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June 2, 1933     The Jewish Transcript
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June 2, 1933

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PAGE SIX THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE JUNE 2, 1933 A Christian Tells Why Jews Are Persecuted! This is the first of a series of three articles by Dr. John Haynes Holmes, outstanding religious teacher of this coun- try, whose leadership of the Community Church has stamped him as one of the noblest spokesmen of liberal America, and who will be a Se- attle visitor Tuesday. -- The Editor. By REV. DR, JOHN HAYNES HOLMES S I look at Germany in this dread hour I seem to see a cur- tain lifting on the panorama of the dark ages of the past. I see the Russia of the Czars, and the Black Hundreds killing the Jews as they would kill so many rats in a cel- lar. I see the Spain of the In- quisition, and the expulsion of the Jews, which led to the downfall of that country. I see the destruction o12 Jerusalem and the scattering of a helpless and homeless people to the four corners of the earth. I see the long years of ghettos and synagogues, of pogroms and massacres, which constitute the darkest chapter in the history of Christianity. I see a small and feeble group of men and women, a few millions among the hun- dreds of millions of the world hurried and hunted, tortured and spat upon, writhing in agony and dying in blood, treading through every cen- tury and in every nation that perpetual Via Dolorosa which Christ trod on that fateful day when He made His way to crucifixion--that crucifixion, as we now know, not of one man but of an entire race! cuted among men? W h y as well the Bulgarian atrocities should the Jews be selected, and the Armeuian massacres. In as it were, out of all the tribes Germany today the Jews are meet- of the earth, to meet "the ing no more ghastly a fate than slings and arrows of outrag- the Socialist Republicans on the opus fortune?" one hand and the Red Communists What have the Jews done, or on the other. neglected to do, that in every The Jews, in other words, have no monoply of suffering. They are not the only people who have been persecuted by their fellows. Which means that there must be certain gen- eral causes of persecution which apply to all peoples un- country and in every age they should be obliged to bear the rod of oppression and face the sword of massacre? Is there anything peculiar about these people--any quality that chal- lenges hate, or any danger that dictates destruction? What is the meaning of this perpetual mystery of a tortured tribe and an outrag- ed people? This is the question which I shall attempt so far as pos- sible to answer. The first thing that I would emphasize is the simple fact, not often recognized or remem- bered, that the Jews are not alone in their experience of persecution. The agony which they endure is an agony which they have shared with other racial and religious groups. The Jews, for example, were not the first to see their country ruined, their capital leveled to the ground and their people scattered to dis- tant countries and among alien races, This was the fate which Rome visited upon Carthage three hun- dred years before Titus visited it upon Jerusalem. The Jews are not the only people who have 'been tortured and slain for heresy. What they suffered at the hands of Antiochus Epiphanes, the Chris- tian martyrs suffered at the hands of Nero and Diocletian. The Jews were not the only victims of the We had thought, in this modern Spanish Inquisition. The pains they age, that these horrors were no endured were the same pains more. I at least had never dream- which were ruthlessly inflicted ed, in the wildest stretches of my upon thousands and thousands of imagination, that I should ever see another wholesale persecution of Israel. I knew, of course, that Jews were everywhere still the object of discrimination and abuse--the victims of that prejudice which may be not inaccurately described as persecution reduced to its low- est terms, or 'persecution in the last stages of degeneration. I had never supposed, however that the earlier perfectly good ,Christians. The Jews were not the only peo- ple to be expelled in a body from the only country they ever knew. T.he expulsion of the Huguenots from France in the reign of Louis XIV was not less terrible than the expulsion of the Israelites from Spain in the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. More than a thousand years ago the Christian Albigenses in south- violence and terror of ern France were utterly extermin- days would return. But ated by the bloody sword of Simon der the same given conditions! Yet the Jews are unique in this hideous field of oppression and death--unique in the sense that their sufferings are universal and eternal. They have been despised and rejected not in one place but in every place; they have been tortured and butchered not in one age ,but in every age. Which would seem to imply that there are some special factors at ork in their case which for some reason do not appear anywhere else! The problem before us zs therefore a sin]pie one. It is to discover, on the one hand what are the causes which lead to persecution in general; and, on now we see the imminent collapse of our civilization. Suddenly, with- out any warning of any kind, we are being carried back into the Dark Ages with all their bigotry and hate, their superstition, ig- norance and savagery. And cen- tral today in this renaissance of barbarism is the persecution of the Jew. Which raises once again the de Montfort. Less than one hun- the other hand, what are the spe- dred years ago the Bahaists of cific causes which operate in the .Moslem Persia were ravaged in a life of Israel. massacre which, among o t h e r Before coming to grips with this things, took the lives of thirty problem, I want to answer a ques- thousand men and women in a tion, or rather meet an indictment, single day. which always appears whenever we The same period which witness- encounter the riddle of discrimina- ed the Russian pogroms witnessed tion or prejudice against the Jews. ,.o 00ows ,o00ovo00 STREET PHARMACY -Watson 616 IROADWAY N, BAUS:=:AN, OLD;rAM, COHEN SOL. L. SHURE Company Azvzs  zRY R, GESx0N A L L @ FREE 141o oe "Ida-, 4. 