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April 12, 1926     The Jewish Transcript
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April 12, 1926

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6 April 2, 1926 {:be :]00iSb Crans00p! ,e Page Three YOUNG MEN&apos;S HEBREW ASSOCIATION OFFICERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS President .................. Sam Cohen Phil. Tworoger .............. Chairman Vice President ........... Joe Kosokoff Abe Bridge Sam Harnish Secretary ............ ttyman Wolfstone Ira Cohen Irving Keisler Treasurer ........ Louis Casserd Sol Esfeld Louis Podell Sgt. at Arms ............. Louis Warren Max Friedman Ben Seigler Y. 1I. It. A. Column conducted by Hyman Wolfstone, Secretary. Phones: Eliot 7200 Prospect 0387 TWO NEW MEMBERS ELECTED I MEMBERSHIP DRIVE TO START At the last meeting of the Y the following candidates were balloted upon and elected into membership of the Senior Group of the Y. M. H. A. Frank Shaffer, 2615 E. Union St. Lewis Crystal, 533 31st Ave. d Seyeral applications were also hun- eu m. for action by the membership (Gram,tree and the ballot00go00&00m will be held at the ne t rmngs. Get busy and sign up your f " The ca' " ' Y n t belong to a better Jewmh :grall.ization doing local community ". The dues are $3.00 per year, payable in advance. BASEBALL--BASEBALL Sign up for the Y Baseball team. Let's go--snap into it so we can get started as Soon as possible. A good team needs a lot of practice and we can't start any too soon. Drop up to the Y and leave your name with the house committee man on duty or with the caretaker. If you can't do that to any Jewish young man in Seattle. Talk "it up and get your friends to play ball on the.. team. Y TO BUILD TENNIS COURT H ' - ere s some real hot news and some- --ha 'nter00stmg At e ing of the / the suggestmn w r h that the y use the ground just No t of the buildig for the construction of a tennis court. The matter was turned over to the boalf/o:2.eenOm s mendations and unde g that the channels brings the dope majority of the members are !n favor of building the tennis court and- ,Just as soon as possible. Th%purpose behind the construe- [on el the tennis courts is to enlarge ae activities of the Y and to have rme_aetivity during the summer ontns to hold the membership to- gether. Heretofore, it has meant Praet!cally a rcjuvination every fall. c J-eg s go[ Boost for a bigger and etter ,,y,, in evert way--shape--and lllanner. IANDBALL TOURNAMENT STARTED The ,preliminary round of the : DUll tournament was nlaved off t Sunday morning and the matches Were sure hot contests. For some :ason unknowl s to the writer, Abe iekles, who  in charge of the mrnament, requested that the names of the winners be held from publication foi: another week as there Is just one more week left to sign up. Phone Main 2715 for advertising rates in this paper. 00?2?2722d STETSON and KNOX HATS 907 Second Avenue E. P. BEHLING IGROCERY | STORES SELLS RESTAURANTS APARTMENTS LREAL ESTATE Money Back if Not Satisfied 709 SECOND AVE. Phone MAin 4727 At the last meeting of the Y it was decided to get busy on a real old-time membership drive. The "Y" is bigger and better than ever and with the addition of a handball court and TROOP NO. 46, BOY SCOUTS Is not this weather inviting to the out-of-doors? It is the ideal time of the year for one to be out in the woods. Already the Scouts are mak- ing plans for the Spring and Summer months to come. A week-end camp over Memorial Day is planned at Camp Lustig on Long Lake. A committee of boys are going over there just after Passover Holiday to "look over" the camp. so as to prepare it for the season. The Scouts are preparing themselves so as to take advantage of the camping facilities at Long Lake. It is planned to run this camp as long as possible this summer and take out a few orphans and give them a real time too. Y. M. H. A. Junior Nems The Y. M. It. A. Juniors formerly a tennis court will broaden the scope known as the Maecabee Juniors were of Y activity. The committee is ar- reorganizing a few weeks ago and are ranging for a series of prizes, both now progressing rapidly under the cash and merchandise. The big i supervision of Mr. Max Friedman, prize will be a cash prize of $25.00. [former Boy Scout advisor. The Jun- o get this prize, the winner will have [ iors have a total membership of 40 to be a real go-getter as competition [ boy. all having good moral,mental will be keen. Some of the prizes al-I anc(physieal standards. ready obtained are: a 810.00 pipe, two ] The officers are: five pound boxes of candy, a 815.001 Harr Jaffe President" merchandise credit on a ladies coat. [ Ben Nelsonl Vice-Presdent Get busy. The drive starts now. Joe Warren, Secretary; A full list of prizes will be announced in the next issue. