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June 11, 1926     The Jewish Transcript
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June 11, 1926

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Page Four Ed|totial Pa O  i$ rallSk'ip| June 11, 1926 Cb 00wisb Cranscripl of the Pacific Northwest Issued Every Friday at 1616 Eighth Ave., Seattle, Washington. Phone MAin 2715. Entered as second class matter Sept. 5, 1924, at the Post Office at Seattle, Wash- mgton, under the Act of March 3, 1879. A Weekly Publication Devoted to the [nterests of the Jewish People of Wash- ington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia *nd Alaska. HERMAN A. tIUROWITZ .................... ............ Publisher and Managing Editor P. ALLEN RICI(LES ........ Associate Editor &. tI. MILLER ........ Business Manager ingle Copies, 5 Cents. $2.00 per Year. Advertising Rates Upon Application. "The Home Newspaper o Pcifie Northwest Jewry" Vol. III. Friday, JUNE 11, 1926. No. 14 WE COLLECT Where others fail. "No charges unless collections made. Tryus. Rainier Collection Co. 535 Burke Bldg. ELliott 0497 W. C. MADING REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE Personal Service that gets Results ELiot 8538 1014 Third Ave. EYE EXAMINING EYE GLASS MAKING Largest Stock of Artificial Eyes in the Northwest SEATTLE OPTICAL CO. 214-17 Seaboard Bldg. A Service to Meet Every Need GArfield 0044 RIMBOLD LAUNDRY WET WASH ROUGH DRY SEMI-FINISHED SAaM SILVERMAN I BE YOUR Joahua Green Bldg. On that next job of ADDRESSING MULTIGRAPHING and MAILING use the services of Heidens Mailing Bureau MAin 4724 606 Union St. SEATTLE No Commission Dwelling Loans The Thomas Investment Co. 533 Pioneer Bldg. MAin 8159 Est. 1892 Established in Seattle Since 1892 Phone Main 3326 Des. Melrose 8221 Des. Melrose 8430 GEORGETOWN TRANSFER CO., INC. A. O. SAYRE--R. O. SAYRE MOVING, PACKING, STORING and SHIPPING Office, 300 Jackson St. Seattle, Wuh. Rothenberg Co., Inc. TAILORS Makers of CLEVER CLOTHES for Men as low as $65 915 Second Avenue Near Madison EDITORIAL COMMENTS At its seventy-fourth annual convention recently held in New York City, District No. 1 of the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith by an overwhelming majority, adopted A WORTHY a resolution that all lodges should provide EXAMPLE Kosher banquets and dinners for the future. This resolution was obviously passed in defer- terence to the religious sentiments and convictions of the Ortho- dox members of the Order. Despite the fact that most of the members of the B'nai B'rith are not particular about the obser- vance of the dietary laws, they nevertheless felt that the small minority of strict Orthodox observers were embarrased at public functions or were compelled to remain at home in order to avoid ;uch embarrasment. The action of District No. 1 is highly commendable. It is an llustration of generous and liberal regard and respect for the religious convictions of the minority. In these times, when leaders of all religious denominations in the country are crying out for tolerance as a panacea for prejudice and hate, it may well be held up as an example. Gentiles as well as Jews, who are sincere in their endeavor to establish in the United States that freedom of worship and that sacred respect for religious convictions which the framers of the Constitution contemplated, may well emulate the action of District No. 1. The B'nai B'rith Order will gain strength because of its lib- eral attitude. It is the oldest and strongest of Jewish fraternal orders. Its standing as well as its achievements for the Jewish cause, are attributable to the fact that it represents and is composed of all elements of Jewry. The resolution relating to Kashruth will convince all that the B'nai B'rith Order is truly a Jewish Order, and that it concerns itself with the welfare and the safeguarding' of all branches of Judaism. [SDE] A lesson may oft be gleaned from a mere incident. An even may occur which superficially evokes but a passing interest, yet which on reflection, gives mucl CONTRABAND UNDER food for thought. An ordinary THE IMMIGRATION LAW happening frequently shatter and silences hours of eloquence and oratory. A newspaper recently published in an inconspicuous place in its column the following incident: 'An immigrant condemned to be sent back was standing on Ellis Island in the midst of a group selected for deportation, a- waiting the arrival of the boat. Suddenly a woman, Leona Reic thirty-seven years old, jumped into the sea. When a guard notic- ed that the woman was drowning, he jumped in after her and attempted to save her. But he was soon overcome by cramps and was himself beginning to drown. The condemed immigrant then came out of the midst of the crowd and dived into the sea First of all he saved the woman, bringing her to shore. Then he swam out to the guard and saved him too. In the meanwhile the ship arrived and the immigrant still wet, boarded it to go back to where he came from. It was not possible to secure the immi- grant's name." To the cursory reader, the foregoing account might have gone unnoticed. A more painstaking reader would have probably discovered it, scanned thru its lines, and passed on to other items of greater attraction. But