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April 10, 1925     The Jewish Transcript
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April 10, 1925

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Page Eight Che 3etmsh Cranscrlp! "T00e Home o, P=i.0 Northwest Jewry." April 10, 1925 Absence of Vibration Gasoline Mileage Exceeds All Modern Accessories 20 Miles to Gallon Hydraulic Four-Wheel Brakes Air Cleaned Carburetor ALL IN THE NEW CHRYSLER SIX Phaeton--Roadster--Sedan Touring--Brougham Washburn-Haines Company, Inc.00 1401 12th Avenue SEATTLE, WASH. Always-- A well assorted stock of lumber and building ma- terials on hand and the best facilities for de- livering. Hamilton Lumber Co. Incorporated EAST MARGINAL WAY AND DAWSON ACTION COUNTS PHONE GLENDALE 0574 President State Board Chiropractic Examin- ers; National Board Chiropractic Examiners Office Phone: Residence Phone: Elliot( 6440 North 3346 E. Roger Dunham, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 420-422-424-LEARY BLDG. Second and Madison SEATTLE WASHINGTON STATEMENT OF THE OWNERSHIP, MAN- : AGEMENT, CIRCULATION, ETC., RE- OUiRED BY THE ACT OF CON- GRESS OF AUGUST 24, 191K Of THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, published weekly at Seattle, Washington, for April 1st, 1925. State of Washington. "  )ss. County of King ...... J Before me, a Notary Public in and for the State and county aforesaid, personally appear- ed Herman A. I-lorowitz, who, having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is the Editor of the Jewish Transeript, and that the following is, to the best of his know- ledge and belief, a true statement of the own- ership, management (and if a daily paper, the circulation), etc., of the aforesaid publica- tion for the date shown in the above eaption, required by the Aet of August 24, 1912, embodi- ed in section 41l, Postal Laws and Regulations, to wit: 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and busi- ness managers are: Publisher, Herman A. Horowitz, Seattle, Washington. Editor, Herman A. Horowitz, Seattle, Wash- ington. Managing Editor, Herman A. Horowitz, Se- attle, Washington. Business Manager, A. H. Miller, Seattle, Washington. 2. That the owner is: (If the publication is owned by an individual his name and address, or if owned by more than one individual the name and address of each, should be given be- low; if the publication is owned by a corpor- ation the name of the corporation and the names aml addresses of the stockholders own- ing or hoMing one per cent or more of the total amount of stock should be given.) Herman A. Horowitz, Seattle, Washington. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of totaI amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: (If there are none, so state.) None. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners, stockholders, and security holders, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company, but also, in cases where the stockholder or security hokler appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary THE BAKER 01L BURNER NO ODOR--NO SOOT--NO AITTENTION It's completely automatic and safe. The Baker 0il Burner Sales C0 317 Westlake Ave. North SEATTLE relation, tile naine of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting, is given; also that the said two paragraphs contain state- ments embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the corn- pany as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide owner and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him. Herman A. Horowitz (Signature of Editor) Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24th (lay of March, 1925. (SEAl,) Philip Tworoger, Notary Public. (My commission expires July 28, 1925.) DETROIT JEWS DONATE SITE FOR HEBREW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Detroit, Mich., April 9. (J. T. A.) The erection of a library building for the Hebrew University )n Mount: Scopus was brought nearer realization ! by the gift of David W. Simons, former member of tbe Detroit City Council, who donated the site for the library building. In addition, Mr. Simons placed at the disposal of the Hebrew University the sum of 87,500.00. Classified . ] FOR SALE--FIVE ROOM BUNGA- low by owner, saving you commis- sion. Not built to sell but built for a real home. A dandy cash deal or terms. 