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April 8, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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April 8, 1938

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PAGe. SIX THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE r APRIL 8, 19! APRIL Let Lehman FATHER SIGNS SON! Quit To Lead ............................ ,- ...... Jews--Idea (For Editorial, See Page 2) NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--Gov. llerbert lI. Lehman, U. S. Suprem Court .lustice Brandeis aM Secre- tary of the Treanury IIenry Mor- genthau, Jr. shtmld resign their of_ tteen and take up tim leadership of the Jewinh people in -L fight against their enemies, Judge Magazine sug- gests this week in an editorial writ- ten by its publisher, Iiarry Newman, an h'ishman. Mr. Newman proposes that either t)f these three or Bernard M. Bttruch head a militant Jewish camp:tign against anti-Semitism, lie also calls on such Jewish newspapers pul)lishers as Arthur flays Sulzberg- er of the New Ynrk Times, J. David Stern, Paul Block and Moses Annen- berg, to "roll your presses into the teeth of your potty attackers." Th;, editorial declares "Fight, Jews! You don't need is'miss and navies You need only "t fighting leader, to mass t)ehind him the great intelli-  :!:31:!:!: .:i*!:::.' "":"::3..g' Henry Morgenthau, Jr. genes :tnd al)ility you already lies- sees, to lnake a nl/tSs Rtta(].:. FIitne beyond the power of m'tn to measure waits such a leader." Mr. Newman pr(tlicts that under such leadership Jews can make Iti(- let "the most ridiculous man 'dive" in 30 (lays and in six months see him "removed from le, adership of the German pcol)le l)y the Germau peo- ple themselves." State Good-Will Board Proposed In N. Jersey TRENTON, N. J. -- Legislation l)roviding for creation of an llnsal- aried state commission of 15 promi- nent Catholics, 1)rotest'tnts nnd Jews for promotion of goodwill among religious groups is scheduled for introduction in the State Legis- lature here by Assemblyman Samuel Pesin, he revealed this week. "At a time like this," the legis- httor announced, "when the world is upset and in turmoil l.trgely because of bitter racial "rod religious feuds, it would be the part of wisdom to go out of our way to foster a spirit of concord in the United States to tim end that the seeds of strife and lilt- terness might find no h)dgment in Americ't." IV- WHAT'S SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE BERLIN (W. N. S.)--Germany is mgered by action of President Getu- lie Vargas in outlawing all Nazi ac- tivities in Br'Lzil it was stated llis week by the l)eutsehe l)iplomatisehe Politische Korrespnndenz, oIti(.i.d or- gan of the Ferman Foreign ()ttiee. ODIN THORSTENSON PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS MEDICINES, SICK-ROOM SUPPLIES fi14 Olive Way SE 2722 Seattle DR. UNOSAWA DlSEAS.S OF MEr AND WOMEr. NERvous ANI) CHRONIC DISEASES. MATERNITY CASES, SURGERY. 420 Maynard Ave. ELLIOTT 5431 ELLIoTT 6152 Since 1885 SEATTLE TRANSFER COMPANY Pool Car Distribution. Packing and Shipping. General Hauling. 24 W. Conn. St. MAin 2428 OIL DELIVERY CO. FUEL, DIESEL and STOVE OIL --321 W. Republican- & GA5300 --Photo by Waiters NO DOUBTING THOMAS is Peter Thomas, the proud little man on the extreme left who is one of the founders of Herzl Synagogue and a longtime B'nai B'rith member, when it comes to boosting the B'nai B'rith's current drive for 50 new members. First thing he did was enroll his son, Sam Thomas, a Garfield High School footballer of other days. Wearing congratulatory smiles all around are Son Sam, pen in hand ; Abe J. Goldman, B. B. membership chairman, seated, and assistant Lou Blackfleld, young bakery executive. "Let other fathers enroll their sons in B'nai B'rith," urged Chairman Goldman today as his membership roundup continues. Senator Norris Hafts Boycott Of Germany WASIIINGTON, l). C. (W. N. S.) --The