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June 3, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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June 3, 1938

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UNE 3, 1 3' 1938 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAGE SEVEN Picture Highlights In The News Of The ek S lie inal :lemande nist of s "tt its insisted th ? economic c Jewish :)f t Jewish | with {sult of on for the u'ged ing of the )osed the I gration; ex [,rary insisted hmm is n (if the 'l,])pealed lenial for ;]|, :ith the at 10,000 n contrib u'ks family :tsky, head nl, of the observed ItEAD MEN I--It's not what's on top of your cranium, but at's inside that counts, the pictures of the four scholars you hera show. Top row are Dr. Louis Finkelstein, one of the d's greatest Hebrew savants, bearded, sharp-eyed and par- bald; and Dr. Erwin Goodenough, completely devoid of DR. JOSEPH J. SCHWARTZ, executive director of the Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities, this week was elected president of the National Conference of Jew- ish Social Welfare at the close of its 39th annual meeting. Dr. Schwartz is a graduate of Yeshiva College and holds a Ph. D. in Semitic languages from Yale Uni- versity. From 1926 to 1928, he held a Sterling Research Fellow- ship at Yale and taught English and government at the American University in Cairo from 1928 to 1929. Dr. Schwartz heads the oldest organization of its kind in Ameri- ca. He was unopposed. He is ex- pected to be a Seattle visitor on June 26, when his organization meets here at Temple de Hirsch as part of the National Confer- ence of Social Work. FUTURISTIC I--This breath-taking structure is a model of the Palestine Pavilion at the New York World's Fair of 1939, designed by Architects Arieh E1-Hanani and Norvin R. Lindheim, son of ex-Ha- dassah president Irma Lindheim. Note the striking contrasts of mod- ern-day Palestine: a land of futuristic buildings peopled by a 3,000- year-old race; a land creating for the future and a land where the age-old festival of Shavuoth, to be celebrated round the world Saturday night, was born. 1 ought Ute covering--or, bald. Bottom row: Dr. Alexander Marx, it of lhe - ;.. c,...{ apadoured goateed librarian, who IS ustodmn of the world s irrs.)ens i[g. st all-Jewish library (100,000 volumes m a 12-stoned-tower), ,-'-- ) let Dr. Alexander Sperber, who parts hxs hmr nattily on the side. JERSEY CITY, N. J. (WNS)-- ... ,._ trial *OUr professors will conduct the first Institute or ,nter-ae- Be'tting and eviction ef several Jews ...... T_ [ alatmnal Studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary ot Am- from New York on Mq.y 7 during the ,t-p,-. ,a, beginning October 94. It will be the first time a raobinical lU'O-][ague demonstr.d;ion err.raged )roman unUOol is o ..... pan I;O unrlstlans ion in tlt[ ' to prevent 1,we nlen]i)ers of Congress from sl)ealdng against llague was 31'SO. ' kill ii 00.00itles! des,,.i,,,,d t,,is week by 1,,'. ,li,'ry F. rtificate d)bi J. II. [ ded withtl;nO, .1- ." ,,' *.1 -r ,- -! guiding ,+mce, Or;, Jilts Jewess, tit, 'ation lasIl'l . named h0 h r Him ,r. ChaiiO[,h O Became Catholic Fo ,,,m'"'"' ,vc00 Nl)O r , , .l'q.)ON (U NS)---I elan(1 s sen- husband, dcse,'ted her two children sources." ut[ tr . , , [1*;,/Al)te s h'tslll)S(! ' ronlanee a)ld elni)race(l (J:ttholieisnl 1)1 order ]),'. \\;Vvl'd v s CliO o, __....___.'/l,}g the 31 y( t, o d Jewess 11 t 8.-. , -. i - . , ,, role d)h to marry Radziwi mounter an ll.dl.arti-]l ue me( ..... 'JttClieSI, OW, a,l(| 0-y( ar-ol([ [ , e " .1 tIN Ul; M: ,  , - fi* ,, ,. T e t,oun{ sltmtiy IAqed 1,O pro- - ,0 Vlle|lllel Pa(iZlWlll, I-AL1AiOI1C . ' . . E N S erat, has gone on the rocks, it vent the marrmg.'e I)3' hawng hHn de- 1  reveal el ued m( n( dly nu ompetent ,,-o, , od ho,o wh,., , ' Isaacs Room lur {farrier Stewart l).twson, 57- I/d, er Radziwill left Miss Suches- ztaa ....  are 7ptd Widow of an Australian. ]nil- tow stranded, in Monte Carh) "ffter 1libra ____ ,,,gave n(ltice at the London slu, h'td lenl, him money to help him gue ._..e ,5 y oltice of her intention to out of legM tnmbles. She is now re- y the hwn. m  sh d)b* hotel ni --' I Count. porte(l ' ' g' i 3 " e Jewish woman divorced her Pans. u r 00all St. Lists Palestine 00eurities In Stock Market Beating Of Jews By Hague's Men Exposed; Dr. Eddy, Christian Leaders Defend Rabbi WaM, Union Theoh)gical Senlil,ary 1)rofessor "md national chairman of the American Le,lgue for Peace .'uul l)('mocracy, as indicative of "an anti- S(qnitism which is the result of a dc- 1)rol)agan(la from religious as well as political ])r. W.trd was one of the sl)eakers at an anti-Ihtgue meeting in F'tir- NEW YORK (WNS)--"The Jew who gives aid to a nmn like Mayor Ilague is a