719 291h Avenue. Do You Own any Manganese Stock? When you consider buying stock in a new corporation, your first thought is the fear of losing your money. Our new bond proposition absolutely guarantees you against loss. Drop us a card or phone us and our representative will call and explain our plan. American Manganese Corporation ELLIOTT 3571 615-616 PIONEER BLDG. CHANDLER MOTOR CARS with the famous Pike's Peak Motor and Traffic Transmission TEN OPEN AND CLOSED MODELS the last word in motor construction and design Miller-Nort0n Sales Co. DISTRIBUTORS Corner l lth and East Pine SEATTLE Lord Balfour Opens Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Continued from page 5) "It goes without saying that if lhe student is to be given the Jewish oat look, those in charge of Jewish studies at the University of Jerusalem nmst have that outlook. They must be convinced that the new Judaea is the direct descendant of old Judaea; and that the mission of Judaea, oh/or new, is first of all, to be Judaea. In other words, their aim must not be "m ilnilative, electric or hvbrid typ(' of culture in Eretz Yisrae[ Otherwise, hev wouhl turn this Hebrew Univer- sit3; into an "Akra" of the days of Hellenistic apostaey, into a citadel of assimilation front which a small minority wotfld undermine the eter- nal value of Israel and decimate the r'mks of the Maeabbean defenders of Israel's sacred possessions. Scholar- shil) will, of course, be untramnnqed in this institution. Inquisitions are alien to israel. Never was serpent bite o1' scorpion-sting 1)revalent in Jerusalem; nor did anyone ever say to his fellow, "Jerusalem is too nar- row for me to find sr)iritttal lodgment therein." But the Professors in this institute must be free men, thorough- ly emancipated from moral tutelage to the Lagardes, the Friedrich De- litzeches and all those others who, blinded by hatred of Israel and con- tempt for Israel's teaching, deny all our claims in the past and leave us without hope in the future. "The Rabbis tell us that the build- ors of a people are its scholars; they are the architects of its future. We It)ok, therefore, to the men who will here ('onseerate their lives to the stttdv of the revelation of the Divine Sl)ie{t in the history and literary monuments, the belie}'s and customs, : in the laws and institutions of Israel to make the Hebrew University a sanctuary of the Jewish genius, a foetts of the soul of Klal Israel, a centre of Jewish thought aglow with that Jewish passion for righteousness that shall make Zion once again the mothe>city of a regenerated human- ity. Then will this day of the opening of the Hebrew Unibersity at Jeru- salem remain engraved in letters of light on the tablets of Israel's mere- ory for evermore." Dr. Chaim Weizmann, t)resident of the World Zionist Organization, the man who laid the foundation stone for the Hebrew University in 1919, within earshot of the Tm3aish guns, in his speech stated: "We have gathered here today from all corners of the world on the soil which is steeped in sacred memories. The spirits of the ages of the Jewish past and the Jewish future look down upon this celebration on the historic site of Mount Seopus. Some of you will (.ast their minds back to the near past aml particularly to that July day in 1918 when we laid the foundation stone for the long dreamed of Hebrew University. That ceremony which took place under most drdstic cir- culnstanees gave expression to our faith in the arrival of happier davs. Our firm faith has been justified. The dreams our people cherished for many generations in exile and under per- secutions are becoming realities. "The first departments of the He- brew University on this historic mount are now opening their doors. Our University has still, no doubt, a very hmg road to travel. We do not attempt to extemporize and to claim that our fnstitution of learning, for the dedication of which we are as- sembled here, will be an exact re- plica of the great universities in Am- erica and Europe. Our university will have to go on an entirely new road. The departments opened today will not immediately attract students eager for instruction in history, lit- erature and the sciences. The de- partments opened now will concen- trate on fundamental research work, devoted mainly to the requirements of growing Palestine and the re- awakening Orient. "The buildings which we detlicate at this moment are the modest home of the three institutes devoted to chemistry, micro-biology and Jewish and Oriental studies. In addition, a foundation stone for the Institute of Physics and Mathematics will be lakl here tomorrow. These departments will be served by the Hebrew National Library