are now equipped to handle + BANQUETS, LUNCHEONS + _----- Sufficient room for 250 people l[][[[101[[[1111011[[[[* LEGAL NOTICE IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF TIIE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR KING COUNTY. In the Matter of E. W. Alcombrack and the marital community consisting of Gertrude Alcombrack, his wife, Insolvent Debtors. No. 181242. Notice to Creditors Notice is hereby given to all the creditors of the above mentioned insolvent debtors that the undersigned has been appointed as- signee by the said insolvents, and that all their property has been assigned to him for the bene- fit of creditors. All claims against the insolvent debtors must be presented under oath to the under- signed within three months after June 4 1926 CHRIS TEMBREULL Ad',, ' MARK M. LITCIiM'A/. " Attorney for Assignee, 608 American Bank Building, Seattle, Washington. LEGAL NOTICE IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR KING COUNTY. HENRY D. STEWARD, Plaintiff, vs. KATHRYN STEWARD, Defendant. SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION No. The State of Washington to Kathryn Steward, Defendant: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty dys after the date of the first publication of this summons, to-wit, within sixty days after June 11, 1926, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorn@ for the plaintiff at his office below stated; and in i cause of your failure to do so, judgment will be I rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court. The object of the action is to secure a divorce from the defendant and for other relief based on abandonment of more than one year's continu- ous duration. MARK M. LITCHMAN, Attorney for plaintiff. Post Office Address, 608 American Bank Building, Seattle, Washington. Seattle's"F'inest HOTEL A UNITED 4V THE OLYMPIC HOTEL FRANK W. HULL, MANAGER