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June 3, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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June 3, 1938

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PAGE TWO THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE JUNE 3, 19ijU Thought Of The Week sl Fr( Goa "The world Jewish scene is not without its ironic touch. Here in America, where the Jewish community is the most free, the most happy, comparatively the most wealthy, there is indifference toward Judaism and things Jewish. In Europe, where millions of our people are persecuted because of their Jewishness, they cling to their faith and their people all the more tenaciously. It is very true that the best way to destroy the Jew is to give him perfect freedom. Hitler is merely strengthening Jewish consciousness and morale. The Jewish scene is not without its irony."--THE JEWISH ADVOCATE, Boston. by h. r father's hand v. Combined with THE JEWISH CHRONICLE , p A Weekly Newspaper for the Jewish People of the Pacific Northwest t 1616 8th Avenue, Seattle Phone MAin 2715 HERMAN A. HOROWITZ ........................ Editor and Publisher NATItAN KREMS ....................................... Associate Editor SIDNEY W. WEBBER .................................. Business Manager OFFICIAL PaOTOaR^PUEa ......... Walters Studio, 4th and Pike Building A weekly paper devoted to the interests of the Jewish people of Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alaska. Entered as second class matter September 5, 1924, at the Post Office at Seattle, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Single Copies, 5 Cents. $2.00 per Year 38 VOL. XV. Friday, June 3, 1938 No. 14 GLARING WEAKNESS HE JEWISH FORUM, Anglo-Jewish monthly catering to the Orthodox Jews of America, has for several months been en- gaging in agitation "to solve the problem of the 8,000,000 Jews in Europe." The plan which it has been proposing, inde- pendently of organizations which concern themselves with this problem, is to settle these Jews in Lower California, which is part of Mexico. As this territory is six times the size of Palestine, and is well situated, with an ideal climate, the Jewish Forum proposes to have this region given over to wholesale colonization by the oppressed Jews of Europe. The Transcript has no intention of passing judgment on the wisdom or practicability of the plan suggested by the Jewish Forum. We do, however, wish to point to one aspect of this plan which deserves comment, and which, we trust, will serve as a caveat for other organizations who take it upon themselves to cure the sorry plight of the Jews with one stroke of the pen. There can be no objection to a periodical publishing articles on whatever subject it deems of interest. It should not, however, attempt to engage in activities for which organizations have al- ready been established. Such world-wide bodies as the Joint Distribution Commit- tee, the Jewish Colonization Association, or the Refugee Econ- omm Corporation are especially equipped to carry on programs of reconstruction in lands of oppression, to explore every possible outlet for colonization in other countries, and to assist in the execution of plans for emigration and colonization which, as a result of expert investigation, they have found to be practicable. This action of the Jewish Forum is only another instance of a weakness which is all too common in Jewish communal life. One hears much talk of Jewish unity these days. One thing is fundamental, and must be universally recognized before any kind of unity can be possible of realization. It should become a part of the accepted code of ethics of the Jewish community for an organization to deal only with prob- lems which are within its domain of action and which it can properly execute. Until this fundamental fact is regarded as axiomatic, one cannot begin to approach even the semblance of unity. It is obvious that the Jewish Forum, or any other publica- tion, is not equipped to act upon this plan and that a new organi- zation would have to be created to carry it out, if the Jewish Forum embarks on the project. Such an organization will merely be duplicating the work done by existing agencies and will add still further to the dupli- cation of effort, confusion and disunity already existing in Jewish life. Strictly speaking, there are no Jews, only Israelites or He- brews. The term "Jew" is but a hangover from the period which stretched from the Second Commonwealth to the destruction of the Second Temple, when Eretz Yisroel was spoken of as Judea. Based upon the Latin Judaei, the expression was buffeted from country to country and "Jew", "Jude," "Juif" became con- venient handles for future history.