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April 10, 1925     The Jewish Transcript
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April 10, 1925

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Page Four Ediloriai Pa00 or :b 3wish Cranscripl April 10, 1925 Cb Jewish Cranscrip! of the Pacific Northwest Issued Every Friday At 1616 Eighth Avenue, Seattle, Washington. Phons Main 2715. Entered as second class matter Sept. 5, 1924. at the Post Office at Seattle. Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. A Weekly Publication Devoted To The Interests of The Jewish People of Washington, Idaho, Montane, British Columbia and Alaska. HERMAN A. HOROWITZ ........ PUBLmHER ! A. H. MILLER ............ BUSINESS MANAGER Single Copies, 5 Cents. $2.00 Per Year. Advertising Rates Upon Application. "The Home Newspaper Of Pacific Northwest Jewry." Vol. II. Friday, April 10, 1925. No, 5 5685-- CALENDAR 1925 gosh Chodesh Shebat ..... Monday, Jan. 26 gosh Chodesh Adar .... Wednesday, Feb. 25 Purim .................... Tuesday, Mar. I0 gosh Chodesh Nisan .... Thursday, Mar. 26 Pesach (first day) ....... Thursday, April 9 Pesach (last day) ...... Wednesday, April 15 gosh Chodesh Iyar ...... Saturday, April 25 gosh Chodesh Sivan ...... Sunday, May 24 Shabuoth .................. Friday, May 29 gosh Chodesh Tammuz..Tuesday. June 23 gosh Chodesh Ab ...... Wednesday, July 22 gosh Chodesh Ellul ........ Friday, Aug. 21 gosh-Ha-Shone ......... Saturday, Sept. 19 = : -0 (7) " but how good Tf tan is YogR ideal asl ouv roeev or eall 00eaeon 0040 /Ot'  ' We keep running 'cause our Batteries came from THE BATTERY EXCHANGE 2119 FOURTH AVE. Your old battery and $8.00 in exchange for BATTERY GUARANTEED 18 MONTHS Where your dollar has more cents. Ambulance Service Office Hours Hospital in Connection 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Dr. P. C. LOCKHART Dog and Cat Specialist SURGERY 713 Stewart Street, Seattle Office MAin 1082 Residence Kenwood 2416 Established 1906 D. A. JOHNSON --Dealer In-- HARDWOOD LUMBER and FLOORING "Let's Fip.ure With You" 2456 First Ave. So. ELiot 8622 Phone EAst 8211 Recommen d e d b y Leading Physicians REV. M. M. BARONSKY EUROPEAN PRACTICAL MOHEL 1901 E. Jefferson St. SEATTLE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THOU6HT that Dr. Edwin J. Brown retired from his Dental Offices when he was elected, but this is not the case. He is the exclusive owner and, strange as it may seem, for now nearly 25 years, "Day by day, in every way, his practice grows better and better." When Dr. Brown started his practice in Seattle this city had 75,000. It now has 450,000, and The Brown Dental Offices have served 170,000 people in the past twenty-five years and are now going stronger than ever by giving reduced prices for publicity purposes, so that everybody can have their Dental work done. And remember the quality of service has im- proved to keep pace with the ever-increased volume of work done at BROWN DENTAL OFFICES, 106 Columbia Street EDITORIAL COMMENTS In another part of this paper is contained the account of the dedication of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, just outside of Jerusalem, which has attracted world-wide attention. It is something to be proud of that within six years from the time that the right of the Jew to the Holy Land was recognized, there should be dedicated what promises to be one of the world's greatest educational Institutions. It took more than a century and a half for the settlers of the New England colonies to bring either Harvard or Yale to the position attained by the University of Palestine. Princeton and Columbia were not even thought of until the second century in the settlement of New Jersey and New York. Education with the Jew is not merely a desire or ambition but a mania. Entire illiteracy is almost unknown. It certainly should make every Jew, irrespective of his opin- Ion as to the merits or demerits of Zionism, feel proud of those who have worked unselfishly during the last six years to create an Institution, which like Solomon's Temple of old, will be a monument to which their descendants will be able to point with ride in all the years to come. D[3 Our high schools are presumably intended to be educational restitutions, teaching the youths of both sexes not only those things which will develop {heir intellects along proper lines, but also to give them a certain amount of moral teachings so that at their graduation they may have a proper, healthy viewpoint of life. The writer has noticed a number of times during the last few years, teachers with a large number of students, both boys and girls, visiting the City and County jail and being taken by the keepers through every part of these institutions and prisoners of both sexes being exhibited to them through the bars similar to the way that the animals at the Woodland Park menagerie are exhibited to the general public. Monday morning the writer happened to be in the City jail on some business when about seventy-five students, from Roose- velt High school, were brought there