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May 5, 1933     The Jewish Transcript
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May 5, 1933

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MAY 5, 1933 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE Property 01 P00Jti00 Lib00&00 PAGE FIVE - 111 IN THE WEEK'S NEWS ORGANIZATION NEWS N **  ** about-town, B'nai B'rith-ite and script editor and publisher; P. young business executive, this AHen Riekles, Herzl Congrega- week became vice-president of tion president and B'nai B'rith itp     ff the Standard Furniture Corn- leader; and Leo Weisfield, lead- nitlrr Children Await Lag b'Omer Picnic, . * * C. m puny. Berman Schoenfeld, pres- ing jeweler and B'nai B'rith-ite, By Lester Ashram Parade To Be Held Sunday, May 14  Joseph DeLeo, ident, is the only officer not a attended a citizens' conference -- member of the Schoenfeld third Wednesday evening to prepare Add ConGratulations : To Naomi If, in hundreds of Jewish homes , the picnic, Mrs. Pass announced. Does the foot of Mount Rainier generation. Herbert A. Schoen- a city-wide crusade against Fleishman upon her pledeship to today, children ring the calendar Mrs. F. Boguch is in charge of wear a shoe? When day breaks over feld, Jr., became secretary and. racketeering. Alpha Kappa Dcha, sociology hono- at May 14, they're probably only supervising younger children's ac- Mount Rainier, into which crevice Berman Schoenfeld, Jr., treas- * * * rary. To Lorraine Alexander. Roslyn making sure they don't miss the tivities. Mrs. J. Schmulman heads or gully do the pieces fall? urer. Mark M. I_itchman, philoso- Morris, Muricl Shincman and Sybil city-wide Lag .b'Omer parade and a P. T. A. group preparing badges The answers to these and many * * * pher of parts and attorney, Levy, on their initiation into the all-day outing at Fortuna Park, and ribbons to be worn by the pic- other questions will be found by Nathan Eekstein, pioneer Jew- spoke Wednesdaynoon on"Slot At ic Players And again to Lor- sponsored by the Seattle Talmud nickers and Mrs. S. Blockoff and the Y H. L. C. group going to ishleader, thisweek was named Machine Law" before the Seat- rains Alexander on tcr pledging to Torah Parent Teachers' Associa- Mrs. Dave Wegodsky will be in Mount Rainier this Sunday for the by Mayor Dore on the commit- tle Bar Association. Spurs, feminine Knights of the Hook. tion. Children may register for the charge of refreshments, club's annual hike, Ralph Eskenazi tee to greet the fleet, when it * * * And, finally, to Cecil A. Fried- man, Tacoma chemistry wizard, who outing Sunday from 8:30 to 10 a.m. Milk, ice cream and cookies will hike chairman, promised today, arrives here in June. Lou Kessler, Legionnaire, ex- was pledged to Sigma Xi, national at the Talmud Torah, Mrs. David be served at the picnic, Mrs. Pass Hikers meet at 24th Ave. and Yes- . . . deputy sheriff and master of science honorary, the only Jewish Pass, chairman, announced today, announced, but children should ler at 5:30 a. m., daylight saving Rabbi Samuel Koch of Tern- ceremonies, this week became lad of 44 on the pledge list. From the ranks of the Jewish bring their own lunch, she said. An time. Wear a hat and colored ple de Hirsch this week was president of the Beverage Store Tape-breaker: Harry Pruzan, Junior League and the Maccabees orchestra, led by Charles Rosen, glasses for protection against the revealed as member of acom- Owners' Association, represent- HUsky 440-yard track ace, took first will be chosen former Talmud will accompany the Lag b'Omer pc- sun's glare, mitres fighting the state horse ing 50 Seattle beer dispensar- in the event Saturday at the Wash- Torah students who will supervise rude marchers. Orchestra members * * * racing bill. He was also chosen ies. ington-College of Puget Sound race. activities of the children during the include Harry Ashcanase, Emil Everyone had a fine time at the to deliver the benediction at His time: 50:8. parade---Seattle's first Jewish dem- Barish, Tom Cordova, Ada Golden, splash party Saturday at Crystal University of Washington grad- Councilman David Levine onstration -- and at the picnic Mathilda Golden, Sol Gould, Selma Pool. Chairman Sam Alhadeff turn- nation exercises, voted "No," but daylight saving Happy Returns: One happy re- grounds. Children between the ages Kramer, Zelma Spiegelman and