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June 11, 1926     The Jewish Transcript
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June 11, 1926

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June 11, 1926 :b lSb [$rip| "The HomeNorthwestNewspaperjewry.,,Of Pacific Page Five Rime and Reason By IABBI IIONTAGUE N. A. COHEN, Chap.-Res. U. S. A. I do take it for granted that my readers have heard something about the Society for Ethical Culture, in- stituted in" New York City fifty years ago by Dr. Felix Adler. Dr. Adler had been educated for the Rabbinate and to succeed his father as Rabbi of New York's Temple Emanuel. But it Idid not happen. He graduated, but did not succeed. Perhaps that is where James Water- man Wise got the notion, the Dr. Adler did not seek advertisement and James W. W. did not graduate. However, Dr. Adler unfortunately went outside the synagogue to found an independent institution, whereas he could have with greater propriety as well as advantage to the Synagogue pursued his purpose within the synagogue. I take it that is is or was unfortunate that he did not do so. Fifty years ago, liberal or reform Judaism could not have been quite so liberal Shackles fall off slowly; if they are "hurriedly cast off, people get the idea that something is awry and that they are being robbed of Something. All Dr. Adler actually did was to emphasise the ethical significance of religion, which the prophets of Israel did of yore and which the Rabbis of the Svnagoge continued to do since that tlime. That is what many of our Rabbis are seeking to accomplish today, h True, Dr. Adler did away wit man), things which are even in re- ligion regarded as temporary ex- pedients, many of which he has since Introduced into the ethical cult. And since this modern emphasis or rather re-emphasis on ethics, there has been some improvement. If only our good religious and pious Souls would have been ready to admit that ethics could progress beyond what was generally taught in the bible, it would have been wiser and better. But people did not; and even raanv good folk of the Synagogue realized and appreciated that suc- cessive generations of Rabbis, and .Sages, and philosophers added and re- interpreted what had before been taught; and this process must be con- tinuous since new needs forever arise and must be met. So, even after fifty years of ethical culture, and do not confound it with Christian Science for it is not that, if we are merely to scrutinize the beings and the doings of folk, and even and maybe especially religious folk so-called, we would imagine that Ethics have been non est. However, they have to a very great extent been a somewhat negligable element in life, and even in religious life; since creed and dogma and theol- ogy had so very much to say. These and so many other distract- ing features and functions did not permit ethics to penetrate, to horn in (as they say); since it would have ruined much of the graft. Here and there, and off and on, men and women DIDtind their way; but oft they were cursed, and worse, for doing so. But they are coming through gradually, and perhaps be- fore,very long everything will be merry. Congratulations to the Founder and the leaders of the Ethical Culture for what they have done. Preachers, like most other people, do not like to be told; and they are quite right, since the tellers for the most part do not know and are never in the position to tell. They cannot, as the Rabbis so eloquently teach, put themselves in Preacher's place. In the first place they would be un- Willing, in the second place they Could not do so if they so desired be- Cause they are not thusly equipped either by temperament or with knowledge. YeL preachers, to use a term that may include every variety and every sect, need sometimes to be told." BUT, BY WHOM? Of Course, it all depends who does the telling, how it is told, and what is told. Preachers do not intend that any Tom, Dick and Harry--and this Species is happily dying out, if it has act perished now, in the Synagogue anyway, and ought everywhere to be abolished by constitutional amend- ent, and t)ersists merely in out-of- e-way spots--should be privileged to tell preachers their business. For it cannot be denied that the most poorly-equipped preachers, with mental qualities unimpaired, and ven often with them impaired, now more about their business than ' the richest parvenus and most bom- bastic parnassim in captivity; even the such be the main supports who Cannot stand importance either asZ SUmed or thrust upon them by people Who, the they envy them, cannot help themselves. " hi am told that in some churches, Owever, the preachers have a dickens of a time with that species of com- municant, who is all cant without COmmune. After all, these very same laymen, who have amassed more Wealth than intelligence, would re- sent the interference of preachers in their business; and preachers, being trained and qualified in their task, are privileged to resent interference in what is their particular domain. But, sometimes, an intelligent layman comes along who is competent and sympathetic enough to confer With preachers, from whom the Seattle's Finest Moving Vans PNEUMATIC TIRE EQUIPMENT MAin 1480 1125 sT.PIKE LOCAL HAULING WE REACH ALL POINTS OF WASHINGTON AND OREGON Cleaners and Makers of Chief Rug & Mattress Rugs. Carpets, Pillows, Mattresses, Cushions, Cleaning Co. Feather Beds, Rag 3504 Stoneway Mel. 0470 Weaving We Specialize in Oriental Rug Cleaning All Work Guaranteed ccPI00ODST for Good Signs n ay to advertise and sell Pler 'bandise. 