The Jewish Transcript
Seattle, Washington
April 9, 1970

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h, co-chairmen f0r :orations which cat' drs. David Abra tions chairmen. ,, -Day t From Page 1. Klein and Miss t ;: Mrs. Harry l]tl rman Walker. .ii Volunteers: Me| aaan, Jerry Casta'i a, Jerome Anche!'| erg, Julian ArnsteB's ,zone. char, Elazar BeN!  har, Ramond 13el' Berch, Jack Beft' 3erg. lan, Dennis BlohSl lberg, Howard Br Broder, Harry .Bu' vo Meyer CaplJ ein Ruben Colae)' ole, Rose Collie) diotty. )lan, Bernard CoYe, ' yne, Noah panie ch, Miss Lilly ld Drebin, J tax Efron, Nst tnd Michael Epste tkin, Charles FP ;her, Josef FreUJ Lan, Jack Genatr nauer, Robert Sanford ldberg, Lillian 't Goldberg, lvin Goldfarb, George Grashin, 'ay, Arnold utmann Jr. ldlin, Marshall Holcenberg, Jassny, r Kaner, Kaplan, and Katsman, hur Klein, ;hard dey Levine, {ichard Loeb, lag. )sett, Laurence [oss, Wilbur , Ronald lell, Gerald and Alvin icus, Paul nt, Martin Roberts, Fred t Rose, and Sadick, H. S an SarkowskY, %i her, Alvin scllii E Schoenfeld. 51 nry Seaman, IO| ring T. Sidell, '! ;r, Stuart M. Sl°c: n, Harris Spri inDerg, Michel,,r Stratiner, and I usser, Craig Gordon Tobin,, J, Ty Varon, RalP" lary Volchok. , 'oss, Jerrold ,ffd n Warshal, Slo,: 4ein Webber, ., , Phil S WeinS , • • q nstem, Nate . ;eph Woron. emple Beth AM "'Socked It To amen" At Purim Clebration APRIL 9, 1970 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT PAGE 11 Seattle AMC Temple De Hirsch Seder, Apr. 21 .-.uAnn;versar,, Always a memorable event, the Temple office now to be sure this year's second Seder of the of yours, EA 3-8486. Adults - _lrleTh. e Purim celebration at and appropriate puppets. The Beth Am this year The seattle Ladies Auxiliary ferel u_ over. two days and of- Junior Youth Group sold candles of the American Medical Center ,, nOmething for ever one that they had made, and the gift at Denver will have it's Annual h^  SatUrda. . Y evemng," MarchY 21," shop held a clearance sale. Mrs. Pre-Passover meeting on Tues. " tratlitional B • Jack Cohen is youth group advi- p.m. April 14 at the Women's lab w,. . eth Am Megll- Federated Clubhouse, 232 Har- v,_. o read by Mr Elmer .sor, and Mrs. Walter Oppenheim yard Avenue East. Luncheon i" a charter member of the is gift shop chairman. Debby will be served at 12 noon, to be 'oje who has read the Purim Friedman organized youth group followed by the business portion g',.eacn year since the con- members to work at the car- of the day. Members are asked nanentasehen" s,tuon was andfirSttea°rogllowani2ee .. nival, to bring their favorite Passover recipies. e next day, Sunday, March Other able committee chair- The two local chapters are frL-e'uqsentire congregation_ _ , their.: men included Mrs. Stanley Gil- concentrating all efforts now a livoC and guests, took part m man, kitchen; Mrs. Louis Bern- for the big gala Fiftieth Anniver-  carnival that lasted from stein, ice cream; and Mrs. Sey- sary Spring Donors Luncheon to Yea, - " A special treat this mour Rabinovitch, signs. Mrs. be held at the Roosevelt Hotel on .. "was "Ham°,,'° u ..... ,, ma- ........... =, o Donald Silverman, social chair- Tuesday, May 5th. Complete and b.ler, set up outside the man, and her committee were final details will appear in the tst • ,mer activities were a overall directors of the carnival, next issue. (lall e parade and Israeli N-mg, led by Miss Charlene ,,metz Th  • * Karate .. 