--RABBI CHARLES BENDER. --Menorah Jourr OU can't blame an editor for getting a funny notion once in a while in this topsy-turvy world, which, f0 all the head-shaking and moaning that goes the rounds, is still a thrilling, mile-a-minute sphere th challenges the very best that's in you. Today's funny notion is to print a fine piece of art--a subli# bit of creative genius--in the place of the usual article on a timely topic of the moment that weekly fills this spaC The idea is this: with headlines screaming of persecution and war and death and diplomatic doubl dealing, with the news telling the gruesome story of poor 12-year-old Peter Levine or the bombing of the littl French town of Cerberre where Dr. Edwin Weisfield was getting his first good meal a few weeks ago after leavifl the Spanish battlefields . . . with that kind of thing tearing at your nerve, maybe you'd like to study the braVt finely-moulded face you see here. It is a direct carving in natural Maine boulder by William Zorach, famed sculptor, of his daughter. Her the father has created with the skilled hands that once lovingly held his baby child, a work of art. He has m d stone live--by creating. And this is our funny notion: if a man can make a thing of beauty out of a piece of stone, isn't thef room for a bit of hope that the human of the species may still create something out of the many-faced worl of today? Think it over! PLAIN (Continued from Page One). congregation had any connection with the fact that several of the di- rectors of this Jewish centers (in which the congregation worshipl)ed) were in one way or another con- nected with the Jersey City govern- ment. Nol No! That would be too much like that which hapl)ens in Zodiac, Wis., or maybe it was Zodiac, Ill., or Zodiac, Me. Anyway it was one of the many Zodiacs in which certain groups of Jews oceasiomdly are found mixing Judaism with local politics. I am told that Jersey City has an enlightened Jewish community that never would descend to the ways of Zodiac. I mention the matter of Zodiac merely because in many another Zodiac there are Jewish com- munities in which Jews (as Jews) and politicians wash each other's hands. I get full of rishus when I think of these Jews in Zodiac. In the city of Zodiac stands the Anshe Giborim Synagogue which was dedicated so auspiciously awhile ago, what with the mayor being there, ac- companied by a fleet of motorcycle l)olice. The day ef Anshe Giborim's dedication was really one of the proud days of a section of Israel in Zodiac. There was a parade in which the Scrolls of the Law were c'rried in 'in auto in which the mayor himself sat; one of the mayor's motorcycle police- men rode on each side of the Torah and ten of them in front. At this spectacle all the Anshe Giborim felt a great dignity was be- ing conferred on the Torah, what with the Law of Zodiac flanking it on both sides and leading it as well. So they arrived at last as the new synagogu where the chazan stood on the outer stairway chanting a psalm before the ch)sed bronze doors which were waiting to be opened by the hand of none other than Mayor Michael ("Butch") Kelly himself. This was the great moment: Mayor Kelly took the golden key. "I herewith declare this here house of Israel opened." . . and with that he turned tile h)ck; the bronze doors swung ellen and the host of Israel marched in behind the Torah and Mayor Kelly. Everybody in the congregation felt it was a ]ntppy auspice that Mayor JEWISH CALENDAR 5698 1988 Ist Day Shavuoth ............ June 5 Rosh Hodesh, Tammuz ...... June 30 Fast of Tammuz .............. July 16 Rosh Hodesh, Ab ............. July 29 Fast of Ab ................. August 6 Rosh Hodesh, Ellul ........ August 28 TALb'V : : : By Alfred Segal Kelly himself was the one to throw the doors of Anshe Giborim open to the Torah. It suggested the great in- fluence of Anshe Giborim in high places . . even up to the City Hall. Anshe Giborim was very proud that some of its biggest men were up in Zodiac politics, and these big men were proud of Anshe Giborim which represented something like 500 votes. They were Mr. Ginsberg, Mr. Gold- berg and Mr. Kornblatt. They were like that with Mayor Kelly; this is to say, if you put two of your fingers close together you can see how close Messrs. Ginsberg, Goldberg and Kornblatt were to Kelly. It was they who first thought of augmenting the dedication of Anshe Giborim with Mayor Kelly, and they were appointed a committee to call on him. "Hutch," Mr. Ginsberg began (he was allowed to call the mayor Butch), "we've come to invite you to Anshe Giborim next