1810 Westlake-Times SQuare -Trimble Bldg. preachers can receive some splendid advice and encouragement. But this very seldom occurs. Recently, Sinclair Lewis, eminent American author, who startled the fearful by refusing the Pulitzer award, held a class for preachers in Kansas City during his visit to that great Mid-West metropolis. Now, despite his opinions on some matters, Sinclair Lewis is well abIe to give good account of himself, and express himself both intelligently and under- I standingly. Furthermore, he is not afraid to open his mouth, and he does not put his foot in it and will not permit you to do so. For he has something rational to tell. Not that others who do express themselves are not unafraid, the they should be; and perhaps if they could be induced to get on to themselves they would forever maintain silence. So he conducted a Sunday School class for ministers who were willing to attend, there evidently was no compulsion. It lasted about six  weeks. It was held in his apartment in the Ambassador Hotel, one sessmn weekly. Eighteen or twenty ministersTen- rolled, including a Rabbi who was strangely labelled Jewish (why this faux pas is made I do not know, but it is very usual; as if a Rabbi could be anything but Jewish). What Lewis taught has not yet leaked out, but I imagine that he told them plenty. Perhaps they needed it, and more. Anyhow, I trust that they benefited therefrom. Doubtless Lewis received some benefit from the contact. He must have had a thrill and a PHONE CAPITOL 0033 Send :your W.Yarhingt to the Nelson Laundry 20 lbs. Wet Wash ..................... $0.90 20 lbs, Combination ................. l.g0 Plain Work All Ironed Rough Dry (with starch) .... 10c per lb. 15 lbs. Rough Dry (no starch) ...... 1.20 Everything Ironed 15 lbs. Same as above, week end .... 1.05 We Make a Specialty of Curtains DOWNS' AMBER GOITER CURE is a Liquid lemedy for G.OITER Applied externally-- does not stain or irritate the skin. Sent parcel post anywhere for $2.50 BELLEVUE PHARMACY Corner Bellevue and E. Pike St. Seattle MAIn-2301 MELROSE 0666 AND 2135 UNIVERSITY PLUMBING and HEATING CO., Inc. 3939 University Way We Installed the Plumbing and Heating System in the Glendale Golf and Coun- try Club. Lets figure with you. kick and what not else. Yet I would like to hear about his full reaction. Nevertheless the preachers did admit this much, since Lewis bluntly no doubt said: "You're a fine bunch. You get up and preach things that neither you nor your congregations believe. Why don't you be honest in your pulpits." These words mean much. They are pathetically sig- nificant. What is more, they are true. Oh, how different it would be if the preachers were to tell what is actually in their hearts and not hand out dead stuff. But that is another matter. Many indeed do; and yet many would, but dassent. If they would, we might have fewer fanatics and bigots, and there might be more re- ligion floating around. An almost all-day debate is sched- uled for Sunday next at the Temple Center. In the afternoon the State Conference on the United Jewish (Continued on Page 8) COREY SIGN Co. CARD AND CLOTH SIGNS 1921 5th Ave. MAin 5491 WE WANT an opportunity to sell or lease your property. John A. Scully, Inc. Railway Exchange Bldg. MAin 8983 The Vital Fill it with a FASHION CRAFT CRAVAT When buying neckwear say "Fashion Craft" -- for sale by all good dealers. Schoenfeld Bros. Incorporated SEATTLE NEW YORK Describe Paris (J. T. A.)--Authentic infor- mation concerning the life story of Sholom Schwartzbard, who shot Pet- lura, was obtained by the correspon- dent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agen- cy here. It appears that Schwartzbard was born in a Ukrainian town. tie later emigrated to France where he kept i a small watch-maker's sbop in Paris. At the beginning of the war he vol- unteered for the French army where he received the Croix de Guerre. After the Bolshevik revolution he went to Russia where he joined the Red Army and became a commander of a regiment which, against the pogrom bands of Petlura and Den- ikcn. Witnessing many pogroms he swore vengeance against Petlura. Due to his dissatisfaction with the Communist regime he returned to France where he became active in the French and Jewish labor move- ment. He was formerly president of the Jewish Ex-Service Men of France and had intended to go to Palestine to become a land worker. Schwartzbard was the author of three books of poetry and prose in Yiddish. One volume consists of Yiddish poems, called "Traumen un Wirklichkeit," another volume, "Mil- chome Bilder," contains descriptions of his war experiences from 1914-1916 at the Somme and a diary, "Fun Ticfen Obgrund" where he clescribes his experiences in the Ukraine from 1917-199. He was also a contributor to the Yiddish weekly paper in New York, "Die Freie Arbeiter Stimme" where he published his impressions of the war and pogrom period under the nora de plume, "Baal Chalomotlf' (the dreamer.) Paris (J. T. A.)