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April 12, 1926     The Jewish Transcript
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April 12, 1926

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C  Northwest Jewry." :]lOn$h :raHfTIp! ..The Home ewspaper Of F,, Page Seven April 2, 1926 ,,,,,[[[fl[[IfHflHIIH[fl[[IHfl[[II[N[t[[[f[[[H[I[[II[[IH[I[[IIH!IN[!I,t,,, I Told YOU SO of Northwestern Cities In honor of her son, Philip's fourth How many times have you  Everett birthday, Mrs. I(. L. Robinson en- heard the expression  -- tertained at a children's party on / All items for insertion in this column should Tuesday afternoon. Games were  [ be submitted to the Everett correspondent of played after which refreshments were  The Jewish Transcript, Mrs. H. L. Robinson '  / 1212 Rueker Avenue. DON'T STAY IN THAT CLASS Get Busy and DO IT NOW! Pike St. double cor. 875,000 8th Ave. near Pike. 50,000 Westlake double cor. 175,000 N We can absolutely make you money on Seattle real es- tate. In our 20 years of ex- perience handling Seattle property, we have never  been so positive as now and have never made such a positive statement. m A.Cohan & Co. m REALTORS 201 Rainier Bldg. Entrance 208 Marion St. Main 0193 '"LNNgNN)I]II]NNI]NIN]IlflII00 In Quality Groceries Seattle's Most Popular Priced Food Store-- Service with a smile. WE DELIVER American Grocery Stores Company 3 Big Downtown Stores Upper and Lower Floors Central Market 1416 1st Ave. 109 Occidental Avenue Seattle Market Transcript Ads Bring Results Mortgage Money Available Real Estate Contracts Bought and Sold Puget Mortgage Securities INCORPORATED iELiot 6767 750 Central Bldg. A Service to Meet Every Need GArfield 0044 IIIMBOLD LAUNDRY WET WASH ROUGH DRY SEMI-FINISHED I THE DOWNTOWN SUCCESS Hn's 0vstr 5ous I Specializing in Sea Foods Unequalled for Oysters, Fish, Chops, [ Steak and Salads. BOOTHS FOR LADIES I "'Meet Me at Ben's'" || 617 SECOND AVENUE MAIN 1074 [ Railway Exchange Building the  ". ,-..._.  STOCKS and BONDS WE BUY FOR CASH AND SELL ANY NEW YORK OR LOCAL SECURITY-- LIST- ED OR UNLISTED-- 1-5 DOWN, Interest 6%, Bal- ance one year. We loan money. Write or Phone for Information. WATSON-MOORE Established 1907 204 Marion St. ELliott 6486 Mr. and Mrs. Max Elster enter- tained at adinner party last Thursday evening. Covers were laid for ten. A Progressive dinner was very much enjoyed by the participants in the sketch, and their husbands last, Fri- day evening. The sketch mentioned was enacted on March 2nd, when the Purim Ball and entertainment was held here. Those who attended were Mr. and Mrs. G. Poplack, Mr. and Mrs. S. Berry, Mr. and Mrs. E. Ja- cobs, Mr. and Mrs. L. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. P. Barenstein, Mr. and Mrs. M. Elster and the Misses Mac Sherman and Laura Running. Mrs. Lmfis S. Goldstein was hostess to the Bridge Club at her home last Saturdy. Play followed a one o'clock hmeheon. Honor was awarded Miss Laura Bunning. A surprise 1)arty in honor of Mrs. B. Trapskin was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Sherman by the Social Bridge Club on Saturday even- ing. A beautiful gift was presented to Mrs. Trapskin. Honors were a- warded Mrs. B. Trapskin and Miss Hilda Weinstcin. He HERRIN CO. High Grade Stocks and Bonds Established in same loeation since 1896 117 Cherry Street ELLIOTT 5396 served to twelve little guests. The meeting held here last Wed- ncsday evening by the Seattle Lodge B'nai B'rith, was greatly appreciated. Mr. and Mrs. R. Brenner have as guests at their home this week, their daughter, Mrs. W. Meier and her son from Tacom-. Columbia Comedy Mirth Provoking Reginald Denny, back in town with another of his mirth-provoking film specials, "took" the house down com- pletely at the Columbia Theatre yesterday where his latests produc- tion, "Skinner's Dress Suit" opened. Denny, in this latest film version of the famous old stage play, easily surpasses any of his previous efforts, not excepting the hilariously funny "California Straight Ahead" which proved his claim for the title of Am- erica's foremost comedian. The story itself evolves around the difficulties of a twenty-five-dollar-a- week clerk in living up to his wife's Junior B. B. News (Continued from page 6) secured for the occasion. Complete details will be given in this column next week. The program will be in addition to the regular initiation which will also be held. A promising class of ten candidates will be initiated. Details of the checker tournament will be announced at the meeting. The club intellectuals will shine in this event. Prizes 'n everything. A PIN FOR A MEMBER GET YOURS Not to be outdone by our senior brethren, the membership committee is offering a club pin for every mem- ber who brings in one or more new members. This isn't a five dollar fountain pen by any means, but it is going to be something well worth the winning and should prove a real in- centive to the getting of new mem- bers.