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April 8, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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April 8, 1938

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APRIL 8, 1 PRIL 8, 1938 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE r" i:( ,: , PAGE THREE not to be )scurantist t evokes or iiversity. Of Seattleite, Sol Warrenoff, Sings Way ?o Metropolitan Opera Stage, Gets $1,000 used to l)lay operatic works over and over on the phonogral)h, then out- sing the "u'tist who made the record. "fle'd ha(1 plenty of discourage- re(rots. Why, just five months ago, WOK ill New York auditioned him. They told hin his voice wasn't ready To Sing. ) CANTOR NATHAN SCHLOSS- BERG, whose father and grand- father were noted singers of syn- agogue music, will demonstrate that music is "in the family," Sunday night, April 17, when he gives his annual concert in Bikur Cholum Synagogue His blonde 21-month-old daughter, Esther Rachel; his red-headed, 4 and one- half year old son, Label; and his blue-eyed 3-year-old son, David, will sing on the same program. Pretty Fanny Horowitz, violinist, and talented Miss Lydia Pearl, pianist, will also be heard, Cantor Schlossberg announced JEWELS FOR JOY ... NOT FOR WORRY! Safety From LOSS With Our ALL RISK POLICY LIPMAN & ESFELD Insurance, ExcluMvely! SMITH TOWER Main 2841 Fou'd have to look f'u' to find a )uder man than Sol Warrenoff, ttle fro' broker, today. Last week, over 't coasL-to-coast r't- ) hookup he heard the voice of his st-born son, 2(i-year-ohl, 6 foot l, curly-haired, dark, good-look- I Leonard Warren, singing an op- Ltic aria. rhen he he,u'd his son 1)roclaime(I nncr of a $1,000 prize and :t con- ct with tim Metropolitan Opera )mpany, the wo,'hl's greatest sing- 'ggrcgation. HAVANA CIGARS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ========================= ii::::.ii.:.-'-: :........, : .. .v..:.; iiiiiN!00i steal prize of the year for young gers, cmnl)eting with 700 of the tion's most tahmte(I male voices. l of this for then v# llmlle(l? ' echoe(l the Se.d.tle ,e of the meek. ym "That's a mihl word for it. s ,'L story for a b(i(ik ]Ie was ze and dream undO'P, in New York, where we lived mlight The (lrea TM my wife, my (1.ughter Vivian, . . (l I move(l out here three ears s 1.o come: i aln | " Y ' D. (m ttns dream):,, . " Sime he 16, lie's 1)een kccn th chancehory. ;. was ', I say, I rememb ;ut' singing--classie,d stuff, no lion feet of the 1 z' lie hates l)opuhu' songs, lle I body and I saidl are like the rocks Yet their steps ( H like, thunder> are --ave A Bone 1 catch ill the wi )w.. faint echoes[O Pick rOll not you hear (Cont. from i)age 2) a ldt from that tillhat kind of environment nutkcs ay tree. W.e haV%h 1 ' ' ick-spitll herited the earthe ll " , ', Jews?". Now we ;utt we can tind such "honor.t- ;re of the weak, ink,, j _v ewsin (his country 1 am d- rrog.mce is In thor) s, ' ' '.' ' " . .,. ; sure, if sonw(hinu shouhl lmp- y kicks up as he w n .. ' .. o , , Ill I111S eOlllltl .Y, we, will fin(l s()me r gaves a cnllllr Jewish eohlmnists in the ranks t'azy Jew." oln, i n(,n]ics t ldll me, Mr. It  ' ith my tree eve It will I)e inleresti)g to know that ars. TIm tree a r' Sokolsky in his 1)riw(>e life is onl)rY Orth(idox. Isn't it very stl'allge ;lGod.,,and know ;t sue l is the f'w(, he clings to . . thodoxy. To be sure, we ctumot ake . speech to ! very proud of such Jewish writers. them for my tree il reparative l)eaee ik_- agony of the All!$gCLlll,rK,nv )side(l to soft soF: - uxxLll'llllllll v( washed their 1__ ' r can see o. Vrotest nicides. Peace. 