anti-N.tzi boycott gainc(l an imI)ortant suppt)rter this week when U. S. Senator George W. Norris, last s.urvivor of the six menfl)ers of the Senate wilt) voted ag'dnst the declaration of w'lr in 1917, dechu'ed himself in favor of a l)t)pul'lr boycott against J'pan, Germany and italy. In an interview published in the United States News) Senator Norris said he believed the Anterie'm peo- ple would be justified in boycotting aggressor nations. Tile Nebraska Senator asserted that such a move- ment could lie undertaken by the people, not by tile government, and "no complaint can be made." Anti-Nazi Ban To Be Extended To Austt ia NEW YORK (WNS)--Preparations for extending the anti-Nazi boycott to goods made in Austria were being made here this week. First to announce plans for an anti- Austrian boycott was the Jewish W'rr Veterans. In a telegram to Secretary of State Cm'dell Hull, ailing Samuel Unter- myer, l)resident of the Non-Secta- rian Anti-Nazi League, who is win- tering at Pahn Sl)rings, Calif., urged immediate abrogation of AmericCs trade treaty with Austria and de- re'reded "full recognition by Nazi Germany of Austria's so-called war debt of $26,000,000." The treaty with Austri,b Mr. Un- termyer pointed out, provides for "unconditional most-favored nation treatment at the bands of the United States. Unless the annexation is not recognized by the United States, Austria cannot be treated as free and independent in trade and tariff mat- ters, t)eeause Germany could theu flood tMs country with goods by way of Austria to the detriment of Ameri- can manufacturers and to the end that nhe will acquire American ex- change to carry on her ruthless aggression." Aspirin Company Has Headache Over Nazis NEW Y()RK (W. N. S.)--Protits of ],yer Asl)irin sohl in this country ultimately re.tch Germany becaune the Bayer Company here is conuect- ed with the German dye trusl, the Non-Sectari'tn Anti-Nazi l,e,tgue de- (:hired this week in commenting on a slatement l)y Ilarvey Mansn, presi- dent of the 13ayer Company, that his firm had no connection with Ger- m'tny because it h't(I I)urchased the American firm from the Alien Pro- perty Custodian after the World War. Mr. Mttnss' 8tatenlent was made in ctmnection with reports from Bud- sliest that the lhmgari,tn Pharma- eeutietd Company, ]lungari'tn rel)- resentative of Bayer's Aspirin, had dismissed 13 employes because they are of non-Aryan origin. P. ALLEN RICKLES, Northern Life Tower NOTICE OF "SHERIFF'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE STATE OF WASHINGTON,SS. County of King. J Sheriff's Office By virtue of an ORDER OF SALE is:reed out of the Honorable Superior Court of King County, on the 4th day of March, 1938, by the clerk thereof in the case of HOME OWN- EILS' LOAN CORPORATION, a corpora- tion, Plaintiff, versus KATItERINE WIL- SON, a widow, also known as CATHERINE WILSON, and E. D. GERMAIN, Defend- ants, No. 302577, and to me, as Sheriff, directed and delivered: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That I will preceed te sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, within the hours pre- scribed by law for Sheriff's sales, to-wit: at Ten o'Clock A. M. on the 16th day of April, 1938, before the Court House door King County, Jefferson Street entrance, in the State of Washington, the following described property, situated in King County, State of Washington, to-wit: Lots 3 and 4 in Block 1 of Hillman City Ad- dition to the City of Seattle, Division No. 1, as per plat recorded in Vol. 10 of Plats, page 57, records of King County; levied on as the property of all of the said defendants herein, to satisfy a judgment of a foreclosure of a mortgage amounting to Two Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety One and 67/100 (2,891.67) Dollars, attorney's fees of $100.00, $121.01 taxes and title seareb, the cost of suit and interest in favor of plaintiff. Dated this 8th day of March, 1938. W. B. SEVERYNS, Sheriff, By 1t. J. B, ies, Deputy. 