had the reader been interested in the subject of immigration; had he still in mind the ranting of the super patriots in Congress against the undesireables immigrants were he on the verge of accepting the theory of Nordic supre- macy, he would have in all probability paused for reflection. And were fair and open-minded he might have commenced to feel serious doubts as to the broad statements and assertions of our immigration leaders. Week ,,,,,,m,,,,,,,,m,,,Hm,,, eing A Digest of ]ewish Walker Auto Co. $ews yIbroad 00hrysler Twenty-five thousand l)ersons at- tended the funeral of William Vas- zonyi, Hungarian Jewish statesman, who died last Saturday. The pro- DEAILERS eession marched through the streets of Budapest where all the stores were closed. Mourning banners were dis- Three Blocks North of Times Square played. The procession halted at the City IIall and at the Great Synagogue 2218 4Ttl 4VE. ELiot 6172 in Tabak Street. Rabbis Hevesi Ripka and Barezy Ripka eulogized the late statesman. All members of the Opposition party were present. The tenth anniversary of the death of Simon Frug, the late Russian Jew- ish poet, was commemorated in Be,'- p j EMT & CO HIGH GRADE COAL lin last week by the Federation of . . AND WOOD Judge Teitel presided at the gathering. Dr. Simon Dub- Gar. 0338 now, noted Russian Jewish historian, 5th N. and Roy Sts. Gar. 0339 and Saul Tchernikowsky delivered addresses. ART Mrs. Pabinowitz, the widow of the ! coalition government was formed in Philadelphia, on a visit to Baltimore, the Lithuanian parliament, consist- explained the basis of the action of ate Jewish humorist and playright, ing of People's Socialists, Social Dem- the Sesqui-Contennial offieials in set- Sholom Alciehem, and Joseph Baron- oerats and the national minorities, tint aside one day during the eele- dess, last week laid the cornerstone Negotiations are said tobe in pro- bration for the Ku Klux Klan. On of the Yiddish Art Theatre, in which grass with the Jewish deputies con- that day the, Klan will hold what its will be housed in the new Loius N. eerning the reestablishment of the officials declare will be the largest Art Theatre Building at Twel- Jewish national autonomy in the Re- parade in its history. In addition, fth Street and Second Avenue, New public qf Lithuania, the reopening the Klansmen will be granted the use York, on Sunday. of the Jewish National Council, the of the new stadium in Philadelphia, A portrait of Abraham Goldfaden, Kehillahs and the Jewish schools, where drills and exerciseswill be held. "the father of the Yiddish Theatre "The Klan c'amc to the expositio movement," and one of Peter Stuy- PALESTINE officials," the mayor stated, "and vesant, whose estate once owned the asked that a day be set aside for them. theatre site, were plaeed in the corner- The government of Palestine has When asked, they said they did not stone, given 2,500 Immigration permits to intend to wear hoods and carry burn- the Palestine Zionist Executive on mg crosses and other such symbols POLITICS account of the April-September labor of their organization. The parade Four Jewish senators were elected schedule, leaving it to the discretion will be larger according to the officials on the government list in the Senate of the Executive to distribute these than any previously held, including permits as it sees fit among male and the one which took place in Washing- elections which took place last Fri- day. The governmenthadacompletc female skilled and unskilled labor. ton nearly a year ago. The, marchers vietory, the opposition not having It is contemplated by the Palestine will go unmasked." gained any seats. Rabbi Zirelsohn Zionist Executive to consider, in the of I(ishineff, Mr. Gutnie of Chotin first place the claims of the depen- and Mr. Strejtman of Bukowina were dents of the residents in Palestine. The trial of 23 Latvian Jews eharg- elected to the Senate. Mr. Elijah (Continued on Page 8) Mendelsohn was elected to the Senate Rabindranath Tagore, famous poet by the Roumanian Chamber of Corn- of India, will visit Palestine in Octo- meree. Mr. Mendelsohn is a citizen ber, according to a message received of Jassy and is affiliated with the Zion- from him by the Hebrew daily paper, Cash Register Bargains ist Organization. ,, , ;, Ha aretz. In his message, Tagore Adding Machine Bargairm Among the deputies elected to par- sends gleetings to my Palestine Expert Repairing Bargaim liament on the government list are brethern." Seattle's Oldest Dependable Dealer six Jews. The session of the Lithuanian par- ANTI-SEMITISM J.A. SUNDWALL 1105 Fourth Ave. Phone MAhz 9180 liament were opened last week by Maydr W. Freeland Kendrick of Deputy Finkelstein, a Jew, the oldest member of the House. In his address -- Deputy Finkelstein expressed th( wish that the principles of democracy COMPLETE o be strengthened in the Republic of 4utom-%le Lithuanian and that the distriet of .,,,, Vilna, claimed by the Rcpublie, will soon be redeemed. S4VjC deavoring to bring about a reeoneil- Efficient Workmen iation between Lloyd George and Reasonable Prices Lord Asquith, and to heal the breach Knowledge of Our Line in the Liberal Party. [] Cheerful Willingness Make up the complete Service A change for the better in the sit- offered by uationoftheLithuanianJcwryisin ]/[ O'e S TaFIor sight, according to reports received a in Berlin. The reports state that a 401 EAST PINE STREET SEATTLE PHONE MELROSE 2496 Just a piece of human contraband only an"over-quota" im- migrant; an undesirable-this subject of the newspaper account.  [ That is why his picture was not carried on the front page. That  ! ONE BLOCK EAST OF STONEWAY is why he was not awarded any medals nor offered a place in the No W. MORRISON movies. That is why he was neither acclaimed nor glorified. CONTRACTOR FOR But a hero nevertheless, the his hair be black instead cf blonde, his complexion dark in place of fair, and his stature short. His CAST STONE AND PLASTIC RELIEF ORNAMENT feat of awe-inspiring courage will soon be forgotten by the few 3420 INTERLAKE AVE. SEATTLE, WASH. who perchance learned of it. But the incident will leave an in- delible impr:nt upon the man who thinks. More than ever, will Real Chicken Tamales he realize that neither color nor stature is'a fair test of desirabi- g ..... lledservi ..... d "'When You Move--Moe With System" lily; that a man's worth cannot be classified according to clime, WAREHOUSEMEN AND DISTRIBUTORS OF GENERAL race or religion, and that a noble heart may frequently be con- MERCHANDISE AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS cealed in an unchivalrous body and beneath an uncouth appear- ance. SYSTEM DELIVERY CO., Inc. 2607-11 SECOND AVE. ELLIOTT 2067 FR ADA' S Enthusiastic Meeting CO LU M N Opens Appeal Here Parsons, Hart & Co. Proof Of Eleotrial (Continued from Page l) "Care,ulInvestDJent SAVINI]S " "' (Continued from Page 1) exceptional orator. His audience Service" Cooker opular traveled with him through the suf- waters that reflect his careless splen- fering countries of Europe. Hegraph- drE have already this dor in a million hues, looking like a ically pictured the situation m Po- CURRENT OFFERING LIST vv year sold over 4,000 bejewelled pagantry a-float, land, in Bessarabia, in Russia and in MAILED ON REQUEST ELECRC RANGES! The WHERE CAN BE BOUGI-IT the Roumania. He illustrated his talk number in use on our eye- inspiring rush of emotion that comes with pitiful stories that have been tern doubles every year! to one, from beholding the beauty brought back from these countries, llll-IlI4 DEXTER HORTON BLDG. You need not wait for any and majesty of Mr. Rainier, that He called these European countries SEATTLE In Quality further improvement in stands like a great indomitable queen a modern Egypt. That the Jews were ELliott 2874 the Clean, Economical new in coronation robes as the Infinite in slavery there, just as they were in ELECTRIC RANGES. The unveils her from beneath a mass of the old days of Pharoh. The speaker Groceries present ranges offer all then brought his listeners baek to the automatic features you opalescent clouds. THE INSPIRING GRANDEUR of America, and pictured to them the could wish for. Your cook- sunrise and sunset amidst the glacial beautiful country in whichwe live, RiVE mountains of Alaska, that thrill and the freedom that we enjoy here, and D lll Seattle's MostPopular Ing problems are over if you install ELECTRIC awe with their formidable and gigan- the prosperity that has come to us. IPIP mid Ilflh Priced Foe d S to re--- COOKERY now. See the tic splendor. Many a tear was shed during his talk I,,,00nvnn'u00n00 late models--there ts no * * * * and many a listener inwardly agreed Service with a smile, obligation to buy. WHERE CAN ONE BUY the peace to increase his donation. That snug, cozy comfort of a that thrills, that comes to one neath During the afternoon, last Sunday well-enclosed car is always in WE DELIVER the charm of the thousand subtleties the delegates from all Over the state demand. of a star-lit night, or of a soft spring met in conference with the executive morning that graces man's mood, committee of the campaign. ]:ach We Are Comfort Experts American - ,gr0cery lifting his soul heavenward, town accepted its quota. Seattle at * * * * that time undertook to raise between Tops Cushions WHERE, AND FROM WHOM can $150,000.00 and $160,000.00, the bal- Curtains Glass Enclosures Stor- Company one buy life, and the privilege of lie- ante to be raised from the smaller Carpets Silk Curtains ins. communities in the state. All the Seat Covers Sedan Glass 3 Big Downtown Stores LIVING amidst this infinite and delegates seemed conscious of the res- enthralling panorama of beauty and sponsibility that had been placed Upper and Lower Floors action that pulsates with rhythm and upon them and went away feeling AUTO TOP & GLASS Central Market PUGET SOUND POWER moves in a.eadenee of music, with certainthattheircitieswould do their COMPANY 1416 let Ave. AND LIGHT COMPANY endless beauty and blessing, share. CAN GOLD BUY the joy, the ap- After the meeting, Mr. Shemanski (Formerly MacDonald Bros.) 109 Occidental Avenue Electric Bldg., 7th and Olive pre.eiation and the consciousness of took all of the delegates as his guests 1417-19 Twelfth Avenue Seattle Market Phone Main 5000 it all? AND IF IT COULD, WHO to the Olympic for dinner. The con- 1312 4th Ave. --WHO WOULD SELL? vention concluded with the rally held Phone EAst 0506 . 2012 Vernon Place Copyrighted, 1926 in the evening.