Los ed over profits to the Seattle Pro- . . . time will go into effect in Se- turn was that of Eleanorc See, of of six and sixteen are invited to Zetin. gressive Fraternity's Welfare Fund. William B. Staadeeker and attle Sunday. He was on the Portland, who visited her Alma short end of the 7-to-2 vote. * * * Elizabeth Staadeeker, promi- --Mater last week. :{iss See stayed at . . . the a E. Phi house, of which she is a ] bt[t Flash: The joint initiation is set nent in Temple de .Hirsch member, ttllathtikay for May 20. Watch for details, young people's activities, last Myer Aronson, Talmud Torah Jokers: If you have ever put salt week celebrated their birth- president, this week had a dual in your coffee, mistaking it for sugar, days on the same day. Both store "opening"--once, after the found your chest of drawers topsy [ 00!luI 00eattle igalmub were born in Seattle. Roy G. moving of his hardware store Rosenthal, printing executive to 1415 First Ave., and again, tarry, or all-the light globes un- By Dena Alkana T0r[ when opened the store screwed, you'll understand the atLi- and Temple leader, marked his yeggs rude of the A. E. Phi's, who are out   birthday Monday. He, too, was safe, taking $1,600 in cash, two gunning for four young gentlemen The Workmen's Circle picnic corn- Lag b'Omer, May 14, was set Monday, May 8----Meetin 0 of the born in Seattle. diamond rings and $500 in se- '(well, maybe not gentlemen), mlttee this week met at the home of this week as the date for our See- Board of Directors, 8 p.m. , , . curities. Sprin, is Here: But Dick Bendix Mrs. Pauline Goldberg to plan the yom Hatorah celebration. ]very- Sunday, May 14---Lag b'Omer William A. Prager, a founder played King Winter and Lily Gold- picnic dance to be held June 11 at one is invited. Excursion. of the Seattle Junior Chamber berg cavoted as Miss Sunbeam, in a Fortuna Park. Ben Levine and Abe The Talmud group will meet at , . . FreeDdiveryAnywhere--PHONIE MA0g00 of Commerce, University of playlet at the German Club party Shulman were chosen co-managers; 7:30 a. m. Saturday and at 4 p.m. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Washington graduate and ad- SEATTLE Local--Eastern---Imported lastweek. The shamcof it! Louis Arshon, secretary; J. Blurt, At 6:30 p. m. Rabbi Baruch Sha- S. Aaron on the bar mitzvah o.f vertising specialist, this week BEER AND WINE 00)er00l 00uni0r uro; and Pauline Goldbcrg, B. piro will lecture on Pirke Ovos, their son, Eugene, Saturday at the took over direction of the mer- STORF 616 Union St. Stein, H. Weiner, S. Ringold and J. and the daily Ein Yakove study Bikur Cholum Synagogue, and to chandising and promotional Open Ua.m. till Midnight. ExeeptSun. ,[tlb Arshon as committee members. Co-willbeheldfrom6:45to7:45p. m. Mrs. Susie Cohen, whoseson, Philip, program of Prager's, newname operation from all sources has been Thos who have not yet sent in By Art Sternoff assured, will celebrate his bar mitzvah at of the pioneer clothing firm * * * * their Yiskr mney are asked t theHerzlSynagogue. Bothboysa re which his father, M. Prager, rCl O0 II" ,b4 -"l International May Day was cele-: do so. The money goes for the Talmud Torah pupils, president, founded in 1890. The German situation will be dis- brated in Workmen's Circle Hall three great Torah institutions, the USsed at the Guild meeting Sunday Monday, by the Workmen's Circle of Slabodker Yeshiva, Keelel Kovno, * * * night at 8 p. m. in the synagogue Seattle and Seattle local of the So- and Chief Rabbi Cook's Yeshiva Mrs. S. Abrams, mother of Dave, Sam Weisfield, jewelry execu- vestry room. Herman Shocken cialist Party of America. W. R. at Jerusalem. was hostess to the Talmud Torah tire, did a bit of gavel-wielding Bar Mitzvah Club April 23. Two this week at the annual meet- Seattle's Smartest Meeting Place prominent German-Jewish leader, Snow, Socialist district organizer; new members, Morris Young and ing of the Washington State Will be the prinipal speaker. Professor F. H. Farquarson, Uni= T[[q Morris Jaffe, attended. Last Sun- Retail Jewelers' Association, of The Guild indoor baseball tear versity of Washington; and C. F. Presents for your en- Won its first league game of the sea- Brackett, spoke. A. R. Klein was Organi00ation00 (lay Mrs. J. Casher, mother of Is- which he is retiring president, tertainment -- Dancing son, defeating Dunlap Baptists nine, the chairman, rael, served the breakfast. Again * * * ovory night till 1:30 to :6 to 2. Tuesday, the Guild plays Im- i * * * By Milton Klegman two new members, Martin Berger Henry "Hank" Prusoff, the the Club 400 Band. Beer manuel Lutheran at Garfield play-I Women's Branch _ and Mayer Grashin, were in attend- Northwest's No. 1 tennis clam- and Wine--the best oh- field; May 16, Plymouth Congrega- Leonard Friedman, Wilbur Meier ante. pion, will seek new laurels June tainablo; Dutch Lunch t.iona at Collins; May 22, Gethse- Proceeds from a. card party sport- and Milton Klegman presented corn- . . . 