--Sholom Schwartz- bard was extraordinarily calm under the investigation of the French police authorities. In reply to the questions put to him by the officials he declared: "I wanted to kill Petlura. I have killed: him. I am satisfied that I killed him and I am eonfidentally awaiting jus- tice." Mrs. Anna Sehwartzbard, when examined by the police today, de- clared that before the assasination, her husband sent her a message ex- plaining that he was going to do his duty and is assuming sole responsi- bility for his action. "For a long time my husband was melancholy and nervous. I never knew the cause of it, but looking back I remember that his depressed mood dated from the time that Petlura started to publish his Ukrainian week- !ly "Tryzub (Trident) in Paris. My husband always read this periodical and became terribly excited and moody. On Tuesday morning he re- fused to eat breakfast. When I asked him whether he was ill he replied (No, but my nerves are gone.) He then went out and the next I heard was of the assassination," she declar- ed. Mrs. Sehwartzbard further stated that while she remained in Petrograd, Sehwartzbard went with a regiment of the Red Army to the Ukraine. He later joined the Jewish Self-Defenee Corps in the Ukraine. "We returned to France from Russia in 1920. The pogroms haunted him since then. He never spoke of anything else except the pogroms. He wrote continually about the pogroms. He was about to publish a book on the pogrom sin the Ukraine. Several excerpts from the book appeared recently in the "Petit Parisien." Paris (J. T. A.)--The suspicion that Schwartzbard's action in killing Petlura had a motive other than that of avenging the death of his relatives in the Ukraine, was voiced this morn- ing by the "Nouveau Steele" which defends Petlura. Referring to the book of Dr. Arnold Margolin on the pogroms of the Uk- raine, the newspaper charges that Schwartzbard was "a Zionist instru- ment" and states that "the hands of the Bolsheviks desired to hinder Pet- lura from going to Warsaw to join his friend, Pilsudski, against the Soviet government." Police investigation however, es- tablished the fact that Schwartzbard acted only on his own behalf and that he had no accomplices. Dr. Goldstein, a Russian Jewish attorney who was formerly president of a commission to investigate the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Ukraine, in an interview with the representa- tive of the Paris Jewish daily news- paper, "Pariser Hajnt," declared that "Jewish history knows of no pogroms like those of Petlura." Phillip and George Morrison (whose name was originally Schwartzbard), cousins of Sholom Sehwartzbard, described the story of the Schwartz- bard family and the tragedy which led Sholom Sehwartzbard to kill Pet- lura. In the editorial offices of the Jewish Daily Forward in New York Philip Morrison declared: 'The blood of his father and my father, of scores of our cousins who were killed in the pogroms, the blood of all Jewish mar- tyrs, drove him to this act of revenge on Petlura." The Origin of the Sehwartzbard family was Balta, government of Po- dol. There grandfather, Moses Seh- wartzbard, was a prominent citizen of his community. H6 had fourteen children, among them Isaac, the fat- her of Sholom. Up to 1905 Sholom lived in Balta where he was arrested for participation in the socialist move- ment sentenced to exile in Siberia. On the road he escaped. He was mar- Tragedy Leading To Schwartzbardi's Act ried in 1912. His mother died before and to his father, who remained in the Vkraine, he was deeply devoted, sending him money continually and dedicating many Yiddish poems .t him. During the Petlura pogroms.his father, Isaac Schwartzbard, and his uncle, Isreal, the father of Philip Morrison was killed. In April 1919 Sholom notified Philip Morrison that their fathers had been killed in a pogrom in Oloskoff, government of Podol, together with 102 other Jews. "Describing all the details of this horrible pogrom, Sholom tried to con- sole me and asked me not to think of revenge, 'The entire world is bathing in blood,' he wrote. 'The whole world has gone mad. Your father died for the Sanctification of the Name (Kiddush Ha'shem). You must take it as it comes. You should not think of revenge,'" Philip Mor- risen quoted his cousin's letter, weep- ing bitterly. "In all his letters to me he always urged me not to think of revenge. I asked him several times why he con- tinued to warn me against revenge, to which he replied with the Itebrew phrase 'D'mei Avi Itzaku Li' (My father's blood is calling to me)" The cousins of Sholom Schwartz- bard gave the names of their relatives who were killed in the pogroms. They Include fifty persons of the families of Gaber and Batenski of Balta, Ros- enfeld and Bells of Krivoje Osero, Tokman and Miller of Sabron. We have some good buys in Homes, close in Acreage, View and Waterfront Tracts. BAKKEN REALTY C0. 4535 University Way Melroge 4155 CreaN%p_ is the distinctive bottle for the milk that is guaranteed 4% butterfat, and which en- ables you to pour off the cream when you want to. An Exclusive at No Extra Cost Ask Your Grocer or Call BEacon 0040 NORTH END REAL ESTATE WE SELL REAL ESTATE WRITE INSURANCE MANAGE PROPERTY SELL MORTGAGES BUTTON 4731 University Way lEnwood 0162 M.AHT 3043 emd-3044 CITY TRANSFER STORAGE gO. 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