1' nay make a sl)ee( lW ORI( -- Dechtring (Jmt my tree in Pale athlics, Protest.!ufl;s and Jews Iladassah: !l'hankl!s !!stLtnd toa'ethcr on common -}hnln(l in .............. s  wond(ful Ire (lefen(h  ; , _. ' "ng hi, man rights lO:ollhy by wht[2ll:brties," 99 Anmrican church- ugh even at 1-1, gne(l an inter-faith manifesto r,mches the winds s Week del)loring tile Nazi inva- of all the oppref n of Austria. . surviving tile alThe manifesto w'ts released to the swordsl But weblie by Dr. Robert A. Ashworth, nd ask ourselveS;ucatmnal secretary of tile Nation- ty we deserve to)V;onference of h, ws and Christians, Jertainly, we are'he pointed out that the In'otest mortality just teas not an act of the National Con- te traders. *ence, which concerns itself selely yright, 1938.) ith a l)rogram for more wholesonm Ulnan relations in the United States, Ut the individual expression of the :kY "|PrtestantS'wh signed23it.Catholics and 23 b rank Gavin, Christian that some of us lebrew Scholar, Dead dle-road. This s. NEw YORK  Dr. Frank S. B. litton. ,'tvin, believed to be tim only non- w to recmvc e one Imrticular  .' a degree from tile He- in this country, irew Union College in Cincimmti, d a well know ky of New York, -" I authority on lie- , iol'ew and S ' tstanding react ee" " at th( tomtits,, (lied here this eountry or for ,.  age of 48 I4 tie studie other country _ (1 at Hel)rew Union Col- cent reaetionaryl:  !913 and 1914 and was unive,'- Y tellow III  " h Transcril)t of 59.. ' " Semitics at Cohunl)ia a news item a':,':::urs'ty'oflle" "'"-- -- i'* m'verall) i was also the author :y. That news ' ' ' ks on the Jews. to write this artl. all the Jews of bae. Is lal Bi from libera Ix i .. as Outlawed way ecause the Amer;'nn N. y. Civil Service ink that we are ALBANy, N. Y.--Discrinfination Of course, Sok010r reasons of race, creed or coh)r hink that way. . appointments to competitive ci- hi? This is an0til service positions and in tile labor lass " tmswered.  In cities was outlawed 1)y a bill m black shee I) al?aSSed 1)y boll .... "  i> , I nollses el 131e iNew Immsts TI ere ie}ok led ' " , .g slature ttns week. it needs II Ill lie is an n,fluel ) GOVernor Lehn,an's sign.d.,,re 28 lOf ,ne lNew ,, eCome l'tw , a very COIlS{)fl lie is a lecturer l, He eo.ld have ew Kills Self In l man, b,t he erman Courtroom i BERLIN (W. N. S )--S(unned I)v : th ente ' ' s everything . 'nee of 18 months in ln'ison on e IS a fanatm, fi,t, ges of alleged lire tell of trllst movement to l,rnst Boche hwi ' " , ' J.$a[ll([" kill' ' ' ' '  Sit lllIVTel') SILO1) democracy. ,.1. ed hi,aself this wcek in lhe a nlan with SllCPpllS(Inel's (( "; ' " t)ck (If the Berlin l)enal dl himself to the !(nlrt in the presence of his accuser, )f this country. ' American physician, and his wife. o I wrote an artiL..... T ranseril)t a be'OME OWNEDF That article c HOME OPERATED ta man by thea[[,  in, a German "Je '-" / - , ' [ s "friend," and his own l)eol)le. :i: .... ..... r# x '-IATORY I he Jewisn 1'  Ninth and Union--EL. 0432 COLUMBARIUM e asked tile questiO.__.. O.L. HAGGARD, President - FINCH HAGGARD, Mgr. page 3, eel. 1) or something. "lie's only been a professional singer three Most of that time, he sang with tlm Radio City Music IIall glee club--in tile worhl's largest theatre. "That's quite a jump--from the chorus to a leading spot in the Met- ropolitan Opera." Tlm young singer's mother was with him it the New Ym'k studio. But his father and sister were hosts to 50 frie, nds in the lobby of the Baron- ess Apartnmnts, where they live, hearing him over the radio Another l)rother, Martin, 22, who represents his fnther in New York, was also in the Ne, w York studio from which Leonard sang. The young singer has never been in Seattle, has never sling in a syna- gogu% doesn't sing Yiddish songs, his f.tther said. He'll celeln'nle his 27th birthday April 26, is umnarried, 1)een featured a few limes ()ver the /hltllal Netw(irl(s and h:ls ma(le records for Chevrolet, 1)esides sing- ing ill summer holels. Doctor Writes Of SpanishWar His eyes have seen horrible death on the battle fields of bloody Spain, but here Dr. Leo Eloesser, noted San Francis- co surgeon, writes in whimsi- cal vein of war through a doc- toffs eyes BY DR. LEO ELOESSER ON TIlE TI,]RUII, FRONT--.