which contains 90,000 vol- umes. "Our immediate aehievenlnet is, naturally, a modest one in compari- son with European and American universities. We hope and are con- vinced that in due course the Hebrew University will be worthy of its sisters. The Institute for Agricul- ture in Tel Aviv and the Institute for Technical Studies in Haifa will be associated with this University. He- brew, our ancient language, will be the language of the University and the schools and colleges affiliated with it. "This institution of learning wi'll be open to the members of every creed and race. Within the university all political strife must cease. All races are united in the common task of searching for the truth. This insti- tution of learning, which we are dedi- cating now, will restore in Palestine that thriving civilization which it once enjoyed and will give to it a place in the world of thought and learning. It was the idea of those who have dreamed of the establish- ment of this house of learning that it should not be a mere copy of other institutions of this kind. It is ob- vious that a Hebrew University must be true to itself, must grow out of the atmosphere of Jewish environment and Jewish traditions. But it is also imperative that this institution should work for the benefit not only of the Jewish people or for I)alestine alone, hut for the reawakening of tim East and for the welfare of all man- kinth If this university is to express the Jewish spirit which has been in- strmnent.d in shaping m-my a poli(,y attd many a faith in the history of nations, and if it is to restore in us the ability and the sight that will look at the w;srld from our angle, it must and ('an be clone only through the mediun, of the Hebrev: langttage and the Jew- ish spirit. The Jewish spirit and the Hebrew tongue have never, in spite of external appearances, separaled. "It was this ideal which served as an encouragement to endure all h'r(l- ships, to strengthen the faith of those who for ntany years dreamed for the realization, the beginning of which you and l are witnessing now. It is therefore with genuine sincerity that :in inauguarating the Hebrew Univer- sit3", which will serve the ttebrew spirit and language, that we proclaim here in vour presence, rel)resenta- lives of all civilized nations, the %1- lowship of the Jewish i)eople with the peoples of the world. "This university is, fundamentally, not an entirely new arrival. It has behind it a long tradition of Hebrew learning, Hebrew striving and I-Ie- brew battle with the mystery of the universe. It looks back with familiar eyes to the schools of the Prophets, the peculiar phenomenon of this sacred soil, which has puzzled hu- manity and directed its stel)s along new and newer paths; it looks back to "I hope next Shovuoth to be in the Land of Israel" Your Prayer Answered ! 15 Days to PALESTINE Allowing 20 Days in Holy Land and Egypt. Stopover at Naples. Next Sailinp, s: May 11, July 9 Historical U. S. Mail S. S.  "President Arthur" ./.., Fare:Round Trip ,, seo.a Clase i; First Class ,:.q27-_ ,: 2- $550 up Strictly I/xosher, Synagogue. Movies. American-Palestine Line I4c) 3 Broadway, New York City Local Agents SAM CLEIN, care of Pacific Steamship Co. AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., 804 3rd Ave. l-IiiiIinllllllnllllll iiiiiiiiiiiinllnlll[ll iSlllllSl iiii i O.H.Erickson N Company CONSULTING ACCOUNTANTS Devisers of Business Systems Income Tax, Audits, Mon!hly Service PHONE ELLIOTT 5658 10th FLOOR ARCTIC BLDG. 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From the traditions of these glorious houses of learning, this university of ours will draw insi)iration and strength. "In dedicating this University, I welcome, on behalf of the World Zionist Organization, Sir Herbert Samuel, the High Commissioner of Palestine, Lord Allent.)y, the repre- sentative of the various overnntent and the universities in other lands and l)artieularly the l,;a,'l ef lalfour, who is not only an (!lllinent illi'C ill the worhl of thoug]ll and lhe Chan- cellor of the University of (?and)ridge, but also a distinguished and high minded statesman, whose n:m(, will forever be associated with that historic and generous act which has radically change(1 tlw fa(.e of the Jewish :world an(l has ma(h' t)ossible the establishment of this university which will serve :s a distinctive symbol and is (hqined to grow to the glory of truth and the Jewish National Home in our ant.tent (!ountrv." 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