3-1]-38 5t 4-8-38 ,T. '. rotETT Dexter ]Korton Bulldin$" RIAL )BTAE STATE OF WASHINGTON, COUNTY of King, ss. ]Sy virtue of an Order of Sale in- sued out of the Honorable Superior Court of King County, on the 16th day of March, 1938, by the clerk thereof in the case of HOME OWN- R'S LOAN CORPORATION, a cor- ))oration, Plaintiff, versus MA],Y PEARL LYNCIt, formerly PEARL LY'N'CH GERDES, and JOHN DOE LYNCH. her husband, whose true Christian name is to plaintiff un- known, Defendants, No. 304735. and to me, as Sheriff, directed and de- livered: Notice is hereby given, that I will proceed to sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, within the hours prescribed by law for Sher- lff'n sales, to-wit: at Ten o'(2lock A.M. on the 30th day of April, ]9,28, before the Court ]-louse door of King County, Jefferson Street entrance, at Seattle, in the State of Washington, the fol- lowing described property, situated in King County, State of Washington, to-wit: Lot 12, in Block ]4 of Pontius lourth Addition to the City of Se- attle, an per plat recorded in "Volume 7 of Plats, on page 8, records of King County, situate in the City of Seattle, County of King, State of Washington; levied on as the property of all of the said defendants herein, to satisfy a Judgment of a foreclosure of a mort- gage amounting to Two Thousand Six I-Iundred Two and 31/100 Dollars ($2,602.31), attorney'n fees of $87.50, $231.17 taxes and title nearch, the cost of suit and interest in favor of plaintiff. Dated thin 21st day of March, 1938. W. B. SEVERYNS, Sheriff, By H. J. RIER, Deputy. 8-25-38--5t--4-22-38 Oddities! Rabbi, Priest Conduct Rites For Two Murdered Brothers JERUSALEM (WNS)--A dramat- ic scene was enacted in the Jeru- salen morgue this week when Catholic priests and the Jewish Hevra Kadisha--burial society-- came to claim the bodies of Erwin and Richard Traube, brothers murdered on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The 23-year-old Erwin, con- verted to Christianity a month ago, had a crucifix placed on his breast while the Jewish brother, 19-year-old Richard, brought to Palestine in 1936 by the Youth Aliyah, was wrapped in a Tailith-- a silken prayer shawl. Two separate funeral siGns carried the brothers to ! graves from the hospital to they had been vainly One cortege was bound Catholic cemetery on Mt. the other went to the burial ground on the Olives. Erwin and Richard devoted brothers who had been together even to the moments on earth, went to permanent resting place ap Tragedy Hits War Nurse, Bul She Plans To Aid Maimed By DIANA KLOTTS Transcript Special Writer. NEW YORK.--Sonia Merims has no time for tears. Today she is back from the battlefront in Spain, the only American nurse to be cited for bravery by the Spanish loyalist Government. Born in Russia, she still has a trace of accent though she studied in this cuntry and grad- uated in nursing in New York--- iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iii!iii00ii!0000i0000@00ili00,ii!i!00 , / ..... iiii!iiiiiii!iiiiii!iiiiiii!ili!ii!iiii!iiii Organizers, too, are the 5 men pictured here--caught by the camera at a recent Portland gath- ering. Their task is to recruit dollars for aid to persecuted Jews overseas. Left to right: Rabbi Adolph H. Fink of Spokane ; Milton Markewitz, Portland; Jo- seph Shemanski, Portland; his brother Alfred Shemanski, Se- attle, and Sol Esfeld, Seattle. Goldberg Wants To Be "Clark" BOSTON (W. N. S.)