for the usual purpose. All of them boys and girls ranging from fourteen to nineteen years of age. The cells were filled with the usual grist of week end prisoners. The jailors wishing to be accommodating, showed them everything to be seen. What benefit these boys and girls can derive from gazing upon week-end drunks, prostitutes and persons charged with all classes of offenses, it is difficult to figure out. Public executions, the public pillory and other methods of punishment administered in public, have been abolished in all civilized countries because of the detrimental influences they have upon the community. It remained for a highly civilized twentieth century Christian community like Seattle, to revive a custom that would have done credit to Rome in Nero's day. K]E]D The death of Archbishop Christie of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oregon, brings to mind the intimate friendship that existed between Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and the Archbishop. Their religious differences seemed to strengthen rather than weaken that friendship. Both were men of superior intellect and both were possessed of that God-given quality nearly always possessed by the Jews, and sometimes possessed by Gentiles, which adds so much to the happiness in life, to-wit, "a sense of humor." A story is told of a public luncheon attended by both of these gentlemen. Cold ham was one of the courses served as an entre, something Dr. Wise never indulged in in the presence of Gentiles. The Archbishop intending to get a rise out of our good co-religion[st, asked Dr. Wise, "When will you eat some ham? .... At your Grace's wedding," answered Dr. Wise as quick as a flash. Lord Balfour Opens Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Continued from page I) the universities in Switzerland (Pro- fessor M. Rappard of the University of Geneva and secretary of the Per- manent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations), Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Syria, Germany and Aus- tria were prescnt, as well as repre- sentatives of various Jewish organi- zations and the majority of the Jew- ish communities all the way from Winnipeg to South Africa. The Departments of the Hebrew University which were opened are the Institute of Chemistry, the Institute of Microbiology and the institute of Jewish and Oriental studies. The foundation stone was.also laid for the Institute of Physics and Mathe- matics. The botanical department under the direction of Professor Otto Warburg, which is a part of the Uni- versity, is tcmporarily attached to the experimental agricultural station at Tel Aviv. The cost of completing the micro- biological and bio-chemical labora- tories was estimated to be $120,000. The American Jewish Physicians' Committee financed the micro-bio- logical department. Many contribu- tions toward the University Fund were made by Baron Edmunde de Rothschild, the Friends of the Uni- versity in Canada and others. In leading Zionist circles a differ- ence of opinion existed as to the pro- cedure in the establishment of the University. Some maintained that the Uhiversity was to be immediately adapted for the need of a great num- ber of Jewish academic youth who were meeting with difficulties in other institutions on account of the humerus clausus imposed against them in the European universities. Others maintained that the modest program which would at first limit itself only to the establfshment of a research institute and which would gadually open its doors to a large number of students is more advisable. The Board of Trustees of the Uni- versity decided upon the latter course. Dr. Yehudah L. Magnes of New York City is the dean of the University. The strains of the Hatikwah, the Zionist national hymn, closed the celebration on Mount Scopus. Following are the text of the speeches in full: Dr. Joseph H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi of Great British, offered the following prayer in Hebrew: "Lord of the Uni- verse, who favorest men with knowl- edge and teachest mortals imder- standing, we come unto Thee this day with rejoicing to praise and render thanks unto Thy Holy Name for Thy loving kindness and truth. Great things, O Lord, hast Thou done un{o us; and a new song shall we sing unto Thec for that Thou hast kept us in life, preserved us and enabled us to witness the dedication of this great House of Learning, the Hebrew Uni- versity, in Jerusalem, Thy ttoly City. "This'is the Lord's doing; it is mar- vellous in our eyes. This is the day the Lord hath made, we will be glad and rejoice thereon." "Our God and God of our fathers, verily we know that except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it. O receive in mercy and in favor our prayers today that Thou establish this tIousc and uphold it so that it become a fountain of Religion and a well-spring of wisdom whence Thy people shall draw Torah and knowledge, counsel and strength. Cause Thy Divine Presence to dwell in it and preserve among us Wise Men of Israel who shall enlighten om eyes with the