-1 have des(:rille(t to you how we have hall to oper.tle by ca,ullelight, how far fronl n(]eqllatc is (nn" e(luil)nmnL hera in the war zone. The self-evident question is, (if course, "Why lie you 1)ut Ul) witll (.his, and why don't you get what is needed?" And (he answer to that is: To have what is needed takes time and money alld llleans of transl)ortation. Money can bc got, sooner or l.ltcr, some way or other. Tinle can't, and wllell weunde(l 1)egin to pour in, one has t,o take things as they "Ire and make the best of them and leave im- l)rovcments until later. And as for tr:msl)ortation: you may unders(and why I anl chunoring so h)ud, hmg and insistently for a Ford carry-all and a light (Mivery truck. l'd sooner have these two now than a tlcet of Mack trucks in six months. All the things in the worhl won't hell) unless you can take them with yoll and have them where you want them. The situation as regards cquilmmnt has improvgd. In tlm tirst 1)lace, before we left the llospital the town council had given nm bell) with masons and carl)enters and (;lie l)htce was qui(e ready to make " nice little hospital of by the time we move(1 out. That, however, will not help the next Olle. Enanmhv.lrc, etc., I provided my- self with. I tlooded Spain with requisitions for .d)out six weeks, but these beseeching pal)ers brought forth no(hing but promises. So I went into Teruel one day in a fog protected tim road, and I found a nice shell-struck ptmrmacy and next to it a nice shell-struck I)azaar with ,dl sorts of things in it: brushes, 1)itclmrs, bowls, buckets, pots and pans. A real Aladdin's c'we the celhtr of that bazaar was; so I lo'ulcd up the little Ford. Tomorrow and the next few days l'm going to look around here for a small light-generating 1)lant. I am told they c'm be had for from 3 to 6000 l)escLas, i.e., "tbout $1200, and l'm going to gel one. That should solve the light l)rol)- lenl. And I do beg you to sen(t the t r.usl)orl.ttion 1 asked for I)rOml)(13 . Scientist, 31, Wins $1,000 For Research NEW ]IAVEN, Conn. (W. N. S.)-- Dr. Abraham White, 30-year-ehl Jewish scientist, who is assishmt profcss(Ir of lllWsiologic,d cheniistry at. Yale University this week was an- nounced as the winner (if the $1,000 Eli Lilly & C(). award ill biological chemistry. The award, to be presented at the opening session of the 95th meeting (if the American Chemical Society at Dallas on April 18, is given for "out- standing research of unusual merit to an individu.d on the threshold of his c'treer." ,@ "Help Needy Get Matzos," Is Local Plea To make sure (.h.d> 70 needy Jewish families here do not go without matzos on Passover, Mrs. Max Tobi.ts, chairman of 't Jewish Wel- fare Socie(y comnlittee, today issued a last-minute appe.d to Se.tttlc Jewry to contrilm(c $300 needed to supllly the 2,000-year-ohl syml)ols ,)f (he Jew's freed()n from /)ondage IO hollies where (here is no money to l)uy the unlenvencd })read of the Passover. "I nm (leligh(.ed wi(h lhc resl)onse :already shown," Mrs. T()bias said. "Seallle ,lowry has "t great heart-- that is shown l)y the $25 already IIledged lly B'nai ]Vrith, 1)y a groul) of wonmn mah jongg illayers who ('ach yeqr (.urn their "kit(y" of al)out $50 in((i our m.t(.zos fund, 1)3' heads of families who have d(mate(l about $25 and others who lmve t.(i](l us they i)itend to or(ler extra matzos for a needy family when they order their OVll. "Bu( we still lmvcn't enough money to lmy matz()s for all lhe 70 families wh,) cannot affor(l tlmm. l(, is a holy (.hi,g to lie allle to give Lo so worthy a Callse. )' Mrs. Tol)ias can 1)e rcnched 'tt 1)rosl)ect 5493. John Schiff To Sell Dad's Art Collection NEW Y()Rl(-lecause his in(.er- es(s "are .dong otlw, r lines," John M. Schiff, son (if (he l.lte millionaire Mor(inmr M. Schifl an(l grandson of J.tcob II. Sehiff, this week an- nounee(l that his f.tther's famous collec(Jon of rare l)aintings, sculp- ture, ( , I)ooks and furniture will I)e sold 'd l)ulllic auction in Lon- don in June. The collec(i(m is now h(lused in llm ],'ifth Avemm mansion built by Mortime)' Schiff to accomodate his w(irks of art. It includes many vahlallle items of the Renaissance 1)erio(l and paintings 1)y the l,'h!mistl masters, Palestine Air Mail To Canada In 9 Days OTTAWA (W. N. S.)--Sewm days wcre cut from the lime required for air m.dl to reach Canada from Pal- estine when l'alestine was included in (he Eml)ire air mail phm, Air mail from Palcs(ine will now reach Cannd'. in nine days whereas it for- merly required sixteen days. Turkey To Open Doors To Jewish Scholars ISTANBUL (W. N. S.)