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14TH DATE OF OPEN HOUSE The next meeting of the Y which will be held Wednesday evening, April 14th, will be in the nature of an Open House meeting and everybody is in- vited to attend and bring their The more--the merrier. Another feature of the meeting will )e that it will be a joint meeting of the Y. M. H. A. and the Y. W. H.A. The committee in charge of the meeting has arranged for a real good speaker, a man well known on the public platform. Make it a point to attend this meeting and invite all your friends. It will be a very interesting meeting and it will be well worth your while to attend. Refreshments will be served. Y. M. A. C. DANCE A SUCCESS The Y. M. A. C. (lance staged at the Y last Sunday evening certainly was a success from every angle. The crowd was congenial and large, the music wonderful and snappy, and everybody had a good time. No more dances for seven weeks-- but--watch for the next series. The committee has decided that the next series of dances will be run for a profit. And that profit is to be used to buy a five tube radio set for the Y club rooms. Watch for the dates and boost the dances. The Vital Jig 99 Fill it with a FASHION CRAFT CRAVAT When buying neckwear say "Fashion Crah'" -- for sale by all good dealers. Schoenfeld Bros. Incorporated SEATTLE NEW YORK Jupiter Save 0il, Gas - Louis Snider, Treasurer; Mr. Friedman has arranged a Mock Trial which will be held next Thurs- day at the boys' club room in the Y. M. H.A. The members to be tried is not yet known. SAMUEL KUZNITZKY RUSSIAN JEWISH NAVAL CAPTAIN DIES Warsaw, (J. T.A.) Samuel Kuz- nitzky, the only Jewish naval captain in the former Russian Merchant Fleet died in Vilna, March 18th at the age of 57. Mr. Kuznitzky assumed first com- mand of the ship in 1888 and sailed on all seas. He was the inventor of a special type of anchor. His services were recognized by the Czarist Naval Ministry which granted him mone- tary rewards and a testimonial for his invention. He was also the aut- hor of a practical handbook on navi- gation, published in Astrakhan, in 1898, in Russian. During the war he was the administrator of the Ural fleet. An Ad in The Transcript brings results. G. A. Bakken Real Estate 1026 THIRD AVENUE II F Each succeeding ride in the New Cadillac confirms belief in its leadership-- NAGELVOORT-STEARNS CADILLAC CO. 12th and East Madison, SEATTLE CAD I L LAC American Gas & Electric Co. Debenture 6's due 2014 Price 991/2 to yield over 6% A well secured bond with attractive yield and ready market. Spark and Worry For all makes of cars BONBRIGHT Plugs Ask your Dealer. &COMPANY Self C|eaningTELEPHON E EAST 0595 Jupiter Spark Plug Co.  507 noge Bldg. Phone ELliott 1100 FACTORY: 716 EAST PI KE SEATTLE, WASH. SEATTLE uuuu1n1[1u1 WEEKLY BRAINSTORMS By Philip Tworoger A delegation of influential Catho- lics appeared before the Committee of Foreign Affairs of our House of Re- presentatives recently, requesting in the name of twenty million of their co-religionists that the United States sever its relations with Mexico, on account of the prosecution of Catho- lic Ecclesiastics in that Country. i Under the Mexican Law, the heads i of all religious denominations, the strict construction of which includes Priests, Ministers and Rabbis, must, <: be native born Mexicans. "? President Calles is enforcing that I law and as a result hundreds of foreign born Catholic Priests have been ex- pelled from Mexico. A strict enforce- ment of that law will probably cause most of the Protestant Ministers to suffer a like fate, as they are either American Citizens or British subjects, and there will be no Rabbis left in Mexico, as everry one of them is either American or German, or a na- tive of one of the Slavonian Coun- tries of Europe. A "Law is a Law" and should be enforced without fear or favor. It is being enforced part- ially, President Calles is merely doing what his oath of office provided that he should do. Unfortunately politi- cal parties in Mexico are divided a- long religious lines; while ninty-eight per cent of the population of the coun- NECKWEAR We are proud of the reputation our customers have given us as dealers in fine neckwear. We invite inspection of our New Spring line in fine English Crepes, Foulards. French Silks. $1.50 and Up COPELAND SHIRT COMPANY 415 UNION STREET SEATTLE, WASH. BEACON 0284 PETER P. LEOPOLD RES. EAST 0319 LEOPOLD THE DOCTOR TO ALL MOTOR CARS eneral Automobiling Repairing and Brake Service 17th Avenue and Yesler Way SEATTLE, WASH. PONE MAIN 1559 ARCHIBALD J. MAHAN, Manager Murphy Door Bed Co. SUITE 714 TERMINAL SALES BLDG. Ist and Virginia SEATTLE try are nominally Roman Catholics probably one half of these "supposed" H. Paul, John A. Frater and Chas. Catholics are either Agnostics or P. Moriarty, have been appointed as Atheists, with a strong in-born hatred an Initiation Committee for all Le- for the Church of which they are sup- glen posts of the State of Washington, posedly communicants, with instructions to prepare a proper In Mexico the Conservative Party ritual and conduct all initiations un- is strongly pro-Catholic, while the der it. Liberals vary from'the indifference This cannot help bringing in new to be found among the most moderate members. It will be interesting to members of that party to a strong watch initiations conducted with in- hatred for all religions among the dicial dignity, with power on the part radicals, of the Initiators to issue a Writ of President Calles belongs to the ex- Mandate to compel the victim to treme