light of the Torah and guide us in the building of the former desolations so that Israel on his own soil renew his youth like the eagle. "Our Father in Heaven, pour forth Thy blessing on the founders and ad- ministrators of this University, on its teachers and pupils and on all its friends; on His Excellency the High Commissioner of the Holy Land; on the venerable scholar-statesman to whom it was given to proclaim the glad tidings of Britian's syml)athy with a Jewish National Home in the land of Israel; and on all those whose heart hath prompted them to make a I pilgrimage to the Holy City and take ] part in this celebration. Preserve I them from every evil; [)reserve their lives. May Thy gracious promise be realised in them. I3h'sse(l art Thou I when Thou comest in; blessed art Thou when Thou goest out. "(;uardian of J sracl, guard thc rein- nanl of Thy 1)eel)It , "tnd sl)rea(/ the tahcrnach of Thy peace on the child- ren of every hal[on who dwell in this land under the protection of our Sovereign Lor(I, His Majesty King Georgc lhc Fiflh. Hasten the dave when all peot)le shall understand lh:at we all have one F'ther, fhat one God created us all; then shall the knowlcdge of the Lord (.over the earth as the wacrs ('over }ie sea. "And lel the ple'tsantness of the Lord our God he upon us; and es- tablish Thou the work of our hands for (is; yea, the work of our bands establish Tlmu it. Amen." In his address Dr. Hertz said: "As Chief labl)i of the United tie- brew Congregations of the xxorht-en- circling l',ritish Em4)irc I bring the greetings of our t)rethren of the ttouse of Is,-ael from the four corners of the earth--from the East and from the West, from the North and from the South--to Zion our Mother, on the opening of the tlebrew University at Jerusalem, the City of Israel's Solemn Assembl'lges. This day's Solemn i Assemblage anti the occasion respon- ! sible for it, are surely something "new under the sun." It is my privilege to be one of those who have been chosen to interpret to you the significance of this unique and unprecedented event in th( history of Israel. I shall do so, first in the language of the Governing Power, and then in our beloved Sacred Tongue. "The opcning of a Hebrew Univer- sity in the Eternal City of the Eternal People, is a milestone in the annalsof the spirit. It takes us back to th,e beginnings of civilized society among the Western nations of today. The chaos of the Dark Ages cuds about the year 1000; and the eleventh century sees the first revival of intellectual life. It is through contact with Arabic-Jewish culture that the long, mental inactivity of feudal Europe breaks like ice before the summer's sun. The earliest Universities--at Salerno and Bologna, at Oxford and Paris--are the expression of this resu- scitation of the European intellect. There arises a new power in a world as yet under the rule of sheer t)rute force--the University, the embodi- ment of the spirit of Learning. Soon this new power begins to dominate the souls of men; and, century by century, becomes a vast and vitalizing in- fluence in the life of the nations. "The transcendenct importance of today's ceremony (qnsists in the fact that the people which has been the most persistent in its defiance of brute force and in its exaltation of.the things of the mind, the people whose reverence for scholarship extends over millenia, boasting an uninterrupted learned tradition that goes back to hoary antiquity, the people wh(se in- tellectual labors helped to prepare the ground for the first Universities nearly a thousand yeaxs ago, the people that has since tended the ixt- tellectual vineyards of every other nation--is, that people at last,, rear- i ng its own Vineyards of learning. And this dav when wc have seen one of the world's Elder Statesmen, a former Premier of Great British and a Chancellor of the renowned Uni- versity of Cambridge, come thou- sands of miles, across many lands and seas, officially to inaugurate the He- brew University at Jerusalem, 'we are like that dream.' 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"True, it may be decades before the work begun today is completed, and before the unity of learning is repre- sented in this University by the full number of faculties of arts and the liberal professions. For many a year this Institution will primarily be de- Phone Main 3326 Res. Glendale 1684 GEORGETOWN TRANSFER CO., INC. A. O. SAYRE--R. O. SAYRE MOVING, PACKING, STORING and SHIPPING Office, 306 Jackson St. Seattle, Wash. voted to research. Specialists will here grapple with the thorny, pratt!  cal problems of this land--e.g, irrr gation, afforestation, hygiene, su lr tropical disease, and illumine the p with the search-light of science, lle . 0 nowned scholars will here seek l A discover the limits of the known, a0'. ' to pie,'ce the mysterious gloom whirl on every side surrounds the. frontier of ascel'tained truth. Such men do not so much impart facts as t be (Continued on page 5) 3 Convenient Stores To Supply Your Every Office Requirement. 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