19 when he participates in the with boer ovory day from mane at WaJaington Park. sored by the women's branch, to be ments on news of the day at the Fifteen pupils enrolled for begin- Western lawn tennis champion- 11:30 a. m. Aaron Maslan reviewed a book on held Tuesday aL 1 p. m. at Work-Young Men's Jewish Forum weekly hers' classes this week at the Tal- ship at Chicago. He received the Marranos, secret Jews, at Miss men's Circle Hall, will go for .meeting Monday evening at Milton mud Torah, Rabbi Max J. Wohlgel- the invitation this week and  NINTH & PINE )j Lillian Clein's home Monday even- kitchen equipment. Admission will Klegman's home. Mrs. Dave Kleg- ernter, educational director, an- was also bidden to the national Eneca 2383 ing. Two one-act play presented by be nominal, man, the host's mother, served re- nounced today. Students are Eu- clay court tourney, k  _.d the Herzl Players were really a . . . freshments. All members are asked gene and Mildred Blonder, Jule "CreditEdith Newman,t the organizationAl Lachman Annand Young Circle Club to come to the next meeting at Berger, Bobble Kessler, Walter Kot- Jewish Forum Leonard Friedman's home. kins, Arthur Kulman, Lucille Kurus,  l:(ube MasIan plan more like per- The May Day celebration was a . * * frmances, great success. Let's not stop now. Sybil Levy, Henry Mitchell, Carl Every member must take an lntcrest Contract and auction bridge, with Shyman, Rosalie Sidell, Stanley TO Be Held Your   ,,OmjLl. 3/,,,,,..A "1 l; 1 in eve," activity o[ the club. At our prizes to the winners, will be the Singer, Martin Stern, Robert Wach- next meeting, Tuesday, the first six order of the day Wednesday at 8 tin and Richard Wilner. By Stanley Blumenthal, Jr. months of our existence will draw to P" m. at a card party sponsored at "Has Judaism anything to offer -- a close. Officers will be nomlnatcd, the Synaggue bY the ladies' auxil to the Jewish student ?" will be the Service Temple League will celebrate Vol. 1, No. 2of the "SearchlighU' iary. Mrs. S. J. Farber is chairman, li' 00uni0r 00ooic of an all-University Jewish MOther's Day at a meeting Sunday will be also ready at the next meet- assisted by Mesdames C. Sussman, forum, first event of its kind in May 13, at which mothers of mem- ing. Don't forget--Tuesday at 8:30 B. Thompson, Rose Friedman, W. g[.[ recent years, to be held at the Twenty-four hers Will be guests of honor. Wil- p. m. sharp! D. Meier, I. Yudelsen and M. Fine- By Mayer Mottelson Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity Wednes- fred Fleishman, League president, gold. day at 8 p. m. at the fraternity hours a day Urges members to make their date $[0r l Lag b'Omer will be the occasion chapter house, 4632 22nd Ave. N.E., With mother now. By J. Kloi,e Lone Jewish Girl o a "different" Junior League meet- Henry Kotkins, chairman, announc- [C[t[b -- lag--to be held this time in a the- ed today. Yellow Cab A program of lussian folk songs, Wins Musical Honor atre, when the League turns out The forum is designed to "en- dances, and ballroom dancing has Rachel Peha, Garfield High School for the production of Chekov's play, liven interest in Jewish ideas Co A committee of Maccabees was been arranged for the Icor Rus- junior and ,talented violinist, this "Uncle Vanya," starring Arthur among University students of * 'chosen by Rabbi Max J. Wohlgelern- sian evening, S'aturday, at the week was receiving compliments Weinstein, Sophie Rosenstein and our faith, and to further better MAin 6500 ter, Talmud Torah educational dlrcc- New Finnish Hall, 9th Ave. and upon her being the only Jewish David Hoffman, at the Women's friendship between the Jewish "or, this week to participate in the Yesler Way, at 8 p. m. Proceeds student participating in the North- Century