traitor to his race," Bor- ongh President Stanley M. ]saaes (lcclared this week in an .M(h'ess be- fore 1,000 delegates of the Federation Aids Rabbi YORK (WNS)--Trading ill Sti'm Securities is expected to in this country,as a result of by the Federal Securi- Conmfission this week newly-organized American Scc,u'ities C,)ml)any. 8akicr, organizer and manag- sttid that I'ales- ca(ting comlnmies , exclud- alestine 1,'oun(lation Fund Jewish Nation.d Fund, have eaDital of $52,500,000, includ- ing two cal)it'dized tt more titan $10,000,000--the P'destine Electric Corl)oration with $12,500,000 and the General Mortg'ge Banl with $12,- 000,000. Sakier's company will offer for sale to Americ'm investors securities of such coral)antes as the Anglo-Pales- tine Bank, the 1)alestine Electric Corl). , tile Nosher l)ortl'md Cement Co., the l)'destine Land l)evelop- ment Co., and 1)alestine lh)tcls, ns soon as indivilhml issues are I)roperly registered with tile SEC. of Jewish Women's Organizations. l)echu'ing himself shocked "to learn that a Jewish ral)bi win) op- l)osed Fasl'ism had l)een driven out of Jersey City by metal)ors ef his own f:dth," Isaacs called on Jews to be "on the side of those who are sup- porting democracy, for the forces that wouhl destroy democracy would likewise destroy liberty and Juda- isln." DR. SHERWOOD EDDY, world- famous Y. M. C. A. leader, who sprang to the defense of Rabbi Plotkin, anti-Hague loader in Jersey City, N. J. Cantor's Daughter To Marry irishman HOI,LYWOOI) (WNS) -- Eddic Center's third daughter, Edna, is engaged to marry an h'ishman, mend)ors ef the Cantor family an- nounced this week. The future smMn-law ef tim fam- ous comedian is Jimmy Mcl[ugh Jr., son of the song writer of lhe santo name. The wedding is scheduled for Scptend)er 1S. Miss Centre' is 19; her tiance, 23. Down to the ch)se ef the lSth Cent- u,'y the three callings that were ot)en to Jews in Europe were" money-lend- ing, ohl clothes dealing and peddling. Clerk, Now Movie Mogul, Makes Film About Life One.Time Singing Waiter On East Side, Irving Berlin piece has 1)con given 10,000 separate performances since its coml)osition. 13erlin didn't even own tile rights to the song until 1925, when he i)ought Ul) this and the rights to all the other slings tie had written but did not tlmn own. Among those who had a hand in the production was Seymour Felix, one of New York's and Hollywood's best known dance directors, lie was assisted I)y A1 Siegel, who used to st,ge all the dances in Central Park Casino in New Ym'k. Today one of the girls whose ilrst appearances was in that famed Ca- sine--Ethel Merman--is in a feat- ured part in "Alexander's Ragtime Band," working with Siegel again. ]hn'nar(1 Ilerzbrun, studio art di- recto,', was in charge of the ex- pansive art work, assisted by Boris Leven, while Alfred Newman, under contract to Samuel Gohtwyn, con- ducted tile various musical numbers for the sound track. Ahnost every (lay Berliu visited the fihn set to watch production. lie ahnost always sought an in- conspicuous spot on the set. By DICK CHASE Special Writer. -- When Irving his dynamic career as Waiter in "Nigger Mike" Place at No. 12 Pcll Street one of his first, and Was a young drug and tim corner in the Bow- name was Joseph M. 8chenck is chairman of the 201h Century-Fox Studios. of offices is on the first thlor 20th-Fox ration I)uilding on the fringe Hills. above him is the suite are Inany reasolls wily botil and Berlin are deeply con- )Ver the just-completed tim, "Alexander's Rag- Schenck the tihn in- ge exl)enditur e for the to Berlin, the fihn of how he rose froth ttrchin to AIneriea's No. 1 sting Writer. While wandering through some of tile 85 sets constructed especially for the dramatic sl)ectacle of h'ving Berlin's musical deveh)pment, we corralled a few vital statistics; Dramatic sequences were built around 32 worhl-famous Berlin hits and three new swing melodies-- Marching Along With Time, My Walldng Stick and Now It Can Be Told. Among songs featured, and the years of the composition, nre" Alex- ander's Ragtime ]}and, 1911; When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Mabam, 1911; Everybody's Doin' It Now, 1911; That International Rag, 1913; For Your Couutry and My Country, 1917; Old ltow I 1late to Get Up in the Morning, 1918; A Pretty GM is Like a Meh)dy, 1919; S'ty It With Music, 192l; What'll I 1)o? 1923; All Ahme, 1!)24; Renlelnl)er, 1925; Blue Sides, 1027; Heat Wave, 1933; Let's l,'ace the Music and ]).mce, 1936. The l)iano on which Berlin com- 1)osed the title tune ])as had more llu})licity SlmCe in recent ycnrs than many a dive, but it always makes good copy. So lmre are some notes on the in- strmnent: Most of Berlin's 600 tunes have been coml)osed on the t)iano, a "second-hand" (when Berlin picked it