00wmeta00t,n00room, Son00cs, Ju o, Theatre er,,, erus, Royal Wine Cell- "" ! ., • uer the direction of Mr ..... iiiktaT00Uobt00ndcD;sfuSltaa00u0000 itz'. Group, J.C.C. H,ghl00ght April 12 ehO er.,,.,,,, activities and their A visit by the Stars of the _ CAMP BENBOW 8-14 years • 'hie- ' Skill ,,,[ included games of Seattle Super Sonics, a Karate Session 1 $120.00-June 28-July13 ld'I 2  it to Haman," by Dr. and Jude demonstration, and an 2 $175.00-July 13-Aug.2 Iv,'. hen Thal; Kindercraft improvisational Theatre Group 3 $175.00-Aug. 3-Aug 23. J0l' t:1 SiGn, assisted by Mrs will highlight the Jewish Com- ':mn,'laeimer; "Mordecai the munity Center Camp reunion "Cian', - Sunday April 12th at 3:30 p.m. a N j by Harvey Motulsky DAY CAMP 6-9years ntl,,,°, n Doctor; a bake sale Old and new Campers are l(an'., tn SUpervision of Mrs. Ed invited to bring a friend interest- Session 1 $75.00-June 22-July 10 00iii;;i 00amo oeoyt00esoeca ,0000uyl000uy 1 entertainment, snack, and first 3 $75.00-Aug. 3-Auv. 21. hand details of this Summer GANGANEE 4-5years Camping Program. Same dates as Day Camp Mr, L sh°w of the Purim sto "' Vl ' ry. [hei rt Seelig coordinated - presentation and Mrs. 'uert Hawkins ' a!/, ,.,ua .... (a Presby ten- aated her puppet theatre B abani, instructional mathematics, at Junior-Senior will assist Rabbi einsod, Director of session, June 29 to start with a three orientation ses- acquaint the other and to with the educa- and recreational camp program at session will be a n Seattle from July I1. lional information lira, East 3-3424. PA 5-3770, Se- Cholum, PA 3- i ble' I slw,'ge Pharmacy WRidg I u.'" I :'ffiL" - "*"'borne ,,,,s ° I ",iL"3 *d - g,;;;nn. I ';;7:o,.o, Days a Week 1,;':.,' ). ?:;0,o p.m. 115 LA 4-1800 COLLECTION OF DISTINGUISHED IMPORTED WINES STORED UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS IN OUR UNDERGROUND CELLAR. PASSOVER Greetings ,', fro m ESQUIN IMPORTS 1516 FIRST AVENUE S. • MU 2-7:174 10:(}0-6:30 WEEKDAYS • 10:011-5:[10 SATIIRDAY NEW HAGGADAH FOR PASSOVER PASSOVER COOKBOOK "FREEDOM SEDER" $19s FRoM MANISCHEWITZ $59S NEW SELECTION OF PASSOVER CARDS CANDLES & MENORAHS CHOICE GIFTS, OF EXCELLENT JEWISH LITERATURE, AND CHILDRENS READINGS. HUNTERS BOOK'S AND MINI SHOP EASTSIDE'S BIG BOOK STORE AND EXCITING GIFT SHOP 246 Bellevue Squ,,re -- open evenings till 9, & Sat. till $30 HUNTERS GL 4-5044 MINI-SHOP GL 5-5480 Temple De Hirsch Congregation promises to be that and more. The Seder will take place in the beautiful new surroundings of the recently renovated audito- rium on Tuesday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. Rabbi Levine will conduct the traditional reading of the Hagad- dah with full participation by young and old. The dinner comprised of tra- ditional Jewish dishes, expertly .prepared by one of the outstand- ing cateress' in the Seattle area. As reservations are limited,call $4.25, children under 12 - $3.50. This is a family affair and they invite you to join them for an evening of inspiration and enjoy- ment. I URGENTLY NEEDED Permanent home needed for eld- erly lady with a German speak- ing woman. COMPANION/NURSE Good renumeration for right par- ty. EM 4-1743 Let us be part of every joyous occasion! TELEPHONE ME 3-2332 Passover Greetings 4145 UNIVERSITY WAY N.E. SEATTLE ! 4 by FIELDER BEALL FLOWERS, INC. SAY "HAPPY PASSOVER" WITH FLOWERS 322 BELLEVUE SQUARE