radical fraction of the Liberal "ride the goat" and an injunction Party, in fact they are really Social- against his objecting to any of the ists in their economic ideas. His ad- "horse-play". herents are now doing to the Church what the Church did to them while The Cedar which Rabbi Montague the Conservatives were in power. N.A. Cohen, of Tacoma, conducted Toleration, which is characteristic at Harry's Bohemian Restaurant, on of northern countries, is not often Third Avenue, last Tuesday evening found among the half-breed Mexicans. for the Jewish Soldiers, Sailors and Marines stationed in this vicinity is The writer happened to meet L. N. something which should be repeated Rosenbaum on the Street the other day, the first time he has had a chance r" to have a talk with him since his re- The Jewish boy in Uncle Sam's turn from New York. ervice, who is a Soldier, may be sta- Mr. Rosenbaum talked of a trip he tioned thousands of miles away from had taken to Portland recently, home, if a Sailor or a Marine may find "Seattle has it all over Portland". himself thousands of miles away a- "But one thing I noticed and I can- bout Passover time, he is sure to be not help commenting upon, be- homesick and think how nice it would cause others have, is the fact that be to be at home on Cedar nights su- Portland Jewry is so much more in- rounded by his family. flunential than that of Seattle. They While a semi-public Cedar cannot have Bankers, large merchants, men possibly make up for the pleasure of influential in public life who seem to home and ones family, it nevertheless exercise an amount of influence upon makes the boy feel that their co-re- the community in general far greater ligionists are thinking of them and than the Seattle Jew does", that some effort is being made to keep "Is it because they have a Metro- them within the fold. politan viewpoint, while the view- Next year we would advise those point of Seattle Jewry seems to be parochial? Portland's large Depart- ment stores and its principal business houses are Jewish". Seattle's are not. This may be probably due to the fact that a large proportion of Port- land's Jews are old settlers, while the bulk of Seattle Jews are composed of new-comers. What Seattle is in need is a dozen Nathan Ecksteins. The death of Dowager Queen Louise of Denmark, and the extensive at- tendance of European Royalty at her funeral, has again attracted public notice to the influence wielded by the Royal House of that small country upon the destinies of Europe. King Christian, the Ninth King of Denmark from 1863 to 1906 was called The "Father-In-Law of Europe". Alexandra, one of his daughters, was ueen of England, Dagmar, another, Czarina of Russia, his son George, vas King of Greece from 1863 to 1913, in which year he was murdered by a fanatic; one of his grandsons is King Haakon, of Norway, one of his grand- daughters is the present Crown Prin- :css of Sweden. King George of Eng- land also is his grandson. Excepting the Royal family of Great Britain, the Royal family of Denmark is more firmly entrenched on the throne, than any in Europe. This in spite of the fact that the Gov- crnment of the Country is very dem- ocratic and the present Prime Minis- ter, as well as the whole Cabinet, are Socialists. All parties in the country, however, from the most confirmed Reaction- aries, to the most radical Socialists, are loyal to the throne so long as the Monarch is willing to "reign without ruling". It may surprise most Americans to know that plain "Cal" Coolidge, President of the United States, the son of a simple Vermont farmer, pos- sesses more real power than any European Monarch, The President has power to veto any law proposed by Congress and his veto cannot be nullified except by a two-thirds vote of both branches of our National Leg- islature. No European Monarch would dare to refuse his assent to a law passed by the National Parlia- ment. The only exceptions are Italy and Spain, both of which countries the King retains his Throne by the "Grace of Dictators". It will interest Jewish ex-service men to be told of the rather clever move made by the American Legion. The four King County Superior Court Judges who are members of the Legion, Malcome Douglas, Charles of our readers who are in a position to do it and who observe the Passover sufficiently to have a Cedar at their home, to extend the hospitality to one or more of Uncle Sam's boys. If you cannot do that, contribute your mite towards a semi-public Cedar such as the one conducted by Rabbi Cohen. Second Palestine Exhibit Opens in Tel Aviv Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--The second Near East Exhibition and Fair was opened in Tel Aviv March 24, in per- manent building erected to house the exhibits. Many new Palestine in- dustries are represented. The ex- hibition grounds contain modern facilities, public grounds, including amusement park and an art gallery. Phone Main 2715 for advertising rates in this paper. HATTON'$ Cinherella "" ""O "'"00SEATTLE DANCING EVERY NIGHT GORDON KILBOURNE'S ORCHESTRA GENTS 25c LADLES 10c EXCEPT SATURDAY--GENTS 50c; LADLES 25c Short Time Only! 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