--Everyvody get a member. QUARTET TO SING After hearing the quartet sing at one of our recent meetings the mem- bers have been insisting that our more musical brethren should oblige once more. Well, they are going to sing at our next regular meeting and they've got a surprise feature tip their s!ecves. This is going to be good. Get a member and a pin. CLUB LIDO 710 UNION STREET ELLIOTT 1270 "THE CAFE WITH A PERSONALITY" THE VERY BEST ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD AND [DANCING Nightly Dinner Dance 6:30 to 9:00--NO COVER CHARGE JAGKIE SOUDERS CLUB LIDO SERENADERS 10 --Real VlaudevilleRArtistsn 10 We Deliver Your New Home Com- plete-or Repairs for the Old One W. G. Savage Lbr. Co. 1716 RAINIER AVE. BE acn 1391 MELROSE 2496 ONE BLOCK EAST OF STONEWAY A. W. MORRISON CONTRACTOR FOR CAST STONE AND PLASTIC RELIEF ORNAMENT 3420 INTERLAKE AVE. SEATTLE, WASH. soeialideas. He purchases a dress Joseph N[si the 00S00cPI00OPST suit on the eve," convenient install- ment plan; gets into a world of causethetruble as a result but finally reaeheSLauraPedestalof it..LaPlante,f financialpetite fameingenue, Spanish, Leon O. HerzlDavis I1'-   for G?dg Sie,ns ] plays the feminine lead as "Skin-  [ "he_ oder77 Y(ly [0 ([dpe tZ l/ r adise. I her's" wife. The two principals are An unusual episode in Jewish I EI.437Z-E1.4373 181OWesflake-TimesSQuare-Trimblc Bldg. ably supported by an all-prominent history has been uncovered by cast of film comedians, the well-known English writer,  -llllllllllllllllIRlllllU Francesco Lense's All-Artists Or- Leon O. Davis. He tells of the chestra, a comedy and an Inter- romantw, career of a Marrano I nationalNewsreel complete the pro- whofledtheSpanishInquisition T I gram. late,, to achieve power and wealth U E P T U N [ to revenge the injustice dealt to IIE": try r --"  I his people. Of particular interest i;betrl:i ,B O;:: at the present time is Mr. Davis' Saturday, Aipril 3 Transcript Ads Get Results IF WE Can Convince You THAT WE HAVE AN UNUSUALLY FAVORABLE UPTOWN PROPERTY, LOCATED IN THE LIVE DISTRICT, AT A CLOSE FIGURE--ON TERMS, ARE YOU PREPARED TO TAKE AD- VANTAGE OF REAL VALUE'? IN- FORMATION GIVEN AT OFFICE ONLY. Remember, this is Uptown Business Property JOHN Re HOLMES Real Estate DEXTER HORTON BUILDING SPECIAL SALE New Automatic GAS RANGES with all latest improvements and styles of enamel finish and size to suit every purchaser. down, bal- ance in 12 equal monthly payments. We allow $10.00 for your old Gas, Coal, Electric or oil Range during this sale. Ordinary Connections Free SEATTLE LIGHTING COMPANY 1308 Fourth Ave. MAin 6767 account of Duke Nasi's attempt to establish a Jewish colony in Palestine. His great scheme, for Jewish colonization reached an- .usual proportions and the found- mg of a large-sized settlement was interrupted only by his death --The Editor. When Joae Miguez, the wealthy Marrano banker, decided in 1549 to leave the Netherlands and settle in some country where he could openly profess his Judaism and free himself from the obnoxious hypocricy entail- ed in the m'actice of pseudo-Judaism, he could have had little idea of the thrilling and glorious future which awaited him. Miguez, or to give his real name Joseph Nasi, intended to journey to Constantinople, where he heard that Jews were faMy treated and their faith unmolested. But travel in those days both difficult and danger- ous, and when he had got as far as Venice, misfourtunes which befell his aunt Gracia with whom he was travel- ling resulted in the imprisonment of the latter. Despairing of helping her without assistance, Joseph proceeded alone to the Turkish Capital. With a view to obtaining his aunt's release, Joseph obtained through the introduction of the Jewish Court Physician an interview with Sulai- man, Sultan of Turkey. Sulaiman was immediately impressed with the (:harming personality of the young Jew and there sprang up a friendship which was to have the most profound influence on Joseph's career When Joseph discovered the friend- ly attitude of the Sultan to the Jewish people, he broached a scheme which had long been maturing in his mind; a project for extensive Jewish colon- ization under the protection of a friendly power. He was a pretty shrewd judge of character and accord- ingly based his arguments upon the great commercial advantages which would accrue to the Turkish Govern- ment from the sponsering of such a scheme. For a while nothing was done in the matter, although as far as Joseph's personal request was concerned the Sultan succeeded after protracted negotiations in obtaining the release of his Aunt Gracia from the Venetian Government. At that time there was open strife between the Sultan's two sons as to who should inherit the Tur- kish throne. The Sultan himself re- frained from interference and avioded taking either side. Joseph espoused the cause of the eider brother Salim and did his best to induce the Sultan to give a definite decision in his favor. At last the two parties came to open warfare. Joseph worked hard for his candidate, and as luck would have it, Salim succeeded in defeating and ut- terly routing his brother's troops in a pitched battle. The result was of great value to Joseph, who was made by Salim one of his