Sunday." "Whttt's that?" asked His Honor. "Anshe Giborim is our schul. We're dedicating it Sunday and want you to lead the parade of the Torah (it's the same as the Bible) and to open the door with a golden key." The mayor had a date with the Third Ward Fishing Club on Sunday, but Mr. Ginsl)erg had argmnents why Anshe Giborim shouldn't be neglected. "There's 500 votes there, Butch." The mayor saw at once he ought to go both to the l)icnic of the Third Ward Relnd)lican Fishing Club and to the dedication of Anshe Giborim. And, indeed, scarcely was lie through with ol)ening the dora's of Anshc GilJorim, scarcely had he led the l)arade of the Torah down the aisle to the Holy Ark than he was off to the Repul)lican fishing club with a great clatter of motorcycle police leading the way. The mayor was a fellow who could get around. All this made Messrs. Ginst)erg, Goldberg and Kern blurt very big men even in a congregation so full of big men as Anshe Giborim (as its name suggests.) They couhl feel al- most monolithic ts, side by side, they marched down the center aisle to the altar on the day of dedication. They had done well in two ways. They had favored Jehovah by bringing Mayor Kelly so close to him on this happy day. Then, they beamed with self-'ts- surance at the though that they would not be without reward for this. Mayor Kelly would certainly ap- preciate what tlmy did for him in Imtting him in contact with Anshe Giborim whi('h had so many votes. Mr. Ginsl)erg had been captain of his l)reeinct for about three years and now it was el)out time he was going to the legislature, and the mayor could say the word. Mr. Goldberg had an annoying matter of a building permit up with the administration. Mr. Kornl,latt was trying to get a jol) in the waterworks for his brother- in-law the shlemiel. They were sure that Jehovah makes everything right for eveff who serves him well. It's bad enough for Jude!# Zodiac (in fact, Judaism anyW  to play along with the city ad# tration for the sake of favors kudos. It would be even more gusting to see Jews anywhere ing up the hands of a IIague. For that reason it must be  unthinkable that anything like is going on in Jersey City. (Copyright, 1938). Did You Know? The first Jewish cenmtery on the Nm'th American continent was lo- cated just north of Wall Street in what is now Chathanl Square, New York City. In 1682 the first synagogue in North America was established. It was a one-teem rented house h)catcd on what is now Beaver Street, between Broad Street and Bro.tdway. During the Middle Ages Jews were restricted as to the type of work they might engage in. In some I)laces they were restricted to dcal- ing in old clothes and when secoud- hand chthing became s(arce they would deliberately tear new arl so as to render them seeond-ha least technically. It is recorded that when the were ordered to leave Paler 1493 the inhabitants of the stood on the housetops waving well to their old neighbors wh0 lived in their midst almost fro# beginning of Sicilian history it# Among i)ioneers in the es tall ment of European news-ageneie and possibly three were Jews, # Reuter, Wolff and llavas. The' ish origin of IIavas, however, is ficult to verify. NEW YORK raise $1,000 .eh of the es odox Jews i e money to thodox reli e Support ot ew York, the ' maiaary and Ls and Tahn lanced this w 'esident of th :wish Congre e organizer!( wention. ingle o Be ponl IW YORI estions whic [h Congress w r all Participa o, be held in moeratie ele( d 27 Were abe their place v clare themsel l, asking: I)o YOu favo  Jevish grc ruarding the c [ldeh shall ml( [e defense nf st [elusive agen [raoeratic re! rdance ' wit i Ill/ollncelne 1 [ter a meeting in!Strut!re co The announcl rat "plebiseil ferendtnn, s cations doe'  for the ele, lI. Maldwin ] an of tile bc )fled that 200 ten registrr rye ah'eady *Ughout the 00'rlai ] 00)ppos 00vAs0000I00ayl ration of '- !ative demo llOIlS', tO ttS the present ation of a [}leh democra t%s shall pal rts in a deft ified,, were 1:. ' ritl eonvent telhea  W, Peau aew,s [ i nVtation gress' dem 3scite, pul)l letter this tge(l by AI lt'mi B'ritl )Odicd the vi r.eSsed on M ()n before ! fi)rm of its ] he letter no !tat!on but ch the elect: !rtunate i 'lzatiou was election, ins rganizati o lter diffe (., he letter a ss for havi 1"- arid un(tu alarl)sals fc . , charging sti always bee .. %s calcula qed liberty ( % hy the A: es8 1, llegians Itaee B IVIAI)Is,, ;!!l>o t::,:;:Lo a;ii';att) e. poll l, e8: , lab was Ja: ent Clare tu:yersity of I; %d that 1ell wouI travers d tie}lard Y o ise,::i:Dr"cf 't;:: uaily papc , 'l'lL AVI ,% )f q, , (' trst le! A iv all Stea let tra rs ,'nd m ;ta, uer of ( '"aed 3( im