Club, Saturday evening, students of the University of Talmud Torch's Lag b' Omer parade will go to help Jewi, sh pioneers in west High School Orchestra, made May 13. Washington and Sigma Alpha and picnic at Fortuna Park, May 14. Biro-Bidjan. S,am Shore, who just up of high school studeiats from Following the play, beer and Mu fraternity," Mr. Kotkins ex- lilllIIIIlliIIIflllllllll[iilllllll/lllllllllfiillfltlllllh Sidney Nelson is committee chair- returned from Biro.Bidjan, will i Idaho , Montana, Oregon, Washing- sandwiches will be served and plained. an, aided by Max Gurevitch, Sol speak. Russian food will be served, ton and Alaska, which played at Leaguers will dance at the Talmud All Jewish co-eds and collegians J W GBS01 erg, Herman Nyvelt, Herb Droker, Everyone is invited, the Civic Auditorium recently. Torah. Reservations should be made are invited to take part in the in- Sam*yraanLawson,H' Cohen,Max HymanKaminoff,Cohen,Lco immediately with Bill Prottas, East formal symposium, Mr. Kotkins : Levine and Syd Kossen. Jews Join In Honoring Roosevelt; 1218, o;Rose Leskin,. ,Prspect 8860. said. Carpet Cleaning A party and dance will be held by an4 theNaccabecsMay20'attheTalmud President's Day Meeting Draws 750 thrilling story of early Se-  ibt Torah. Also, not far off, are summer attle days will be retold for mem- ]L*Ogg, Rug g/raving Co. utings and picnics, of w:.ich more With prayer and reverence, Se-,die leader, and Albert Levy, Se-bers and their friends in an illus- .fraternitv Will be told in the Transcript later, attle Jewry celebrated President's I phardic Talmud Torah principal, trated lecture Wednesday evening, Entire stock of Waldron's Rugs, Carpets and Linolo )0[ Of $I Day Sunday. With fellow citizens Margaret and Rachelle Ben- May 10, at the Talmud Torah at8 'Members are .requested to at- sum for sale at Gibson's. throughout the nation chief observ- ezra provided musical entertain- p.m. by Benjamin W. Pettit, So- tend the next raeeting, Sunday, at ance of the day in the Jewish com- ment. Dr.Tarica characterized attle pioneer. 11 a. m., at the EducationM Cen- Chinese and Oriental By Dave Fink, See'y. inanity was the special service Sun- the celebration as "one of the Mr. Pettit's collection of slides ter. Important rbusiness will ,be Rugs a specialty . . . Re- day afternoon at the Ezra Bessa- most impressive gatherings contains views of the old University discussed with current events read. making, fitting and lay- At the regular meeting Sunday, roth Synagogue, in which more than ever held in the history of the of Washington campus, Seattle be- ing all kinds of Carpets nomination of officers for the coming 750 persons participated. Sephardic community." fore the fire, and pictures of Prof. and Linoleum. We also year will take place. It is important The rites, sponsored by the Se- In the city's seven synagogues, Edmond Meany, the Dennys, and NEW YORK--A movement to clean overstuffed furni- that every member be present, attle Progressive Fraternity, lead- special prayers for President Roose- other interesting "old timers." expel all Nazis in the United States . . . ture . . . The same night, the Ladies Auxil- ing Seattle .Sephardic organization, celt were said Saturday. Rabbi Seattle Jewish pioneers, includ- who advocate anti-Semitism was iarYEducationalWill giVecenter.a cardAdmissionParty at willthe included singing of sacred songs by Samuel Koch of Temple de Hirsch ing Abe Spring, have been especial- torialStrengthenedappearlngthiSinWeekthe bYNewanyorkedi- Oo -ao,, 851F1O'': be nominal. Refreshments will be the Ezra Bessaroth choir under J. spoke Monday at a mass meeting ly invited. Daily Mirror, which said that "Am- ee.-lCJUmlerO181 served and a good time is guaranteed. Almeleh, Boy Scout presentation of in the Civic Auditorium, declaring, * * * crica has no place for these propo- The annual Sons of Israel picnic the flag, reading of a special prayer "President's Day is a challenge to League members extend wishes nents of alien doctrine that is utter- 1221 Rainier Ave. Seattle Will be held at Fortuna Park August by Julia Hanan, and speeches by the citizens to make the President for a speedy recovery to Miss Mary ly opposed to American ideals of 20 this year Dr. Harry Tarica, veteran Sephar- know they are with him." Abrams, ill at her home. democracy." qllllllllllllllllllllllmllmllllllllllUlllllllllllllll"