special guards of honour. It transpired also that the old Sultan had in reality favored Sa- lim's succession, although unwilling to commit himself and in recognition of Joseph's services created him Go- vernor of the Tiberias district of Pal- estine. Here was an opportunity for Joseph to put into practice his great scheme for Jewish colonization. His first precaution was to repair and recon- struct the fortifications of Tibreias itself. His next move was to estab- lish industries so that the colonies might be based on a firm commercial standing. With this in view, he set about introducing the cultivation of the mulberry tree, thinking that cli- matically and geologically the colony 'The Unguarded Hour' Milton Sills - Doris Kenyon Sun., Men., April 4-5 "The Masked Bride" Mac Murray Tuesday, April 6 "Time the Comedian" Mac Busch - Lew Cody Wed., Thur.. Fri.. April 7-8-9 "HANDS UP" Raymond Griffitrh Saturday, April 10 "The Scarlet West" Clara Bow TUESDAY, 8:15 P. M. COUNTRY STORE should be well suited for the silk- industry. As regards attracting colonists, the time was particularly propitious. The Inquisition in Spain and Portugal, in Italy and the Spanish Netherlands, was being persued relentlessly. The occupant of the Holy See was a ruth- less Jew-hater, so that the unfortun-I ate Isrealites in the Papal States were : easily attracted by the prospects of a l return to Eretz Isreal. There was, however the difficulty of transport. Quite apart from the navies of the various South European sea powers, who practiced piracy under the guise of blockade, the Mediterranean was infested with privateers, so that a journey to the Holy Land was in all respects a risky business. More than one shipload of Jewish emigrants fell into the hands of pi- rates and were murdered to a man. Nevertheless. a fair number of Jews, principally from Italy succeeded in reaching Tiberias and for alittle while their prospects seemed moderately secure. Meanwhile Joseph, realising necessity of watching the play of in- fluence at the Turkish Court, was ob- liged to leave the colony to a deputy. The old Sultan died, and Joseph's friend Salim came to the throne. In appreciation of the Jewish states- man's loyal service, Salim bestowed upon him the Dukedom of Naxos, in which was included the overlordship of a dozen or more islands of the Gre- cian archipeligo. A handsome grant was allowed out of the revenue from the customs to enable him to main- tain his position. The new Sultan made of Joseph his chief adviser in foreign affairs, and in this way the Jewish Duke was able to pursue a policy of antagonism to- wards those reactionary powers who allowed the infamy of the Inquisition in their lands. The Dutch were fight- ing desperately against Spanish-Cat- holic tyranny, and Joseph did all in his power to assist them. Hetried to induce the Sultan to declare war on Spain so as to draw the Spanish forces off the hard-pressed Hollanders. In this he was unsuccessful, but he was able to pay off old scores against the Venetians and French, both of which governments were at that time bit- terly anti-Semitic. By chance Joseph got the news very early of a disastrous fire which had demolished the largest arsenal and ship-yard of the Venetian Repub- lic. He decided this was the time to strike a blow at the sea-power of Ven- ice, and accordingly set out immed- an expedition for the cap- Venetian strong-hold of yprus. Sultan Salim doubted very nueh whether the scheme would meet with success, and actually promised to make Joseph King of Cyprus if its Sat. and Sun., April 3-4 Held Over I Douglas Fairbanks in | "Don Q" l B lWed., Th .... Fri. D II Mary Pickford in i "Little Annie i, ' Roonie" | -,mmmmmmmmm-,d UNIVERSITY WAY near Forty-fifth M01. 7690 Fri "BROADWAY B00B" HUNTER "MILLION DOLLAR MeN HANDICAP" "THE FI6HTIN6 WED THUR EDGE" COLUMBIA NOW! ture was effeeted. Joseph was suc- cessful, but the Sultan thought better of his promise and added the islands to his dominions. The passage of years filled with endless court intrigues, and the more or less thankless task of serving a mas- ter who had neither imagination, ideals, nor political courage, made Joseph long to retire into private life, and he seized the opportunity of the Sultan's death to give up his court career. Somehow he managed to a- void trouble at the hands of his ene- mies, but on his death his property, which hc had intended should be left for the benefit of his poor co-religion- ists, was seized by the son of the mon- arch whom he had so faithfully served. Copyright 1926 by Seven Arts Fea- ture Syndicate. Jascha Heifetz Gives Concerts in Palestine Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--Five concerts will be given by Jascha Heifetz in Palestine cities. The proceeds of the concerts, which will be given between April 10 and 16, will go toward a fund for the furtherance of musical educa- tion in Palestine. A special committee of the Hebrew University, headed by Dr. Judah L. Magnus, is in charge of organizing the concerts. One, to be held in the Val- ley of Jezreel, will be for the benefit of the colonists.