--If Samuel Goldl)erg, 26-year-old radio singer who is professionally known as Bud- dy Clark, gets permission to make that his legal name it will be over tim violent objections of Harry Lin- coln Clark, a park department en- gineer, who chtims to be the great- great-grandson of a mate on the Mayflower. Goldberg asked the Suffolk Probate Court this week for the right to make Buddy Clark his legal name. But Itarry Lincoln Clark object- ed, saying "I dr) not wish to see the name used after all these years to advertise a radio singer. ]f Gold- berg's name were har(t to pronounce, I'd have no obje(.tion, but nobody seems to have any trouble under- standing it." News Facts: Crooner Clark, no Goldberg, lifts his Mgh-pitched tenor voice to catch the ear of millions of lintcn;ws each Wednesday night on Comedian ]3en Bernie's program . . . Oddity: BerniCs real monicker is A nschel wei tz ! . . . Other "l fig names" on the air which are not originals: Ja('k Bmny, who was 1)orn Kul)elnky; Eddic (hntor, ne Izzie Iskowitz; Al Jolnon, whose re'lI name is As't Yoel- son. Four Rabbis Sing On Passover Records NEW YORI (WNS)--Recordings of tive Passover musical selections made l)y four ralfl)is while they were students at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America were re-issued this week on two double-faced re(.urds by the Women's League of tile United Synagogue. The records comprise the only such Passover music in nmchanica[ ren- dition and include "Addur IIu," "Chad Gadyoh," "Chasal Siddur Pesach," "Echod Mi Yodea" ,tnd "Ki Lo Noeh." THE BEST We know the above phrase has been abused. And we detest it. But so many of our customers have told us, OLYMPIC DAIRY PRODUCTS are the BEST, that they have convinced us that possibly this is the only word that can convey our meaning. SOUR CREAM A Marvelous Flavor. Made of rich, heavy, fresh whip- ping cream. GRADE A MILK Always highest butterfat. content. Winner of many awards. SWEET BUTTER UN-SALTED COTTAGE CHEESE BUTTERMILK DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR or THRU YOUR GROCER JUST PHONE EL. 4770 OLYMPIC DAIRY 1420 Western Ave. after which she studied to X-ray technician in legs. Sonia is shy, five feet height, of sturdy build, with I brown hair and eyes. It was in March of last that she decided to go to where she might be of service than in a New York tal. "But I may never see again," were the tearful p words of her husband A{ Peer, Brooklyn Post Office! Her husb ployee. t While Pas "You may get killed in Spanischewitz But something over there!liday table crying louder, and she had tUsewife, w: Shortly after her arrival le. Below hospital in which she was vd ing was bombed, but Sonia out all right. Later, her ribs were broke1 shrapnel. She didn't stop to have h, treated, but went on h patients most of whom wer hurt than she. Then came December, and  was to be a reunion. on board the S. S. Manhatte route to Paris where to meet him. rtbur never reached He died of a heart cember 31 on board ship. And Sonia returned body. So deep is the grief of ! Merims, there are no tears. Instead, she continues her tures here for Spanish mocracy. And next month, with thfi done, she will fling herself more into the dizzy vortex life and death are one--S bombs hurtle through the and crash the earth with mai ality, taking one, sparing a er--where always there are ere who must be helped one's own little sorrows are sumed in the greater sufferi ......... a whole people. Sonia Merims has no time tears ! In 1858, ju hed in this i ens" Toda Mosaic Law 1eeded to m Cited In Trla00 't speeds NEW ORLEANS (W. N. S.)  Mosaic law and a small gravcl que with the Teu inscribed in Hebrew were cite, week by Ben Kramer lie]or, Louisiana Pardon Board in a pardon for his wife who tented to a year in the l)enitel for big'troy. Asked by the cc he was seeking revenge, s'fid he only demanded obser of the Ten Commandments, hc charged his Sl)OUSe with ing. "These are what I he said, waviug the l)laque, and are what 1 live 1)3'," he said, the plaque, and "they are wht shoul(l live I)3'." His wife married another fore being diwn't.e(1 front She was convicte(l of bigamy l)reived 'tn(I now she asks a (h)n. Note On Civilization! R()TTI,RI)AM (W. N. S.)" f!rst synagogue in the win'hi to gas and bomlt-proof shelter the Gre,tt Synagogue of which this week was cunverti 1)'tsement into a refuge r'tids.