--A consid- erable number of eminent Austrian ,lewish scientists "rod physicians will 1)e offered l)ositions at the Univer- sities of ls('mbul and Angora tlm ministry of e(]llcation anllounce(t this weel(, revealing negotiations to ill)lain the services of some of the schol'u's who have lost their posts in Austria. Turkey engaged several score Gernmn-Jewish scien(ists in 1934.  x,R..:':: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::2:::::::::::::::: .::;i::K::.. :.?.::::::::i::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)::::::::: :::::::::::::::?::::::::3:::::::::::::::::: . .................. 00,,,nuN ii m l I i ................ ..... SEATTLE AND SEPHARDIC TALMUD TORAHS Authorized dealers and retailers of Manischewitz Matzos in Seattle, 1938 R. Abrams .............. 1717 Yesler Angell's Grocery ............ 524 27th Augustine & Kyer ....... 815 1st Ave. Brenner's Bakery ........ 1803 Yesler Chas. Bredsky .... 21st and Jefferson 1)el's Delicatessen ...... 431 151h No. 1,con(nny Bakery ........ 2001 Yesler Egers' Bakery ......... 2115 Jackson Harry Gottstcin ..... 1521 Olive Way Greenfield's Grocery. 23rd & E. Cherry H. Handlin ................. 703 23rd Jacob's Grocery .... 1521 E. Jefferson I. Kaminoff .............. 2601 Yesler Mrs. M. Kutoff ............ 52(,) 191h ]fippman's Bakery ......... 119 23,'d Jack Maimon ............ 11.)26 Yesler Sanl Maimon (24th Ave. Grocery) .................... 2-t0l Yeslcr Nelson's Grocery .... 250(,) E. Cherry Miss J. Olswang ............ 115 191h Mrs. J. Sherman ............ 165 23rd Table Supply Co ...... 903 19th No. WeinrobCs (Irocery... 2518 E. Cherry White Kosher Market 2722 E. Cherry HOLLYWOOD DAIRY FARM 300 GOVERNMENT AND STATE-TESTED DAIRY COWS Will Exclusively Supply Seattle's Jewish People with PASSOVER DAIRY PRODUCTS --API'ROVED BY-- Rabbi Solomon P. Wohlgelernter --DISTRI BU'rleA) BY--- HEDO LAND DAI00Y 2100 SECOND AVE. Only a Limited Supply of PASSOVER DAIRY PRODUCTS Are Available PHONE YOUR ORDERNOW! SE. 2545 Woman Doctor Dies At 44 CHICAGO (W. N. S.)--Mrs. Ber- tha I(aIllan Specter, noted bacter- iologist who helped check the ame- bic dysentery epidemic during the Chicago expedition in 1933, died here this week at the 'tge of 44. l)uring the World War stm did bacteriolo- gical research at Fort Riley, Kansas. Sire was "t rese'trch assistant in medi- cine at the University ef Chicago. Dr. Golub Named To Head Saratoga Spa NEW YORK--I)r. J. J. Gohd), director of the ]]OSllital for Joint Diseases here, and long "relive in Zionism, this week was nominated for the Saratoga Springs Authority by Governor Lehman. Einstein's Daughter Divorces Writer TRENTON, N. J.--Margot Mar- ianoff, d.mghter of Scientist Albert Einstein, received her tinal divorce decree here this week from her writer husl)and, Dmitri Marianoff. Maestro Bruno Walter's Daughter Is Seized AMSTERI)AM--Bruno Walter, ex- iled German-Jewish conductor, was informed this week that his 30-year- old daughter, only member of the fanfily still in Viemm, has I)een arrested/) 3, Nazi agents. Pike Place PUBLIC MARKET FIRST AND PIKE FRESHER FOODS LOWER PRICES "IIEET THE PRODUCER" At Your Service 4( Twenty-four Hours a Day MAin 600 .k YELLOW CAB COMPANY HUGH BAIRD PLYMOUTH-DE SOTO WE NEED USED CARS! See Us for a Good Deal WE BUY, SELL OR TRADE Seattle's Pioneer Auto I)ealer 4th at James EL. 0900 T  7 ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION V4LVE (:RIND SPECIAL1 TODAY'S BIGGEST SERVICE BARGAIN I All This Labor for the LOW Price of $695 Regular $8.80 '33 Models & Older Remove Carbon Adjust Fan Belt Clean Carburetor Adjust Points Clean Spark Plugs Check Timing Tune Motor Reseat Valves Reface Valves Clean Stems Clean Fuel Lines Clean Distributor All This Labor for the LOW Price of $8 95 Regular $10.00 '34 Models & Later WE ARE EXPECTING YOU AND YOUR CHEVROLET WESTLAKE CHEVROLET CO. Inf- Washedthis week with 1 CHEVROLET BLOCK II any repair 8th and Westlake to 9th and Lenora--ELiot 4122 _ job, 5c