1985 CApitol DELIVERY 0 3 9 3 2  Promptly NOTICE OP Sl'IllIPP,S SALB OIP IEAL BSTAT- State of Washington, County of King, ss. Sheriff's Office. By virtue of an Order of Sale is- sued out of the Honorable Superior Court of King County, on the llth day of May, 1933, by the clerk there- of in the case of John W. Allen, as Receiver and Liquidator of The Home Savings and Loan Association, (sub- stituted for Harry C. Johnson, as such Receiver), Plaintiff, vs. Harold M. Phillips and Eva L. Phillips, his wife; A. G. Bergman, a wi, Marion C. Miller, a widow (also known as Marian C. Miller); F. W. Brandt, a single man (alias Harry Payton); Irene Cook a widow; Abe N. Olson, as County "Clerk, as Trus- tee; Roy C. Simpson and Alma A. Simpson, his wife, and the United States of America, No. 252092, and to me, as Sheriff, directed and deliv- ered : Notice is hereby given, that I will proceed to sell at Public auction to the highest bidder for cash, within the hours prescribed by law for Sher- iff's sales, to-wit: at Ten o'Clock A. 1. on the 24th day of June, 1933, be- fore the Court House door of King County, Jefferson Street entrance, at Seattle, in. the State of Washington, tne following aescmbed property, sit- uated in King County, State of Wash- ington, to-wit: Lot 6, Block 2, Oakland Addition to the City of Seattle, according to plat recorded in Volume 8 of Plats page 57, records of King County: Washington, situated in the County of King, State of Washington; lev- ied on as the property of all of the said defendants herein, to satisfy a judgment of a foreclosure of a mort- gage against the hereinabove de- scribed property amounting to Three Thousand :Eight Hundred Nineteen and 86/100 Dollars ($3,819.86), utter- Skinner & O:r Engineering Co. 1658 20th Ave. PRospect 0411 FUNERAL DIRECTORS EAst 0013 1702 Broadway SEATTLE Ernest Bolden, Defendant: You are hereby summoned to ap- pear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to-wit: within sixty (60) days after the 19th day of May, 1933, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff. and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attor- ney for plaintiff at his office below stated: and in case of YOUr failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint which has been filed with the clerk of said court. The object of the above entitled action is a divorce, brought by Plain- tiff against Defendant on the grounds J of non-support. ALeX CAPLA.W PERRY R, GE]Sr01" 422-5 Smith Tower. MAin 5254 1410 oge Bldg. -1. 1988 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR KING COUNTY KING COUNTY SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION SUMIONS BY PUBLICATION No. 26274g No. 262902 A.D. Sharrar, Plaintiff, vs. Florence Sharrar. Defendant. Maudess Bolden, Plaintiff, vs. Ernest The State of Washington, to Flor- Bolden, Defendant. The State of Washington to the said once Sharrar, Defendant: ney's fees of $175.00, the cost of suit i PERRY R. GERSHON, and interest in favor of plaintiff. Attorney for Plaintiff. Dated this 12th day of May, 1933. P. C2. Address, CLAUDE G. BANNICK. Sheriff, ! 1410 Hove Building, By L. E. Anderson, Deputy.  Seattle, King County, Wash. 5-19-33--5t--6-16-33 : 5-19-33--7t--6-30-33 I You are hereby summoned to ap- pear within sixty (60) days after the first publication of this summons, to- wit; within sixty days after the 13th day of May, 1933, and defend the above entitled action in the Superior Court of the State of Washington, for King County aforesaid, and an- swer the complaint of Plaintiff, and serve a copy of your said answer or other pleading upon the undersigned attorney for Plaintiff at his address below stated, and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint which has been filed with the clerk of the aforesaid court. The object of this action is to pro- cure a divorce from defendant on the ground of desertion and abandon- ment. ALEX CAPLAN, Attorney for Plaintiff. 422-5 Smith Tower, Seattle, Washington. 5-13-33--6t--6-17-33 Why are Jews persecuted? Because, we are invariably told, the Jews are an objec- tionable, even an obnoxious, people. In their natural condi- tion they are dirty and un- clean. In their higher condition they TERRORS OF THE POGROM still remain coarse, vulgar and un refined. Always, we are informed they are loud-mouthed, arrogant and intrusive. Jews have no stan- dards o{ culture and no good man- ners, and are thus a constant of- fense to decency. In their personal habits they ave unendurable. In their business methods they are shrewd and cun- ning, and almost invariably un.. scrupulous. Ezploiters not only of other but of their own people, they are utterly materialistic and have no higher passion in life than that of mouey-making. Nobody can live, or at least wants to live, with Jews. Wherever they move in everybody else moves out. They are objectionable even to themselves, for Portuguese and German Jews are frequently the first to flee from the company of Russian and Polish Jews. These people are obnoxious, that is all. If persecuted it is for the same reason that stones are