up) Weser upright grand. It's been abroad countless times, around the world once. Purclmsed in 1910 with the first $100 Berlin ever saved, the piano lind to be completely overhauled be- fore lie could use it. It tins a gear shift contraptim which changes the entire keyl)o'u'd to any tonal range. Berlin's musical ear, curiously, has an F sharp range, and he can play only on the I)lack ivories in that key. When he composes, incidentally, he has a musical technician write the ]totes down, much in the same lnanner a business lnan dictates a letter to his stenogr'tpher--for Ber- lin can't read music and has had only one or two formal piano lessons in his life. Whc Berlin composed "Alexander's Ragtime Band" he w's on a drawing account nf $25 a week for a Tin I)an Alley music publishing house. Tim JEIISEY CITY, N. J. (WNS)-- Defying the Jersey City Jewish Com- munity "to threw ()lit our congrega- tion and lint our Torah out of this room," 1))'. Irv!ng Schuman, 1)rest- (lent of the Congregation ],]manu-lCl, which has been oMered to wtcate i(s rented quarters in the Center 1)y June 30, this week tokt an audience ill Jews and Christians qt a special servi('e that "we won't gel out." "I defy them to throw out our men's organization," Dr. Schllman sl:id. "I defy them te throw out our women's Ol'g.uliz.ttion ef 400. I de- fy then to throw out in the streels our 175 to 200 children in our 1tel)row school and Sunday school. "Is a group of 10 men going to rule despotically 20,000 Jews in Jersey City, or are the 20,000 to rule these men? This is a fight for the self- 1)reservation of Jews in Jersey City." Other Sl)cakers included Rabbi l'h)tkin, storm-center ef ttm contrn- vcrsy and spiritual leader of the congregation; 1)r. Sherwood Eddy, noted Y.M.C.A. leader; Felix Tu- multy, Catholic layman; and the Rev. William Kcrnan, pastor of Trinity Episcot)al Church of Bay- onne. Dr. Eddy urged Jersey City Jewry "not to 1)e guilty of turning out such a rabbi" as Rabbi Plotkin, whom hc called "a great spiritual leader." Tumulty s'dd he had come "to (lc- fend a brave an(t unruffled man who has been made the public victim of the l)ublic victim of a foul, vicious and unwarranted attack. Dr. Plot- kin has enemies, political assailants, unl)lushing Jews among them, whose t.dnted hands, l'm sorry to say, the unsl)eakallle Hitler would 1)e proud to clasp." Rabbi l)httld n expressed the hol)e that the contriversy might bc set- tled by both sides coming togetlmr to talk it over, but lie emphasized that lie would not surrender tim right to speak out against anything that threatened peace, justice and democracy or anything against the cmnmon good of the city. Charging that in a roundabout way he had bccn told everything would be all right if lie did not speak against Mayor llaguc, Rabbi Plotkin hchl up a sheaf of telegrams from rabbis in other cities, among thmn Dr. Stephen S. Wise, and a telegram informing him of his election to tlm executive I)oard of the United Syna- gogue of America. "Now let anyone say that the Jews of the United States are not behind me," he said. Meanwhile the Hudson County Benevolent Association, a Jewish fraternal society, made public the report of its investigating committee which probed alleged Communistic activities by Rabbi Plotkin. The report upheld the ouster of the congregation as '% proper move for the preservation of the good reputa- ti0n heretofore borne 1)y the Jewish people of Jersey City." The ftrst Jewish ecclesiastic in our country was a Septmrdic chazan, Saul Brown. Shavuoth called in Jewish tra- dition, "the season of the giving of the Law ..... inevitably brings to mind the personality of Moses, the Great Lawgiver. The study reproduced above is an airbursh painting by Louis Kabrin, young Cincinnati Jewish artist, which appears in the Art Calendar for 5699, published by rye National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, world's largest Jewish women's religious organization. Few of America's 4,500,000 Jews observing Shavuoth have ever seen an Omer Table, like that in the museum of the Jewish Theo- logical Seminary of America, pre- sented by Judge Mayer Sulz- berger. The 50 days of the Omer (harvest offering) between Pass- over and Shavuoth are recorded on this Omer Table. IN OLDEN DAYS In Venice, the Jewish community was tolerated l)ut with the express stilmlation that it maintain in the Ghetto four loan-1)anks (pawn-brok- ing establishments in reldity) for tim benefit of the poor. .. WELCOME TO A NEW TRANSCRIPT i" [ ADVERTISER J. B. ERICKSON Designer- Jeweler Engraver - Watchmaker Dependable Wrist Watches and Ring Mountings 8035 Arcade Square ELiot 1999 A REAL ITALIAN DINNER $1.00 "Nothing Like It In Town" Make Reservations for Banquets and Parties ITALIAN VlLLAG CAFE 1413 FrrH Avs.un Phone SE. 977,5