re- moved from a road, or weeds torn up from a garden. I think you will agree with me that this is the most fre- quent charge which is brought against the Jews, and the com- monest explanation of the dis- advantages and ills which they are made to suffer. What now are we to say to this in- dictment? I would say, with great empha- sis, two things: In the first place, the accusation is untrue. In his ,famous speech in the British House of Commons on "The Conciliation of America," the great liberal ora- tor, Edmund Burke, made the im- mortal statement that he did not "know the method of drawing up an indictment against a whole peo- ple." What Burke thus said of Ameri- cans is true as well of Jews. Neither against this people, nor against any *people, can a charge of universal pplication be brought. I am willing to concede that there are objectionable Jews, many objectionable Jews, just as there are many objectionable persons in every social group. I am willing to concede that I have seen individual Jews who were as obnoxious as any Gentiles I ever met in my life. I am willing to concede that there are whole sections of the Jewish people, those who are only a generation or two removed from the European ghettos, who are ob- jectionable to all persons of cul- ture and refinement. A great American Jew has him- self drawn in vivid colors the ugly picture of these fellow-tribesmen of his in the pages of that unfor- gettable novel, which most of us read some years ago, "The Rise of David Levinsky." I am even willing to concede that the offenses of offensive Jews are of a peculiarly distinctive and emphatic character, due, I may hasten to point out, to the distinc- tive and emphatic character of the miserable lives which they have been forced to live. if a Jew is dirty it is be- cause he has not yet escaped from the ghetto or the slum in which the world has doomed him to exist. If he is aggres- sive it is because he has been forced to develop this quality as a condition of mere sur- vival, If he is financially unscrupulous it is because he is the descendant of a tribe which for centuries was denied any opportunity to earn an honest living, and was therefore forced to exist by the sheer exer- cise of its wits. But these qualities, and similar qualities, are not racial in charac- ter. They are not characteristic of Jews as such. On the contrary, they are qualities which appear in all individuals in all groups which have not yet escaped from the social doom of prejudice and out- lawry, and especially from the curse of economic servitude. As well point to a man arising from a torture-machine and blame him for his bleeding flesh and broken limbs and shattered nerves, as to point to a Jew and blame him for the attributes of his ghetto existence. if there are Jews today who are spiritually bruised and bat- tered, demoralized and dehu- manized, it is not because they are Jews, but rather because they are men and women who bear the stripes which genera- tions of persecutors have laid upon them. And you and I have the effron- tery to condemn them because they carry the scars of wounds we have inflicted ! The fact of the matter is that Jews, if given a chance, are quite as other men. The Jews of Ger- many, for example, who have re- sided in that country for a thous- and years, represent today the fin- est ,blood, ablest brains and noblest culture of the nation. German Jews are the leaders in every walk of German science, art and politics. These German Jews labor today under no mcre serious disability in the Hitler regime than the fact that they are with few exceptions the leaders of German life. I think it pretty late in the day to undertake the defense of our Jew- ish brethren, Lbut since the ques- tion is up, let me say this: I know Jews, cherish then], ad- mire them, love then], and am thus able tc testify to their gentleness and refinement, their noble culture and artistic genius, their domestic virtue and business integrity, their utter fidelity to the ethical tradi- tions and ideals which are the pe- culiar heritage of their tribe. The Israelite is a man among men, one of our human family, and if he sometimes shows the worst, he quite as often shows the best that human nature can afford. This is my first answer to this miserable charge, that it is untrue. My second answer is that it is beside the point! We cannot persecute men be- cause of their moral imperfec- tions. If we started to do so there would be no end of ter- ror, and no group among us all would be safe from outrage. As a matter of fact, we do not persecute men for this alleged rea- son. The personal qualities of in- dividuals did not enter into the persecution of the Christian mar- tyrs, nor of the Protestant heretics, nor of the Armenian victims. In the same way they have never really entered into the persecution of the Jews. What has happened is that, as a result of an histori- cal and psychological process which I shall describe in a subsequent article, we have persistently tor- tured and slain the people of Israel. Having committed this crime which we know in our hearts to be damnable, we have in- stinctively sought for reasons which would explain our ac- tion. Having killed the Jew, we prove that he was not fit to live. The charge, of course, is as fallacious as it is wicked. It is high time, for the sake at least of our own reputation for in- telligence and good will, that this miserable indictment of our Jew- ish brethren were dropped. The real reasons for the persecution of Israel lie deeper and in quite other directions. (Copyright, S. A. F. S.) It's Speedy--Less than two minutes from --package to oven. And Delicious--The shortcake rivals the strawberries in flavor. BISCUIT MIX